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Perryboy @deanomanc

Chelsea missing Frank Lampard!

Richie Martin @saintchud

That guy from The Black Eyed Peas is Chelsea's best player. # will.i.an

Carlos @soccersocrates

Fabregas owned by coutinho .. A mercy substitution ?

Gemma @gemily83

Costa on the turn... I think I'm not in the right mood for serious football today

CK @chrisk24

How did Ramires blag the no7 shirt? Haha

Steven Faulds @henrik7larsson

Whats all this talk of the game being played at 100mph all about? Rangers would struggle to hit 30 with the legs they are carrying. If we don't run all over the top of them I'll be shocked and considering Boyd n co struggle for goals in the championship I doubt they'll get by big Virgil n danayer

Harry Harris @harryharris

tight stuff at the moment

Kris Mcknight @krismcknight

I not aving a go at Asad I always say it how I see it and I think I'm saying wat some others r thinking but fair enuff ...I welcome Asad but just saying coz I'm a thicko I find it hard to understand the passion thing

TiFa @tmuche

What ever happens here Liverpool have massively improved.

Marty B @boothy13

Zooms looks focked

Mick Heydon @mjheydo2

They're winning everything at the minute

Luke Skinner @wbaluke

If this was city vs Liverpool , Chelsea fans would be on here saying city should be hammering them

Luke Taylor-Bird @luketaylorbird

We probably won't win with Ramires on the pitch!

Septimus Severus @septimus76

Salvo CANT BE BULLIED like try a bend time

DJ Perkins @djperkins

Not a good header, but ohh my can Zouma get in the air.

James Gray @jamma

Wat does it say abt Liverpool strike force wen they play a natural winger in front of them up front. Coutihno brill 2nite

markwnek @markwnek

Chels stringing together some nice moves there haters

Brian Curran @bcurran

would not like to go into a 50-50 with Terry even if he was my team mate.

David Fuller @ynwa2015

Again sakho doing his job

Kevin Withey @kwithey

Lots of aggressive red losers on here tonight

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