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♡ Nisasshi ♡ @abynwa

Im not flawless like you .. but this is who i am .... #malaysian #ynwa This is me ... 😙

Gullyraw @gullyraw

What tactics are these from Mercedes? I know they are fast but ERM......

John Loop @jloop

Caliber of starting RB doesn't matter in the least, our OL can turn anyone into a star..

Gullyraw @gullyraw

Alonso and button benefit so should be interesting!!

Gullyraw @gullyraw

Kimi is so jinxed lol

Gullyraw @gullyraw

Erricson should have brought a bucket and spade.....

Michael Brooks @brooksmeatswift

So sad I can't make it today...work commitments suck! Will be able to watch it though so defo be there in spirit

John Loop @jloop

#WM31 Early Calls: Usos get Tag Team belts back, Sheamus returns/puts Ryback over with a Brogue kick to win Battle Royal, Dolph Ziggler gets IC belt, Triple H steers Sting into HoF/retirement, Undertaker redeems himself, Cena crushes Rusev, Bellas retain & Roman Reigns beats Brock to a pulp.

Paul Chandler @paulobing

Game called off at 0-0 in the 6th minute due to waterlogged pitch

Phil Ram @rambu

Morning Yappers! Isn't that funny Fat Mickey on Liverfkingpool radio Talksport does not want to talk about Top 4.WAF!

Kashif Iqbal @kiqba1

This is easy 4 Australia 183

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Hoping the Ferrari can make a race of it instead of a procession

John Loop @jloop

Frank the Tank and Wisconsin are a totally different team than what we saw head to Arlington last year. Poised and ready to give UK another close game.

Graham Blower @gblower

I'm a big Lewis fan but I hope he gets a race. ....bring on the rain

Callum Barnes @calbarnes

C'mon lewis! Convert this pole. It would also be nice if vettel can stay in between both Mercedes, I can't see that happening but I hope I'm wrong

Ian Carty @footie99

Baggies sale close according to the sun. I hope the right people are interested and have Albions ambitions at heart. Big foreign backers not all successful, look at Blues etc etc etc. Peace always said he'd sell to the right person or persons let's hope so.

Scott Grant @scottgrant

Champ or not the simple fact is Khan is a bigger name and much better boxer than Brook. Khan should fight him though, then he'll have a title to take to the bargaining table for Mayweather or Pacman

Lee Robinson @lrobinson0

Morning all, have a great day!! What a night I managed to make love for an hour and 2 mins last the night the wife was amazed

Chris GL Lovell @cgll

Question for you all, BBC coverage & team or Sky Sports?? Personally I have Sky Sports for ALL the live races but will watch all the races I can on the BBC, can't stand Martin Brindle, plus nothing beats the legend that is Eddie Jordan, an opinionated guy and a true comedian lol! What's your view?

tony Gibson @tonydragonman65

It's nearly go time Lewis, hope it's a better race than Australia!!!

Tom 'mulligan' @uktom94

So much on the back page of the sun today

Smokesignals @smokesignals

😴😴😴 wake me up when the Internationals are over.

Michael Brooks @brooksmeatswift

Still not sold on this having all the drivers at the front for a national anthem...play the anthem for sure, but it just looks so forced and weird

Gaston Mesias @gmesias

Who's up for the game today?

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