The Mouse @themouse

I am a huge fan of Doc Emerik. He really is one of the best play by play guys in the game, and way better than Jack Edwards. But I can't stand the pronunciation of Loo-CHEECH, Kray-chee...etc

jae @jaeworkman

Rick Ross is going to bet jalen rose 100, 000 that the heat will finish with a better record than the cavs

Joel @joel

We can't even get the timberland pro hard hit of the game

Turn2-2015 @hittinguru

Rebuilding, (and recouping cash) BUT don't have the balls to come clean. They have run the whole organization like **** for years! Maybe somebody there is using their brains (not Cashman) and we just haven't seen the method to their madness yet. Right side of infield? ? And RF smh? A veteran Ace?

Ken Thorpe @kenthorpe

Bergeron needs to continue at the net and draw the penalty

Mario Cappetto @mario_appetto1

I said earlier that the Hawks would score 125 points. SMH!

Fendi Palagonia @fendipalagonia

We should be killing this team! It should be 20,000 to 1!

Turn2-2015 @hittinguru did a nice comparison on Headley vs. Sandoval. Yankees got a great deal! Headley is much needed. And he should play 145 games at 3rd. Alex is the Big Papi, and he better like it or like getting booed. Yankees have thrown billions in the Harlem river for over a decade. They're

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

Anyone here ever have mumps?... I did like 25 years ago

Jabz !! @jjabz

​Ross Barkley Can Be England’s Michael Ballack Claims Everton Boss Roberto Martinez- this man chats **** Lool

RedStu @redstu23

Just caught up with the last ever episodes of the newsroom. Really good TV and awesome writing. Shame it had to end.

Michael Anthony @lazykyosuke

Nothing again Ken and Steve but I miss Chico and Doc.

Jabz !! @jjabz

This Bob king man is a low life Spurs fan

jae @jaeworkman

And Johnny football sucks

jae @jaeworkman

The bench can't score no rim protector and bad D

jae @jaeworkman

I left and came back and the lead is almost 30

Ross Del Rossi Jr @racerx71

NASCAR implements new lug nut rule for 2015. If a driver has 1 loose lug nut he is allowed to continue racing, but if the wheel comes off during the race that driver will be handed a stiff penalty! Last year if you had a lug nut issue you had to pit! This year just hope your wheel don't fall off!

Pete Parricelli @peteparricelli

Another huge trade and the ****** Mets still remain MIA FU Wilpons u suck!!!!!!