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Mikey @chelseafan54

Thorgan Hazard wants to play for CFC in the future as we have a buy back clause and received a transfer fee great business again perhaps we should have the same approach to other loan players who could play for us

Ben Sherman  @shermanb

How do I use SportsYapper please? Also, I am thinking of watching the movie 'Snakes On A Plane' later - can anyone tell me what it is about?

Brother V @sonofav

Anyone know what happened to Bielik?

Lewis Tillman @tillyboy82

Has Senderos died or something? Not seen him for months was his injury really that bad?

Manchester United @mufc20times

Brazil had to many again lol

Michael Benson @mike61

Seems that Song won't be with us next season. The reason? Sky high wage demands 100k a week. Not worth it in my view. His form has dipped big time since Xmas. No wonder Arsenal moved him on. He's not up for the fight, and falls short of what we're looking for. Diarra for me.

Lee Woodcock @mrwoody

So mid weeks games obviously we win. Utd draw, Southampton draw arsenal lose city draw. Wishful thinking maybe?

George Haylock @ghaylock

He was one of us RIP Dave

Matt Hill @twentytimes

Who gives a about the dirty liverscum ?

Monners @m0nners

My only real gripe atm is our policy of loaning a young players to European leagues. Especially Tiago Llori.. A player of Technique and Speed but needs to learn the physical side so surely to a promotion chasing championship side (Derby) would have benefited him more!! Same as Luis Alberto and Paez

Ben Sherman  @shermanb

Complacency leads to failure. A professional athlete needs to treat a fixture against Burnley the same as you would Barcelona. Seen someone on here earlier saying "It is impossible we lose to noob team like Burnley". If the players or management had that kind of attitude we would be relegated!

Stephen Hedgehog @torvue0

I almost choked on my cuppa tea when talkSPORT said that Citeh could go for Pep or Carlos as replacements for Pelligrini - laugh of the day

Russ @redrusty

Must win tonight. Pool, Arsenal, Spurs and Utd all will

Enid Holter @exiledlion

Today will be a good day fellow villains. KTF UTV VTID.

Colin Watkins @colin96

RIP Dave mackay. Morning all. YNWA..

Samuel Pinkham @spinkham

Anyone know a highlight video for the u21's vs chelsea that could be posted on here please? I'm struggling to find one

Carl Turner @cturne1

We all know that di canio is a legend at west ham. .but to manage west ham. ..no....you need some one with 30 yrs or maybe 20 years of experience in football management. ..I,d go for rafa he has European experience. ...has taken certain clubs to the highest level and got few clubs into the finals

Kev Simmons @ksimmon1

Morning Reds. I really enjoyed going to see the U 21s last night. Some very good prospects coming through our academy. It will be interesting seeing if any manage to make the grade and get into the first team squad over the next few years

Michael M @mixtupabit

I keep dreaming I'm on a social media site populated by thin skinned fans who are unable to laugh at themselves or their clubs...

Frimpong Isaac @frimptony

Good morning to all LFC fans around the globe

Chris Short @chinny69

I think Whitton Town will go for it early tonight to get get the crowd on their side. Hold them for a half or go in front early and believe me, their people will turn.

Andrew Wells @wellzy95

Give Ireland test nation status maybe then Morgan will go back and we can get a good captain in

Carlos @soccersocrates

Great spirit on here .. These are happy days ..let's make the most of them

Ian Brewer @ianlilysam

So I'm hearing that Schneiderlin has agreed terms with Arsenal am I right in saying that he is still under contract at Southampton so surely Southampton must have given him permission to talk to us first I can't see them doing that so in my mind the transfer B/S regarding Arsenal is starting early

KDanqs @kdanqs

Rafeal has been banished to the under 21s. Not even training with the first team . Don't know what he has done but can't see him playing in the first 11 for a while.

DeanoM @deanom359

Ron Vlaar has more calf problems than a veal farm.. 2-1 Villa tonight. COYVB!!

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

Good morning Yapperland. Hope you all have a great day

Matthew Boyce @boyceeinblue

I still can't help think how convenient it was that we lost yet again after having played in the Europa league, the players looked fit enough but I can't help wonder if they would have been sharper and more up for it if they had a whole week to relax without losing a match in the middle

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