Steven Miles @bluebird

Time for super six dragon league im still top 169 pts 2730 in country mark 2 nd mike lenihan 3 rd poor week last week only scored 4 good luck everyone

nicola lewis @nichlewis

good decision on cook but morgan should be gone too. bring broad in as captain. Really hope this gives cook a break & he can go on to become our highest scoring test batsman. saw some stats last year which put him & tendulkar on same runs, same centuries at 50 tests (i think)! KP can sod off though

Bobby @steveooo88

Defeat is not an option sunday, colback, tiote, sissoko 3 players who know what the Derbys all about. Al be at the game on Sunday to see them destroy the SCUM and send them back to scumberland!!!!!!!

Craig Palmer @cpalmer12

Brassard is good to go I think for this weekend

John Dunn @john1dunn

Anyone see lvg face during news conference when the public address system came on asking for a masseur to the dressing room .... Classic

David Bradshaw @davidbradshaw23

I would love for ireland to play england in the cricket World Cup and beat them just in spite of Eoin Morgan

Shoppy 23 @shoppy23

Just my opinion. But our last game of the season will see Steven Gerrard say an emotional goodbye to Liverpool Football Club, he will leave just shy of his 35th birthday for a couple of well paid years in the sun. And he deserves it, couldve left in his peak but stayed loyal. Respect that i do.

Roddy_Rola_Cola @roddy

I love quiz shows but when they do celebrity ones I hate them, coz they're all thick as mince

Ben Smith @nushynushy

I cant help but enjoy durham

StuHughes @stuhughes

Anyone know how I get on line with my commodore 64 so I can play paperboy with other online gamers?

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

I do know one man playing right now in Australia right now that could take Cook's place in the side...

Jeannie @beno77

Hope cook regains his form and starts knocking centuries out again!

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

Wasn't looking forward to the World Cup. Now with out-of-form Cook gone and Morgan in as captain, I'm slightly more optimistic. Time will tell... Cook wasn't the only problem for England. Morgan is in shocking form, we're prone to batting collapses and our bowling is horrendous.

David Bradshaw @davidbradshaw23

Eoin Morgan is a bellend anyway

Noah Stacy @opaldrake

Not that I understand or follow cricket, but didn't Gough hijack the show for the last week to campaign for Cook to get the sack?

NFFC @davewilco

Let's start the Christmas period in a great mood with 3pts tomorrow against dirty Leeds.

Ben Sherman  @bensherman

Im selling one of my squad signed shirts. Signed by entire 1997 first team squad - Fowler, Carragher, Barnes, McManaman, Owen, Redknapp, David James, Collymore, Berger, McAteer, Wright, Ruddock, Bjornebye, Jones, Matteo, Thomas, Harkness and Babb. Comes with authenticity certificate. Lookin for £100

Geordie Rover @betrue

Worst decision ever sacking Cook and replacing him with an Irishman. Morgan represented Ireland in a World Cup . Why we are a nation that has allowed almost a million Eastern Europeans in without checks

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

So Cook's ODI career is over. Morgan replaces him as captain. Correct decision, but one many felt the ECB would shy away from. Not the case. Hope Cook goes away and works on his batting ahead of the Ashes in the Summer. Has to come back from this to fire for England in Tests.

Geordie Rover @betrue

Morgans average worse than Cooks

Geordie Rover @betrue

Why not bring back KP?? One more traitor in the midst why bloody not

Austin Davis @rangersuck

Capuano: Halak in goal. Boychuk and Hamonic are in the lineup tonight on defense. No changes at forward. #Isles

Bob King 68 @shoesmith1

My Christmas present from me

Geordie Rover @betrue

Born Irish always Irish .. Yet England Captain. Sorry Cook your nation is just run by traitors.