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Ryan Beasant @ryanbeasant99

Morning Yappers have a great day

Jamie Urch @gnevisjesus

Just watched the Stirling interview. Sounds like he's in the same situation as Rooney was a few years ago. Wants the club to invest in some new talent to prove they can match his ambition after getting rid of suarez and Gerrard. He actually comes across quite well (bit thick but a nice enough kid)

Rat Bastard @merseyred

Message for you sterling!.......The higher we are placed the more humble we should walk ......

Carlos (MC SHADES ) @soccersocrates

I also remember theo Walcott scoring a hat trick against Croatia and being hailed as the future of English football .. What went wrong ? ..

James Hollis @czechouthollis

I would like to see Toure but feel BR will go for Lovren

Gemma @gemily83

It's Teddy's birthday today too...

Old Skool Fool @thehaminal

If we go on to win a trophy this year it will surly show raheems true intentions...

GP @gordonporter7

Going to put some money on the euro winner, who'd you guys think will win?

Carlos (MC SHADES ) @soccersocrates

I think it's interesting because if you remember and it's difficult to believe it now .. Shaun wright Phillips had a stand out season for city and people were talking crazy money for him.. And that wasn't too long ago .. Things chance very quickly in football

Ravneet Kaur @ravneetkaur

Hope they keep the kit Simple and ofcourse All Red and hope they don't add any coloured collars or something like that!

Bob @1990

I predict Balotelli to score 2 as we beat arsenal 2-0.

James Hollis @czechouthollis

So with no Sturridge and possibly Sterling out ,Mario must start with Coutinho and Lallana in behind ? Allen and Hendo on the middle?

Nathan Scott @nathanscott

Sean Wright Phillips, Jack Rodwell, Scott Sinclair, Micah Richards - I'm not saying Raheem is not better than these players but don't stall a career in search of something better. If it's not about money, sign a new contract and leave when you're 22/23 if trophies aren't forthcoming

Ando @yapper23

Doesn't hurt to talk about footy every now an then all for the banter but I come on here to talk about Liverpool first an for most

Martin Cox @martinjcox

Ok so I think I'm ready for Leicester away on sat. COYI

Chris Hayes @chrissyhayes

Let's get to the end of the season get as high as possible and win the fa cup then see what happens to sterling

Glenn Williams @glennshay71

I think this sums us up the last two weeks without a match and the sterling contract

Nathan Groves @lfc1979

Only gonna be two results this weekend that matter.. Villa. Beat utd and liverpool to beat arsenal

Duane Holness @gunnern9

People still going on about ******* sterling, I've never ever seen this kind of reaction before over a bloody contract gosh

Emma Anderson @eanderson

I know everyone is going on about Sterling but have a watch of his interview...may change some views www.bbc.co.uk/sport/foo...l/32143181 !

James Hollis @czechouthollis

Morning all , any injury updates before trip to Arsenal ?

Ando @yapper23

I also want to see the team progress an grow an sterling halts that it's all good saying we have ibe ready made replacement but I want both these players in my team. What if sterling leaves then ibe does the same in a year or 2 then what it's ok we have ojo or Wilson can't keep doing that

Gethin Griffith @gething

If papers are true and saints are interested in chicharitto then we should use him as a bargaining tool for clyne or schneiderlin.

Jionni S-zura @szuraj

Ok, I'm confused! Sterling says it isn't about money it's about winning things, and is flattered by arsenal link. How many trophies have arsenal won recently again?

Bryn Rattray @bryn4005

So Sterling is now saying if he'd been offered a contract last year he'd have signed it...coincidence that it's virtually the same story that Gerrard came out with! If Sterling is of the thinking well Stevie didn't get any flak with saying that then I won't....well mate your wrong!

Raj Sharma @bombaybadboy

I had planned to post a joke about scousers Unfortunately, it got stolen.

Gal  @gal

Still here... Ready for tomorrow! Get back on track

Murph1971 @mick1971

Sterling going on about trophies??? Has he not been in the LFC museum?? Enough trophies and inspiration their i would have thought..

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