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Danny Moya @dannym1979

This would be the medias england team for 2nite cos they licking Kanes ass

Harry M @hmaster

Win The Lottery... Buy Back Saurez..

Trixsta Gunner @trixstagunner

Durham is a prat. On about jack when so many players pull out for England.

Ben Cook @bearontour

Not sure how true but apparently there is a £20m release clause in Hugo's contract if we fail to make Champs League. Hope he can be persuaded to stay as he is as important as kane and eriksen.

J M @macca123us

It's quiet across all of yapper, international week lol

BootleRed @jc23

What times the draw on?

Mickey Burke @burky67

Not a problem with Lewis getting 27 million a year it's only wealth wonder what Bianchi would choose right now

Gary Elvidge @gazza71

As a Bradford Bulls fan I would just like to wish Kevin sinfield all the best on his new career in kick and clap .... Great player for many years in league

Adam Colton @adamsbapple

Same guy who was having a pop at LVG?? Seems a twat..

Joel @jd1874

I get why some people don't like the internationals, but this one's actually been decent. Brazil/France, Brazil/Chile, France/Denmark, England/Italy, Spain/Holland compared to Swansea/Hull, WBA/QPR, Leicester/WHU this weekend...

James Etheridge @jaye

Hope we survive now looks nailed on a takeover is happening in the summer so fresh approach next season and investment with a manager u could trust in transfer market

YNWA LFC @garymorgan

MB 45 Sharon off his new puma boots he wants to start scoring some goals for Liverpool

Phil Jenkinson @phil2011

If u would drop sterling please hi five this so I can gage opinion... YNWA

Luke Taylor-Bird @luketaylorbird

Simple fact we need more English players in our squad, doesn't have to be sterling, I've always rated Walcott & chamberlain... Let's nick all our rivals English talent and use an England squad in the prem haha

Luke Taylor-Bird @luketaylorbird

This buying sterling & Barkley talk is coming from the new rules about having 13 homegrown players instead of 8... And if letting oscar go means putting an English player in with Chelsea's tutors helping him become one of the best in the world then let's go! CLUB & COUNTRY let's buy and build

Barry Heather @hotspur1

I wonder how many white managers are out of work at the moment john? Football is about money a club thinks your a good manager and can bring success to line there pockets they dont give a **** if your Martian. you get a job

Billy Chapata @iambrillyant

De Gea: “We have to qualify for the Champions League no matter what. We already missed out last season and a team like Manchester United can't do that 2 years in a row." Doesn't sound like he has any intention of leaving.

Andy Reynolds @renoldo1

Mackems making a £16m loss and still utter gash

J M @macca123us

Only problem is if City want to keep challenging they need to sign 3-4 players in summer. That loss could just keep increasing. Like a lot of clubs they don't bother with young players. Newcastle buy cheap and sell for profit but don't win as much

Jamal Sharr @jamal1

Kane scores tonight I think

Paul Gray @psgray100

We keep hearing it's a business. Yappers would you rather be a Man City or a Newcastle if it was your £££?

Ryan Beasant @ryanbeasant99

If i won the lottery i would buy Liverpool Football Club

TafeaFC @tafeafc

What happened on RAW last night? and what is this??

Michael M @mixtupabit

Sterling way too thin skinned for Madrid..The fans would eat him alive if he didn't perform..

Lee Boston @boston88

Actually I'm lying I would buy a yacht and invite all you guys aboard to go play battleships with abramovich

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