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Ed  @alchemist

Come back Carlos. Nobody has a problem with passion here. People who don't get frustrated don't care !

Danny B @dannyskunk

You lot need to dream better unicorn,king of a country,flyinging a dragon, sleeping with a modal you lot united loseing or falcao scoreing 😧😧😧

96 @iamone1

Need Rafa back ...someone who will tell FSG what football is about and what LFC actually means.

John Kelly-Reynolds @jkellyreynolds

Wouldn't mind losing to any team in the premier league except arsenal

Dogfish4 @mcrowc1

3 points today boys let's start to secure 2nd place...

Lee Jackson @ljackson0123

Any one mind non football yaps this morning

paulie @mickgreen

is the draw 8/1 as well lol

Ash @alikeabledouche

Anyone else optimistic for the Euros next summer

TYS @tys

No point checking into the marathon lads! Cos I can tell you the skinny little black fella wins

lovemesexy lovemesexy @lovemesexy

And Rodgers and his loyal fans need to stop using Suarez and sturridge as an excuse on why we crap, he was given over 100 mill to buy whoever he wanted

Salif Diao's First Touch @hobnob

Morning, I didn't think I was hungover till I saw Lee Seel bang on song

Raymond Singleton @rsingleton

We love you Liverpool in b.r we trust

Kevin The Legend JFT96 @liver1892

Morning friends have a fab day happy Sunday lads

Mat Hassall @mat82avfc

Enjoying the way N'zogbia is playing at the moment really positive play like we knew he possessed. Yet another example cleverley grealish Delph all finally playing with the shackles off and going out trying to actually imposes themselves and win a game regardless of opposition. #InTimwetrust

Ash @alikeabledouche

Just been informed that Ladbrokes doing a special 8-1 offer for new customers today. That's £5 on us to win then!

lovemesexy lovemesexy @lovemesexy

I'm 100% behind Steve nicol about Rodgers

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Player who are and should be leaving ! Gerrard, Johnson, Aspas, Alberto, Coates, Wisdom, Allen, Kolo, Lovren, Borini, Lambert, Balotelli I think that would raise £50M

John Shephard @jonnyboybcfc1

The start of the London Marathon, a great sight proud to be british good luck all 🏻🏻🏻🏻

Ash @alikeabledouche

Nice I'm on that. £5 Chelsea win.

RedStu @redstu23

Morning fellow United fans! I think we should stop talking about transfer rumours. For a start there only rumours no mater if there flying around on Sky sports or any other media! Most importantly we should only get excited when a deal actually goes through!

Alan Oakley @waggy

Think I agree with Stan collymore on that 1

Ed  @alchemist

Imagine being owned by that loon Vincent Tan at Cardiff. You're called the bluebirds, had a blue shirt for 100 years and he changes it to red. Lol.

Ash @alikeabledouche

Ah it's a special promotion. Whose that with Craig I'm betting on us

Marty @mdyso2

I had a dream that Falcao was a scoring king for us, was so disappointed when I woke up :'( :D

Alex @fergie

**** u sunday supplement, only talked about mufc 4 20 seconds and tha res about everton. #wankers

Chris Durant @chrissydurant

How do I do emojis on here

One Of Our Own @gal

Most European games you can watch on bet365 if you have money in your account. Can't watch English games tho

Pablo @paulmightyred70

There has to be a mass clear out at end of season.. Need to get the new signings in asap. If players are wanting to be greedy about contracts then show them the door with a big price tag. No time for wasters. This season we spent silly. 2 defenders 1 midfielder 1 out and out forward. Ynwa

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