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Paul Collins @pcollins

What baffles me more than anything is that Wenger knows what it takes to win the premiership i.e solid defence , hard midfield, attacking flair i.e the invincibles Yet he now wants to be the Barcelona of the premier league!!

Hugh Adams @shug

One thing surprises me how are Falkirk not in front ....we are playing so bad it's no real .....

Gunnergaz @gph

The BBC have got our boys on lol

Perryboy @deanomanc

United game! We say the same every game but inevitably the first goal will come in the second half

Ron @originalronaldo

I like the USA - they have 6 litre V8 engines in their run around cars & Gas (petrol) is the same in $ a gallon as £ per litre here. For that alone God Bless America

Jason Roberts @jaseted

Big game Tomoz need real men wearin the claret and blue Let the lions roar up the toon

Gal  @gal

Wanted to go on the chase but I'm too dumb

Kris McKnight @krismcknight

My first hero ..skilfull and could dish it out too

Asad @cheekyboy

Thierry Henry on Jonathan woss tmrw 9.40!!!

Gal  @gal

Show called ninja warrior... Looks like total wipeout on smack.

Brian Joyce @southphillyfan

Off Eagles topic, but this caught my eye on twitter; VEGAN CHEESESTEAK? Really? How is that even possible. PhillydotcomENT: Vegan cheesesteaks are delish! We want you to tell us which Philly spot has the best: t.co/QwqMeHW6Qf V4Veg t.co/u2Vdpkvg1P

Josh Worsfold @worseyworm

Team I would go for if everyone was fit

Dominic Alunni @dominicalunni

trade for sam bradford, take kevin white, danny shelton or brandon scherff if one of them is still up take them, if not take tj clemmings. Wed have the cowboys line with sam bradford playing behind possibly the best o line he will ever have

Joe Doherty @joe43

Them chelsea blokes just keep scoring

Gal  @gal

Evening yapp army not been on tonight been busy applying for gameshows

Paul W @paul1w

Big a Performance ! Big Win tomorrow !

Paul Collins @pcollins

I'm sure Henry and Pires sit in the stand thinking WTF!!!

Harry Doughty Lufc Mot @doughty25

Thought playing to games and hard games on Saturday and Tuesday we should of rested all the young lads on Tuesday and played for the draw. We don't want the young lads to get burnt out hope we win tomorrow MOT

J M @macca123us

Lol when did Tim Sherwood turn into this great coaching goru?Just heard mentioned on radio today he's got reputation for bringing through young players, getting best out of under performing players like he did with Adebayor.There's me thinking he'd only been a manager few months and then dismissed

Kris McKnight @krismcknight

Come on gooners bring back the memories let's see arsenal men who took no s hit

Stuart Cox @scox6938

Tony & the lads R doin their bit to build the Hawthornes fortress let's make sure we do our bit n crank up the volume tmora?!

Los @los3414

Need J.R to step up tonight!

Flaxton Boy @flaxtonboy

Robben , in off his (bald) head

Matthew Dyson @mdyson012

Robben cant stop scoring!!! 3-1!!!

Dan Lauszkin @danlauszkin

If utd play 433 tomorrow cant see Rooney up top he'll have him in midfield with Herrera & Blind due to his energy

Adnan Akram @addy102

Hope we perform against man u in the cup.Dont think my heart can stand another scare.Please Arsenal perform!!!!!!

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