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Robert Deary @robdea15

For what looked like a poor nights boxing, turned out some cracking fights.

Ross G @lfc100

Break point djokovic

David Howard @cortina62

No costa or fab. 2 hour's of football just played.no goal from frank. I would of took a draw before the game. God bless the famous c.f.c

Craig D @donohoecraig

Coutinho has been our best player so far this season, the guy has it all, big Skrtel has been superb also

Matthew Dyson @mdyson012

Adnan Januzaj: “We should have scored more goals, but at least we have the three points.”

James Bettinson @welshandproud

I can't help feeling that if Myrray wins this game he will go onto win the set.

Chris Davies @daveo0411

Fed up of Djo making out he's hurt when hitting a loser. It's all psychological warfare. #Djickovic

Baz Foster @fozdog

The sun doesn't do truth

Scott Jones @scottie2hottie

So happy we managed to get this deal done in time...

James Allardyce @jamesdyce

And for all this Murray haters.... Let's be honest either of Murrays grand slam victories are >>>>>>>> over what Hamilton achieved last year!

RHotspurs @rhotspur921

please no! No no ! Novak be strong! His body overcome and be in form

Peter Brown @majreaper

If this was boxing the ref would be checking Djokovic out

Dave Hall @avfcdave87

This set destined for 6-0 the way Novak is moving right now! Hopefully a medical timeout will sort him out!!

Jamie Leggate @jamie374

It's my wee dogs birthday he's 4 or is that 28?

Jon Fear @johano

Its the sun i know but i hope its true!

Dale McLean @daleboy8383

This game is over Novak is being dismantled right now

Matthew Dyson @mdyson012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @gemily83 hope ya have loads of cake!!! :)

Paul @ringodingo

Duce this and love that, it's posh man's talk designed to confuse the working class.

Yalls @oldburysoracle

Novak looks ill. Saying that so did Serena

Baz Foster @fozdog

Sun news is scum news

Musergr8 @musergr8

Broken. Djokovic must be inj

James Bettinson @welshandproud

Lamela is actually turning out to be a decent player for you. Think you overspent on him, but slowly but surely he is having more of an influence on game. Him, Eriksen, Kane and Dembele will be vital players for you this year. Attacking play was brilliant yesterday.

Dave Hall @avfcdave87

This is Murray's set I dare say

Nick Gillibrand @nickgilly

Can't see this happening can you? 'Tottenham are planning a £60m deadline day spending spree that includes landing Southampton's England striker Jay Rodriguez, Yohan Cabaye from Paris Saint-Germain and Aymeric Laporte from Athletic Bilbao. (Sun on Sunday)'

Musergr8 @musergr8

Big chance. Can he take it.

James Allardyce @jamesdyce

Murray gets **** for bottling but right now he is giving it a right good go fair play to him.

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