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Kev Anderson @777kev

New head coach new start. Our team needs to play their knackers off and realise their potential .... We beat Chelsea this year FFS!!! Let's destroy Hull and get the three points in the bag !!!! Up the TOON!!!

Nick @yapperphilly

And a linebacker or two, depending on Ryans coming back or not

Brad @brad1423

Tmrw isn't another season kick start, there's no point in that. We r now in a relegation battle. We have Europe which we can raise our game for. However, we can't let distract us from our league situation. Do not want relegation in my life time! Can't sell Mirallas! Get Lennon without selling! CoE

Nick @yapperphilly

Now to address the words put in my mouth that I don't like anything about the eagles, they have a core on both sides of the ball that is good enough to build around and win a bowl. But they need d backs terribly, they need a deep threat, & they need a qb. Bottom line.

The One @iamone1

Jeez I love getting pissed!

SeamusMcA @seamus14

Fletcher, a great servant & leader & an inspiration 2 all on how 2 fight adversity!! A true United legend!! All the best Darren & thanks for the memories!! GGMU

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

BREAKING Cuadrado will start on the bench tomorrow! And the game after that, and the game after that and so on..

J M @macca123us

Man Utd 'legend' Clayton Blackmore on celebrity big brother, but of a stretch lol

Asad @cheekyboy

You coming Feb 7 dad.

Nick Rhodes @nicksnakepit

Anyone know if we are making anymore signings ? Just wondered as we have 2 players leaving and one coming in so far ?

Tansu Ozsoykal @tam

Got the party poppers out Anderson is leaving

Nick @yapperphilly

Also, I'd think that any man that can play qb in the NFL to an effective level is inherently tough. You have to be. Getting tackled from your blindside by another man around 300 pounds, in today's NFL, is the equivalent of a car crash. You HAVE to be tough. So that to me is overblown.

Sy @pangloss

David Platt but after kicking him in the nads I'd smash his face in

️ARSENAL @ab84

Also believe that spuds are , chelscum well scum, man utd & man ty *******......... #wengerout

Stephen Neale @neale1984

Albion made enquiry about mark noble now that would be a good signing

️ARSENAL @ab84

B4 the wengerites, @wilcox1985 @cheekyboy replies to my #wengerout yapp, my opinion, my belief & free speech blah blah blah blah blah. #wengerout

Jon @hulsey74

Awww bless. Everyone is picking on him

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