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Darren Woodstock @greatspurs

Just put that in the goons page bring the noise

DJ Perkins @djperkins

Hoping this is not the end of KD's career as we knew it.

Lee Jackson @ljackson0123

Woy Hodgson as negative as ever.

John @kopcat

Thinkin of givin up beer is that grounds for a ban

David Kleyla @dkleyla

Hey I'm on the front page of Yahoo for that draft hat snafu

Darren Woodstock @greatspurs

Clueless everyone can see it except Woy welbeck is dog

Mark Bradbury @braders41

Think people need to chill out out a tad..I'm not a fan of welbeck but his goal scoring record at international level is decent, we are unbeaten in the qualifiers and Harry is untested at this level.. He was never gonna start tonight but fully expect him to start against Italy. His time will come.

Domo @idomo1

I high 5d Drummo coz he's joking, right!

Scott king @scottking24

Delph? Why are people acting like this guy has a great season please show me any statistics that back this up?

Mike K Kwabs @kwabs

England fans are funny they moan and say only the players that play for the top 5 or 6 sides get picked then Delph gets picked from villa and they moan lol

Tara Higgins @tara93

Best of luck to the Leinster team tonight!

Bev @bevvyboo

Forgive my ignorance but doesnt Harry Kane score goals - isnt that the point of the game ??!!

AdgCFC @adgcfc

Carricj????? Really??? Hart. Clyne Cahill jags baines. Henderson sterling rooney delph welbeck Kane. 4-1-4-1 formation but hey what do I know I only won everything on all fifas and championship manager. More than Roy!!!!!!

Matthew Dyson @mdyso2

Wales without Bale are nothing :D

Fred Valle @fredvalle

We better not go near K Durant he's falling apart legs can't take it anymore.

Tony DelMonte @thegamingkeeper

Should I stream the England match or be a productive member of society for the 1st time ever?

Dec Armstrong @decarmstrong16

Come on England! Want to see a big win! Should be making a statement of intent in these Qualifiers!

Julz VTID @julielawrence17

Pros n cons to watching England tonight pros 1) Delph is playing .....Cons 1) Bored 2) boring 3) will be asleep before 9pm !!!!!

Sam Jones @samdwij

So, Welbeck (who's scored 4 PL goals this season) starts ahead of Harry Kane (who's scored 19, joint highest, PL goals). Roy is judging on reputation, not form, something he's done throughout his tenure. Also, how does Carrick start? One good game and he's straight in the XI. This isn't good.

Darren Woodstock @greatspurs

Said it before Roy is just another FA spineless puppet they would never make Harry manager or cloughy they got venables out and Glenn as they weren't yes men and they wonder why people aren't as engaged with the team anymore

Joel @jd1874

Glad to see Clyne playing again as well. Great to see players like him/Delph who aren't from the usual top 6/7 in the league manage to break into the squad and stay there.

Baz Foster @fozdog

No injuries tonight to all the Spurs boys.... Thankyou

Mike K Kwabs @kwabs

Delph is technically a very good player

Brendan Harper @unitedfan81

Hodgson doesn't know his arse from his elbow. How do you leave the top scorer in the premiership out for 4 goals welbeck? I'll be glad to see the back of him.

James GGMU @jamesnorris09

Hodgson is a ******* stupid owl looking knob! Kane is a class attacker who's been scoring for fun! "Benching him…YOLO!"

Stacey Andrews @manofstoke

Dated a Welsh girl in University. Colwyn Bay counts as Wales right ??

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