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Abram Duggan @abramduggan

Why is the clipper bench on the floor?? T those fools up

Mario Cappetto @mario_appetto1

The NFL Couldn't even make up an acquisition like Deflate Gate if it wasn't true!

JOOOOOOOOOBUUUUUUUU!!! @magichat9elixir

Sorry YALL paid for the RR. I'm watching for free tonight.

Odymackem @odymackem

Newcastle will go down. Carver couldn't manage a piss up in a brewery

Kirkby Sock Robber @kirkby

O well up and at em the early bird gets to Wembley ha good luck tonight boys what ever happens you are my Liverpool and I will love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool

Los @los3414

Hope the cavs can sign farmar, Jameer Nelson or mo Williams for back up pg!

Albhoy @albhoy

Mario Balotelli is in Brenda Rodgers plans...He plans to sell him

Mark Rose @rosie

I think we all love jose

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

What a horse **** call. But that's what happens when you touch NBAs golden boy.

Jack McGok @jackmcgok

Wow, Celtics pulled it off

J D @delj

Hoping for more of this today. COYB

Abram Duggan @abramduggan

Pretty sure the Clippers are the most annoying team in the NBA. Never thought any team could beat out the lakers in that catagory.

Aida @taurus53

Has anyone who has AT@T lost phone service?

Abram Duggan @abramduggan

Faried need to punch Barnes in the face

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

**** Lob City! We got Manimal city!

Keith Bailey @dre127

Damn ya'll loosing all these ******* games. What's the problem?

Fred Senior @fsenior

C'MON CHELSEA BEST TEAM IN EUROPE RIGHT NOW!! 4-0 Please JOSE A WARRIOR COSTA Hatrick n a Stevie G OWN GOAL would top the lot!! haha

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