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Lady'C  @ladette2lady

Can see the fans p'ssing themselves now..Origi replaces the injured studge nxt yr..while milner is the new gerro #cantwait #wegoagain

Jake Hamblin @jakehamblin

Can't believe how right he was, Eden Hazard is such a flop. What a waste of money.

Akie Akie @akie

What liverpool need now is the player that can fill the starting lineup and boost the team..we dont need another bench player that we rarely used..we already had enough..

Graham Findlay @findlayg57

So assuming Sturridge doesn't kick another ball in anger this season he will have missed 26 games and started just 7. His contribution of 4 goals and 3 assists will be his lowest since 2009/10. He is undoubtedly a top class player but this fragility needs to be resolved or we move on.

eddie S @eddielfc

we need a whole new team, sturridge made of glass! henderson is sh it, lovren = sh it, moreno cant defend. alen = sh it, lallana= average, lucas = sh it, markovic = sh it borini = dogsh it, sterling overated, balo = sh it, johnson = finished sakho injury prone gerrard leaving LAMBERT??????

Kehinde Azeez @kennyzee

2 points separate 2nd and 4th position. The real title race is still on. Forget the Chavs and their boring football, we allow them to win the League for the first time in 5 years. Wow!

Alex @alexengland

Apparently I am a tool, not the best english there.

Jake Hamblin @jakehamblin

We've mixed our play up this season, at times we outplayed out opposition completely with some great football.. Now we're into the back end of it we are doing what we need to do. Fatigue is a factor as well since we've played the same XI bar injury and suspension for the whole season.

Jack Excell @27

Will AFC Bournemouth win promotion to the premier league tonight against Bolton wanderers for the first time in the clubs history

Jake Hamblin @jakehamblin

I can see we're really grinding on people still. To everyone who keeps on talking about us more than your respective clubs just stop, you might find the grinding will ease a little. We should be irrelevant to you, if your club plays beautiful football then concentrate on that.

Paul @addy76

I work with a load of city fans and they're gutted milners goin...they say he's one of their most consistent players and you're guaranteed 100% off him every game...that's all I ask from lfc players

Jacquie La Touche @jac13

Mourinho driving the rent boys and the diver back to the bridge

Jamie JFT96 @lovesports

It would be great to see a team like Bournemouth

Mr Mo @mozzyfire

If I was a betting man which I'm not I would bet we will never get into the CL under BR AND BR buys more under average players and says its for the future and it's the next stage in rebuilding I thought stages go forward not backwards well will somebody tell me what date this future will start

Kevin Ross @krvilla1

I'm getting very very worries now!!!

Chris NewtonJ496 @chris09

I just want the exciting Liverpool of two seasons ago that had me missing work to watch them/paying for TV subscriptions...

Paul Gray @psgray100

Benteke truly back to his best ... unplayable when he is on his game!

Chris NewtonJ496 @chris09

Milnar should join Watford

Graham Findlay @findlayg57

There is no logic in Milner swapping the City bench for ours, if he joins he plays.

Karl Carribine @asriel1985

We all know how the depay deal is going to go. We'll spend the next couple of months trying to lower the asking price and contract demands and then United will swoop in pay the asking price and get their man.

Chris NewtonJ496 @chris09

Omg Figure 4 leg lock lolz

Cyrus So @cso

Steven Gerrard Feels 'Privileged to Have Played for Liverpool for So Long www.90min.com/posts/210...dium=share

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