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George Was The Best........ @georgewasthebest

We have a good chance of silverware this season .........the CUP draw has made it possible.......

James Davis @davisj87

Are we actually going to sign a striker this transfer window

Duane Holness @gunnern9

I can't stand when goldstein just cuts people off

Matt B @matt70cfc

It's funny on here you answer someone's yapp with a sensible answer and they ignore you think they would rather you start a argument lol

YNWA LFC @garymorgan

Can we do it tomorrow guys

jim napoli @jnap5

Okposo out... ****.. Time to step it up boys..

Kevin Akpos @kakpobome

The whole of citeh will be praying Ivory Coast get KO tommorrow so they can get yaya n bony just for the realisation is all going pear shape this season n oh just forgot barca still to come.

Simon Ollerenshaw @scosystems

And looking at this even more enjoyable. youtu.be/hCAqbAuQyP4

Mike Laraby @mikelaraby

Options 1sign Richards option 2 call up from minors option 3 trade for help an lose are depth in the organization I'm on board with one if he doesn't pan out wave him when ok healthy an if he is working out Bolton to waivers

Dale Greening @dgreening

Thing is we're ready starting to play well now. Our defence hasn't been to bad. It's just our finishing were missing that killer striker he needs to buy a striker who is just as capable as Sturridge if not more! But who can we afford that is on offer?

David Gardner @davidg790

Everton approached Dnipro about signing Konoployanka but was told he is due to join Tottenham. (Daily Mail)

Geordie Rover @betrue

New York Red Bulls and Australia's former Everton legend Tim Cahill off to UAE apparently. As warned expect a flood of top class players from many nations to sign up for the UAE league. Conceivable that Ronaldo and Bale will play there before they ever come back to England.

Dan Sanderson @danthaiwang

Who saw the steward get a ball in the head? vine.co/v/OT6XWTubiAm

Simon Ollerenshaw @scosystems

Citeh vs chelski will be 0-0. Both teams too **** scared of loosing.

Blasky @mblaskovics

Look at how Valdes spelt liverpool!

John Whitehead @jonnyvilla

Apologises folks. It's looking like apple have already cottoned on a removed that app. W'️'s

Israel L Parper @iparper

Inbred, mouth breathing, knuckledragging, racist f@ckwit says "what"?

️ARSENAL @ab84

“We’re told by sources in Spain that Arsenal have agreed a fee for Gabriel of 18m euros,” said Sky Sports News reporter Bryan Swanson. “Had Arsenal paid that figure a couple of weeks ago, on January 7, it would have cost them £14.1m Today, that same fee is worth £700,000 less: £13.4m.” #wengerout

Kevin Akpos @kakpobome

What Jason ***** need to say is about concern about their defence cos conceding more than 4 goals in a game this season first spuds n now the mighty Bradford.

James CFC @jmurra1

So its not they are bad players, they are good players with a bad attitude

Twinkle @wlist

Either ive a ghost cat in my cottage or a black cat that can turn invisible! Thats teice in a week it been in front of my fire...i dont own a cat ...no joke

Dave Grossman @davegrossman

Nice win for Coach K. It was St. John's but he still had to earn his 1000th.

James CFC @jmurra1

Hes not a player for a team chasing the title because players at teams going for the title understand the concept of ''squad game' and that in order to go at all trophies you need a big squad and need to play your way into the team. Salah doesn't understand this concept nor do his other benchwarmers

United Forever @showstopper

Hip hip hooray hip hip hooray even Anderson got a run out

Fraser @bobidazzler

The suggestion that the Chelsea squad has a lack of depth is laughable

Michael Conolly @mickeymensa44

With the Van Persie situation I wouldn't be surprised to see him at Chelski if United don't extended his contract.

Danny Baister @dannybaister

Hahahahah! Newcastle man never fail to make is crease hahaha john carver man what a sweaty bollock that man is

Alan Hodgson @oggie55

I think Paul Rowley should sign Anderson for the Centurions.

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