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Sparky @sparky75

I see a 14 year old from Liverpool has been arrested for armed robbery. Not a good example to set for his children...

Tony Collins @gotti77

Hazard is far better than ribery but nowhere near Messi and Ronaldo, depay reminds me of Kanchelskis a winger that scores a lot I would love to have him here.

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Think we can safely say there is many problems currently at LFC, buying 1 striker or sacking the manager won't fix it. Blame needs to be shared between FSG, Ayres, Transfer committee, Brendan Rodger and coaches, players and the FANS. All need improvements

Dean @redkhannage

Morning fellow reds if we sign milner and jovetic and citeh sign firminio and gundagan then I'm sorry that says a lot about our ambitions.

Trixsta Gunner @trixstagunner

Morning gooners & ett's. Hope y'all have a lovely sunny happy footballing day

Jonathan Babylegs Regler @jregle1

Kyle Walker has just shared another shocking video, the worst one yet. His 2014/15 season highlights.

Russell Jones @rjones1207

I see Merson got it spot on again #clown

Kim Fox @kfox

GoodMoring Red family as start to wake up from across the pond I hope you will all have great rest of the weekend.Night off bed Take care of each other. Tuesday not to far way and we got keep pressing on forwards that all we can do

Steve Harper @harper73

Good morning gooners and goonerettes!!! I got a good feeling about the game today

Paul Chandler @paulobing

3 points were vitally important, beat Tranmere, then let's hope Morecambe beat Southend next week #believe #uts

Steven Miles @bluebird

Looking forward to watching Watford an deeney in premier league good attacking team

Mack Dundee @aaitken

Ladyboy hazard 200 million wtf lol

Kaiser Blade @kaiserblade

Well we've finally limped into the play-offs. Hope we play Swindon as their end of season form has been as poor as ours!

Mick Armstrong @marmstron1

The bitters v the scum don't care who wins hate both . Good mornin reds gang

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Morning all , dull morning reflect the game yesterday !

Martin Sydenham @msydenham

Great performance in a fixture that was always going to be bonus points but have shown enough to make us believe we will get what's needed #InTimWeTrust

Matthew Jacob @matthewjacob

Sharp, Kane, Toews, and Keith all scored tonight. Last time they all scored in the same game was Game 6 against Nashville in 2010. Scary. What happened in 2010??? Could we be seeing history repeat itself?

Wayne Shed58 @wayneshed70

We all do. Let's do this 🏻

Shakil Akram @supamufc

3pts and nothing less don't care how we do it got to stay in touch for champions league our target

Red @rkunyumbu

According to Richard keys and his "source Utd haven't approached depay as we are waiting to see if bale or Ronaldo is available ? So they say

Craig Wilson @cwilson1790

All Brendan needs is 2 strikers who we can rely on for 20+ goals each, coupled with Sturridge and his chocolate hamstrings and we will be fine

Alan @billabog5

I wasn't fussed on Depay coming but we do need more pace & his scoring record for a winger is exceptional

Si Ham @simonham

Rodgers out crew are getting muted, still some MDW about. No SAS no goals. Brendan asked for a table and they bought him a lamp, FACT!

Andy Clarke @kenty03

Simples it's the players that will play for Klopp is the reason we need him Rodgers cannot attract the big players

Jon Hargreaves @vinyljon

I heard recently, that on average, Cellino gets sent two ***** a week in the post, what I want to know is who's sending the other one !!

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