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Murph1971 @mick1971

Bored of Costa! he stamped on a player got charged got deserved ban. We now need to move on and get 3pts tomorrow.

Anthony Rook @58gooner

Had enough of this joke presenter , just a wind up merchant ! Prob tune back in at 7pm , actually like others might give TalkSPORT drive a miss from now on !

Tim Taylor @arsenal1116

Kane to Madrid and lose Benzema Lol... Rather have Benzema

Carlos @soccersocrates

It's always hilarious when people on a packed train refer to you in their own language without realizing that you can understand every word they are saying .. This lady was going on and on about me eating fries on the train .. So I just offered her one

Dave Ball @daval33

I am 100% Spurs , but I also like Man Utd and Chelsea apparently the three most hated clubs in premier league . Must say something about me

BinnethDippeth @rp001

I swear Adrian Durham is retarded

Dan Lauszkin @danlauszkin

The players that Van Gaal want are most likely still in european football. So we would have to pay a premium for those players if they wanted to move in january at all. The signings that City & Chelsea made are from clubs not in europe or release clauses were met. Our targets werent available

charlotte @ladette2lady

Costa ZzZzZz'' 68 yellow & reds in he's short career.! Here's hoping to many more bans during his chel career i'm sure #fkwit

Carefree Calvin @carefreecalvin

They really need to get a 'remove high five' option on this app

Gemma @gemily83

I don't know why Merson's predictions bother people so much, he hasn't got psychic abilities so they have no bearing on the result, 3 points is all that matters tomorrow!

Carlos @soccersocrates

Agreed .. It's obvious that talk sport have an agenda to wind us up because they know we will bite .. So let's just forget about them

Noah Stacy @opaldrake

Ugh. I left my podcasts for this? I think I'll listen to the Two Mikes from last night instead. Quality entertainment.

Daftpunk @daftpunk76

Dont care who signs who, United need to crack on, get results and hope the teams above us slip up and those below stay there. NO MORE EXCUSES, THE TEAM IS THERE.

Stuart Wing @stuartwing

Spurs fan talking sense on talksport right now. Fair play to ya

Algeron Flaherty @aflaherty

Bye bye Chelsea gunners are on there way back t where we belong the top

Ron @originalronaldo

Adrian Durham - Stokeist

Perryboy @deanomanc

Talk sport has an off or tune button you know.... Do the right thing and **** it off. It used to be OK years ago but **** now. Only Jonny vaughn Saturday morning any good! ;)

Duane Holness @gunnern9

Not even ugly but *****

Anthony B @cfcant

Welcome to chelsea Cuadrado

Duane Holness @gunnern9

Costa ain't hard just ugly

Dave Eveleigh @fatdave26

If u wana blame anyone for Costa's ban blame Mouriniho, he got the FA's back up by moaning of conspiracy etc. they just shoved it right back at ya. #whatgoesaroundcomesaround

YNWA @leapowlo73

Elephant man looking upset after he lost his appeal!

Paul Gray @psgray100

When Saturday comes ...

Steve Mills @stevemills

Any club who come sniffing around our dead wood Adebayor etc need to be met with a firm 'no loan deals'. Yes, Redknapp that goes for you!

Marko Nuoramo @mnuoramo

Cuadrado's game is just like Valencia's, both like to run down the wing and use their pace... He will just get wasted at Rent Boys to use some ****** style of play that doesn't even make him BETTER! -_

paul1999 @getthebeerin

Chelsea want players they get them city want players they get the them we want players oh you got two wait till the summer pressure on now because if we don't Finnish in the top four no one will come with no chpions league players might Evan leave we should have got a few in now just Incase UTID

Dr Dutch @jmorrison

Why was skertel the turtle not punished for making wan¢ker signs to the crowd?

Tracey Morait @tmoraitauthor

Everyone and his dog knows that if it were Suarez he'd be looking at a 5 match ban: Mourinho would have insisted on it. Costa's got off lightly with three matches. God, everywhere I look there's a Costa coffee outlet: there are two at work! If I hated it before I loathe it even more now!

Darren Bradley Dazb66 @dbradle1

Merson "the knob " is at it again thinking united v Leicester will end 1-1 . We are not doing bad being 4th in the league cos he thinks we never win .!!!

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