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Adam Colton @adamsbapple

Currently averaging a goal every 27 minutes for my league team... Suck on that Aguero!

SNATCH @mhawthorn

The more boring we are the more Trophies we win, suits me bring it on Blue Boys..

Lloyd @lwright

Is anybody else's yapper acting funky. For example tims changed his photo yet his old ones still showing up.

Ash @alikeabledouche

SportsDirect close the day down 13.5pts(2.16%) on stock exchange.

Kevin @hagz

Hope rumors of a yesil start or at least being on the bench are true.

Mahamud Gargaar @inagargaar

Today is not like everyday it's our beloved Juan mata birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish him well and many years to come. Stay strong lad

Gordon Heath @lordgord

If Liverpool can't beat hull then they are clearly the worst Liverpool side for years. Internal fighting has ruined their season, largely down to the egos in the dressing room (i.e Balotelli, Balotelli and Balotelli)

J M @macca123us

Lol your CB's are pain in arse, they keep scoring against us lol.

Dave Shrubb @djs1971

To settle an argument we had in work today....fans of any Prem side, if you had to pick, who would you sooner have in your side John Stones or Chris Smalling?

Paul Gray @psgray100

What's the gripe re Bournemouth would have thought all footy fans would be happy ??? Have I missed something ?

SNATCH @mhawthorn

We are the Chelsea, we are the Chelsea Blue, we are the pride of London and all our blood runs Blue..

Kas @ksaxty

Well done Ian Wright arsenal legend saying he felt embarrassed about his own supporters letting arsenal know they are just not a patch on the blues also giving blues all the credits for gooners shite display 11 years no title that's very boring Ian Wright Wright Wright

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

"Adam Johnson pedophile he plays with little children, takes them to the Stadium of Light to sexually abuse them"

HH @cantona1968

Afternoon all... I'm gonna say that I couldn't give a toss if De gea leaves... He looked good for most of the season but for the last few games he has been weak and indecisive... We need and deserve a stronger keeper....!!

Eric Goldstein @ericgoldstein

Our biggest needs are at forward and coaching. I hate to say it but as long as Bailey, Frans, Okposo and Capuano are around I don't see us winning in the playoffs.

Boom @bronnie52

Im brickin for saturday!!united am out to win haha hope we nick a win will make my week!!!!!

Wonder Woman @gillian

If @zoheb20times has a problem with me, just mute me pal. I'm full of dumbass comments and I'm here all week yap.pr/yapp/14302354380051156

Blue Knight @londonisblue

Arsenal Trophy Cabinet: These past 10 years has been pretty boring for me ........

Chris Short @chinny69

Under 21's very impressive again today. 3-0 over Arsenal. Nabi got another 2. Got to give the lad a run out once safety is certain.

Jazim Sohail @jsohail

I have had this argument with my mates. Who was the best RB in the premier league this season. I saw ivanovic but they are adamant it's Clyne. Ivanovic has better stats this year and has been solid. Opinions on this? Who has been better?

Stefan @blackwell92

Let's hope Hull don't Park the bus like West Brom. Absolutely classless and boring. I hope we smash them!

Julian Purvis @puffin

Have Liverpool got it in them to put hull to the sword ? I'm on the draw 1-1

Lloyd @lwright

Happy birthday to Juan mata.

Carmine @carm0712

I'm hoping for a strong pitching performance from the Mets tonight .

paul turner @pauliet70

Is yesil in the squad for tonight's game

J M @macca123us

If they keep winning trophies they'll back him and no one at Chelsea or any club would complain. The problems will come if other sides start winning the trophies. They've been found out a bit in Europe with this style as has Mourinho in recent seasons. Maybe needs bit more flair against top sides

Jon Bill @sussexspurs

People who say Chelsea are boring I don't agree ,,,, Mourinho plays winning football at the end of the day it don't matter how u play ... Especially if you win taking into account how many managers get sacked for not winning !

stripey_nigel @stripeynigel

Is there a big fight this weekend? I wish sky sports news had said

Steve Sutton @sutton87

Ronnie is such a character always enjoyable to watch

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