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KJay @kjaysmith

Phil Neville, The poor mans Gary Neville.

Alan Samson @sammy67

Strong side. Let's hope referee allows game to flow and its 11 v 11. COYBIG

Algeron Flaherty @aflaherty

Come on you glorious gunners

Vanburn Sutton @vanburnsutton

Come on today boys three points would be nice. Arsenal for life

F 86 @f86

Dunno how the hell Cahill made it in over jose fonte. Coutinho hasn't done a thing! Ozil been injured missed half the season & done more but I wouldn't put him in!

Mike Steele @msteele

Who thinks relegation would be good for Newcastle

Kev @kpg24uk

good luck for Monday....i think you guys deserve to get promotion. Although i support a certain other team, in life you just have to be humble, admire and learn from others. I hope you do it in style tomorrow. i'll save that word "congratulations though until about 9.45 tomorrow!!

Samuel Thomas @samuel7

if there was a league title for talking a good game we would have won it by march!! Too much talk + not enough action on the pitch

Blue Knight @londonisblue

Hahahahaha ..... 6 players in the PFA team of the year ...... AND THEY SAY WE'RE BORING #ThereWillBeHaters #Campaign #KTBFFH

Ian Peek @ipeek

Rodgers talking about wanting 2 strikers I would say zivkovic would be a great signing and zlatan on a cheeky free transfer my choice ... who would u want just curious

Zak Hodgson @zakgooner

We need to make some noise today and make this a ****** hell hole for those classless rats

Andy Reynolds @renoldo1

Cahill and Bertrand in team of the year shows how bad English defenses are these days! Scraping a very shoddy barrel

Gunner21 @gunner21

JT just seen going into the house of a team mate!!!!!!..wonder wat he could b up 2..nudge nudge wink wink!!!!!!!

Chelsea McGlory  @chelseaxmacca

Best thing about Sundays, football, football and more football

Rooting For Pacquiao @ramsey72

Unreal how the fighters train for top level fights. Inspirational. Buzzing for next weekend.

Ed  @alchemist

Brendan wanted the players - Borini, Joe Allen etc he'd worked with before.

Dave Munt @munty80

Team of the year good but de gea over courtois .. REALLY !!!

Duane Holness @gunnern9

That team of the year is a joke what a surprise no blacks

Hypnö-Disk @nrgb

The following scenario would be really great: And supersub Rosiky's goal seals the 3 points for Arsenal!

Alex @alexengland

No surprise seeing 6 chelsea players in the Team of the year! only one for Arsenal! well done lol

Lewis Day @boxmonkey

None of us know who's behind all the signings in the last few seasons. One thing I do know is whoever is responsible I want them gone! It's so stupid buying players that don't even get on the pitch.

Michael Benson @mike61

If you want to stay in the Premier league and not have a hope in hell of getting above 10th, then Sams you're man. His default setting won't allow him to go higher.

Seth Parker @sethparker

Check out @JohnChandlerNBC's Tweet: twitter.com/JohnChand...07168?s=09

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

Just woken up Three points today please! Massive game

Chopperharvey @chopperharvey1

Someone technical set up a poll website with realistic targets, we can all log on to and vote. Then send that to the club!

jamie charlton @jamiecharlts

Any gooner fans confident 2 day because i am . Lets show how far we have come this season . We should be excited for these type of games AFC

Christian Kabeya @cogsleekgooner

It'll be weird watching Fabregas in a Chelsea shirt at the Emirates today. This is the guy that would cry occasionally when he scores for arsenal, shown so much passion n emotions playin for us. Don't wanna hear boos towards him. He was a top class captain unlike Judas. Stil Hope He gets Coq blocked

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