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Ian J @ijohnsto1

Just watching a few hoddle vids ,what a player !!

Steven . @stevenk177

If he wants Oregon Players, go back to oregon stop turning our whole team into Oregon

jae @jaeworkman

Im recorded the game I can't watched it live today

Rob Aston @roba19

Take a look at @talkFOOTYBALL's Tweet: twitter.com/talkFOOTY...90372?s=09

Wayne Shed70 @wayneshed70

End of the season as many Chelsea Yappers as possible we should all meet up somewhere what do you think ? Date and location later on ? CTWD

Keith Fruncillo @keithfruncillo

Wtf is going on!?!?!? They must have something big planned

Tony Cole @colesy

Jason cundy once again you are a **** will you **** saying we'll get 1 more season out of Kane. Leave our club alone you ****. It's hard to believe he once wore the great white shirt

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Trading an elite RB like McCoy for an injured LB who missed all of last season is a joke. I think its more than safe to say or assume that Eagles headcoach Chip Kelly has a man crush on his former players. He's turning into a modern day Bill Parcells.

Dean AV @ollyonion77

Cometh the derby, cometh the man!! Cheers Gabby UTV

Keith Pudliner @keithpudliner

Ahhhh. No more Coburn to F*ck everything up

Dean AV @ollyonion77

Well done boys!!! Fully deserved. I wonder if the tescos will continue to call us Nila now? I think not!!

Katy Morris @kmorrisuk

Living in hope (dreaming) we can keep Revis and DMac. Would Revis take a cut to stay with a team that gave him the ring he wanted and a chance at another one?

Jake @nobeernogain

What the hell are you doing chip

AshleyLBooker @ashleybooker

Disappointed Forest lost tonight, but I'm chilled. It's a been a decent run. Now let's go on another one. #nffc #coyr

VanGaalacticos @vangaalacticos

Imagine being so ugly you're known as the ugly Neville. No offence Phil mate.

Ell @elliotdx

Hammers tomorrow will be a real tough game but I know we will roll them over. One trophy in the bag, lets get the others! Cmon Chels!

Stan Collymore @stancollymore

My shrine worked!! Haha ! Up The Villa!!

Atheeb Ali @th14

People say ozil is **** but he played every single game in the World Cup and didn't get dropped once I'll tell u who's **** Mertersacker soon as Humels came back he had to go where he belongs on the bench even the bench was liking there's **** sitting on me

James Higgins @jameshiggins666


North Philly @birdgang

No one is safe on this team now

Gurdev Bhogal @gurdevlfc

Poyet sent to the stands for kicking a water bucket...and then Bruce has a pop WTF ??

Steven . @stevenk177

Who ever is in charge is an idiot

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