Deion Watson @blazindei

Not Mac or Hank's fault but I think Mac should layed out there.

Ryan Toth @ryantoth

Pouliot is untouchable when it comes trade time

Jessica Kanarek @jesskan526's sum what the opposite of the flames game

Jeff Layton @jefflayton

I guess these Wilkes. Barrie boys ain't to bad lol

John Mitchell @johnmitchell

I can't seem to find the game on TV. NYC time warner. Anyone?

Jim Finke @jfinke

Any chance this games on in VT?

Mr.Charlie @ranger11

Amazing man. I seen that coming a mile away

Jack Straw @rafterman777

Who was he passing to???? ******* awful

Ken Olenick @spud

It's like they only have one camera and it follows the play up and down the ice zooming in and out.

Mike Nissan @mnissan22

How many high sticking penalties does Steeger have now ? I've lost track

Remi G @remig

Hey yappers... can't find the channel have fios... what channel is it on

Ryan Toth @ryantoth

Hope these young show that they can play cause we need to trade one of them for forward help