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Brian Machado @bmack23

Gotta control Kimba Walker tonight!! We got run the fast break tonight too!! Go C's!! Bleed Green!!

LFC Jay @lfcfaithful

Yeh he still hasn't signed

Tom Christodoulou @tomchristodoulou

Damn reading up on that Kevin KLEIN injury. Seems to be more serious than anticipated. A broken arm is a broken arm but I thought he would have been back for this road trip.

Neil Anderson @gavjam

In case you weren't aware, it's only Rodney Marsh's opinion

LFC Jay @lfcfaithful

Never encountered Ross not bothered who he is

Mickey Mouser @shanks

Maybe Ross has muted me?? How very dare he!!!

Matthew Jacob @matthewjacob

Same lines as last night!! I was hoping to see Paliotta play tonight.. Why play versteeg? Play Baun

Mickey Mouser @shanks

I can't even see Ross and I've never muted him

Chelsearob @rob70

Really proud of England's u21's tonight, no superstars or egos just a team of young lions that showed guts, determination and desire to win

Buckeye Seamless @buckeyeseamless

In a pass happy league, how many downs is Danny Shelton really worth? Yes, a run stuffer! But how many downs do you need him? If I recall, Browns are getting beat on the corners from over aggressive LB's (Mingo/Sheard/Kruger) being baited inside while they outside around open field!

Emily Clarice Cronshaw @ecronshaw

Ah nice! My dad had a business in Chicago many years ago, however he went everywhere in the US but there! Very odd!

Andrew Cardiff @andrewcardiff

I'm not as influential as most on here but I say give ross another chance even if people make it clear it's his last chance. We're all meant to be a "family of reds would people turn their back on their own family. Ok he's made some mistakes but show me a man who hasn't and I'll show you a liar

Emily Clarice Cronshaw @ecronshaw

End of this season can't come quick enough!

Andy S Mason @amason

Every day is a good day to be a Yid #coys Good night

Eddie Trooper @eddietrooper

In the midst of this International Break I find myself missing my MUFC fix and associated trips to OT. It suddenly dawned on me that watching Slippy G getting sent off at Anfield felt like watching Santa water-cannoning winning lottery tickets into the away section. #priceless If Carlsberg.....!

Collo @collo24

Bread and circus working well these days

Kevin Kohn @kevinkohn

Come on boys. Take some of that resilience, some of that fight, and bring it to this game. Beat the kings in regulation, get those two points, and please for the love of it all, get to the playoffs

AnnMarie Hofsteadter @ahofsteadter

Let's go Hawks! I can't wait. My PTC is the whole team cuz they all need to pull together tonight.

Collo @collo24

Bread n circus working well these days

Emily Clarice Cronshaw @ecronshaw

Swear everything I get a chance to come on here everybody is off to bed ! Yawn!

Jake @nobeernogain

It's almost official. This just fine. He may not be good. But he's better then nothing. Price isn't bad either www.nfl.com/news/stor...ith-eagles

Maivi Andrew @drewsico

Raheem Sterling puts contract impasse to one side and vows to get Liverpool FC back into Champions League

Neil Anderson @gavjam

I agree with Clark Carlisle, many players have been talked up in the past but for me, Kane is the real deal. I've watched him a lot and he is going to be a star, I'd take him at Chelsea in a heartbeat

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