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VanGaalacticos @vangaalacticos

If were supporting Evans... can we spell his name right? Jonny, not Johnny.

Perryboy @deanomanc

All this Evans spit shite is getting insane!!

Kerra Daley @kerrad

Aww Harrison Ford was injured in a small plane crash!!

Micky Boy9 @mickyboy9

Shame he couldn't hack it at Chelsea or the prem !!! Hehe

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

I hope Harrison Ford is okay after his plane crash.

Captain Fantastic8 @nattyroons

i1.eurosport.com/2015/03/0...00-900.jpg Mohamed Salah hands Juventus first home defeat for two years

Nature Boy @natureboy

I have a funny feeling that WI are gonna 'show up' for meeting with India. I hope I'm wrong tho..

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

When is international break? Looking forward in reuniting with the Rooney haters..

Kerra Daley @kerrad

I haven't heard anything actually.

PJ @salfordreds

And yet when King Kenny stuck up for Suarez he was wrong.....so thats ******** sayin you stick up for your players....hes in the wrong and rightly so will get punished

Dill @lichiver

2 more points coming our way tonight

Mr.Charlie @ranger11

How about that Vancouver n Arizona game tonight? I bet everyone will be staying up late to watch that game. I know I'll be up on the edge of my seat for that. It could make or brake our whole season that's for sure

Micky Boy9 @mickyboy9

Maybe Torres 3 years ago , not now ...

Carl Foxwell @carlfox01

Doesn't matter who is in The spot light as long has he has got the famous red shirt on we stick by him that's why we r called united

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

Whens international break? Always enjoy seeing the Rooney haters in full voice.. Kind of miss seeing England play😐

Gooner Brad @brad14

I think you finally got the right manager, I just hope he don't get sacked when u finish out of top 4 cuz there's lots of competition up there and some of your previous managers probably didn't deserve the sack.

Ethan Misciali @miscialilfc

Just imagine Suarez AND Torres up top for liverpool in Gerards charity match... Mouth watering !! #YNWA #LFC

John Bonare @johnbonare

flames have not won at TD garden since 2003

Samuel Pinkham @spinkham

Wonder if Djimi Traore will make a return. What a player

North Philly @birdgang

So ready for fa right need maxwell and McCourty

Dill @lichiver

What's the difference between msg and a porcupine??!!! #####. Porcupine has its p r icks on the outside #lgi

Ajax @ajaxmax

Walking man of match surely!?!? Hut singleton did well. It was a tale of two halves.. Didn't look good for Danny though. He was taken off and ice on his calf. He rolled back the years tonight

Ajax @ajaxmax

This Hull forum is as quiet as the team were in the second half. Was it me or did radford look almost in tears at the interview?

Russ Mills @russmills

Not sure I feel about this but so far I've received 7 high fives for calling myself an idiot!!

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