Kevin Akpos @kakpobome

Good morning n hope we all enjoyed our victory and the performance put on show by the lads bar the stupid giroud but forgiven as far as am concern n hopes learn from that as I don't welcome thugs in my club.COYG!!!

Smokesignals @smokesignals

I posted on the general fans page about Mark Hughes, his 'assassin' tactics and how something needs to be done about dirty teams like Stoke City and players like Walters. Seriously. Hughes teams have caused opponents a lot of bad injuries over the years. We can't keep saying that's English football.

Antony Woodward @awoodward

That Bale rumour doesn't seem to be going away,there might be something in this on the quiet

James CFC @jmurra1

Everton look a desperately poor outfit these days. Once again City heading to a usually hard away ground at just the right time

Goon er @daherd

Dont feel like ive been asleep, probably cause i havent due to my baby.....tea n toast is what i need to kick start my day!

Gal  @gal

Mmmmmm just realised Leicester only have 10 points.... They couldn't? Could they????

Nathan Jones @nathan2010

Watching motd Liverpool look rubbish at the moment nothing like they did last season just goes to show its not all down to the manager and his style of play but the players you have to work with

Utd Forever @jimboutd

Has anyone figured out LVG philosophy?

Rob D @robbb

Mingolet is a liability

Dave Hall @avfcdave87

Wow at least we haven't got Mignolet, what a liability!! Total clown!!

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Migs is shot ! Shell shocked check out the table of replacements, karius is 21 a Bosman in June and former ManC academy, we need 2 GK him and Neuer would be useful **joke**

Daniel Wilcox @wilcox1985

Haha this page will never change we all now wenger won't get sacked we will finish 4th as normal its up 2 wenger when he leaves and I think if he thinks may is right it will be May

Smokesignals @smokesignals

Something needs to be done about Mark Hughes and Stoke City. Hughes is a dirty coach. He has always used 'assassin' tactics with his teams and they have caused many injuries to opponents. Some carreer threatening. Stoke and players like Walters are a disgrace to football and should face hefty bans.

Mark Evans @mevans012345678

Good win for the Swans again. Villa are a good side to good to go down stick with Lambert good manager.

Mm @mmiah0123

"Liverpool will dig up the Anfield pitch at the request of manager Brendan Rodgers because he believes it undermines his team's passing game." What next change the kit????

Shoppy 23 @shoppy23

Altho.. DeGea had a nightmare wen he arrived at OT, they stuck with him, now 1. Of best in t world!!

Millie Milward @milliemilward

Good morning Yappers - I'm trusting you all had a nice Christmas!

Shoppy 23 @shoppy23

Ive always tried to back Migs, especially as ive played there my whole footballing life, but his confidence has gone, we seem to screw up every keeper we get, he was rock solid at Sunderland. But mayb its time to look for sum1 else with a huge ego who will never let anything get to him!!

Paul Marshall @paul1973

Just watching spurs ...Kane is more than a handful striker , whoever LVG picks to play centre back is gonna get a tough game , they need to be switched on especially when crosses come in he's a good header of the ball

Anfield Legends @spiritoshankly

After watching the game again yesterday, we were terrible ! Thankfully Burnley weren't much better,Dropping Migs hasn't done any good either,if anything he looked worse when he came on , not sure what is going on ,but why can't we motivate our players ? Far too many lacklustre performances

Noodles @jim513

I think Hugo might have something to say about that

Utd Forever @jimboutd

What's great to see from last season nightmare is the team are playing with pride...they know how much the club means to us all

Tapp3rs1988 @tapp3rs1988

Looking more like a captain every game he plays.. what a performance yesterday!

steven w @churchill1945

It was exactly this pattern last season that sent us into the abyss of a relegation fight. A great win against the deluded mags, then shambolic, pathetic defeats by Hull, twice after games against the mags, then the cup 1/4 final all against Hull.

Henry Reading @sparky1119

Right guys off to Reading for the game tomorrow got tickets for the game for Christmas so off to the game with my dad hopefully we can get three points and staying in reading to visit family #comeonurzzzzzzzzzzzz

Russell Jones @rjones1207

Ings would be a good signing

our kid @lfcx5

Last season, you could see that Andy Carrol had no place in the squad. This season, he would have been prolific. Says it all really.

simon mitchell @sim0n

Mingolet is having a torres