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SalifDiaosFirstTouch @hobsey

Brandon Raggars is a top young bloke

Josh LFC Myatt @lfcmyatt95

If you call OUR manager Brenda or any other name that is intended for mocking him, then stop supporting our club!!

SalifDiaosFirstTouch @hobsey

I liked Rafa but also, he was a bit of a massive ******** too. We would have got on.

Djimi Traore @djimitraore

Let's support the team! We are in a very good place and they need us now more than ever!!!

Stuart Fenton @willmington1

Me thinks Watford be a hard game hope I'm wrong

Daniel Wilkes @severance

I would not be surprised if top country's in football purposely fail to win their group so they don't have to go to the 2022 World Cup

Stan Collymore @stancollymore

Delighted to be nominated 3 times at the @SportSJA awards! World Cup coverage, Match Day LIVE, and broadcaster!

Ghost Face @ghosthammer74

Looking forward to frampton v avalos should be a good fight and a test for both fighters

Johnny Carbone @jcarbone

k*ss my white arse :) i'll say what i want when i want...even if just to piss a cpl of ppl off just because i see the big picture n i am not ensconced in my own reinforcing fantasy and deluded idea that 'fans know' how to manage a top football club ..

Shoppy 23 @shoppy23

There are some ignorant people on social media! Our managers name is spelt like this, BRENDAN RODGERS!!! Not Brenden, Brenda, Not Rogers, Hodgers.... Please show some respect. Thanks. That is all.

Kevin I-Jeffers @kdotij88

The other day I saw an article on Giroud saying that he was told by the arsenal coaches after the game that he needs too be more ruthless in front of goal... Not being funny but shouldn't he already know that??

Mark Waterfield @marksamuel87

Weekend is here Concordians ... Have a good one what ever ur upto

Dave Kerindi @daveonsport

Interesting that not much has been said about Greek Government intervening and banning football - crazy times!!!

SalifDiaosFirstTouch @hobsey

ROGERS OUT!!!!!! Nah, just kidding, I like his smile, it brightens up my day, and everything else. P.s The spelling mistake was for authenticity.

Paul Walker @wak0107

For all the liverhampton fans return back and put the nightmare behind you

David . @redbaz96

Rafa knew how to get a result away in Europe but would I swap him for our manager? Not a chance he'll make us great again given time and patience

David Bradshaw @kingericoffrance

Gazza needs to be careful when take selfies

james gabriele @jamesgabriele14

Can't stand Chelsea or Spuds, so for me Chelsea to win but Costa to dive in the final minute to win a pen. Then they all Look like mugs

T Best @tomski

Quatar WC is gonna be a failure all round I would seriously not be boverd if we didn't even enter it be the first to make a stand and see who else will follow, wats the worst that could happen?

Johnny Carbone @jcarbone

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) F**K Y*O :) :) :) :) :)

Chelsea Fan @mariam

Chelsea (not being biased at all )

Emily Clarice Cronshaw @ecronshaw

Kevin Davies' testimonial will be the best thing this year, all my old heroes!

Jordan Spragg @spraggtwittor

I dont think we can blame Loveran too much. Okay he missed but surely we had enough firepower on the field for 120 mins to see off besiktas

Joe Jordan @josiej

Rvp has been crap all season. We need to strengthen up front in the summer. Goals win games. Then start to look for a better back four. Five or three at the back doesn't work at Utd

Ismaeel @ismaeelloonat

Dream summer buys: Icardi, Danillo, Calhanoglu and Dybala

Chris Smart @smartie

Well done Andy for showing your true colours by Brendan bashing go and support Chelsea if you love mourinho so much

Jack Excell @27

Who's going to win the Capital One cup Spurs or Chelsea

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