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Bobby Knows The Crack @defiantlfc4ever

Whilst I agree we need to offload the deadwood, I also feel we need to retain one or two experienced heads such as Lucas and possibly Kolo.

Nigel Hoskins @nigelhoskins26

Gotta laugh at all you muppetts on here saying to drop Big Dave.... I dont care what the papers say. Until he leaves he's one of us. He's been our best keeper since VDS. Don't slate him or want him dropped because of what you read. Bunch of idiots.

Holte-Ender76 @steveav

Anyone heard that villa park will be showing the final on big screens ?

Lewis Street @unitedlew

Ddg do one. There are no shackles at old Trafford. It's an honour to wear the shirt.

Russell Jones @rjones1207

We have scored the most goals from corners in the premier league

Daftpunk @daftpunk76

If he goes he goes, we will find a replacement, and build him too. Simples. Have a terrific tuesday ya crazy bass drinkers

Nick Sudbury @nsudbury

Suarez goes...Liverpool fail. Bale goes....Sperms fail. All the money wasted. Wenger haters....respect what he has done MANY times when forced to sell his crown jewels. LEGEND.

Bram @bram65

Ospina has made a huge difference to Arsenal I just wonder what the effect of a truly world class keeper would be.

Lewis Day @boxmonkey

Last summer Liverpool spent vast sums on new additions, chiefly funded by the sale of Luis Suarez to Barcelona, but this time around Rodgers will apparently be handed just £30m to invest in new additions. If this is true we have no hope of rebuilding for top4 next season.

Flapface @thecockneysparra

Hindsight is a beautiful thing and knowing then what I know now made me think...we could have sold gerrard 8 years ago and got 35m for him!! We made him stay and he never really achieved anything here in the last 8!!

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Would love to know what pictures Glen Johnson has on BR, he is continually in the squad for the last 3 yrs and I wouldn't have him mowing the grass

Joe Martinez @joemartinez

ZP looking good for the Wild so far.

Arsenaldan @arsenaldan

Looks like we were all wrong about Chelsea! Roman just a big care bear at heart!

Liverpool Lifer @liverpoolkev

Good morning Yappers and a very happy birthday Ma'am.

Manutd90 @manutd90

At the end of the day people need to stop getting there knickers in a twist of De gea doesn't want to be a United player then good riddance I'd rather someone be proud to wear that red shirt prime example Juan Mata look how much he puts in with the fans that's the kind of player we like

Wildey @paulwilde

Telegraph Journalist Mark Ogden reporting DDG will not sign a new contract. Prob accurate cos if he was going to pen a new deal he would have done it by now.

Hugh Adams @shug

Here's a question ..how many of u guys really thought once Celtic went 1 up they would loose .....never mind the penalty that's history now ....I for one never gave it a thought they would loose .....

ali @markaliwool

Well someone has gone on full retard mode, surely he can't be serious. www.boxingscene.com/mayweathe...ter--90013

Elliott Turnbull @zenbinney

Just reading 'paper talk' and the amount of players Man City and chelsea are linked with, it makes me wonder how many players careers they have ruined by just going out and buying 'potential just so other teams can't get them.

Jitesh @yapstar

Gerrard, Johnson, Kolo, Lambert, Borini all going.... Allen, Lucas, Sterling all going ........ lots of experience going... we need to replace them with experience and not potential.... Transfer Committee hope you are listening

Danny B @dannyskunk

I dont get why everyone is goin on about it,De Gea is going simple as rues was a real player and signed he wont sign at all its over

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Bored of the manager debate .... its certain JWH and FSG will review Rodgers and consider Klopp whether they do anything we haven't got a scooby doo, till then ... now where's Shaggy

Mike Forbes @ukvillian

Just seen on sky Vlaar ready to commit to villa , said things have changed since Sherwood has taken over that's gd news for us we need his experience and when healthy he is concrete...UTV

Jeff Hutchinson @hutchy74

Top players don't go to clubs because of how iconic a team is they want to play for a team who has a manager that has a CV like Van Gaal or in city & Chelsea's case "money. Brendon Rodgers hasn't achieved anything in football. Liverpool need loose Rodgers & get a proven manager (Klopp) to succeed.

Shoppy 23 @shoppy23

Everyone knows im a huge BR fan. Not going to apologise for that 1 bit. To those of you who are not.. I posted this last night.. For those who missed it.. Please read.. mikebernardboston.com/?p=141

ben den @denbee

football is not about the glory..its all about a beauty game that we should play...RESPECT BR!!!

Trisha @canopal

Holy fargle!! I'm friggin bouncing off the walls!! Tis bedtime!! And I need tooooo ssssiiiiiiiiinnnnggggg LFC anthems!!! #LFC #YNWA . Oh yeah, and feed the cats.

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