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Tom Christodoulou @tomchristodoulou

I think all this "rangers are the favorites" **** is setting in. Lets go, play the game hard & don't listen to the media, they are dumb as door nails most of the time

Carly @carlzyyy

Ffs it was a name of a game. I don't have anything against gingers.

Darren @dsmalls

Shelvey and Downing did well today.

Johnny Cavet @jcavet

Classic last 2 games Isles need Rags to win they lose

Gary @gary

Imagine that, we missed it

Sorcha Daly @misssorchadaly1

I have a feeling Brady is gona score a goal for Ireland

☀☀LFC Till I Die☀☀ 4-2 @nired100

Windsor was rocking from start to finish lol. The Aviva on the other hand

Ryan Beasant @ryanbeasant99

Just remembered i got no school tomorrow get in

Bob Walmsley @thfcbob

30years and counting little brother

Carly @carlzyyy

You'd knock on someone's door then leg it.

Brenny @mamser

I refuse to rise to the ulster man's bait

Jamie Herschel @jamieherschel

Obviously the folks at FOX never excelled at math when the mid race report starts on lap 263 of a 500 lap race!

Carly @carlzyyy

I'm not being insulting. It was a game back in the day.

Tom Robson @trobso1

Let's hope Fletcher can do the same on Sunday

LOB @lobavfc

This is **** ireland,sort it out before we have no chance of qualifying in this group

Dee Belfast @deebelfast

You guys should of watched the ULSTERMEN today, if your players had half as much passion u might do alright. Our crowd was much better and we only had 10000

Adam Colton @adamsbapple

Coleman the only player who looks up for it tonight!

Carly @carlzyyy

Who used to play knock down ginger?

Nono More @hhale

NFL GMS is saying that 2 things might happen that Parker and Mariota could both drop to #12 wow

John Shorten @shortie0001

Bradys having a nightmare so far.

Swamp Donkey @matcarter

Maybe it's time I come round and forgive Torres but Suarez can wait the goofy twat

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