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Gaz Brooks @gazbrooks

Bookies are hardly ever wrong but for odds to finish in the top 4. Out of the 20 teams in the league there is only one team you cant get odds on. Guess who??? Lol.

Stacey Andrews @manofstoke

I wish Rochdale all the best apart from tonight. Tonight I want a Stoke win ( sorry mum ).

RedStu @redstu23

Apparently there has been no bid for Dragovic yet. Scouts are watching him on Wednesday night.

Gareth Edwards @villaforlife

Who would villa fans like us to get in the draw tonight?

Bob Walmsley @thfcbob

Every game we play by 3 goals. Man city / Leeds, Chelski/Blackburn, Manu/Birmingham,foreign owners don't guarantee success. I want us to succeed as much as the next man, but not at the expense of the soul of our club

Lewis Illingworth @lewisdonstoon

The only positive that I can find from this is that hopefully now that the players have at least stability until the end of the season. To all those saying this lacks ambition I disagree. If this is to then go and get de boer then it could be a masterclass. Just hope jc doesn't get us relegated.

Jachi Nweke @stanpro

Has anyone seen Paulista play for a discernible length of time enough to decipher what kind of player we have just bought??

Chris Eden @cseden

Carver til close season may not be a disaster if we do finally get the right man (a De Boer/Garde/Galtier) in the summer. I just feel it's a gamble with our premiership safety. Not seen anything from Carver to give me any confidence.

Malcolm Jones @malcjones

Dorrans didn't play on Saturday.

Mike K Kwabs @kwabs

Newcastle fans bet you want pardew now be careful what you wish for how's the pardew out website doing

No1fan @no1fan

Move a step closer you know that I want you I can tell by your eyes that you want me too Just a question of time I knew we'd be together And that you'd be mine I want you here forever Dreams can come true Look at me babe I'm with you You know you gotta have hope You know you gotta be strong

JB-HammerGeeza! @mchammertime

So senagal mess sakhos back up in the first place. There medical team said he can't go he's not fit. He returns back 2 weeks early scores and it's all his fault. Well senagal sort your medical team out in the first place we wouldn't of had this trouble.

Micky B @pugsly

In the nxt round I want the dippers or arsenal at home lets knock em out early

Jamal Sharr @jamal1

Dnt understand how people support 2 clubs :)

Aman @aman77

We ain't buying no one. What a JOKE...

Malcolm Jones @malcjones

Macmanaman having medical tomorrow,who will he replace,Brunt?

Badger Cooper @badger

Timmy Timmy who the f*** is Timmy?

Duane Holness @gunnern9

Why the **** are these ***** talking about Newcastle, they hate the factArsenal are favourites for the cup

Jessica Kanarek @jesskan526

The game is most likely gonna be cancelled

Dave Furlong @dfurlong

Anybody know what pub is for Liverpool fans near Stamford bridge tomorrow night

Jamal Sharr @jamal1

Final on Graham Norton

Jamal Sharr @jamal1

It's funny how clubs in the premiership take the piss when it comes to players representing their countries. Prem managers should not complain when tables are turned - sarko and schlup take note

Richard Phelps @postyman76

Tell you what lufc and chellino if you're willing to sign foreigners why dint you approach pato he's avaible on loan if you agree to pay half his wages

Michael M @mixtupabit

5th Round draw on the " one show"..6th Round on " Bake Off" and semi's drawn on " call the midwife"

Ben Sherman  @bensherman

Who gives a shít what Chelsea fans say about tomorrow anyway - 90% of them know fùck all about football. Had one try & make me look silly the other day. So how long you supported Chelsea I asked? Since 1980 he replied. Sent him pic of 90s CFC player... Whos this then?? Didnt have a clue. Nuff said!

Martin Davidson @mdavidso1

Fergie was right Newcastle are just a small time in the North East.

TiFa @tmuche

Um sure everyone said Mario wudnt fit our style way before we bought him; what's with the surprise?

David Lowe @chunky1234

Carver in charge of the Mags I might have a bet on them getting relegated 28/1 it's worth a daft tenner ftm

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