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Soccerfan @bored

Wtf happened to Aaron Lennon. Now linked with Hull.

Brendan Harper @unitedfan81

I would've started Herrera over Januzaj.

Adie Dean @adean01

Call billy billy billy billy billy billy billy Sharp

Derek @delzerboi

We need a DM not a GK Ospina shud be no1 with Scezney as back up. We dont need Lloris if we bid high enough we will get Sissoko.

Tim Taylor @arsenal1116

Why Chelsea sign Cuadrado seems ******* pointless

James Smith @jayweb1

And that people is how to win a game!!!! Boom role on February unbeaten through January!!!

Richard McQuade @thermcq1986

It's a big gamble that LVG's taking by putting both Herrera & Mata on the bench if I'm honest.

Andrew Bedford @briangayle92

Both subs link up for goal, credit to redders, again. Cmon leeds. Unbeaten this year in the league still #trustinneil #backthelads get in.

Joel @vivaronaldo

Glad Januzaj's getting a start but still no Herrera

UnitedWeStand @wakefieldwhites

******* get in there ️ up town top ranking pmsl you been harpin on all week what you were going to do to us

Keith Phillips @ringland96

Tell you what lads /lasses out there I feel we might give the cockle eaters a thumping today

Yemi Elegunde @yemster

Finally made it into Liverpool. M6 was very slow. Looking forward to a good win for us.

Adie Dean @adean01

Billy billy billy billy Sharp

Mick Ramsey @mickramsey21

Massive 3 points doesnt matter how they come. ON ON ON

Craig CFC Since 1991 @craigcfc

Nice to get the line-ups from a Sporting CP fan.

Jordan Adams @jordyracer88

Steve Bruce Is a butch lesbian

Ben @droglord

Gonna start a get Jamie redknapp of TV petition

Rodrigo Machado @rodyscp9

Leicester's starting 11 vs United

Andrew Wells @wellzy95

Howay cisse make it 4-0

Vince Poil @vpoil

Surely. This time, it will be an easy win.

Soccerfan @bored

Cleanest tackle possible.

David Norcross III @dnorcross_iii

@Vaughn bottom line : Patriots didn't cheat and this was much ado about nothing. as 98.5 the sports hub said "if the Patriots get fined even $1 over this , Robert Kraft should be pissed" and Roger Goodell's head should roll

James Switzer @jaswitzer

anyone know how bambas been today?

Marty McClorey @marty23

Paulinho in the lineup, very interesting. People seem to think hes a defensive midfielder but I'd much rather play him in attack, he prefers going foward and has bagged a few goals for brazil playing that position. STAY POSITIVE!

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