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Brian Graczyk @briangraczyk

Come on jt 3more pts to take big pts lead!!!

Mark Harris @markharris

well I still have to say it, come on pp #ppg 4 in a row

Jamie Herschel @jamieherschel

ASSCAR needs to get their crap together! How can 13 cars not get through inspection while qualifying is going on & not be allowed to make a run? This organization is being run by a bunch of clowns & I'm not referring to the Cleveland Browns!

Ken Olenick @spud

On the goal, the our forward didn't pickup the goal scorer coming up the middle

Justin Paddy @jhope

Great to hear a proper sportsman in defeat honest and proud really like this guy Paul smith jnr

Ross Del Rossi Jr @racerx71

WTF!!! What's this bullsh't with NASCAR not allowing Gordon to qualify for this weekends race as well as Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth ,Tony Stewart and others! At least 13 cars weren't allowed to qualify! Are these drivers going to be in the race??

Kerra Daley @kerrad

It's 3rd period it's Go Time! This is our time now go out there boys and take it!!

Mario Cappetto @mario_appetto1

McGown had an outstanding season with the Bears 2 years ago! He then went from the best QBR with the Bears to almost the worst with Tampa Bay!

Brian Machado @bmack23

Let's go Bruins!! Gotta win the third!

Mark Harris @markharris

Oh you can hold the other guys stick now

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