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Jared Tiell @jaredtiell

Sure would be nice to have Wiggins at 2,guard oh wait we did and traded him

Ken Olenick @spud

Raanta is swimming around hope he settles down

Juan @juan

That shark has jelly hands

Ken Olenick @spud

Not a good penalty by my PTC

Juan @juan

Almost snapped one in

Brad Lundgren @hctroubador

I reckon Lauzon will handle Iaquinta.... Just...

Juan @juan

They boys look focused!

Godfather @marino13

I love when the Patriots get to the Super bowl just because there's nothing better then watching them lose.

Cdn blues Fan @cdnbluesfan

Maple leaf fire sale will be coming before deadline and all these injuries also start the wheels moving

Juan @juan

First line Nice break out!

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

The same people **** riding Russell Wilson right now calling him a Top 5 NFL QB and saying he's elite, guess what they were saying the same exact thing about Eli Manning a few years ago too. Look how that turned out? Once the team around him fell apart his lack of talent got exposed. #AverageAtBest

Sean McRae @batman84

Demarco Murray won offensive player of the year

Ken Olenick @spud

Work hard, it's early, stay with the game plan

Patricia pelletier @diamondstar62

I don't really like women UFC

Geordie Rover @betrue

England take another big scalp.. The fiery Warner gone. No matter how few runs the Aussies manage.. Johnson will be a handful for England's batsmen. Go England

Chris Antonini @chrisantonini

And rosy was out there what will Matt say

Liz Rocca @hawks1988

Goal: klarsson assist: Thornton, Irvin

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

I'm so tired of hearing people say that Russell Wilson is a Top 5 NFL QB like c'mon seriously give me a break, he's blessed to have Marshawn Lynch & that great defense to cover up his mistakes. Put him on any other NFL team and he wouldn't even get talked about. #WilsonIsOverrated

Adam Canty @adamcanty

Rozy out there as usual. Had he put a body on Pavelski after his first shot, he wouldn't have had a second chance at it

Ken Olenick @spud

Keith let him skate past to the net

SilviOMFG @silvinho01

This ***** crazy. What a slump.

Joel @joel

Leites won but that check bone is fractured

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