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lee wright @bazingawright

Has a race /quali been ever stopped due to lightning as i know they didnt even stop for a tornado last year

JB @banghardj

Leo, do you get commission for every vote for Hendo?

lee wright @bazingawright

Dont like the quali timer in left hand corner but hey ho

Dogfish4 @mcrowc1

Wish I stuck to my original bet of Rooney 1st & 4-0 Morning all

JB @banghardj

Morning reds! I'm watching quali in bed with tea. Living the dream. Have a good day, all x

Barry Heather @hotspur1

C'mon dutch!! Smile! Let the past go! Future looks bright

Leo. X @adeolu

Everyone go here www.liverpoolfc.com/news/late...fans-prize and vote Jordan Henderson as PFA player of the month

The Great Raazul @thegreatraazul

The lessons learnt by allowing Bale to leave will be at the forefront of his mind. The only reason that may force his hand is the development of the new ground. But, he would demand Bale type money and with FFP there's now only 2 or 3 clubs that could afford him.

Andre Titus @axavier31

Internationals.. An enemy to my weekends.

Paul Chandler @paulobing

How many of you are travelling up here to Bury today?

Asad @cheekyboy

I yapped last night support England despite who the player is part of spurs or Liverpool. Our country... Be proud etc but what I didn't realise was that the team I was being nice about was actually slagging one of our own players !!! Uneducated and childish Conts...

Gazza @meds

Sky sports or BBC coverage of this?

Paul Chandler @paulobing

Oh Lancashire oh Lancashire is wonderful, Lancashire is wonderful it's full of ****, fanny and Bury oh Lancashire is wonderful

Bootle Red @jc23

Morning Reds... Just chilling in work, bacon and egg sarnie is on route and the overtime rate is sweet Have a good one folks

Waynetta Don Quinton @wquinton

Has everyone forgot we were 3-0 up before Kane even got on the pitch ? Hardly the match winner he being made out to be

Martin Stothard @stoth81

Stirling out now as well as skyrtel Gerard sturridge not looking good.

Blinky @blinkymufc

Excellent win for us yesterday.... Well done warriors!!

Paul Chandler @paulobing

Anyone here hungover this morning?

Maivi Andrew @drewsico

Steven Gerrard has exchanged shirts with so many players in his football career but with Scums #NEVER :)

Barry Heather @hotspur1

If there is a god ...... Let this be true

Craig D @donohoecraig

My U17s in the quarterfinals of the league cup today 3pm KO, love it

Ben Sherman Or Am I @melvynhunthunt

My girls ko at 10:30 if anyone wants to come cheer them on they got a double header today,only happens at grass roots lol they play two games in one day mental so first half were at home the score is taken second half were away score taken ffs

Elliot GC @elliotgc

**** it, it's sunny and I like the shades. I'm keeping them.

Elliot GC @elliotgc

Football is a huge part of our lives every day, because we're always on here!

Dutch Holland @dutch1980

2) the fact we are a selling club what happens when the top teams come sniffing did our best youngsters?

jason @hazardtime

"Jose mourinho will launch a shock move for Adebayor" these journalist are on crack

Phil Robson @hollyr01

Any bets Spurs will drag Harry off to some post season friendly tour them say he injured or needs a rest so cannot play in euro u21s...? If they do that they should be docked points for next season

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