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Michael M @mixtupabit

C'mon Diego..One more stamp and I get a free one..

James CFC @jmurra1

Bradford can finish better than Liverpool. Thats what we learnt last night

Matt Perry @mattwba

Davidson wants to fight for his place, he is the only Player out of the new signings to say that fair play to him, Ideye also Said that before tho :) dorrans looks like he is going along with many others i Think on deadline day.... Eventful i reckon

Martin Sydenham @msydenham

Quick question when does the draw for the capital one final take place ?

Dave Munt @munty80

I think a ban for Costa is likely purely cos it's chelsea but hey we will take it and just stick with drogba and remy as we did at the etihad where city couldn't beat us !! If we win the title this season it will surely be one of the greatest triumphs ever against such adversity and hatred #carfeee

Gary @ga8ry

We play the plastics on the 9th may. Would it b wrong for someone to do a roy Keane on Costa. Skertal???

Antgeezahgooner @antgeezah68

Well o thought it was a good game. End to end stuff. Finishing was a bit rubbish though. As for stamping. Yeah very naughty. But ****. 30 years ago it was larfed at. Are Footballers turning into a bunch of *******?

Aza Cashmore @azacash

What's with the fascination with Darren Bent! He had his chance to come back into the team and prove what he can do and he couldn't deliver! He has the work ethic of Ballotelli! Be glad when he has gone just a inconvenience on our finances at the minute!

anttruker @antstruck

Y is so much anger on here to other teams Show some respect

Bootle Red @jc23

Morning tune to all the haters and social media trolls... Get a real life

Geoff Price @gprice012

Diego Costa you can stamp on my wife Diego Costa you can stamp on my wife Diego Costa

Mikey @chelseafan54

Zouma was immense as was Courtois last night Ramires needs game time might have defensive problems on Saturday

Matt Robinson @mattrobinson

Any one else feeling really excited by the news N'Zogbia may be on his way?! Loan or transfer I'll still be happy!!

Gary @ga8ry

The ref was very poor. Yes we got off with a few decisions, but that was after the Costa stamp **** up. 2 wrongs don't make a right

Gogs @gogs

Just heard mike ashley has handed rangers 10million .with a huge stake in club.ive friends who live in dubai and rumours are that nufc have been spoken about in there media.i have a good feeling we will be brought out.hence no new manager or good signings.good it really happen.

Stuart Wing @stuartwing

Should Sky pundits really be suggesting that players get retrospectively banned. Surely that is for the FA to decide not a pundit. Bias against Chelsea this season has been ramped to a whole new level

Tys @tys

Gutted going out last night! But if we show the same desire and passion in the league as we did in those 2 legs, I think we'll be quite happy come May!

Michael M @mixtupabit

Chris Broad getting kicked in the Googlies this morning...#silly point...

AdgCFC @adgcfc

Costa shouldn't be banned because how many times this season has something just as bad gone unpunished?? But cause he is a chelsea player they will throw the book at him. The fa and there **** refs are the most inconstant w@nkers in the world

Steven Adrian Stewart @sas91

Bale has clearly stated he isn't coming so the bull rumours can stop now

Perryboy @deanomanc

Think morinho will do a diversion tactic away from Costa like fergie used to do

Ben Hallam @bhallam

Liverpool where dirty f...k.r last night , but they had the 12 man on there side .

SoccerSalifDiao @hobsey

That was the best league cup semi final I can remember, it must be because we lost it and I'm saying that! The league cup was the biggest winner, it was such a high standard encounter.

Paul Gray @psgray100

No fan of the chavs but Costa is a beast of a front man proper title winning striker and yes he should be banned. Josė will take it on the chin have a few moans and move on but if the chavs win the title or any other cup he would have played a massive part. Money well spent by today's prices

Sy @pangloss

I feel so sorry for Skertl as he's such a bastion of fair play and never commits fouls or bullies forwards. How dare someone give it back oh err I mean put it on him. He deserves everything he got from Costa. The first one yes out of order but Skertl never.

ali @markaliwool

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Damon W Hidle @dmnhidle

So the Italian press are saying De Gea has agreed a new deal with us. He plays in England, is from Spain And has a Portuguese agent. Find it hard to believe the Italians would be the first with this story if there was any truth in it. (Had to post again if it looks like I've done it twice)

Mikey @chelseafan54

Yes Costa will be charged but FA need to be consistent with who they charge because certain players get away with it time after time again refereeing was poor 2 pens 2 sending off and he bottled it and how about Micah Richards on a free IMO Willian was superb last night all round display

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