What fans are saying...

Lollyboy @lollyboy5

Vorn is a heart attack waiting to happen and lamela is f×××ing useless

Ian Offord @ian3103

How did we get screwed into paying £30 Mil for Lamela....

Mark Newman @mnewman0

Our to full backs have to be careful. To high sometimes

Simmo @simmo

Now Torres has got away away from Chelsea he starts scoring goals and looking happy. Should never have gone to the plastics Fernando

SD @popdee

Keep the singing going yids - we can hear you!!

markwnek @markwnek

Torres superb goal 1st min v Barça!

James Connor @jmconnor6

Drives me mad when Eriksen is on the left. More of threat playing centre like he did against Chelsea....it's like when Sven used to play Scholes left mid,stupid decision

Bénjamin Worden @bworden

Lamela shite most overrated player going

Dent Ford @dford01

Pass the f**king ball son...

Henri Jackson @tox1ch3nri

Good shot, I think long shots are masons strong point

Andrew Chard @chardstar2

Y does lamlema run in field he had the whole right side to himself

Brendan Farro @bfarro17

Fantastic goes from Torres where was this when he was with us?! All the power to the lad

CK @chrisk24

Think I've thrown asad under the bus on the Gooner page 🚎

VanDarYapp @donchichi001

Don't care what anyone says, this is our strongest team. Has everything... Pace, possession, goals, skill, power... Etc.

Kim O'neill @koneill

Come on Sheffield get ripped into them

Ross Gourley @lfc100

Torres scored in first main again

Paul Marshall @paul1973

Gary lineker is gonna be the new front man for BT sports champions league campaign which starts in September , and apparently ITV are gonna win the rites to show motd ......IMO it was utter dog s hite the last time they had it . Listen up BT we want HAYLEY MCQUEEN OR KATE ABDO , it's that simple!

Max Jones @maxblue

The rules are pants. Costa quite rightly gets a ban, but why cant they look at the second yellow and def Red for henderson??? Doesn't make sense !!

James McNaney @jmcnaney

Im sure your fans would welcome a Russian or Saudi Billionaire buying you, if the reports are true in todays Sun Newspaper.

Gary Russell Wells @gwells76

Is it just me or is Erickson lost today.

Henri Jackson @tox1ch3nri

Stop cambell-Ryce , stop Sheffield united

booom! @atestaa

Close but not so much

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