Joe Martinez @joemartinez

And anyone who blames Cory for that Ovi goal is trippin their balls off. No one stops that magic that ovi pulled there. Not no one. This TEAM sucks balls, plain and simple. Judging a goalie on a team like this in today's NHL is like judging a qb with a **** offensive line.

Joe Martinez @joemartinez

Now that I've seen the game.... First off, Cory let in three not four goals. That's one more than KK last night and the only goal Id say he should've had was the second. That first one he had a cap literally right in front of him screening the shot. Goalies can't see through people.

Geoff Smith @marrajack

At the game today - first for a while for me and the lads due to their football commitments - and I am confident for the first time this season - let's see

Wes Newell @wonderkid88

Members of the wenger out campaign... Brendan Rodgers is not happy with you lol! Ooh big bad Brenda they're really scared

Geordie Rover @betrue

Happy Christmas everybody .. May you all be safe and in peace.

Andy Wilson @andrew4613

Nervous about today...could make or break my holiday mood!!

Bobby @steveooo88

MERRY DERBY DAY!!! HAWAY the toon!!! SMB!!

Hassan Mandela @hmandela

Wow I cant believe them boyz lost but I said it, they lost so many 4 quarter leads that's not like them they are hurting mentally not for nothing I can't even remember them playing like they are

Hassan Mandela @hmandela

If cowboys win tomorrow Philadelphia is done

John Bennett @charlbennett

Rough nights sleep? Game on fellow yappers KTF no matter what FTM

Chris Shockey @chrisshockey

We need to put petrangilo in front of the net on offence

Richard King @seminole1fan

Nice win for BGSU tonight...congrats !!!

stephen tiberio @inyaface74

Anyhow , yeah PDB , is our first prob but .... Lets start cory more often . Kinkaid who ive said for the past 2 years should be in our goal as back up to marty or start , held it against the highest scoring team , then we lose 4-0 .... Anybody seeing it . Yes , our D sucks but so does cory

Richard King @seminole1fan

San fran is pathetic....hope harbaugh goes to Oakland though.

Joel Hawkins @jhawkin1

I can't say I am nervous about today but we have the quality, just not the consistency.

Utd Forever @jimboutd

Xbox one or ps4... Going to try and persuade the mrs

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

And the Forty Whiners lose... Jim Harbaugh start packing your stuff. #YourFired

Mij82 @mijhamid

If you want a taste of the final 3 min of the 99 Champions League final then watch on..WARNING!this video may cause severe goosebumps

Chris Shockey @chrisshockey

Sorry layin here with 102 temp

Chris Tangler @christangler

Phill 10 yds shirt and wide rt. I was hoping he made it.

NYRagSSuck @nyragssuck

We will lose coin flip then game

Brian Pomponio @brianpomponio

Very good game, complete effort for almost 60 minutes. Not to piss on the parade, but we will never go deep in the playoffs if the special teams don't step up soon. Until he raises the Cup, I will never believe Cappy and his staff can take this team all the way. In any case gonna savior another win!

Seth Parker @sethparker

Going out of business sale Haha Let's go Islanders!