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John Adams @bandit1964

Phill Neville should be banned as a pundit after saying I'd of done a double footed tackle shame on you always were a dirty player now trying to teach kids the same #discusting #

Southcoastgoona @southcoastgoona

Glad we've signed another CB,all we need now is a replacement DM so we can get rid of Flamini soon as!

Atheeb Ali @th14

Glad to see wenger is changing ways and starting to move earlier in the transfer Market needed a cb desperately COYG!!!

John Adams @bandit1964

Maureen thinks his players arnt good enough for next season after Saturdays non performance and will have to buy next years title in the summer

Tyrone.mitchell @longgunn

Judgin by the photo I'd take the first few training session lightly if I was Danny Theo.Ox & co

Stephen Neale @neale1984

I'm hearing the same rumour as Kial. Fletcher turned down West Ham for us

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Just booked Mrs Wallets & I annual vacation, destination Italy, she can take some Spa treatment whilst I head to the summer training camps to check out the likes of Pjanic and Rannochia

Ramon Vaughan-Williams @rvaughanwilliams

BREAKING NEWS That defender we are signing has GOT his work permit. He's having his medical as we speak. Cost we paid is 15 million.

Jack McGok @jackmcgok

Getting ready for the send off today in the freezing cold..... Guess everyone's balls will be deflated today....

Josh Southall @wbasouthall7

I just have a feeling we will draw the villa.

Jack McGok @jackmcgok

These people are nuts.... Wind chill must be about in the negative numbers.......

Kev @kpg24uk

Thinking of putting Whittaker, Lafferty & Turn3hr on ebay!

Nick Vann @vann1987

Welcome to the Gooner family!!!

James Roberts @james20

How about a ball playing midfielder? We have enough CB

Vineutopia @vineutopia83

Charlie Nichols is talking about Gabriel needing to be groomed.... That's a bit dodgy!!!

Vineutopia @vineutopia83

Gabriel Paulista has been granted a work permit

Denis Toma @denis88

Work permit granted for Paulista

Adam Bartlett @adsybarts

Who the bejesus is Dragovic? And where has the speculation come from? Haven't seen a sniff of it on sky sports news. Has to be nonsense.

Gaz Brooks @gazbrooks

How many high fives will this comment get???? How sweet would it be to win 1-0 tomorrow with a suspect "ghost goal" dont think goal line technology is used in cup games. Revenge!!!

Carlos @soccersocrates

Can't wait for tomorrow .. It's gonna be another buzzing night on yapper

David Rayner @djrayner

Is there reports Mancini wants yaya for inter this summer,any truth????

paul morgan @paulie77

jimmy mcgrory is britaing leading scorer ever ..and amazingly only ever took 3 penalties and missed 2 of them lol

Joel Messenger @jmessenger5

last &I'll leave it for a while! I'm not bein racist when I say get the foreign fans out.There aremany who areso enthusiastic and promote atmosphere. However whenthey pay astronomical prices, stay quiet, complain and support us for a player, You are outpricing the real supporters who deserve aticket

Nick G @nickgooner

You know Phil Neville was the son his parents never talked about, Gary was the favourite lol.

Russell Jones @rjones1207

Betting suspended on Mcmanaman so it looks a forgone conclusion now that he will sign!!

Warren Wba Fc @wozzlaaaaaaaa

Can't wait for the draw tonight,anyone know what number we are?

Paul Marshall @paul1973

I can feel a yapper update coming

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