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Erkie @redarmy20

Have you agree - John Barnes lost all credibility when he struggled with celtic. My nan could have managed celtic to second place in the SPL

Henry Reading @sparky1119

I sorry u said u wanted us to yapp something

Geoffrey Tang @gtang

Captain! Guess during which match was this taken?

Ryan Wong @fudog96

Bullpen as of right now: Mejia, Familia, C Torres, A Torres, Gilmartin, Blevins, and either Montero or Gee.

Kev In @kev90

Slow football week lets talk about race so ******* predictable earn ur money talksport

Micky"Big Dug" Hall @molly8888

Sorted... got my eldest to download s2ep17 of the Blacklist, she's a bit of a whizz on her mac..... patience of a Dalek tho...

Ryan Wong @fudog96

I like these deals. den Dekker is fourth/fifth outfielder at best. Mazzoni is MLB reliever or fifth starter at best.

Old Skool Fool @thehaminal

My yapper.. Phone.. Whatever is ballooning out...

Darran Faulkner @dfaulkner

So John Barnes is having a go at football clubs not giving him a job because he is black. Sorry John Barnes it is not your skin colour, it is your track record as a manager!!

Andy Mason @andy85

Bloody nora its raining cats dogs and frogs out

Kelly Foreman @kforeman

Blimey burton pitch looks fun

Kasey Smith @kaseybwfc

That man again Hofmann.

Darren Fleming @dazflem

Sterling is a greedy Cont

Mitch 001a @mitch001a

Michael Owen not commentating tonight, probably counting the 400k his nag won this weekend.

Gemma @gemily83

Women can multi-task, remember?

Mitch 001a @mitch001a

Hard to know who to cheer for now Serge is on. Oh come on England, I suppose.

YNWA LFC @garymorgan

Brendan Rodgers switch on Daniel Sturridge's fitness ahead of arsenals match

Kev In @kev90

How many owners ain't english so let's drop English football is full to the brim of racists cus that's utter bollocks

James Stuart @jstuar1

Milner is a great squad player nothing more. He's been a good servant for City but he is absolutely replaceable. Think people need to calm down, it's not like it's silva or Aguero buggering off on a free.

5tew @5tew

Saggers grow a pair you fekin *****, 3 people apply for a job and none are black/asian/gay what then? go looking for people

Ryan Wong @fudog96

Mets trade OF Matt den Dekker to Nationals for P Jerry Blevins.

Danny Boy @mayo4sam

So here an intresting fact, we have 2 players in the top 10 fastest footballers in the world with the ball at there feet. Valencia and Rooney.

Andy Reynolds @renoldo1

Women managers roflolofl

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