Jake @nobeernogain

Antonio cromartie is a free agent. So is Brandon flowers. Get those two and draft a good player. Get Rex Ryan. And we will be fine.

Andre Titus @axavier31

What falcao did I do every time I score on fifa 15, 😕😕

Steven Steven @thisisfarginwar

In football, players come and players go, that's how it is, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Going to the Rent Boys was bad enough, but it was his timing that eats me. I never liked loosing good players and mostly I am forgiving, but I can never forgive that man for the way he treated us!

Andre Titus @axavier31

Passion.. For £350,000 a week.. I'll give you a triple backflip summersault with splits.

Adam Colton @adamsbapple

I'd drop Mata for the Newcastle game.. think he's been getting bullied and Newcastle are physical enough! Rooney and Herrara in CM with Di Maria in Front of them might work!

John Bonare @johnbonare

Rask bailed out Chara that time

Patricia pelletier @diamondstar62

Too funny brassard got the puck in the face from his one team mate

The Mouse @themouse

Great stop by Rask on the 2 on 1

Mario Cappetto @mario_appetto1

Cavs could probably beat the Browns on the football field!

Jay @acoreslisboa

Anyone in Connecticut with Comcast having trouble getting the game on MSG2? I just have colored bars

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

Nice 37-27 win against the Rams, we've picked it up in recent weeks, Odell Beckham outstanding again and Manning's getting back to form!

Bobby Hoover @hooverherd

Sorry for the hiatus fellas but it's officially DRAFT SEASON! Ive already decided I want Melvin Gordon and Kevin White or a top tier WR in the draft! I can't go another season with no fire power!!!!

peter starzynski @petestarzynski

Considering where both teams are, Tuesdday's game should be fun.

Ken Olenick @spud

We're getting our chances, keep pushing

Patricia pelletier @diamondstar62

I've gotta watch tis Marco Polo thing on Netflix looks good

Macca @maccaobrien

There goes the season! To be fair quarterback position been the weakest link all season..

markwnek @markwnek

And the fateful PR commentary begins:"Will Coughlin be back next year? Well, they have won 3 games in a row." STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! NO! NO! NO! NO COUGHLIN, NO MANNING AND MOST OF ALL NO REESE!!!

The Mouse @themouse

That was one of the worst no goal calls I've seen in a long time. Good on Dougie getting it back!

Zach Berman @thezbberman

Devils should sign Odell Beckham

Craig @bhoyliam

Yawn yawn he's still going on about it. His company/club has lost their manager they have a massive game next week there skint n all this beast can think of is the abuse of children. Must be some laugh this guy

Andre Titus @axavier31

Loving the update.. incroyable

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Why is OBJ giving away a signed copy of his jersey to a player from the opposing team?

Brian C. @strongpersuader1

Oh well I hope we can get a big strong out of the best qb class there has been for awhile

Ryan Wong @fudog96

Giants win 37-27. OBJ caught 2 TDs and broke some Giants records along the way. 3 wins in a row. Record= 6-9 Next week= vs Eagles

PRod! @mrrealfan

Now Shegles in a game that means squat. Skins brought em to the club :-D.