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paul morgan @paulie77

chelsea liverpool for me was game of the season...nobody talking about the pace of it and the world class saves ... how it was a proper tough tackling game ... if he meant to stamp STAMP on him he would still be on the deck..it was nothing ... could have been feckin 10-10 and u lot would still *****

SilviOMFG @silvinho01

Love Lynch's words today

Joel @jd1874

Sinclair signed then. Very happy with that - if he hits his Swansea form after getting a good run of games then it'll be a brilliant signing.

Liam Taylor @gfcliam

Chelsea singing "always the victims" to Liverpool the other night couldn't be more hypocritical!

Carl Stenton @stenners7

Training last night with the legend - Sneekers Sneekers

Matt B @matt70cfc

That's bollox carra what ever way we look at it you no I'm right Costa didn't stamp on anyone

Reevo @jiipjaapstam

BREAKING NEWS: A team are interested in a player and are willing to pay some money. More later......

Steven Adrian Stewart @sas91

Cuadrado is the type of player who I can see frustrating the hell out of mourihno. Not his usual type of player ....

DoRon @doherr

I wish the FA would've charged Costa on both stamps cos how could he use the same excuse twice?

Ryan Amos @ryanamos

Who gives a flying funk what Gary Neville thinks anyway?

Mario Puga @texasgooner

Cannot stand Matt Rushdin annoying makes me miss Durham. Should have put Dant's instead!!

Mark Farrell @hammermark

Just got in from work,first look on yapper today,want to congratulate Andy Murray on getting the aussie open final.clearly fit again and mixing it again properly with the best players that have ever played the game.britains greatest tennis player by a mile.roll on sunday

Reece Bull @rjayafc

Good to see ravel morrison go lazio...gets him away from hes troubles and maybe he will knuckle down and start delivering on that talent...who knos where he could go from there if he performs ..it aint like lazio are a small ckub either...

Keith Phillips @ringland96

Lol they who say Costa wasn't looking at his leg with the stamp are having a laugh it was harder to miss.. he knew it we all know it

It Was Never Over The Line Haha @thehaminal

Sir Bobby had Mourinho under his wing at barca and if Bob was still alive today he would slap the slime out of that sad excuse and embrassent to football. They in a final and he STILL has to make it all about him.. "Not doing the press" moaning sad c@nt

Kevin Akpos @kakpobome

Just a thought on moaning Maureen cos clearly don't give a shite about the clubs sponsors if keep docking interview cos don't think roman will be that pls.

Vince Poil @vpoil

Schurrle for Cuardado seems like a bit of a sideways move to me. What are you really gaining. The lawyers and the agents will be happy but that's about it, but that's about it.. Schurlle is class

Aaron Wark @ajw94

Why dont utd just break bank for pogba so obvious he wants to come prove a point and ffp aint all that it aint hurt city or psg has it

paul morgan @paulie77

for murray to even get to a final in the era of federer nadal and djokovic is an achievment for me ...

Michael M @mixtupabit

Chelsea and Pool fans on " little yapper".." I'm the only victim in the village!"

Danny Davenport @dannydav1992

Is Cuadrado any good? Looked impressive at the World Cup but not a Fiorentina follower

OOHHAHHCANTONA @grumpymonkey

Loving this sh1tt weather. Time of work suits me sir. Just clear for Saturdays footy please

Cavanagh @rowettsbluearmy

No he MIGHT be available for City clash

It Was Never Over The Line Haha @thehaminal

Sir Bobby had MOURINHO under his wing at Barca and if bob was alive today he would slap the slime out of that disgrace to football. Needs to sort his head out him.. In a final and STILL has to make it all about him

Liam Taylor @gfcliam

Gillingham are on Sky sports 1 tonight, that'll be a laugh for you all!

Paula @paulalfc

Chelsea showing their 'class' again I see? Hope they throw the book at them. Am I right in thinking he could get an extra game ban for an appeal if they lose?

DoRon @doherr

So Costa stamps on the foot of TWO players in the SAME match and he's appealing?... One mistake but two??? Maybe he needs to wear contacts whilst he's playing or rather just man up that he's a dirty player and accept his ban

Andy Reynolds @renoldo1

Chelsea fans are quickly becoming the most pathetic bunch going #campaign

Ian Offord @ian3103

Should a wear my spurs track suit. Bench coat and bobble hat or do you think that might hamper his chances lol

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