John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

1st question to ask with 11 days to to the transfer window is will FSG give the transfer committee any money ? Don't know ? Or another way ! Someone/thing has spent £115M of your cash and you are 11th 7 places off where you expect, would you give them more $$ ?

Darryl Bride @dbride

We need to start unleashing the potential of can. Big powerful midfielder who can tackle an use the ball well. Get him under gerrards wing an we'll see a quality player

Tys @tys

Had to take missus to doctors to be tested for Tourette's! Good news is she hasn't got it! Bad news is I am a c**t and she does want me to F**k off!! :-/

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

Life is like a box of chocolates, it doesn't last long if you're a fat b**tard!

Darryl Bride @dbride

I bet even stevies had a little chuckle at his replacement

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

I once ****** in the Apple store and everyone was disgusted. Not my fault they don't have Windows.

Harry @harry

Liverpool can't afford to pay top wages. So will never get the top players.

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

I once saw a girl with 12 nipples. It sounds pretty f**king strange, dozen ***?

MUFC4LF @reddevilforever

I live in the states..Sadly :( I lov3 footy with a passion. Never been to a game but I knew Manchester United was for me. The very first team I played for was called Manchester United Tenayo FC... And once I learned about Utd there was no other team for me. happy holidays to everyone

GloryGlory @gloryglory

So....point to consider, hoe many of Reals past glories were obtained fairly and squarely?


Check this out... Excellent...

The Great Raazul @thegreatraazul

For those that find Mickey Quinn unbearable, can you imagine how bad he would be if he had actually played for Liverpool.

Tys @tys

Whoever we bring in to replace Gerrard, I hope we do a better job of it than we did replacing saurez!

James Etheridge @jaye

Lambert out bore off he ain't going anywhere the man has survived the worst he is here to stay now get behind the boys even big christian said today how he loves the bloke and Lambo convinced him to stay

Keith Watts @kwatts521

Hate seeing the Gerrard replacement media shite! Some players can't be replaced

Gemma @gemily83

On this day in 1993 King Eric scored 2 against Villa

James Dean @jiar

Delph is a left footed Henderson. Great engine and pace which could work well in a high pressing game.

David Jones @mansell

I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole now!!!.. Southampton manager Ronald Koeman expects Jay Rodriguez’s rehabilitation from a long-term knee injury to keep him out for at least another six weeks, possibly scuppering any January plans from Tottenham.

Jake Langford @jlangford

Plz let this be the real thing lol.

Carlos @soccersocrates

Ultimately we know we will start to create a lot more chances as the season goes on .. And that's an enticing prospect but 2 big questions remain .. Can we take them ? And can we take more of them than we will concede

Dantes @dantesyapp

Delph. ?.. hahaha ffs stevie G is the godfather of all midfielders. Delph is like a skinny wee henchman who is no better than what we have in lucas allen or hendo.

Matt Perry @mattwba

Ive already heard irvine saying he would like to get somet out of the game, sounds fickle in a way but i take it that he is playing for the Draw again??

Scott Jones @scottie2hottie

Actually can't believe 'fans' on here aren't happy with of the league, semis of league cup, group topped in CL! What else do you mugs want???????????

The Great Raazul @thegreatraazul

Ancelotti loves Benzema, he won't be going anywhere.

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Not sure how Delph would want to be the replacement for Gerrard whilst he's still in the team. It would probably mean a lot of time as a sub. Would he want to become this year's Lambert?

Dave Kerindi @daveonsport

Liverpool are prepared to make a £50m bid for Real Madrid's Karim Benzema in the January transfer window. (Source: Daily Express). If the club think he's the answer to their problems then that's another £50m down the drain!!! He's a very good player, but not that good.

Manchester United @mufc20times

Be alot of ins and outs after the dippers and gooners game, but who will be in and who will be out ?