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Andy Mason @andy85

Newcastle 0 manchester united 3

Spielz @spielzonwheels

75% of people polled on 97.5 Fanatic say trading shady was good move! See people have sense.

Jon AFC Waghorn @waggy79

The Newcastle game is on bt sport which means Owen again . They must of blown the budget on tv rights to out bid sky and forgot about the pundits least sky got some decent ex pros except yes man redknapp

Martin Cox @martinjcox

On way 2 church. Don't care if it goes off someone's. Head,arse or foot as long as we take something from the game

Sammie V @sam63


David Bradshaw @kingericoffrance

UnitedUnitedUnited come on lads big performance today to show everyone we mean business with big games coming up

Rory Owens @rowen1

Is that meant to be an insult to the nfl?

Bob Paisley's Statue @melvynhunthunt

That's interesting let's hope Newcastle keep there roll going

Septimus Severus @septimus76

Is the game on any streams any help would be appreciated

Laura Daisy @lhil1

What's best website to stream the game tonite,don't want a site with a load of pop ups and hassle

Hampster6 @hampster6

Sky have gone stat crazy. It isn't nfl.

Gemma @gemily83

3 hours 10 minutes ️ away win number 4 lets do it...

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

Just driven home from work and saw two lads with one of these. No fancy bollox. A proper football

Dan Lauszkin @danlauszkin

The irony about a fan complainimg about the media being negative when their ultra negative themselves wow

Danial @dan07

The media and pundits are really starting to scrap the barrel now lol Next they will be putting up how many touches DDG has a game!

Ian @ianlatimer

Need to get of the ground running tonight go at them from the off

Domo S @idomo1

I get free beer when I check in!

Kyle Rodriguez @kylerodriguezkr

Raiders reportedly going to offer Cobb $11million per, we are gonna offer $9 million per. If Cobb takes $2million over a championship. I will be very upset. Don't be Greg Jennings.

Matt Perry @mattwba

Not just us saying it... If villa are such a big club and whether it's a derby why are they reacting like this? OTT - fickle.

El tigre @foeverinyodebt

Someone gone be surprised when LVG names both Carrick n Blind in midfield and drops Herrera!! Last season Kagawa Hernandez Janujaz Nani and Mata destroyed Newcastle!!

Joel Hawkins @jhawkin1

I can't understand a word your saying except you are upset. We use fully formed words here, it aids understanding.

El tigre @foeverinyodebt

It seems like the media just want to create negativity around my club!! Even Skyport has a list with # of back passes!! This is ridiculous

Matt Perry @mattwba

Come on blues!!! Hope you lot come up! You are the only rival side who we like something us lot are that the others arnt... Realistic

Anfield Legends @spiritoshankly

My wife plays the lottery so "chicken wing " some money

Danny Moya @dannym1979

Team for 2nite if Carricks fit enough to play??

Reece Bull @rjayafc

Fill in the gap ... qpr Paul gray is 1 boring ________.......

Chris @pugy

Only just able to look at yapper To embarrassed after last night. I know they all played poor and I hate to go on but Brown was a waste of time. He is Not premier league class. 4 goals in more than half a season. I know they were all bad but its opinion.

Fi Taylor @lashlaroo

Surely we must win on the King's birthday?

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