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Alex @fergie

C'mon hull. Do us a massive favour

00scouse Bestbond Jft96 @molly8888

Think Brendon knows 4th is pie in the sky and is desperately try to avoid the Europa League #notsodaft

Adam Lampon @adz118

I'm boycotting the game because of how poor we are

Jon Bill @sussexspurs

Had a right go at the chavs one of their deluded twats said spurs are more racist than Chelsea cos we say yids! I reminded him we say it to ourselves and don't go around calling people black C**ts at train stations and intimidating people abroad ! Absolute dog shite they are

Fareed Alaydrus @fareed

Second half we need Lallana and Lambert, drop lazy balo off

Gal  @gal

grammar police sentence oli to 10 mins yapping on the scouser page. Now be gone

Des Cashmore @tammie14

If Liverpool lose this I'll want Rogers out come on u reds utv

🏾 Jamaican Scouser 🏾 @duddus00

Rumors has it Suarez coming back next season

OR22 @or22

Rodgers doesn't have the balls to drop Johnson and play Manquillo who needs playing

Ynwa @murphydahnear

Good or bad,I love Liverpool. ynwa

Zak Walters @zakkie

Vote Balotelli not Gerrard

Martin Littlewood @villamart

What bull**** is Brenda going to come out with now fuc*** dippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anil K @ynwa14

I think BR has a master plan. He's trying his best to finish 8th so he avoids Europa League. Come on give him some credit. Lol

J @jliverpool

Just so fed up I can't even be bothered to comment on the game or us. Roll on the summer holidays I say!

Chris Shaw @csha1

Listen redmen and red ladies I'm sounding off finding it so hard to take after last year's fine season to once again fail this season like ground hog year all over again.... Come on you redmen please..,

Quojo Claude @quojoclaude

Someone just kidknap rodgers already so we know we dont have a manager

Paul Hubble @phubble

When u think that we've not had a quality recognised striker for most of the season I don't think we're in too bad a position. I'd like us to sign Lacazette in the summer then with Origi and a fit Studge we'll defo be in with a shout next season.

Stephen Hedgehog @torvue0

Watch out Liverpoo , the Spurs & Saints will nick your Europa spot. lolz.

Sam Shankly @sam23

Can't help but wonder are the people saying Rodgers out the fans we acquired after last season? NOT Liverpool way.

paulie @mickgreen

iv got an astra...can i come lol

Chris Hayes @chrissyhayes

We still got 45mins left come on boys lets turn it around

Ynwa @murphydahnear

If we lose this match, BR out

Vicky Faulks @vickylfc73

Come on reds. If we get a draw know it won't be a bad result. Hull will get everyone behind the ball know. Draw then move on to the next game. YNWA

Paul Munson @gtfcfan9

Get rid of sterling he does nothing for me get the 50 million for him he will go downhill

Laethian McCalla @trugunner2003

I remember back in the day (back about 12/13 years or so) when ppl used to ask "Who do you support" then I'd say "Arsenal, then they'd say "Oh, you're a glory hunter?" I miss those days. Now I just get laughed at

Ynwa @murphydahnear

The team is not playing with balotelli. He is isolated

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