Jay Kay @jaythebookie

Have to say I thought khan was class the other night. Proved a lot of ppl wrong. Good for him!!

Dean Voyce @dean1

Christmas officially starts when the darts start tonight let's play darts

The Great Raazul @thegreatraazul

Emile Heskey, not so much Holyfield as Norman Wisdom on roller skates.

Carefree Calvin @carefreecalvin

Once Sturridge is back, just you watch Liverpool fly up the league table. They would have won it last year had he played against Chelsea reserves and Palace... What? He did? Well this time he'll be partnered by Balotelli and not that plodder Suarez

SalifDiaosFirstTouch @hobsey

When people have **** banter they really need to be pulled up on it

Ben Sherman  @bensherman

Toxteth Console and FIFA bundle

Jay Kay @jaythebookie

Big bad danny Sh177u possibly up against big emile on Friday night. Gonna be like watching Bruno and holyfield

Ballbag @grantcfc

Scousers got a season ticket waiting list? Its only because their giro cheque don't cover it!

John Bonare @johnbonare

Finally a win thanks to Sven for the great goaltending performance he deserves to start against the jets, but getting that 3rd goal was like pulling teeth

Carlos Verissimo @cverissimo

You would swear by Brenda's comments that everything about loserpool has returned to normal far from you idiot if Bournemouth had taken their changes and not rested players he would out of a job. What a **** come Sunday they back to their normal ways

terry a @telbob

Hands up if ur going to Ipswich

Simon Paul Lucas @sluca1

52 passes for liverpool against Bournemouth. Says alot bout liverpoool lacknof creative ability to break em down. Not exactly Barcelona. Lol

Carlos @soccersocrates

If your worried about putting on weight over the Christmas period I have a solution ..walk 3 miles in the morning and 3 miles in the evening. In a week you should be 42 miles clear of your fridge

Shanksie Boy @scouser

OK guys stuff to do! Will catch you all a bit later

Polekat @polekat

I am a fully qualified time served VOODOO PRIEST. And have just put a curse on all yappers and you will all wake up in the morning looking like Louis Suarez. The only way to break the curse is to friend me by Midnight. Seeya later.

Mark Gabor @mblaskovics

BR is a F.ucking end! Last year he said sterling reminded him of a young messi, now he is saying he's like Sanchez! Next season he will be more like ronaldo. What a C.O.C.K!!

David Bradshaw @davidbradshaw23

Bale for 90 millionfuck sake where do they get this **** frommore chance of signing bane than baleanyway I suppose it's better than hearing that dreaded V word that I don't even want to see been mentioned during January

Carlos @soccersocrates

I've got a mate called Spartacus .. He doesn't mind the name but some muppet always steals his taxi when we're out drinking

Ballbag @grantcfc

Brenda needs to remember Sanchez is a world beater. Done it at Barca till neymar pushed him out. When teams play Chile they fear Sanchez when teams play our joke national team they don't even know who sterling is. They think it's our currency

Brian Curran @bcurran

Sterling will never fulfill his full potential at Liverpool. he needs to be playing with people like Suarez and co as it is those type of players who can bring out the best in him. Liverpool will never spend that much on one player......they had the chance in the summer and mostly wasted the money.

David Jones @mansell

I thought the link up play with Townsend..Chads and Kane was particularly good last night hope it's given time and a chance to develop more..

Darren Darren @darren10s10

HATERS will always Hate.....Racist is to bold....closet racist is more fitting.

Les Elliott @julieles1

If you listen to Brenda and I try not to he never actually talks about the game it's just drivel mind you we can't understand ours

WeAllLoveLeeds @weallloveleeds

Bout time only took 7 games... Welcome to Leeds Steve

Ballbag @grantcfc

Brenda mentioned Sterling in the same sentence as Sanchez. Did his mum never tell him not to go full retard because he just did.

Les Elliott @julieles1

So I can't believe that a club like Liverpool are so dependant on Sturridge he is injury prone and yes he can score goals but they cannot defend so even if they go 2 up there is a great chance they will lose 3-2

Gazza  @gazza606

Club magazine show Juan waiting for David !