Rick Rosenth @wickey

Just not PDB. The whole team rots

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

All 3 ny teams being shut out after 2 lol

Brett Erpel @bretterpel

First time this season Flyers are making me wish I was able to watch the game based on what everyone is yapping!

Blind @manu34

How about that goal by falcoa today hope he can stay injury free great player. Rather 3 point but 1 will do

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

We need a hog who just shoots from any where

Jake @nobeernogain best speech ever. I quote this speech a lot

John Mitchell @johnmitchell

We played last night AND we are still all over this team

John Wallace @johnwallace

My tv is messed up I can't see the ad-sf score

Richard King @seminole1fan

Atleast Bowling Green vs Alabama A&M will be on soon

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

Jt has played 12 games this season with no points not including this 1... That's more then 1/3 of our games

Gian Andrea Accola @g_re4l

I love Farnham and Rust, keep them up!

Vincent Miele @creativologist

TB blew us out, we blew them out, and now scoreless tie. I think the winner tonight may score 2 goals or more in 3rd

John Wallace @johnwallace

What game should I watch during the intermission?

Sledge @bach

G finally showed up to play yeah

Mr.Charlie @ranger11

Why don't NASH score for a change. Where's he been all season

Ross Del Rossi Jr @racerx71

Yeaaaahhhhhh! Nice one from the Captain!

Psycho Dan @psychodan

Ugh, I'm at a party and being forced to watch this pointless 49ers football game :(

kenneth L. Duffy @34defense

I can't believe I how much the rules have ****** up the NFL! Unreal

Carmine @carm0712

The dream is over and now reality has set back in. Hell is no longer frozen. The planets are aligned correctly again. PDB is still the coach!!!

Geordie Highlander @geordie4ever1

Vinny playing well, maybe a benching is what he needed

Brandon Robbins @greatfriedrice

We are cotrolling most of the play looks like Tampa is getting sluggish lets keep the same momentum in this 3rd we will be fine and score

Gian Andrea Accola @g_re4l

Worst refing in ages, where have you gotten these jerks from NHL? Outta pre school probably

Derrick Brown @mils

Really wanna watch Rondo first game as a Mav im getting aggravated

Ken Olenick @spud

Well that's two down and we get the goal this period. We are out shooting them big time. Seabs is playing great D tonight. Keep up the good work and we will win.