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Glenn Williams @glennshay71

Afternoon reds hope your all well

RedStu @redstu23

Rafa Silva could be a very good signing

Remember Our Fallen Heroes @pfahey99

Didn't think I'd see Kevin sinfield switch codes!

David Hitchins @dingle001

Fact of the day: Villa were the last English Club to win the European Cup/Champions League in 90 mins.

lee wright @bazingawright

has Mackie gone permident or loan as i would like to see him back

Jim Porteous @joejordan

If you want a talented footballer (Kane) to flop u can always rely on the media and national team to make it happen, every time !!!

lee wright @bazingawright

i want Westwood to do well for once and win a major

Robert Merrils @rmerrils

Hav u scum never pulled players out? It's a friendly get real rob cfc

Carly @carlzyyy

Nah you don't have sweg anymore. U MAD?!

Carly @carlzyyy

You're not in my sidemen gang now.

Carly @carlzyyy

He just forgot about me because I said he loves ed Sheehan.

Ron Oliver @th3r34ltruth

Why all this talk about possible left backs we have 3 Blind Shaw and Rojo plays there on his national team I believe we are good. Concentrate on a CB and one bad ass CM other than that leave the squad alone and let them have an off season to gel together

Oisín @oisin1610

I hope you rape liverpool,their players are all pulling out of the england squad just so they have an advantage in the race for champions league

Ryan Wong @fudog96

Mets send P Dario Alvarez to minor league camp.

Matthew Dyson @mdyso2

The rain really needs to p*ss off :/

Owen @ojc

So Champions League revenue for the teams involved is going up by 32% from next season? The gap between rich and poor is just getting bigger and bigger. At least the Europa League prize money is up 65%, which might make teams take it more seriously

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