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Mark Smith @avfcmark

Worse fans ever are Chelsea. We sing we go to the games ....

Mat Hassall @mat82avfc

A lot of people having a go at Sanchez today yes he had a very poor game and 99% of managers would of taken him of sooner but he's been one of best players of late and isn't a senior member. BENTEKE has been slow uninterested and lazy for weeks!

Richard Leeson @rleeson

My old man said be a Tottenham fan,,,, I told to **** off

Steve B @leedsfansteve

Matt smith scores again. Maybe he has found his level he was never this good at leeds good but not that s good MOT

Carlos @soccersocrates

I honestly believe that if we play to the best of our ability that isn't a club in the country that can out play us .. There are maybe 3 who can match us ..and there are 2 who can probably wear us down but none who can outplay us

James CFC @jmurra1

Adebayor - would you trust him in a relegation battle? I wouldn't

Kierran Lee @utidkie

Come on u swans you **** *****

Craig CFC Since 1991 @craigcfc

Grr, people signing into Super Bowl?

Jim Seery @theseer

I'm sure lambert must have thought we played really well today - as usual we were unlucky and things went against us like arsenal scoring 5 without reply and our boys playing like they're on a training jaunt in Spain - come on boss you can't expect us to try too hard against these - they're good

Michael Collins @mc

Do I feel sorry for no they get what they desvsre a **** manger for a **** club kro

Ste.W64 @villian64

You can feel the hurt in Taylor

James CFC @jmurra1

Villa fans....Cuadrado debut next week...... Whos getting a roastin??

Daftpunk @daftpunk76

Koeman looks like he is getting pumped up, he will start floating in a minute.

Flaxton Boy @flaxtonboy

So QPR need players who will roll their sleeves up for a relegation battle and they go for....Adebyoer!!

Edwin Achaw @klipklap25

Why did we not go all out in the second half and try to score more goals. We have the lowest goal difference in the top 4. Van GAAL wanted to close up shop cos we were 3:0 up. I hope it doesn't come back and bite us

Nicky Shakespeare @nickys

******* hate Shelvey but even more than him, I hate plastics. Surrounded by the fannies

John @saintjohn

We will concede if we carry on steady- steady

James CFC @jmurra1

Im looking at it over a season I just think Arsenal look the more balanced team they have the classier players. They had a lot of key players injured much of the season

Dermot C @dpc

That referee truly was a blackbastard today. I'm gonna arrange a pitchfork mob with petrol bombs to pay the cant a visit.

Kierran Lee @utidkie

Swansea r shite saints win all over this :(

Keith Hill @hilly53

Ryan Bertrand wanted to play for a bigger club than Villa - I think he made the right choice. He looks great for Saints. Villa have lost their way

T.P Fombe @tp2c00l

Villa are just gutless. Lambert has bought 4-5 wingers for the first team and expects the team to be balanced

Dan Page @dannynev30

So many mind swappers on here tut tut shame on you people

Matt E @fattmatt77

BEAST MODE...engaged

Lee Fletch @fletch21

My last dig, Go ahead Szczesny help yourself,

Pash @maniax

Even if lambert went.. No miracle manager is gonna transform the villa team in a short space of time

Goon er @daherd

Who cares what female bashing collymore thinks anyway

KJW @kwilson

My god that norwich fan is deluded, as for never been sacked, well that gunna change asap of us villa fans have are say, dark days at villa park I'm saying to say.

John Sharp @john1996

Looking forward to waking up tommorow and seeing the yellow banner sliding across the tv hummels joins man united I wish lol

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