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Adam Colton @adamsbapple

Is the international break over yet??

Will Gregory @willgregory97

Boring weekend without the Albion playing but best of luck to all our players involved with qualifiers this weekend!

Gemma @gemily83

Weekends are made for football, this is just not on

Ed C @alchemist

Should be good fun tomorrow at Anfield. Hope the weather is better than today. Looking forward to it :)

Nick G @nickgooner

Not football related but Roger Moore says Idris Elba can't be Bond because he is not "English-English"😮😐 I've never liked Roger Moore anyway.

Ando @yapper23

I personally don't think Stevenson wants kovalev deep down. I think kovalev will clear him out in 6

Glenn Williams @glennshay71

5 4 3 2 1 work is over its the weekend now

Ryan Dillon @ryandillon99

Any ideas to improve trying to get a front three of Ibarbo,Lacazette and cuadrado?

Jon Murray @jb90125

All that happened a wk ago and Quimmy has forgotten his beloved Southpool lost to us. It must stick in his craw. He knows the truth but being deluded he can't admit to it. He knows stevie g let his side down big style. But at least SG was good enough to play for them. Says alot really for Quimmy

Adam G. @adro34

First time in a while, really looking forward to a qualifying match at Windsor tomorrow, think we have a great chance of grabbing 3 points. GAWA

Paul Chandler @paulobing

You would think that with no premier league on this weekend they would at least show a couple of L1 and L2 games instead

James Thompson @jaytommo7

When all these guys scored on there debut... Did they also bag 19 goals in the league in there first season? and there's still more games left

J M @macca123us

Ricky Lambert and Shaun Wright Phillips too lol

Jayjayspur @jayjayspur

Well it didn't take long. Telegraph article today pointing out the failures who scored on their England debut - Wright-Phillips and Jeffers for example. Failed to mention Shearer, Greaves, Hoddle to name but 3. By the way I do not buy that bog roll. Saw a link to an Internet article

J M @macca123us

Andros Townsend scored on debut too

James Thompson @jaytommo7

A team of my favourite everton players... Yes Leon Osman is in there, loved him for a long time

Scott Faulkner @faulko31wba

Got my Leicester ticket Astle is the king !!!!

J M @macca123us

Francis Jeffers and David Nugent scored on their England debuts too. Just saying

Lee Jackson @ljackson0123

Henri Jackson might be going to a wedding but he still supports football like nobody else lol

Maria Penfold @mariaanfield

It's hard to stay positive when your brain don't want you too. Having a seizure is the worse feeling, they're really painful

John @tonsoftoots

Time for some bear hunting today! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!

Ian J @ijohnsto1

That twat james brown ,how did he get a job?

Andy Reynolds @renoldo1

Alan shearer scored on his debut, just saying

Daniel Wilkes @severance

For God sake please no I don't want to loan Emmanuel Adebayor next season from Tottenham no offence Spurs fans

Jacquie La Touche @jac13

EFFING HARRY KANE THIS AND HARRY KANE THAT..... #boredalready ...#historynow...If I was a spud I would be really worried that a bigger team will come in for kane.....might not be next season but mark my words it will happen!

Phil Jenkinson @phil2011

Russia are a joke always at the center of trouble.. And the get to host a world cup FIFA logic eh

Daniel Wilkes @severance

For God sake please no I don't want to loan Emmanuel Adebayor next season from Tottenham

Henry Reading @sparky1119

Morning yappers just this minute woke up

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