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Tony @tonypizzarelli

Let's come out firing. Both barrels LGI

Nicnurse @wbrudnerlurie

If putting him on the bench won't help him but it will help the team.

Julian Rodriguez @julianrodriguez

I think the second period should be more back and forth. If we can get a goal and shut this crowd down that will be amazing.

Chester Koffroth @chesterkoffroth

Any body care about the bulls game now that love is out

Eric Goldstein @ericgoldstein

Are defenders aren't making nervous. Some of our forwards are.

Clebo @clebo99

Need to catch them on a long change or something.

Sammie V @sam63

Wow low. That clown of a ump

Joe Schlidt @mojobadger

Some great plays on both sides so far. Could this be another last minute thriller?

Nicnurse @wbrudnerlurie

He can't even get a walk let alone a hit.

Dave Dewenter @dcdewey

Great hitting! Got them recoiling on each hit. Keep'm coming, boys!!!

Brandon @greatfriedrice

Can bossy go in the locker room and talk these guys come on now

Brian Perkins @brianperkins

I'm at dinner with wife and her friend. Thank g-d I'm facing TV and they have game on! A freakin miracle I haven't been reprimanded for yapping!!! LGI!!!

Al Orlando @aorlandoisles77

They need to shoot the puck bottom line 3 shots on net isn't going to do it

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