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David Norcross III @dnorcross_iii

This has been the Bruins season . get a lead, blow it because you want to sit back and rest.

Roberto Bia***** @RJB33

Fans need to understand how Cappy is, he just said look what went on,..kings best players were their best players,....that's a call out in a respectful way.

Brandon @greatfriedrice

Holy **** cappy finally sees it took long enoufh

Brian Machado @bmack23

Figures!! Just not our year!!

Fendi Palagonia @fendipalagonia

We got that 1 ******* point we didn't need!!

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

Looks like I'll be going to game 4 in round 1

M?Latz @jadjust

Cappy is pissed .. Love it

Steven . @stevenk177

Going to be a long off season

Jerry Abber @jabber

Disgusting had this game

David Norcross III @dnorcross_iii

Ticky Tack hooking call I agree with Jack Edwards

Mr.Charlie @ranger11

Please tell me Girardi's OK n he didn't just get what Klein got

M?Latz @jadjust

Team has had a great year but cappy and the staff need to go next year.. Need a proven NHL coach.. Bring torts in.. He will bench JT for **** like that.. Lol

DJ Perkins @djperkins

That kid just looked flustered before he even stepped up to the line.

Pete B. @peteinrock

Reminds me of the '77 '78 '79 teams. Then the cups came. They are growing pains

Roberto Bia***** @RJB33

Mike Bossy won't worry about these players feelings, he does not handle losing well and he should coach a team.

mike @mike_mjv

Sens are no match for these big dogs!!!

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