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Daniel Wilkes @severance

£3.5 billion Mike Ashley is worth

Kelly D @thefamouscfc

arsenal fans claiming the community shield as a real trophy

paulie @mickgreen

hull need to cover the cost of getting rid of the smell of brendans self importance...its fair

Justin Paddy @jhope

*** on for 15 mins and prove yourself tough

Matt @gunner81

Bloody the Arsenal fans singing boring boring Chelsea has really hit a nerve. Manager and fans

Daniel Wilkes @severance

Highbury was a lot more better than the Emirates Stadium

Zachary Lipson @zacharylipson

How many more times is A-rod going to tell the media that willie mays was his fathers favorite player?

Costa LiveForPool @liveforpool

What was the name of the spitting cobra who was the next Henry?

Anthony Stepanik @anthonystepanik

Go Islanders!!! Liked ya's since the days of Bossy, Trottier, Billy Smith, Clark Gilles, Dennis Potvin, Pierre Turgeon, Pat Lafontaine and Kelli Hrudy. Hope U smoke Ovechkin and the Capitals.

Rory Neil Carlos Stannage @rstannage

***** ur talking shite mate this is 2015 and people are still talking how great bobby moore is 30 year nobody will be talking about jt unless its about him laughing at 9/11

Daniel Wilkes @severance

Time to watch the sports direct that I recorded

Daniel Wilkes @severance

So effectively they are in the premier league

paulie @mickgreen

steve bruce said he would'nt pay it either

Daniel Wilkes @severance

Evening concord just finished work how did Bournemouth do please

Humphrey Bogart @lashlaroo

I shouldn't be this drunk. On a Monday

Darryl Lynch @darryllynch123

Im a lfc fan obviously and my brother is a chelsea fan and I can remember saying to him that I wasnt really bothered about this season it was next season or even the next that I have high hopes for I mean look at the potential liverpool has. Its quite scary, hopefully they fulfil it!

Andy Mendez @knight1964

We should not let Goldstein wind us up. What he knows about football you could write on the head of a pin and still have plenty of room!!

Ted Sherperd @schadenfreude

I had to turn Talksport off, every Chelsea game has been totally exciting to me, stuff the jealous idiots.

Lee CFC @lminett

Was the attendance 11,000 tonight? Ive heard it was. Aint bad

Ed  @alchemist

N'Gog comment a low blow. Who were those two wonder kids we signed from Le Havre? We've not had the best of luck with French signings - I'm looking at you Bruno Cheyrou! Hope Origi smashes it though.

D Johnson @gemijr

Arsenal fans still crying from yesterday they didn't play to win yesterday they just didn't want to lose 1 shot on goal when chelsea do that's a big fuss and there the home side what a joke

Ryan Lewis @louiethfc

Tour de Romandie starts tomorrow, froomey up against Nibali and Quintana! also Rui costa is riding, he's my fave non sky rider!

️Mat @plumb82

Congratulations Bournemouth! How great would it be if you had an amazing season and ended up in the Champions Leauge

paulie @mickgreen

arsenal bought a stadium chelsea spent it on players ... nice seats

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