Mark. @afc1886

always goals in this fixture. should be a cracker with a hard earned Victory for the Arsenal. COYG UTA

Robinson @robbyboy

Sorry big Sam but I do want to see 6 or 7 penalty' in a game if it cuts out wrestling in the box

Saj Khan @skh786

High if you want dippers to draw today

Gemma @gemily83

Latest rumour I heard, myself, @holliemufc and @gillian are the new back 3 panic over

Odymackem @odymackem

Hope Catts takes judas Colback down

Saj Khan @skh786

High if you want dippers to get smashed today

Shoppy 23 @shoppy23

Moneyballs, Moneyballs, thats the FSG way... Oh what fun it is to fund a football club in this way, Oh.. Moneyballs, Moneyballs, thats the FSG way... Oh what fun it is to watch John Henry get his way!!

Justin @94feet

I know most people on here want Liver to lose today, but I can't stand the South Tottenham scumbag. The way thier fans think 4th is a trophy. Also that we didn't play football in Wenger came to England.

Dave F @devil81

Okay time for the house work!!!! Has there ever been a more perfect man than me.

Utd Forever @jimboutd

Still pissed off..can't let it I might have to watch Frozen

Roger Blunt @bluntroger

Irvine yell me what Gamboa at 90 mins was all about? And how U see the **** morrison and dorrans being better than mulumbu and yacob? Roll on us in bottom three. New Years present then.

Stuart Smith @hmandansta

I'm starting to look at the team and see some real class now , the next 3 years will be crucial on who we can keep and build around. Okore is a MUST keep along with Benteke #UTV

Darrin Forse @forsey72

Haway the lads feeling good today. Few beers and a win and the look of disgust on pard who's face. Magic

Mansoor Chohan @mushy73

Right: how many 5 stars for this statement! I hate Liverpool

Jeff Hutchinson @hutchy74

Read Louis van Gaal's verdict on United's 1-1 draw: #mufc

Steve @smartblue07

Man U 18/1 to win prem e.w half odds 9/1 is it stupid to have punt with half the season to go. Man City and Chelsea will lose players to African nations

Adam Colton @adamsbapple

Anyone on Twitter has got to follow AlanPardewFc! Genuinely the funniest parody account on it!

Ben @benryder97

We'll be a lot better when we have Shaw and Rafael back

Daz K7 @dazk7

Is it worth giving the young jack Dunn or Wilson a run out today. Arsenal aren't a physical side and I feel that today's game would be the ideal opportunity. Plus we have NO strikers!!!

Anthony Gilmour @anthonygilmour

Any news on wether we have appealed against the red card?

Adam Colton @adamsbapple

Scenes if Jack Colback scores... I reckon someone could have his head on a pole by the end of the game if he does.

Bart Nowak @bnowak

Cant wait for the kick off #LFCvAFC #COYG #BPL

David Bradshaw @davidbradshaw23

Predictive text does my head in but this app should let us edit posts after they have been posted

Adam Colton @adamsbapple

Today shall be a spent in front of the tv nursing my head.. Two cracking games on in fairness!

John Koby3 Cavanagh @rowettsbluearmy

I offer my congratulations to Aston Villa Picking up 1 point at home When is Paul Lambert's Coronation?

Gurdev Bhogal @gurdevlfc

I think we'll start with this

Timothy Cameron @tc96

The mail on sunday is saying that liverpool will re-sign torres

John Koby3 Cavanagh @rowettsbluearmy

The referee said no penalty

David Bradshaw @davidbradshaw23

You have to look at it this way the papers going to right bollocks about certain players going to certain clubs!a newspaper has to compete against social media and 24 hour news channels the newspaper can't win that battle and if they put news out that we already know who would buy it?