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Cdn blues Fan @cdnbluesfan

Ty Gang and glad we won tonight

Chandler Bing @shan78

Sunday supplement bang on this morning

Mark Williams @wibber74

Need to close gap on Chelsea,would be nice to see bony get on score sheet he and aguero upfront for me today and yaya back in midfield

Ian Ogilvie @iano1986

So, awkward smiles all round on MOTD then....

Lee Jackson @ljackson0123

What can you say,that hasn't already been said.Just can't defend a decent score.

Craig D @donohoecraig

Oooooffffffffftttt, cmon liverpool, let's shake, rattle and roll City home with nothing today. I'm buzzing morning all u Reds

Fraser Hadlow @fraser8814

We are underdogs, and Chelsea have assembled their squad with the type of money we could only dream of. Not to mention having had more than a week off while we played on Thursday. As long as we don't get hammered and fight to the end I will be a very happy and proud yid today. COYS!!

Tracy Hinton @thinton

Only a few hours to go before leaving for Wembley. Good luck spurs, play your hearts out and bring the cup back to White Hart Lane.

Mark Needham @needs2507

Can't wait for Wembley this afternoon #COYS Lets stick it up em!

Batumalai Palaniveloo @batumalai

Money can buy trophies and happiness for a mean time but cant buy a forever history...we lfc walk with proud and history with us....time will prove who is the real the reds banner owner

Mack Dundee @aaitken

Jose not won anything for 3 years not that g8 is it ....may it continue

Chris Smith @chris1972

Mcdonalds breakfast lots of drinks then off to wembley. Just hope they don't let us down

Laith Al-Janabi @janabilaith

Today's the day..Leave it all on the pitch boys. We can do it- Come On You Spurs.

Sunraj M @sportsgrinderav

The ecb are the whole English set up is too stubborn...and the manor of the defeat to sri lanka is embarassing.

Dale Hand @daleh

Not good!!!! We need the likes of Hales and KP to inject some fire into a boring ODI side!!!!

Henri Jackson @tox1ch3nri

Judging by how we played on Thursday and Saturday we can't mess around like losing the ball passing it to the other team and all that. Mabye it was because we were thinking about today? maybe POCH wanted us to lose for the final? Questions,Comments,Observations?

Mat Hassall @mat82avfc

How big is this week/month for us. If we can put in a performance and beat the Baggies like I know we can. Everyone needs to play their part away fans sounded great yesterday we need to do the same at home. UTV #thetwelfthman

Adnan Akram @addy102

It's like having steak and someone gives you done meat.Thats what this team is

Wajid Hussain @whussai2

Need to believe those days are long gone need to back the team

Darren Jones @jonesd74

Massive game today nothing less than 3 points if we have any ambitions of retaining the title. We need to see Kompany back to his commanding best and really want to see Bony and Kun start up top.

Adnan Akram @addy102

What makes everyone thing we can win this our bowling useless and fielding is even worse.I grow up with great pakistan teams of 70s 80s 90s.This lot have no skill and heart.if they were cornered by a tiger they would be eaten alive.

Wajid Hussain @whussai2

1 down need irfan to keep attacking

Carlos @soccersocrates

This game is big not because of the 3 points but because winning it makes us the favorites for CL qualification in everyone's eyes including all those who doubted us

Jamie Leggate @jamie374

Kompany gets flustered with pace and trickery which we have in bucket loads. Get at him from the off!

Aaron Symeon @symo88

COYS!!!!! Let's dig in today and have 90mins of pure fight and hard work. Get in there faces and let them worry about us. COME ON YOU LILLYWHITES!!!!!!

David Jenks @dsj1

Weird! The main event is on first...

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