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Jamie Mighall @jaycfc

Not long to go now. Come on Chelsea.

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Eric Bledsoe is making a very strong case that he could be the most underrated player in the NBA right now. He's a baller.

ForeverRedMUFC @ldavis

Bet rodgers is regretting his ******** about winning cl if was still in it cant even manage to beat besiktas in europa league never mind win a cl game ******* ***

John Wallace @johnwallace

It and la scoreless into the 3rd!

Holte-ender @villa9av

Really hope we do the Geordies this weekend. Not because we need the points but because I can't stand how they think they're a big club. Just cus they get a big turn out every week don't make um a big club. There's **** all else to do in the north east apart from go to the football. Wankers!!!

Abhishek Ananthakrishnan @abhi9715

I think Emre can was uncomfortable at central midfield and Sturridge and Mario combination didn't work.

Los @los3414

Kyrie to undergo mri on shoulder

Danny Martin @danny

Look at The 4 Teams Looking at This ******-Bag.... All LOSERS!! Trade Half Our Picks Away while you're At It Ray-Ray!!!

Simon Guest @sguest

We missed Lucas last night and lacked experience plus physical presence in the team! In the summer we need to add that to the team and we need some world class players not youth or potential. Joe Allen for me is not good enough in any department & Suarez for Balotelli we'll that is miles away.

Kasey C @atexasred

Tyson chandler for president

Danny Martin @danny

They Gonna Give Em $3 Mill. A Yr. to Dip Jack-Asses Nook in Crown Royal at Bed-Time!! Anotha Season of ******* Pain!!

Mark Prior @mprior

Could we bat any slower.....

Amos Ville @amosville

Good morning reds yesterday our midfield let us down. I wont lie i wanted us to win that Europa league but thats all gone now we need to focus on the EPL and FA. Good day red men & women

Danny Martin @danny

G** Damn, I know I live next door to Cedar Point, But PLEASE Get me Off This Roller Coaster From Hell!! That Old Piece of **** is THEY'RE MAIN TARGET!!!😑

F e d d y @feddymp

Ooooooooohhh nooooo!!!!! Please stay on the bench and watch the game on Sunday...

Hugh Adams @shug

Just heard what ronny said about game ..said ref had bad day at the office ..the vvd red card changed the game ..1st card was soft (too me he didn't need to tackle the guy )....but he is right about the ref ....and he said he was annoyed at some of supporters letting off flares ,why do they do that

Charles Moore @chuc1

McCown? I don't know about that? Can't see anything positive that he would bring to the table.

Donavan Oliver @donavancfc

Fabregas form has been dipping as of late. This is what I was concerned about when he was coming here. Being stuck in la Liga, aging, and being on the bench. Now asked to play majorities of the games with no winter break. Seems to be effecting him

Kerra Daley @kerrad

My thoughts before I pass out for the night. The young guys will remember this loss and learn from it in the future. What we need to do is stick to the program in the second if it was working in the first. Also don't bash on a player for taking poor Penalty kick at least he stepped up! Goodnight!

Donavan Oliver @donavancfc

With new revenue coming in next season you think it means we will get a star player? Pogba is ideal just bc he fits Jose perfectly with his work ethic, strength, and skills.

Sammie V @sam63

Geez Devils. Show some balls

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