Mathaeus @mathaeus

Taylor didn't even break a sweat

Gemma @gemily83

I do adore Rooney, but this did make me laugh

Karrim Bosson VTID @karrimbosson

Let's get villa park rocking 2 moro. .... Merry Christmas to all villains vtid

Brian C. @strongpersuader1

The midget falls apart again.... We lose 20-3.

Israel L Parper @iparper

Had my first Burger King Whooper in seven years a few hours ago. Needed to buy a Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Salad to get the taste out of my mouth!

James Bettinson @welshandproud

Night yappers. Enjoy a beer and the darts. Have a good sleep, I'm going to dream about cardiff actually going into the opposition half tomorrow. X

RedStu @redstu23

Just donated £10 to text Santa!

Richard McQuade @thermcq1986

3-0 Taylor wins against Artut, and tonight's darts doesn't end there just yet!

Gazza  @gazza606

Taylor just being Taylor! 😴😴😴

Aida @taurus53

OMG what the frock... That's all I can say about the Yankees deals.

Alex Mitros @amitros

Knicks 2015 squad!! T Harris, Melo, Calderon, Hardaway and Okafor.

Chris Hayes @chrissyhayes

Happy days just managed to get a ticket for the Swansea game on the 29th nice present for myself

Mario Puga @texasgooner

Right !! I am now on a two week festive holiday - Taking my family (American Spouse) and two kiddos back home to London for the festive season. See you lot back home in England!!!!

VanGaalacticos @vangaalacticos

Lynda Trafford every time she looks at the league table

Les Elliott @julieles1

We don't av to think abouth gooners they worry about us

Richard McQuade @thermcq1986

By the way, when I said that Taylor 'led 3-0' earlier, I'd meant to say 'takes the first set 3-0'. Typo error from me

Dave F @devil81

Cracking the Jack Daniels open in a minute!

James Ronan @jackuscornelius

C'mon the jacks tomoz. Lets do hull. Jack Army!!

Kai Smith @cfckai4

Wealdstone raider at the darts you want some?

FALCAO  @unitedfollower

Need to batter villa tomorrow, make a statement, have it or not United are still in this title race.

Chelsea Fc @mourinho1

My predictions for this weekend.....

Pablo @paulmightyred70

Taylor still looks bit shakey

Richard McQuade @thermcq1986

Artut finally gets a leg!