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Shannon Wood @wood_shannon

New York Rangers hockey with some Yankees baseball during intermission 🏻 My kind of night

Rob Fata @robfata

At the end of 1 Good Guys 1 Bad Guys 0

Jack Straw @rafterman777

That's fine. Up by 1 with 80 sec of PP to start the 2nd

Mark Montgomery @markmontgomery

Dejuan Kovacevic wrote the other day that the organization is looking into some contract buyouts. Didn't mention names but let's hope it's Kunitz and Scuderi.

I Bleed Blue @jonathinkish

******* pierre...would you pull the goalie...I would not

RonGski @rongski

I could see the penalties if they were worth it, but two high sticks?

peter starzynski @petestarzynski

The pens must love the penalty box.

Joe Morris @nyyankeesfan28

We need to capitalize on opponents mistakes and errors! Lets get some insurance!

Marty Russell @martyrussell

So undisciplined,I hope they get swept

Rob Fata @robfata

Between the radio delay and NBCSN delay I am going to run out of beer

EternalRealist12 @spyrol2000

Kunitz brings nothing positive to this team anymore.

Ryan Toth @ryantoth

So hope they move on from kunitz next year

April Besch @aprilbesch

Pens are a dirty team... Sneaky dirty

Henry Arantes @timao

I think Girardi just split Hornqvist's ribs open!! What a hit!

Mr. D @jeffdillon

Didn't score on the power play, but it changed the momentum

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