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Arsenaldan @arsenaldan

Have the Shadows put it to music yet? Re-jig the old Paul Hardcastle tune - In the Carling Cup Final loss the average age of a Shadow player was twenty three, t-t-twenty three.

Yellowman @yellowman

Yesterday was men against boys. Some people were saying it wasn't beautiful football. Histories shows that finals rarely are but no one really cares. JM is a master tactician, clinical, meticulous in planning. They never stood a chance.

Bram @bram65

You have some excellent players who understandably want to play at the highest level. The only way for you to progress is not to waste your money like you did with the Bale proceeds when the Lloris and Kane leave in the summer.

Bram @bram65

For all the Chelsea fans waxing lyrical about world domination. The golden ticket you have should be making you one of the best teams in Europe not England.

Bram @bram65

For all the Chelsea fans waxing lyrical about world domination. The golden ticket you have should be making you one of the best teams in Europe not England.

Franco @zolalegend

Good morning fellow Capital One winners! And to you bitter Spuds too

Carlos @soccersocrates

Amidst all the recent euphoria I still hope mr balotelli departs in the summer .. It's like opening your sock draw and finding a pair of calvins .. He just doesn't fit ..

Paloma Rojas @pow8

Annnnnnddd I still can't get over Coutinho's amazing strike. Haha

David Jenks @dsj1

Warnock on talksport int it

Craig D @donohoecraig

Trying 2 rid a sore head, this normally works

Kevin Squires @krsrams

Just on another point keep hearing bent an Martin both injured, anyone know what injury bent has ?

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

BR is undoubtable in the top 3 coaches in the PL, he has done fantastically since Old Trafford, but a manager is more, he buys players, manages players wins trophies, here BR is work in progress. So lets have perspective plse, he has hugh potential Shanks would say "we've won nothing"

Dave Kerindi @daveonsport

Zouma is becoming a truly very good player. Looks good for the future with players like him developing so well at Chelsea.

Bram @bram65

Gabriel looked good despite two occasions letting the ball bounce rather than heading it. Ospina saved him big time!

Carlos @soccersocrates

One of the most amazing aspects of this season is that we have 4 recognized forwards in our squad and for differing reasons we stand on the brink of CL qualification without getting a significant contribution from ANY of them .. Now THATS phenomenal management

Barry Baker @barrybaker8664

Brendan is going to be on talksport!! Don't ask me what time! :)

Bram @bram65

Poor performance, great result. I thought Wenger's substitutions were correct but 15 minutes too late. The likes of Sanchez were exhausted !

Neil Peter Smith @nps75

So the week of hot air & media hype begins ahead of these games.With alot of soul & goodness going out of our beloved club over recent years leaving us as fans where we are today on our knees & getting kicked from everywhere. But the spirit of us fans has to remain just like mine & dads plaque VTWD

Divjot Rataul @drataul

The way brendan has turned around the table since defeat against manchester united. It clearly shows he is a world class manager !!

Smokesignals @smokesignals

Theiry Henry is right, the PSG game is massive for this young Chelsea team and a huge test. They looked stronger than us in the first leg, but if anyone can. Jose can. If Chelsea get through that anything is possible. Even the treble, dare we dream.

Stuart Reid @cantona

Don't get all the play Rooney up top as a lone striker. He's by far our best player, but doesn't hold a position, he goes wide and drops deep looking for the ball, so if deployed as a line striker half the time he's not in the box!

Simon Guest @sguest

I think we have best manager in the league! Who agrees?

m c f c p r i d e @mcfcpride

Good morning Cityzens! Depressed? Feeling down? ...Imagine being a Man United fan! Hahahaha! I know! Hahahaha! Feeling better now? Good. #CTID

Lee Robinson @lrobinson0

The weekend (sort of) just gets better Danny Kelly in for that muppet Brazil

Dave Kerindi @daveonsport

Well, back to focusing on PL today. That's the primary focus next on Chelsea's agenda.

Simply Mr.Chris @soulstarwhitey

Anfield is again beginning to become a fortress after that result! Fear factor has returned!

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