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Clive JFT96 @clive9

Looking forward to seeing wee Coutinho on the big Wembley pitch, he's a joy to watch! #weewizard

K.C. Gentz @kcgentz222

So when our closer needs a day off. This is who we go to? LOL

Christian Anand Vishnu Gopie @thegreat10ne1

My team for today: Mignolet, Skrtel, Can, Lovren, Moreno, Ibe, Allen, Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge

Kevin @hagz

Where can I get one of those empty blue seat costumes a lot of city fans have on today?

Paul Savigar @savigar76

Might have to go to the pub to watch the footy #FACup #lfc

lee wright @bazingawright

Unfortunately i am out and cant get sky f1 (bloody holidays) and trying to find a bar which will show it so can people please tell me what time race starts

Thomas Sneddon @tsneddon

These refs r at it. Wouldnt trust them to officiate a pub team game

John woods @widsy1888

get into this shower of s*ite Celtic heads up.

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

The sensible move would be Can to DM and Lovren pairing Skrtel

Ronnyaldo @ronnyaldo

Silva is by far citys best player!! Kun who???

Brandon @greatfriedrice

Just for everyone on here who saw my yapps from last night about the rags those yaps don't mean much.I was just acting like that over retaliation from what they said about us a few days ago and I know it was stupid what I did..don't care about the rangers at all. Let's go isles!!! Rock the barn!!!!!

Anfield Legends IIP  @spiritoshankly

Not rocket science , but I expect Couts to bring his magic to wembleys wide open spaces and run the show , we should have far too much pace for there defence in all honesty

Chelsea Fan @mariam

Lol alex have you come here to seek respite from the deluded gooners on the pub page

Mickey Burke @burky67

Mon Celtic feck these b@stards

SCRU LOVE @scrulove

just when we thought we saw the last or lampard

Zhariff Ismail @scouzerkopend

Physically not there today but right there emotionally. Keep marching on you redmen!

Chris NewtonJ496 @chris09

So i decided I'm going shop latest time possible kmt lolz

Ash @alikeabledouche

Alex he was scoring important goals and then city started bottling it.

Ryan Beasant JFT96 @ryanbeasant99

I wanna see the team that will beat Villa

Clive JFT96 @clive9

Big blow losing Lucas, I thought he was our MOTM last Mon night against Newcastle

Isles Cup Run 2015 @mikelaraby

Some day time drinking some islander playoff hockey an little yapping

Nathan Potter @nath4485

It's a bit empty at the Etihad!

Paul Harvey @harvavfc

Stuck in ******* traffic

John woods @widsy1888

I swear if I wasn't seeing this I wouldn't believe it our official see what they want when it suits them it's a joke.

Joel @jd1874

It's only just starting to sink in that I'm an hour and half away from seeing the Villa boys at Wembley for the first time. Unreal feeling...

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