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Saj Khan @skh786

Rvp yea but not adnan he's a talent and his time will come

John Elder @johnnyelder88

I'm putting a tenner on Sevco Zombies going down to 9 on Sunday

Kieran Powell @poult12yid

I see alot of Adebaylazy fans were on last night... If you actually noticed he was Boo'd when coming off the pitch because he was pants - followed by Jeers for Soldado who tries 4x harder to fit into the team. So as far as you telling everyone to stop booing him - not really going to happen.

Dan Mufc Dewsnap @ddewsnap

Got some good news guys not an iPhone w️ anymore

Lyn Tansell @ltansell

Andy is playing quite cleverly, first set lulled Kyrgios into making mistakes, second set, he was not so naive, good game though.

Jamie Jones @jamiejones

Anyone managed to successfully apply for the Cambridge replay tickets on the website? Keeps crashing for me

Ovais Mirza @omirza

Off topic but has anyone had an issue getting a refund from Vodafone back in to their account? I've been waiting over 2 months. ******* ridiculous!

Ucheguccigoo @ucheguccigoo

@rocko , and we all know you don't win anything with kids

Mark Farrell @hammermark

Murray silencing the aussies now.sweet

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

Anyone seen that Real may be getting a similar ban to what Barca have got? If true then expect a mad influx of players before the ban begins.

Craig D @donohoecraig

Never write us off, if you do we'll prove you wrong

ESSEX RED @mcgowan86

Can't wait until tonight come on you red men bang one on early and that will be game over they will want to beat city more to leave a big gap

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

At work but keeping a check on the score. How is Andy playing?

Dave Kerindi @daveonsport

PAPER TALK COMMENT: "Man Utd are ready to go head to head with Real Madrid to sign Athletic Bilbao defender Aymeric Laporte." Why??? Man Utd should be looking for home grown talent - there has to be players in lower leagues that can make the grade.

Andy Mason @andy85

Wat makes us think lvg wants pogba, we havnt got a clue who he wants realy do we, everybody just getting strung along by the media

John Norton @jackpepsi

I see all the decent sports channel are gone off that iphone app World Tv, anybody know any streams for tonight's game ?

Mickey Burke @burky67

Come on Andy finish him off 3 straight would be the business

Mark Rose @rosie

Hootin and rooting for ivory coast

Dave Kerindi @daveonsport

PAPER TALK COMMENT: "Newcastle will make Steve McClaren their No 1 target to become their new manager this summer." If this is true then it could be a good move. McClaren has matured as a manager. The wally with the brolly is probs a good choice as there are so few candidates.

Paul Gray @psgray100

Aussie crowd cheers Murray double fault :( but Murray holds his nerve with a delicious top-spin lob to win tie break and go 2 sets up !

Bootle Red @jc23

BR counting on the lads vocal support tonight

Ucheguccigoo @ucheguccigoo

Reach out and touch faith!!! . ( faith is at the far left)

Dave Munt @munty80

4-1 to chelsea tonight .. I'm expecting a massive reaction and when chelsea are at their very best then liverpool cannot touch us #ktbffh #carefree

Warwick Road @warwickroad

"Moureen/brenda" "liverpoo/chelski" cringe. Grown em talking like 12 year olds Is there anything ******* sadder. Social media/Facebook etc has a lot to answer for. Gimps.

Dave Munt @munty80

27 million for schurrle ... Let's snap their arms off for that !!!

Darryl Bride @dbride

Hes too professional for it but I hope mourinho has one eye on city at the wkend

Dave Kerindi @daveonsport

PAPER TALK COMMENT: "Adnan Januzaj’s representative has confirmed that PSG inquired about taking the player on loan this season - but Dirk de Vries said that Man Utd ruled out the move." How selfish is that - the player needs games to develop!!!

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