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Sue Hatton @snookes42

Perhaps we need to buy the Hulk to smash though all the buses being parked

Richard Salmon @rsalmon0

Come on chelsea let's wrap the league up today ktbffh

Rebecca Robson @rebeccajrx

I am absolutely over the moon that ozil got voted player of the month

Sue Hatton @snookes42

Yeah, let's move on. Didn't our Brucey's Hull beat CP last week? So why can't we, with or without Carrick?

Glenn Pinson @gpinson

Championship has finished, so will bent and Gardner be allowed to join our squad and compete for a premier league???? Grealish did last year when he returned from Notts county after there season finished and came on against Man City for us.

TheGooner65 @thegooner65

www1.skysports.com/share/9833385 Good interview cesc gives on sky at least he was honest and as yet ain't kissed the chelski badge

Mike the Goon @oseedo

Chelsea numbers go back to 2004! What they don't understand is that until recent years of turning in a profit. They had year after year of loses, that no club could sustain without being bankrolled. So in effect they would be out of business if not for Roman.

Warren G @bbc2

Sod Mayweather, Benn is and always will be the greatest boxer in my book.

Joe Blamey @joeblamey08

Morning everyone, stayed up until 6 for the fight, 3 hours sleep now out the door on the raging lash all day!

Paul W @paul1w

Utd lose and it completely ***** up my weekend !

All The Best Rio @footyfact2014

We can talk all day about what we think went wrong yesterday but that's over now, get that fooking score down from the top of the screen and let's move on. UNITED

Dave Rush @rushy77

Traveled all the way up from north Devon with my little boy on his 5th birthday for his first game and saw some amazing football boys did us proud great day!! VTID

Richard John Marshall @rjohnmarshall

Didn't see the fight but apparently mayweather Wes a chicken cus he didn't won't to box he Wes just sucker pinching pacquiao and running that means he done his homework cus pacqiao

Shane Skillin @sskillin1975

Would there of been a different outcome if the fight happened when manny was in his prime?

RedStu @redstu23

Morning fellow United fans lets all hope Carrick is fit for Palace!

YNWA JFT96 @leapowlo73

There are limited number of true great fighters coming through because they are playing American football, football or basketball! Who wants to be paid to be beaten round the ring.....wait a minute!

Just Call Me Chopper! @chopperharvey1

Morning everyone, knackered from watching the fight. I won't be paying for the rematch

Adam Holmes @holmsie1

Just read the full story! Thoughts and prayers to the Ferdinand family

Jonathon Stephen M @jstephenm

I haven't watched us play this well in years I again look forward to match days thank you tim sherwood

Lewis Stacey Neal @lewistacey

Anyone else excited about the prospect of signing Lacazette?!

Wonder Woman @gillian

So then who waited up all night and then fell asleep in about the 3rd round?

Keith Marsh @kmarsh

Absolute master class from money mayweather . Made manny pacquiao look average at best . Don't think we will ever see a Better boxer than floyd .true champion .#ego#backs it up # chelsea win the league today 😗😗😗

Jamie Wright @wrighty18

Great to us playing attacking footy again grealish Delph taking the piss both put McCarthy on his arse ;-)) cleverly all a threat

Andy Kitson @akitson

again too many side passes & not enough penetration, surely we have the players there to unlock any defence regardless of whether they park the bus or not !!!

Jonathon Stephen M @jstephenm

Well the fight of the century didn't live up to hype so what match so you all wanna see next

Mickey Burke @burky67

Always nice to win something though surely Andy

Mack Dundee @aaitken

Know young player should even think about going to chavski just to be used to balance the books they have know chance of making the first team

Justin @94feet

Do you think that teams are going to attempt to play attacking football against us or just park the bus?

Tony Stratton @tstratton

If he goes he goes but what of us? Remember its a short summer break this year due to. Euro 2016. Ever day is special in preparation for nxt season.

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