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Ryan Lewis @louiethfc

Giro Del Trentino TTT underway now, no live coverage is shocking!!!

Alex @alexengland

lool so you have 70 perencent possession yet cant score, maybe you should give barca a ring and ask how you play that football!

Trevor Lockie @tlockie

Why don't the fans turn on Carver as well as the fat **** upstairs there all killing our club if Carver going drop someone from the team over argument just shows what sort of person he is. How many more players will he drop next season if he gets the managers job because they don't like his tactics

Mr. D @jeffdillon

Always feel better after a win

It's that top chap Badger! @badger

DIY the curse of the self employed between contracts.

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Look it wouldn't surprise me what ever FSG do in the summer, they are ruthless hard barstewards and we shouldn't forget that. I expect a DoF to be imposed ...

Steve Klahr @metlwiz

For the record, besides the Maxwell signing, I pretty much hate everything thats been done to this point. Dont get me wrong I want us to win a SB and Ill be rooting for us to do so but I seriously think we went from being real close to being the laughing stock of the league. I hope I'm wrong!

Andrew Cardiff @andrewcardiff

Now @shermanb has shown us how to do videos this app is going to get very messy

Alan Noble @anoble

3 player leave Celtic in summer :- scepovic & ambrose & McGregor

Alan Noble @anoble

Celtic fc want josh ginnelly

Ash @alikeabledouche

What I don't get is they're shocked at the rise of piracy but they keep putting the prices up.

Alan Noble @anoble

Cardiff City & Leeds Utd or Nottingham forest want Anthony stokes

Arthritic Ninja @sdcassel0

I know it's easy to be cynical and say it's all for the publicity but the pics from the Dream Day and seeing United players with those people are inspirational. Especially the kids with huge grins!

Harvey Dent @bluefoxee

Just had my Virgin Media letter notifying me of the price increase effective 1st June. Cancellation imminent

Will Braithwaite @wbraithwaite

Id be stunned if Rodgers was not in charge come the start of next season. Realistically why would Klopp be a better fit?

Dan Lauszkin @danlauszkin

I dont think De Gea will go personally, he talks of his love for athletico and cant see him burning his bridges there especiay as he dreams of finishing his career there. Also strange the pro Real papers arent reporting De Gea anymore. They suggest other keepers

JAMES MCCOMBE @bummer1967

happy birthday to her majesty the queen 89 today hip hip hooray

Adam @ahcfc

Celtic are pathetic writing to the Scottish FA! Little taste of Karma, their little incident with Legia Warsaw was quickly brushed under the carpet because it went their way! Cheated never Defeated

Keri Danielle @kchesser

What is this sorcery! 😮

Akie Akie @akie

Liverpool please make this happen next summer! Higuain is the only world class striker that we can get if we had enough money..sell all deadwood n pay him big salary..Get Konplyka and Alves on free transfer..BARGAIN! We should get Kramer..very gud def midfield..Lastly please bring Jurgen Klopp!

Mario Cappetto @mario_appetto1

I did not say Johnny could not be at a Cavs game. Being front and center will only, put him back in the lime light. Time will tell if he has learned to tone it down a little bit. He can do whatever he wants to do in life, but he was in rehab, because he was having behavioral issues and addictions.

Shaun @shakey

Lol wait till weekend when Bens had a few

John Cavanagh @royalblues

If Jack Grealish ever gets an England call-up. I will boycott the National Team. He is absolutely terrible in my opinion and as a left winger myself, I find it sickening that such a player is being touted as a star of the future. Maybe if he pulls his socks up properly I'll like him more.

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