Lee Tarrant @leetarr

Some times life is sooo sweet

S.M. @sm313140

The countdown bird is lovely. Shane she's a mAnc

Geoff Price @gprice012

What's happened to this ap it's gone all weird or is it me

Lee Tarrant @leetarr

The only thing missing is the cross affix

Simon Guest @sguest

When is Sturridge coming back? Like a new signing! I think brad Jones has been doing a good job in goal. We need another striker. I would play Sakho

theillest @bryanyow25

i saw a very good perfomance yesterday defensively all we need to change now honestly is the keeper there are times that the defence is beaten and the keeper is the last line of defence just having a good keeper will change a lot of things a good keeper in a season will save you close to 20 points

Craig Palmer @cpalmer12

I was at the game had great seats good win after a comeback last night and win 1-0 win tonight thy had there legs early

Lee Tarrant @leetarr

Will be surrounded by gordies at work today, I feel it's going to be a fun day

Lee Tarrant @leetarr

No it wasn't a dream it really was four in a row

Locky1935 @locky1935

Good morning all ..... Thought for the day ..... Come on you Stoke !!!! City till I die !!!

Albhoy @albhoy

It's the same back 4 from last year that went on the fantastic run of clean sheets.It's the footballing ethos that has changed.Ronnie needs to tell the 2 centre backs not to act like midfielders.Full backs,if the centre back goes forward you stay n tuck in.or 1 of your 2 holders go to Cb Difficult?

Stephen Evans @igglesfan13

Well everyone it's been a crazy year. What else could we expect right? Chips still the man. We have a good situation building here now. Chip will learn to be an NFL coach. I just hope he gets the chance! Love to my Eagles fam! See you all in April or May whenever the draft is next year!

Gazza  @gazza606

For our friends in America! Just so you know!

Goon er @daherd

Right im outta here, gym, work, gym, home my plan for the day

Gabor Kiss @vandalhearts

Can't believe c.ronaldo What a complete and utter ******... How can anyone cheer for that muppet? Dear oh dear I am shocked this is a new low..

Goon er @daherd

Just woke up n feel as if ive had no slept.....n to make matters worse that last minute goal means i cant have talk sport on fir the hours drive to work.still got plenty of 80s cds in car so music it is

Caaoc @caaoc

I was impressed with the way Sakho restricted Alexis Sanchez' influence on the game today. Markovic had a better game today than Sanchez.

John Power @alfie606

I heard someone say this is not any old Jersey, this is a Liverpool Jersey, does it make it a very special Jersey no they are just very very deluded.

Abram Duggan @abramduggan

Holy **** Nates goal was nasty!

Pete Parricelli @peteparricelli

Great win tonight nice little winning streak!!! Let's keep it rolling into the new year !

Mayank Dembla @mdembla

ME :mum where is my food? Mum:your food is where your Chelsea is. Me:ok on top of the table

Sickburp @sickburp

Mertesaker you big pansy...

Gazza  @gazza606

I been trying to pick a best 11 of my lifetime (1980 - present) and I am struggling !!! I can't squeeze Scholes or Rio in!!!

John Bonare @johnbonare

As a Bruins fan it's nice to see Zep get his first win in his first game at the age of 33

Keith Stewart @wkstewart0615

I'm surprised the Seahawks won this game so easily

Richard King @seminole1fan

I had missed the lynch td run but seen a reply...hold muh d! what he told the cards

Haley @flyers281924

I had a choice to study for a history test or wax the the flyers game, I think I made the right choice. Congrats to Zepp on his first nhl win, let's kick some wild butt Tuesday night