Gary Turton @gazza139

Need an end product, too much falls down in the final third

Joe Doherty @joe43

That's it chambers just let him have the ball

James Green @jamesgreeninuk

That was an absolutely horrendous pressing tactic!? What the **** were they thinking??! Flamini and Per right up the field losing the whole shape of the team! Clueless!

Season Ticket Holder @blockggooner76

4 5 1 today you muppet Wenger!!!!

Andy Scates @andrewscates

Yep agree - much improved. Couple of defenders and bale game on!!

Invincibles @invincibles1

Need to change the formation sharpish.

Micky B @pugsly

Arsenal are playing really poor

Arsenal Till I Die @myarsenal81


El @eldrah

Lallana likes the easy option, he can easily win this game

Sam Honey @samgunner

Happy Christmas Gooners!

¥¥ LFC ¥¥ @ayyjayylfc

I hope arsenal play into our hands soon

Ben Aitkenhead @benaitkenhead

It suddenly has dawned on me....We look afraid of Liverpool, like someone who had a traumatic experience and it's their first time back at the scene of the trauma.

Catherine Boika @gunnerc

Later all I need a lie down

M A @lfckop

What a wasted shot!!!

Mike Morgan @mugzy1981

we so need a quick exciting striker in January!!...and a midfield enforcer!!..

Stephen Hedgehog @torvue0

You would think the Gooners were at home with the supporters singing

Helder Fonseca @hfonseca

Don't understand how we can't get a grip of this game

Sam Honey @samgunner

Good defending from Mert there

Joyce Johns @jjohn1

sterling was close phew

Bullet Witch 6 @bulletwitch

C'mon Brendan lets get this turkey / goose cooked !

Jacquie La Touche @jac13

Why is most people so anti arsenal???

Season Ticket Holder @blockggooner76

Change it Wenger!! 3 up top is NOT working!!!!!! #clueless

Southcoastgoona @southcoastgoona

What the ****** **** are we ****** playin at for **** sake!!! ****!!

Remember Our Fallen Heroes @pfahey99

There is no natural desire for someone to get behind their defence

Carefree Calvin @carefreecalvin

Arsenal pumping a lot of high balls forward. Unlike Arsenal but maybe Arsene saw a weakness in the Liverpool defence?

Azher Idrees @aza88

Everything seems to be goin through marko on the left, shows how effective he is at getting up and down the pitch

Braim Umoru @mistahbm

Is this for real? didn't our players prepare for dis game? for God sake!

Phil Robson @ivorberry

Predictions from the Anfield game... At least one set of fans will be screaming for their manager to be sacked.... Would love to see Pardew at either club

Keep The Faith @marmite

Looks like the Arsenal players have still got Xmas shopping on their minds @merrychristmas