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Mike Powell @mikepowell

Look at the empty red seats after half time Disgraceful this is your national team. Give those seats to ordinary fans

Derek Nozedar @dnozedar

Why haven't the FA sorted out the prawn sandwich hangers on, empty seats so embarrassing

Jason Scopes @utterjas

All those empty seats where all the corporate are disgrace

David Evans @djevans

They should get rid of those corporate seats, give them to kids or comp winners so they can sit close to the players in the dug outs. You know they are all too busy eating there prawn sandwiches to know its second half!

Murph1971 @mick1971

Corporates pissing it up at half time as usual

Matthew Dyson @mdyso2

Carrick is a boss in Cm

Gal  @gal

It hit his shin the **** wanker

Jason Scopes @utterjas

We should win this group without losing

Ed C @alchemist

I've never seen anyone able to zip past a player like Barnes. If Sterling wants to model himself on a player - look no further. Though his agent may want £50k a week extra for Raheem to watch the videos.

Chelsea McGlory  @chelseaxmacca

As England games go, this actually hasn't been to bad haha

Jayjayspur @jayjayspur

Comparing England's points with Germany's. Yeh both groups are equally tough aren't they? Idiot

Carlos (MC SHADES ) @soccersocrates

John Barnes ..for 3 years he was the best player in Europe . To quote a famous phrase ..he played " sheer delightful football "

Cletus Van Dam @cletusvandam99

Think the presenters need to patronise Kane a bit more. Idiots.

Jamie Leggate @jamie374

Remember it's a kick around like this one tonight

Richard Baldock @lillyrose

I've got my tickets for Wembley FA Cup semifinals COYG....... And taking my wife

Rikki Glass @rglass

Seriously guys will u forget abt Kane and support the players that r actually on the bloody pitch

Desmond Conwright @galumpa22

Is there anything that can satisfy an England supporter? 2-0 at the half and there are next to no positive comments.

Darren Warwick @warwickdarren

This is so boring when's Kane on

Harry Bwfc @hbulcock

Get hazzer k on boys liven up this shite

Jon Murray @jb90125

Any other country lucky enough to have rooney he would be a footballing god. Here the media pull him apart. Irrespective of who he has scored against he has scored them for England. Without his goals we would have been a bigger shower of s##t than we are.

It's only my opinion @marmite

I don't know what's worse watching England or listening to Hoddle?

Mat The Pratt @matcarter

When I was a kid I thought I was john Barnes it because of that I support Liverpool . Cheers John

Ragnar Lothbrok @rlothbrok

We should have 4 already.

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