What fans are saying...

Gemma @kopgirl96

Ooh it just curled away from the goal it was going in

Jake @nobeernogain

Last chance. Need a run here

Leon Marsh @lmarshy

Mark Gonzalez, looked so promising after that winner against Maccabi Haiffa on his debut...

Stephen Hedgehog @torvue0

the ultimate potato snacks is .... beef hula hoops, nothing comes even close to them

James Barrow @10barrowja

All the Utd fans yesterday were like "I can't wait to beat Everton tomorrow all the Everton fans gave us so much abuse last year" karma's a *****....

Matt Mcdonald @mattmcdonald

Last night we would have won but Allan craig and koji ruined it

Eden Goodwin @eden

Guys type in Eden Goodwin on you tube that's me

Macauley Miller @macaz

Jack tries to be funny, yet makes himself look thick pmsl

SilviOMFG @silvinho01

Ahhhhh man Thought Ronaldo had that.

Paramveer Singh Sethi @paramveerz

I hear Pedro is up for grabs.. Isco hardly gets starts so can we lure them?

Abigail Rachel @abigailmod

What a fantastic break. Judd Trump is in scintillating form, such a joy to watch.

Paramveer Singh Sethi @paramveerz

Wonder what if we had got Sanchez.. Sigh.

Ed  @alchemist

I also think Teixera has something about him.

Keith Stewart @wkstewart0615

Gotta box out guys. Fundamentals!

Salif Diao's First Touch @hobnob

Zigic' contract at Birmingham is up this summer, proven premier league point guard

some girl @banghardj

No problem mate! Nah I'm not on snapchat, don't get it tbh!

Asad Hussain @asad1012

Just need to get back to winning ways against wba get to old Trafford and fully get behind the team ggmu

Keith Chappell @skeet414

I'm on the Celtics yapper messing with them. It's fun over there

Hypnö-Disk @nrgb

My intentions of talking about Chlorofluorocarbons ie CFC were honourable as I was hoping to inspire the pitiful rapscallions to use the Internet to learn something new.

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