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Craig D @donohoecraig

Difference between us, is Chelsea can drop 5 players from wkd & it won't damage the strength of their team, we just can't, but I'm a positive buggar who knows we're going through tonight

Mark Spence @mspence0

That's a sensible move by the toon. Sell mbiwa to Roma - what if the new coach who comes in rates him. We've probably let him go for peanuts as usual

Mack Dundee @mackdundee

Man that Carlos does yapp a load of tosh

Cesc Addict @cesceducation

This match is huge! Lose and after the weekends exploits the media are ready to jump on the crisis bandwagon, Win n all is good and we begin the route down victory road. We need 11 fully focused gladiators out there tonight and the fans to b our 12th man. Its gonna be emotional but ain't it always

Mikey @chelseafan54

We have 2000 tickets for PSG who have a bigger capacity than us and we give them 3200 half the Shed my earlier remarks about away allocation from us happens again..

Gal  @gal

Not on here tonight off to watch dcfc hopefully go top of the league

Ian Buckingham @ianbuckingham

Tom Caroll reminds me a bit of Mickey Hazard neat tidy player

Ian Mcvay @macas

Well thats Mbiwa gone. Is that the first one to leave a sinking ship?

Carlos @soccersocrates

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious. Vince Lombardi

utdboys @utdboys

Caller then - Keep RVP and he's not sure about Falcao, bloody hell really is a game of opinions

Paul @ringodingo

Socks round the ankles n shirt untucked looked like a tramp, played like a star.

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

Apparently this was the comfiest spot dragon could find...

Mark Brown @broonster

Newcastle have sold Mbiwa for 5.5 million? Thats a steal for Roma he's been awesome for them this season. Newcstle, very bad decision indeed.

Pete Rushton @red18

Very nervous about tonight, normally between us two, the team playing at home second normally win thru hopefully it will change tonight!!!

Paul @ringodingo

We'll take good care of you Archibald Archibald.

Brother V @sonofav

We have one trophy in 10 years by the way finishing 4th you get no trophy enough said.

Stephen Quantock @stiggers

Jimbo where are you you old bugger

Johnny Carbone @jcarbone

some of us are acting just like spoilt ManUre fans..despite 25 yrs of nonstop success, the minute they have one bad season they start throwing their toys out of the pram; allardyce was satan in october now he's a god..they elevated pearson to the stars early season, n now?THAT'S what you sound like

Dave Kerindi @daveonsport

GOOD ADVICE??? Sunderland boss urged Jack Rodwell to show more aggression, before the £10m summer signing was sent off against Fulham. that's advice you need like a hole in the head!!!

Kevin Akpos @kakpobome

Why are they dragging the announcement of paulista to us cos getting frustrated now as I need him to be in the squad v villa weekend.

Paul @ringodingo

I nearly put a pic of Steve Archibald on last night , we could do with him now.

Andrew Wells @wellzy95

Anyone take fletcher from Man U this window letting him leave for free and is still good in my opinion and it's good for Jabba 2

Paul Majster @pmajster

Any news if Sturridge will play any part tonight ?

Lewis Stacey Neal @lewistacey

Her?! Sue... Is that you? I'm just kidding before anyone gets excited

David Tyler @4offthetee

My idol graham Roberts what a player

Martin H @harrop76

If u here any shouting 3 mins after we score that'll be the time delay on the Internet stream I'll be watching the game in. Lol

Brother V @sonofav

But wasn't easy to see that for the last 5 years we needed a CDM a better back four more defensive tactics against better teams, but unfortunately the man in charge Arsene "i did not see it" Wenger failed to see it and you have faith man

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