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Anfield Legends @spiritoshankly

It's credit to BR the way things have turned round ! I have to admit although I wasn't calling for his job I was frustrated at his apparent stubbornness to change things ! But fair play he was right

Ben Sherman  @shermanb

When the pub is directly opposite the gym - there is only ever gonna be one winner

Kerra Daley @kerrad

Ok if Man U places ahead of us I'll jump in the nasty cold Mississippi River

Paul1956 @lfcpaul

Just been talking to a mate who's a bitter, he's gutted that there won't be any derbies next season

Ismaeel @ismaeelloonat

As soon as Suarez left, I thought that's it no top 4 but now fast forward 7 months we have a chance for 3rd!

Samuel Walden @swalden8

Fa Cup weekend. Who will make the semis? My money on: Bradford, Liverpool, Arsenal to end poor record at Man U and Aston Villa.

Anfield Legends @spiritoshankly

Definitely top 4 it doesn't matter whether 3rd or 4th tbh , and it's in the stars that we get the FA Cup for SG

fitBear Hux @fitbear

Be careful what you believe, rumours can start wars and there's usually some ******* that's benefitting from the commotion. If there is any truth it will be the ultimate test for Hendo, choose a move and lose a full career with a club that will embrace him or join a team and earn megafame and riches

Juan Ochoa @juan0choa

Haha Vidal for £14m?! I'd take him in a heart beat for that price

Paul1956 @lfcpaul

FA Cup and third ;)

Daniel Wilcox @wilcox1985

If this is true well it's hard 2 believe

Paul1956 @lfcpaul

We are Liverpool tra la la la la

Anfield Legends @spiritoshankly

If Utd finish in the top 4 above us ! I will dirt my shorts

Mario Cappetto @mario_appetto1

Hartline, the Canton Native(what do you think Roger?), is still seriously considering the Browns even though he also has strong interest and possibly even solid offers from the Texans, Bears and Patriots, a source said.

Christopher Caamano @christophercaamano

Knicks should not trade their pick unless it's for a young,proven superstar

GurdevB @gurdevlfc

What do you think Stephen?

Neil Topical @neilagar

If vlaar is fit tomorrow he is bound to come in. Lowton right back for suspended Hutton then Clark to left back. Delph could do a job at lb but we need his driving runs in the middle

Liverpool FC @lfc

LFC captain Steven Gerrard in training at Melwood this morning!

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

Playing football in this unreal weather!😧

Gooner Brad @brad14

This striker thing for England that's going on u might have me for saying this but I think berihino, Austin and kane deserve a go why not take out welbeck and lambert but they have not done as well as kane and Austin this season but then again welbeck does very well for england

Stan Collymore @stancollymore

Yappers, who wants to win the football experience of a LIFETIME this summer? #watchthisspace

Anfield Legends @spiritoshankly

I love Stephens yapps you only need to look at the end of his yapps to see whether there positive or not , as he ends them like this

Ross Perkins @tattooperkins

Who else is going the charity game? Would be good to meet up with some fellow yappers on such a great day

Bootle Red @jc23

Back to bed for an hour me thinks 😴😴😴😴

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