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Darren Woodstock @greatspurs

266 goals in 379 games that's world class even in today's stats we love you jimmy coys

Lee Hodges @hodgyboy

Get well soon Jimmy Greaves,,,, great player and I used to love watching Saint and Greavsey

Andy Mackay @38yahoo

Did anyone else see Hazard trip over his own leg to win that pen yesterday?

Chelsearob @rob70

We've strolled to the title with 3 games to play, stuck 2 fingers up at the f.a whilst doing so and also bagged the league cup and we still ain't out of 2nd gear, championies

Jake Hamblin @jakehamblin

Sorry I can't take this guy seriously.. Especially when his side with over £200m worth in players can't score a goal at the moment.. I make it over 270 minutes and counting..

Dan Barker @dbarke2

Who's got a champions hangover

Rob Hennedy @rhennedy

I'm seeing rumours that carvers gone? Nothing official yet though..does anybody know if it's true?

Bob Walmsley @thfcbob

Not only did Jimmy score on all his debuts, he also scored on my first away game, Liverpool, November 64 , and first home game , Derby, January 70, which was also Dave Mackay's return to the Lane. Great memories

Darren Woodstock @greatspurs

I'm gutted grew up watching saint & Greavsie

Rebecca  @rebeccajrx

Get well soon Jimmy Greaves, wishing you a speedy recovery xxx

Paul Marwood @pmarwood

Do all fans complaining about russian sheik american money not realise that they themselves have more money than say burnley,scunthorpe,Darlington,there is always this in the world,you don't hear of them apologizing to the teams poorer than them for nicking their star players,

Wayne Shed58 @wayneshed70

For the younger generation who haven't seen Jimmy Greaves goals. Check him out, he was a breed apart. Made scoring goals look easy.

robin bradley @robinbradley2

I think leejon n a bra, is the reason why Angry yapper is angry!!!! #blameitonleejon

Ed  @alchemist

Maybe he will get one or two more votes now?

Salif Diao's First Touch @hobnob

Girlfriend looks like Jabba the Hutt

Darren Woodstock @greatspurs

Omg Jimmy I think I speak for all of when I say our prayers are with you mate coys

Chelsea Ranger @bspiers

Get well soon jimmy,wishing you a swift recovery x

Alex Davis @adavis

Good luck to Jimmy Greaves after his sudden stroke yesterday.Best wishes & a speedy recovery to himself!

FrancoZola @oneliononmyshirt

Look let's be honest we haven't played as in the 2nd half of the season as we did in the 1st when we steam rolling sides and scoring for fun. Let's look on the bright side when we start playing better I am sure our league position will improve! So how far behind the best teams are we ??

Bobby @steveooo88

We could ask Chelsea for an emergency loan of Jose Mourinho since there season is done??

Luis Gerena @luisgerena

I like how the Yanks stepped on the Bosox throat. I would rather see Pineda start tonight instead of Whitley

Wayne Shed58 @wayneshed70

Get well soon Jimmy Greaves

Jim Lahey @jimlahey

Bit Jim is in work here. 7am - 7pm

TheGooner65 @thegooner65

The end of season draws near everything is nearly decided our wonderful press start all there normal rubbish and god knows who told them rumours. I would love to hear wenger say we won't be buying anybody as this lot i have are great!!! Calm down folks it's only paper talk

Wayne Shed58 @wayneshed70

Jimmy Greaves England legend. Chelsea AC Milan Spurs West Ham. Get well soon

Ste.W64 @villian64

Sad to hear Jimmy Greaves in intensive care following a stroke England's greatest goal machine and the man who gave Deadly his name

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