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RedStu @redstu23

Valdes in goals for U21's tonight!

Marcee-boy @topretroboy

The Spuds appear to be a bit quiet at tbe moment Va Va Vorm what a great keeper he is. LOL

Jake @nobeernogain

Mike Richards was cut by the Kings. Get him back!!!

️Mat @plumb82

Haven't posted a pic of this beauty since I've been on Yapper so I thought I should. Ladies and Gentleman . . . Sir Tony Adams

Steven Irvine @sirvine

So forgive me but something doesn't seem right with what's going on. We had revenue of £133 mill last season yet reported a loss of £51.8 mill with all staff costs at £71 mill. Randy must be taking his money back out of the club?? As that doesn't account for the rest of £113.8 mill????

Rattlehead85 @rattlescouse

Will all these mindless attention seeking trolls get the F U C K off of our page and go and mutate on manc scum or chelsea page FFS!!!!

Arsenaldan @arsenaldan

Seriously? Now where did it all start?

Phil Robson @ivorberry

Good luck to John Carver... I assume we won't buy anyone but did they tell him they wouldn't sell anyone...

Adnan Akram @addy102

Sir les of camelot has appeared on the spurs page.

Matt Cooney @mattcooney

Johnny should have won mvp last night but whatev

Mark Waterfield @marksamuel87

Let's be havin the seals at home next round then knock em down a peg or 2 after their world class victory against the championship team yesterday

markwnek @markwnek

Spare us a thought tonight/tomorrow Yappers. Here's our official "potentially historic crippling blizzard" warning :

Michael Cleasby @mcleasby

Carver staying in charge until the summer! I'm a Boro fan but I have to say your chairman is a joke! Does he see Newcastle as a toy, he is now bored and looking at Rangers. I predict no decent transfers and a bottom half finish!

Kane Bowden @kane99

Anybody thought of @iambrillyant for FIFA president with @gazza606 the party planner and @leejon as the advisor. I will drive the van

Stuart Wing @stuartwing

The next 5 days are huge for our season. By Sunday we could be in a Wembley final and 8 points clear in the Prem. Let's put the FA Cup behind us and do those very things and let's support our team to make that happen

Rattlehead85 @rattlescouse

Cant believe Rodgers comes out saying he has no interest in any signings b4 transfer deadline yet he's happy to continue giving that waste of space time even though he clearly sees he aint upto the job WTF!!

Mickey Burke @burky67

Next Monday taken as a holiday....p!ssed up for Celtic Rangers game....COYBIG

John Cavanagh @rowettsbluearmy

I'm gonna be so gutted if the Albion draw the Villa in the Cup tonight...

Bosh @bronnie52

How good would leicester or villa at home be in the next round!!!!

Daniel Wilcox @wilcox1985

17 32 44 boom 100.25 happy days

Adam G. @adro34

Just muting all of these silly Tim profiles

Chelsea FC @mourinho1

He can stay forever in my eyes. A true leader. Not just on the field but of it as well. Legend.

No1fan @no1fan

Posted this earlier but only got 8 high fives. So come on fellow gooners how about it??

Craig D @donohoecraig

Is columbo still alive might need him 2 sort the yapps out

Matty McOrphan @mattymc51973

Wouldn't be suprised if it's lance with black hood on chopping off heads to make a buck or two. Freelance Lance...lol **** IS WHAT HE IS !!! Let's not be sucked in...say Sorry & all suppose to be forgiven.like those **** politicians &the bankers who caused the world wide debt problem..bunch of *****

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