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#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Damian Lillard has been terrible lately. #Overrated

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Sloppy play from the Mavs to end the second quarter, which led to the Blazers getting the lead heading into halftime.

Paul @ringodingo

Two Mohamed Salah goals gave Fiorentina a first-leg advantage in their Coppa Italia semi-final against Juventus.

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

How can Lopez be yelling, screaming and begging for a foul on that play when he got away with a travel that the refs didn't call before there was even any contact.

Charles Moore @chuc1

Even though I am a die hard boxing Enthusiast,and I truly hope that weather/,paqiaou lives up to the hype,I don't see that happening. Boxing just isn't what it used to be. Nowadays all the hype and the events leading up to the fight are more exciting than the boxing match itself!

Sammie V @sam63

Spring break. Will b parting in another planet

Kyle Rodriguez @kylerodriguezkr

Who would you guys like us to draft this year? Obviously Eichel and McDavid are out of the picture unless a miracle happens. I'm a real big fan of Dylan Strome

D.L. @ltrainz28

Is Casey ok. I saw him favoring is right leg

Jake Hamilton @jakehamilton

Each game we play Jordan Henderson proves even more how good of a player he is. Constantly showing everyone why he deserves that captains arm band permanently when Gerrard leaves.

Roberto Bia***** @RJB33

Im laughing my ass off because all the Capuano haters can never give him credit for anything and love Loviolette who we just season swepted and have a better record. Wooo !!!

Daryl Adamson @dazadamson

Wow just watched Rangii"s interview on Sky Sports news and while his skills are undeniable his interview talents belong in the gutter. Guy was sleep talking with his eyes open 0% Charisma.

Brandon @greatfriedrice

Also Kennedy too!!!! Both okposo and Kennedy will be joining the team in Florida!!

Brandon @greatfriedrice

Hearing okposo is joining the team in Florida! Interesting news to me

Sammie V @sam63

Well this team has been up nd down but look where they r at we rock. Oh yes we do

Sammie V @sam63

Such a great win. So happy

Seth Parker @sethparker

Islanders pride fierce and strong!!!!

Frank Peterso N @frank5162707801

Good game good win till Saturday it's Xbox time good night everybody.

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

Wish Jt would hit the empty betters like Nash does n he be leading league in scoring

Juan Ochoa @juan0choa

I miss RVP :/ him and Rooney would be the best for us I think

Mike Glass @skroob

Nice to see a win today. Even a meaningless one :)

Mr.Charlie @ranger11

People you have to look at the moon right now. It's really cool. Looks like a planet is lined up right behind it cause it's got a round lump like shape at the bottom goldish color n another shape on the upper right that looks like a bright light. Kinda looks like a sky rocket was lit behind the moon

Donavan Oliver @donavancfc

Please stop getting so excited about Salah, he really isn't that great of a player. He's an average player, not what you call chelsea material

Deion Watson @blazindei

I wish fans of both Islanders and Rangers would worry about themselves and not be so concerned with each other. If you think the other team sucks, that's fine, but you're awfully concerned about a team that sucks if you're talking about them every day.

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