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Dan Page @dannynev30

I know this is the enemy page but I been at a party tonight the out laws 60th have we had our daily video

Simon Green @sim0n40

Good luck to kimi for the race.

Nicnurse @wbrudnerlurie

That was close to not getting picked up.

Aida @taurus53

Evening Yappers 🏻 who r these announcers?

Jake @nobeernogain

First out game over. See you guys tomorrow

Yellowman @yellowman

His brother Phil Neville on the other hand should take early retirement #motd #rabbitinheadlights

Michael Hellyer @hellyer7

Unlucky tonight but still diving

Laith Al-Janabi @janabilaith

Let's spare a thought for all the Gooners out there and pass on our deepest condolences. Looks like they are going to be stuck with Wenger for another season..

Kyle Bohonowicz @kylebohonowicz

Just not their game. But John is so conservative with base running. It drives me insane. Not once has stolen a base not worked

Jake @nobeernogain

Rally time. We lost. But what the hell. After the first if nobodies on then we lost

Michael Hellyer @hellyer7

Good to see manure trying having another dive in the box

Patricia pelletier🇨🇦 @diamondstar62

Stop correcting me auto correct get that db play

Jake @nobeernogain

Better get them tomorrow

The Don @dontheflash

OSP! omg! beautiful uppercut counter to the takedown shoot

Matt Perry @mattwba

This Antonio for forest and gestede for Blackburn would really suit pulis, both powerful and typical pulis players, with sako as well, why not go in for them again? We Will have a better season next year hopefully, only if this takeover happens smoothly and most importantly, it works out

Nicnurse @wbrudnerlurie

Bet if it was later in game Tampa would have challenged that steal.

Pete Parricelli @peteparricelli

Nice play that's how to u do it there

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