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Anthony Caruso @snakeyes12

We need this out if we have any chance in 9th

Joe Morris @nyyankeesfan28

Nobody can seriously tell me that CC didn't pitch well today

Zachary Lipson @zacharylipson

Davis could use some of a-rods helmet rozen

Kieran Walsh @kieranwalsh

I'm sorry. Just can't like Boyle. Scares me.

DistD2 @distd2

Strike, said K-zone. This ump has missed a lot of K-zone strikes by CC. But what can you do? Those are close calls.

Zachary Lipson @zacharylipson

It really makes me happy when the Yankees start walking 9 hitters

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

Rangers have played consistently well tonight.

Danimal @danb6237

Pitt gets frustrated easily. Let's try to draw them into a pen.

Dog @itsmedog

Girardi is great 95% of the time

Brian Perkins @brianperkins

Interesting fact Girardi is leaving cc in this long. He's making a statement. He made a mistake leaving him in in the seventh, but now he's letting him pitch deep into the game and will blame the offense for only scoring one run.

Laura Brennan @lbrennan4boys

We don't want pens getting a cheap goal and then they r back in it. We have played too well

Mr.Charlie @ranger11

I guess we just have to play heart attack hockey. Can't spend the whole period in our end

MattGabriel @mgabrie1

MSL can't even stay on sides

Gregory S Berinato @gregorysberinato

All this pressure by Pitt will lead for some good counters for us.

Nicnurse @wbrudnerlurie

8th inning and 87 pitches. It shows he's pitching good. Just not that one inning.

Danimal @danb6237

Make the pens get all chippy and take dumb penalties

Zachary Lipson @zacharylipson

Honestly if the tigers keep joba in, I still feel we have a chance

Chris DeLuca @vze3k6qh1

Get the groove back Boys! C'mon

Steven Geller @darklor01

Dear Yankees pitchers, please make every game a shutout, and maybe you could get a win.

Pete Parricelli @peteparricelli

Where are the Hank suck yapps????????????????? Oh that's right back on the band wagon 🚐

John Kuehl @jkuehl

Boys need to pick it up Allen can only do so much

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