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Kevin @hagz

What kind of idiotic paper reports on secret talks? If you know about them and are telling the world how can they be secret? The trash the media comes out with blows my mind sometimes

w m @wlmrangers

Stop the 11 game win streak and knock the SNOT out of them in the process Now Rangers get me a win and make my night

Fendi Palagonia @fendipalagonia

I can't hear anything! Oh wait, the Mets lost to the Yankees. Everything's ok

Jack Straw @rafterman777

Crowd needs to get CRAZY! BRING IT!!!!!

Richard Davisson @rdavisson

Ottawa halfway to the reverse sweep

April Besch @aprilbesch

100 pitches 78 strikes what a performance by Pineda. Strike machine indeed!'

Steven Geller @darklor01

Amazing how different this teams from how they started. We had the coffins all lined up

Matthew Jacob @matthewjacob

No one had a heart attack yet did they??

Ryan Wong @fudog96

Mets lose 6-1. deGrom struggled giving up 3 home runs. Mets bats couldn't figure out Pineda. Record= 13-4

Daywalker718 @chase1234

Got dammit Boyle coulda gotten the hat! 🏾

Roberto Bia***** @RJB33

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!,,....We gotta win tomorrow.

Legacy @nickliuzzi

Boyle looks like Charles Manson

PRod! @mrrealfan

So much for the streak ... This is a team... Not a Ponzi Scheme! Bad Boys of summer, dirtiest players in the game. #BRONXBOMB #NYY4LIFE

Bryan Martinez @23carolina

Yesterday winning a defensive and great pitching battle 2-1 and today another awesome pitching display with some great offense so a team can win either way

Steven Geller @darklor01

1st place Yankees on a roll!!

Mike @dutchyusa65

Looks like Senators are back in the race.

Joe Morris @nyyankeesfan28

Maybe that will stop the idiot Met fans from talking. "Take Back New York" shirts were made after 17 games, talk about stupid..

Jody Vater @jodyvater

Dangerous line...watch that line

Nicnurse @wbrudnerlurie

Tomorrow will be a challenge because they will be so determined to knock us down. Just let them try.

Brendan Cooper @thecoop14

We had to loose at some point :/

Peggy O @jillinnj

he may just be more upset about missing that open net than we were

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