Stuart Wing @stuartwing

Need a second here to put it to bed

Enaj Rednaxela @jinty

Can't see the game so never saw the foul on Hazard sounds like he was poleaxed!! But tell me is he still running round out there??? Lol

Ian Buckingham @ianbuckingham

Yes I would agree with you on that one Dutch

Bob King 68 @shoesmith1


Nutty Nutter @nuttynutter

Mk Dons I reckon makes sense.

James CFC @jmurra1

Wtf Costa. Really beginning to think hes over rated don't care what people say. Hes a good striker but hes not what people crack him up to be. He was signed to score those in this situation

Simon Jones @jonesy1976

Is there anyone that's moans as much as fabregas he's alway on at the ref #twat

Drederick Tatum @oystonout

Costa's movement is top class.I actually think he is better off the ball than aguero

Dean Barnes @dcbarnes81

Stan is bang on tonight, Jose does not know how to bring a player on, he buys the finished article. Money manager.

Gazza  @gazza606

Scenes for every corner at Stoke v Chelsea

Andy Harrod @nottheshop

I think the referee has handled the game well so far

DJ Perkins @djperkins

Surprising, Costa has been automatic with those.

Nick Bunn @nbunn

unlucky spun the ball the wrong way

Nick Vann @vann1987

Once again we are watching football against rugby & I fear for someone's career tonight the way this game has started!!

Carefree Calvin @carefreecalvin

Excellent ball to Costa, shame about the finish 😐

Stuart Ross @dixonnspeedy910

Costa you should have scored ahhhhhh

J M @macca123us

It could be applause for the Newcastle fans? Something to do with 28th minute

Dave F @devil81

Diego Costa is overrated.

Flaxton Boy @flaxtonboy

Should have been 0-2 there

Kev Edwards @loonagoona

Who's this costa guy? He isn't very good is he....

Kris Mcknight @krismcknight

Ffs I'm worried about West Ham wtf is happening

Dave Hoare @dghefc

Seen this made by a kopite he should worry about his own team ********