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Kev Bumby @radwhite

Said this at the end of previous seasons. I am sick to the back teeth of seeing teams.celebrating achieving something, having played us.

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Middlesborough to win 20-0 on Saturday

Alex Harper @alexharper

Ok going to bring this up now and I don't know how many B'mth fans will remember this but last season in 2013 you were touching the relegation zone of LG 1 and then had to play Tranmere who,at the time were in the top 3. You were 1 nil down at HT and then it all changed (continued on my next yapp…)

Simon Marks @marksey

Got to say the future looks bright well done Chelsea on winning the FA youth cup

Who Are Ya @dario

Well done The Cherries...play beautiful, take note Chelski

Hypnö-Disk @nrgb

At Uni we nicked a concrete bollard and cemented outside the Students Union bar. Bob the Bollard was there the whole year. Sigh - good times.

Josh Taylor @jltayles

Well done lads! Good to see you join the premier league! Can only hope my team (villa) remain there!

Chelsea Fan @mariam

Supporters deserve this they're enjoying the moment

Richard McQuade @thermcq1986

Let the party begin on the Solent Bournemouth are pretty much Premier League bound Well done Eddie Howe & his players

Adnan Akram @addy102

I stole the heart of my misses and then gave back again

Ranjit Mawee @mawee1978

Excellent response after going one down early on. Congrats to the youth team.

Chelsearob @rob70

Another trophy in the bag, let's make it 4 on Sunday

Jamie JFT96 @lovesports

Congratulations Bournemouth

James Bettinson @welshandproud

Congratulations guys. Embrace this night, and embrace next season. Last year I didn't enjoy Cardiff' season as much as I should. Now I realise I could wait ages for moments like that again. Make sure you enjoy the premier league experience, you deserve it. Best team in the league by miles.

Ash @alikeabledouche

Any advice on how to explain to an angry mum why her son was out until 11 on school night please suggest. Will use most creative

Jeannie @beno77

Well deserved Bournemouth!

Old Skool Fool @thehaminal

And will media stop calling edin hazard.." Hayden hazzar".. Gets on my ****.. It's " cherry honree".... Say it like it is !!

Justin Moreton @juzzerman

Great job lads more history beeing made not watched on the history channel this week is gonna get so much better too the victory cigar is ready for Sat

Kane Bowden @kane99

Another Russian in the Premier league 💷💷💷💷

️ KEL  @kel21

I nicked an everlasting gobstopper from the corner shop.... Iv still got it...!

Tony Hever @thever

Great performance, we'll done lads.

Kasey Smith @kaseybwfc

Oh they have. Not a blade of grass out of place as well. All gone to ruin lol

Mm JFT 96 @mmiah0123

Well done AFC Bournemouth

Premika J  @premeeks03

61 of the best days ever on here.

Martin Littlewood @villamart

Wonder if Jose is watching Bournemouth???????

Shane Joshua @shanejoshua800

I wanna see this everyone going ******* CRAZY! YEEEEEESSS YOU CHERRIES

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