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April Besch @aprilbesch

Tanner Glass say what you want about him... He sticks up for his teammates

John Wallace @johnwallace

I thought you weren't supposed to check against the board when you can see he numbers.

Andy Mason @andy85

Im baffled sum 1 help me out

RedsRebel @irishrebel

Touch and go for me but attacking play always deserves the benefit for me

Colleen Martin @colleenmartin

Got to dig deep in the third and pull out a win

Andy Mason @andy85

Nar israel aint part of the eu

Lloyd @lwright

How much would England kill for bale.

Vincent M @creativologist

Ah, such is life for a mets, jets, an isles fan

Justin Skowronski @justinskowronski

Ya that a boy downs way to stick up for you're player little late but way to beat that little ***** boy captain ass

Adam G. @adro34

Fantastic Wales, hopefully NI can do the same tomorrow!

John Bonare @johnbonare

Don't sit back now just keep going at them

Jake Waud @jakelfcwaud

Wayne Hennesy, fantastic couple of games between the sticks!

JOBU ST. LOUIS! @magichat9elixir

So I guess NASH doesn't suck anymore huh yappers?

Dean Brown @ciderglider

Its only Israel .......

Jack Straw @rafterman777

If the Rangers come out in the 3rd and give it 110% at both ends of the ice AND Hank shuts out the Bruins I will be good with that.

Jordan @barakat1998

This isn't islander hockey this is ******** hockey

Dan Kloss @dankloss

I wish all the Penguins had Downies heart

Jonathan Motion @jmotion

Credit where it's due to wales, putting on a world class performance tonight. Hopefully scotland hammer gibraltar tomorrow Be good to see all 4 home nations in france next year

m c f c p r i d e @mcfcpride

Well done to City U16s who won 2-0 today against Everton.

Andy Mason @andy85

Am i missing sumurt or having a blonde moment how can wales and ISRAEL be a euro qualifier ? Israel is the far east init

Marek Lysiuk @mareklysiuk

Game isn't over but the way anderson has been stopping pucks...having my doubts. Gotta get another past him and tighten up.

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