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Rose Rankin @rankin

If that is Man U best performance this season.......Well....maybe that is why Man U will not be winning the premier league this season

Alex @fergie

Even tho we lost, our players was outstanding, next year we r gunna b a fright 4 every team in europe

Stuart Taylor @tank2u

Are you all deluded?? Scrapped through by a keeper error and all the gooner fans are reacting like it was the champions league!! Big club, poor fans

Dave Theo 96 @flump11

2 replies, 1 for salt, one for vinegar... And a random mayo... What first yappers??

Mark Harris @markharris

sure wish Quincey wasn't playing for the deadwings

Mark Griffiths @griffiths63mark

Take hazard out of that chelsea team very very ordinary

It's only my opinion @marmite

I've just booked my holiday for the end of May, I'm going to Outer Mongolia No Internet,No TV and No mobile signal. My heart cannot take another 90+mins of the FA Cup

Paramveer Singh Sethi @paramveerz

Just 1 question.. Is there a team that can break Chelsea's Defence when they play like this? Real Madrid? Barca? Maybe winning a free kick at the edge of the box can do the trick..

Stephen Clarke jft96 @clarkes

We do well against sherwood teams!! We will win tomorrow

Dwight Edwards @dwightge

The Wizards should fired Whitman immediately. How you keep running the same play that hasn't work all game.

Anis Ali @anis7867

We need to win 3 games to secure our goal

Marcee-boy @topretroboy

Kick back and enjoy tbe rest of the weekend sport Gooners............................ LBH we were good in patches today but were awful at times. Play the team in form Arsene FFS

OOHHAHHCANTONA @grumpymonkey

How much is a season ticket at Stamford shed? I'd rather watch Watford..seriously

Paul Gale @squidge69

Time now for everyone to turn up tomorrow guys. Aston Villa are a tough nut to crack at the moment but we are more than capable if we're fast smart and score from all those opportunities!!

benjaminsohier @benjaminsohier

it bemuses me that, we, the premier league's top goal scorers are labelled as boring and backward..

Gillian Hudson @jillyhudson21

A result is a result.. We won. Reading played a blinding game, that's true, but It shows how strong we are, that with all that pressure we kept our heads and won.

D @idomo1

Best thing! Is the Mancs thinking they were going to win the PL until the Chelsea game! Ahhh!

james pitts @jimpitts75

Zouma is learning a new position he looks quality

A @uvebeentangoed0

Lineker replaced by another wally on the Bbc, David cameron

Carl Crichton @krankygunner

Hopefully sczezny won't be in goal for the final... Doesn't inspire me with confidence

Sean Cranny @scranny

I don't get how people can say Chelsea bought the league! Surely all the teams in the top 4 buy players in an attempt to win the league

Stevie Kel @kel21

Got to go through all this again in 6 weeks, hope we're 4-0 up after 15 minutes so I can chill out for the remaining 75...

Better Call Saul @chow10

Salt, leave the vinegar till u get home, makes the batter stick to the paper

Rick Grant @whisky

@TYS I like Brendan but he has won sod all yet! Do you know what Klopp has won?

Phil Queenan @philq001

So the West End successful today. Bodes well doesn't it chaps!! Can't wait for tomorrow. Breakfast in town then coach to Wembley to watch the mighty Villa then start a new job on Monday!!

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