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SilviOMFG @silvinho01

Figo Figo Figo. Forca portugal.

Paul Gray @psgray100

Athletico's Simieone said Costa is my kind of player/striker in every possible way I know I can trust him to do what needs to be done to win football matches and he won't let me down! ..,, say no more !

paul morgan @paulie77

i wonder about journalists/media sometimes ... why choose the week leading up to a celtic/rangers game to write an article that could have been wrote anytime in the last 10 years.... #fantheflames .. bit stupid and just asking for abuse really .. dont really need to explain why you like celtic stan

Daniel Wilcox @wilcox1985

Did I really read Arteta deserves a new contract lol because he's been loyal shut up u *****.

CK @chrisk24

Laughing over the #badbarnetwednesday ,keep it going guys! Would love to see a yapper posing with a bad footballer hair do. Might recreate a Chamakh hahaha

Dave C @daveav

Arsenal away this Sunday and the end of February, Newcastle away!

Jo Boronte @joboronte

Oh my god One step from Wembley... Spursy #LetsDoIt

Taylor Hill @taydivision

"Fucking wanna twat **** fat daft. Bastard ******* deserve to die mcmannaman".. Somebody's opinion on our new players, from a video on YouTube.

Swampthing @swampthing

The mid air stamp incident was accidental ,I know the lads Brazilian but hovering three feet off the ground is still impossible!!!!

Alex @alex7

Love the redmen tv, skip to 2 minutes in and watch him talk about Balotelli m.youtube.com/watch?v=DlIzwbYyE2I hahaha

Daniel Wilkes @severance

A good signing for WBA and Tony Pulis Calum Mcmanaman

Brother V @sonofav

@cheekyboy everyones blood is red, I've told you what you need to do or get a tattoo Arsenal related.

Malcolm Jones @malcjones

Yes,Chris,looks like it from the Twitter pic.

James Bettinson @welshandproud

Why is Manchester United's fa cup game on BBC again?? Give another team a chance to make an impression instead of giving the richest team in England yet more money...

markwnek @markwnek

Figo standing for FIFA presidency is the best news ever for world football

Luke Skinner @wbaluke

Before the playoffs started I predicted a New England vs Seattle Super Bowl with New England winning , don't support either but rather Seattle won so that's who I will be cheering for

️Mat @plumb82

My mate just sent me a video of South American and Spanish players throwing flem at each other and gobbing in each other's faces on the pitch. Sorry but that's just rank. If I was playing and someone threw flem at me or gobbed in my face they'd be getting knocked the f u c k out!

Dave1980 @coshy1

If this is the aim of our board they can **** off. More loans how can you build a team like that we are going backwards but lawwells wages are going upwards

James Bettinson @welshandproud

Think Costa's a great goalscorer bit don't really like his and boy attitude. However I think the 'stamp' on Skirtel was accidental. IMO he's going for the ball, and Liverpool fans moaning that he's a dirty player should go and look at the one that they had last season.

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

I watched rags in 60 like 4 times already :)

Matt B @matt70cfc

So gracious in defeat well done

Wonder Woman @gillian

He's got a pineapple on his head

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

The last person I want to hear talking is Ray Lewis.

Paige @paigehobson

Can't decide which I would prefer more.. Watch Spurs getting hammered tonight or watch Chelsea rip them to shreds at Wembley

Luke Skinner @wbaluke

Callum macmanaman welcome to the baggies

Brother V @sonofav

Whether i am a Wenger in or Wenger out @cheekyboy I am a gooner through and through more than I can say about you.

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

Patriots should go in to this game with all confidence. Seattle sucked against the Packers, if they play like that it won't even be a game.

Tom Mitchell @tmitchell

Looking at both stamping incidents. The first one was more of an accident. But the second one was intentional. They seem to have a fiery feud with each other, Costa and skrtel. Imo Costa is a silly person for doing it. Ruined his performance. And will ruin his chances of playing against city. Stupid

SalifDiaotelliMcartney @hobsey

It's fair to say there is only beatable teams in the FA cup and Europa league, I think this side is capable of winning both if Studgey can keep fit

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