Gazza  @gazza606

What's that ? Darts is on tonight!!!! Yes @redeye1973 darts is on !!!

Mark Rose @rosie

Seeing drog on a advert for turkish airlines this morning Will be on our tops next term for sure Bye bye Samsung

Phil Queenan @philq001

Just got home from the game and thinking that I'm actually disappointed we didn't win. Great performance from the lads today in particular the back 3, Delph and Sanchez and of course Guzan. #avfc

nicola lewis @nichlewis

in order to make top four we need to sign either vlaar or shawcross. we cannot hold out until the summer for proper signings in defence. evans is useless, jones too injury prone, smalling useless, mcnair still learning, rojo quite good and blackett good potential but in new year need some stability

United Forever @showstopper

Extremely disappointing match. The lineup was wrong from the start. After fletcher was taken off there was an improvement but still rooney playing in midfield isn't right. You had the chance to take van Persie off and you should have moved rooney up.

Nigel B6 @nigelb6

Well done to the boys in Claret and Blue, fully deserved our point, even the referee couldn't deny us. The trains to Euston and Exeter will be full of disappointed reds tonight. COYVB!

James Barrow @10barrowja

Great Blackstock's injured....

Martin Davidson @mdavidso1

I think there has been a bust up between Herrera and LVG

Andy Sharp @ashar1

How many pages has wiggley got on his board

Ian McCart @footie99

I think peace will have an itchy trigger tonight. Only problem is Kd will take over, hope he's got 2 bullets

Tom Holtam @kernowop

My earlier comment meant to say 'substance' rather than 'distance!'

Ian @ianlatimer

One of the last teams like all ways lol

Gazza  @gazza606

Van Gaal on Falcao’s goal: “It was beautiful. I am happy for him. I am always happy when Manchester United score. When you want to be part of the title race, you have to win these games. We were not creative enough in the second half."

Vince Horsler @vinnie62

Why is it we can't cross a ball

United Forever @showstopper

Any team willing play Jonny Evans doesn't deserve to win a football match. Shocking player and a very poor system from LVG this evening. Playing a back 5 at Villa and passing the ball backwards constantly with very little penetration seems to be LVG'S idea of "perfect" football....

Fred Valle @fredvalle

Here we go that's the triangle that I like.

Warren Cooke @wozza

Decisions decisions..what shall I watch tonight? Options are Dumb and dumber, muppet Christmas carol or highlights of the Alan Irvine and Keith Downing show on BBC One at 10:20. Idiots, fools and muppets and that's not including the two films.

Petered66 @creswickpeter

Just a question not an opinion, Is Austin better than Lambert, Carol or Borini? Would he improve moving to Liverpool or is he just average? What is it that people don't think he would step up, Are we after a star that costs the earth?

Deion Watson @blazindei

Umm, wait Cleanthony is out for the season?

Martin Davidson @mdavidso1

On the red card... I thought was harsh.. But some people saying Young dived which is not true

David Soen @soen

The 8-nil horror show was a blessing in disguise - we're going from strength to strength with our new leader KRO

Simon Burge @burgeyboy

I wasn't expecting that but well pleased. One thing that has changed, I'm not going into every game wondering how many we are going to conceed

Martin Scull @carradonna

Has to be three points tomorrow need to start closing the gap on the top four. Next few games present an opportunity to regain some form

Buckeye Seamless @buckeyeseamless

Who's only 20, is a big 6'4 240lb premier pocket passer, tremendous talent with huge upside, is also mobile, smart, who's made some questionable off field decisions like allot of young kids! I would not be unhappy if my team drafted him and built our future around him!

Ron Bode @ronbode1

PL must surely appeal the red card!

Gary @gazcop

Well Les I can say this with some certainty that there are a few who won't be happy with the performance. It wasn't perfect but it's a game we have struggled to win in the past. Burnley had there chances but we also missed a fair few.

United Forever @showstopper

I don't know why LVG is so obsessed with Wilson but great credit to Villa because they played so well.