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Ronan Dixon @roninho77

Just read a stat that cesc has more assists this season than wilshere has had in his whole professional career. He needs to wise up and start delivering or he'll be out of our club in another season. I hope he wakes up and realises the talent we all think he has

Daryn Clothier @daryn

Nicky ******* Butt. Wayne Rooney, Sir purple snecker, all pure bellends.

Michael Mcdonald @leonagwen

The Bruins traded Caron for Max Albert.

Juan @juan

I remember 44 in the Hawks first Cup battle vs flyers he was a warrior that guy gave it his all as I remember

John Wallace @johnwallace

Snow's is certainly a genius with contracts...especially his own as a netminder.

Matt Perry @mattwba

Il tell you somet now, villa fans and Sherwood can do all the talking they want, which they have done for the last few seasons and have done **** all. us Baggies keep quiet and get the results required and do the talking on the pitch.

Scouse Mouse 10 @scousemouse10

Most hated man u player all the them!!!

Callum Mccoy @callummccoy1892

Garry neville or rio ferdinand

Kerra Daley @kerrad

When I get off work I'll be watching the Bachelor!

nicola lewis @nichlewis

oh oh is this crazy jenny who called sports bar?! love her!!

James Bettinson @welshandproud

Got a school rugby match tomorrow. I'm captain and in the last two games we have lost and put in crap performances so tomorrow is time to wake up again. Our record is 3 wins 2 defeats. Hopefully we can get another won tomorrow.

Gary Spires @gspires

To be fair so many legends to select from really lol a hood comedy one must be Jonjo for wanting to spark out whiskey nose

BlightyEddie @lfcpaul

Most hated manc got to be Rio Ferdinand he must have hit every branch of the ugly tree when he fell out of it

Patrick Treanor @peetreanor

Talksport is shocking at times. Fawning over the dippers. Cundy is funny at winding them up though.Ud nearly swear they weren't embarrassed out of Europe and are 5th in the league

Simon Jupe @simonjupe

FFs Andy Townsend is now a commentator on bt sport

Domo S @idomo1

Konchesky! Thanks Woy! We owe you for that one!

Andre Mwakajinga @mwakajinga

Most hated man utd player?gary neville

Gal  @gal

Let's be totally honest I'm watching the netball for one reason and one reason only

Mikey Basile @mbasil1

Yaaa **** u Johnson u ****** twat finally u are gone u **** ball

Simon Drake @sdrake

I think people need to back off Adam Johnson for now. If found guilty then hammer him as much as you like, I will be!!

Brian Connolly @brianlfc1

Skysports 1 right now #LFC under 21's beating Chelsea 2 nil

VanGaalacticos @vangaalacticos

Whos going down first? Johnson or Sunderland?

justin courtney @exeterbaggie

just seen adam johson has been suspended from sunderland due to being arrested for sex with underage girl!!!!! well thats their best player out of their squad for now

Danny B @dannyskunk

In africa girls marry at 10

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