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Wildey @paulwilde

Evans should've given the benefit of the doubt due to the incident being so inconclusive. We are UTD and should stick together FFS !

John woods @widsy1888

just getting over the shock of last night I hoped it was a nightmare but no it wasn't boo hoo HH

Sammi @makeusdream14

I love that our club is international and has a huge fan base but I think locals should get some kind of priority for tickets?! 50% of languages I hear in the main stand aren't English? I can't help but think that's unfair?

Andy Mason @andy85

Question best app in your phone. Mine is this 1

Gary Miller @sydbarett

I think eight wins out of eleven gets us fourth.

Neil Peter Smith @nps75

With Stan joining the coaching staff that would of made a decent 5 man midfield with the others @ the club sherwood,McDonald,petrov cowans & mcandrew in their day

Jason Harries @jharries

We will be 3rd end of season...11 games left....47 points now,11 wins will get us to 80 points,...happy days fellow yids. well there's no harm in having an imagination is there?

James Jeffreys @sacreblue25

Proudest achievement of my online life

Bronco @bronco64

In my opinion Tim Sherwoods appointment is a breath of fresh air !! Think The Villa's gonna be ok , its a great away day match for any team , in fact lets get the semis held there again it's a better atmosphere than the new Wembley!!!!!

GurdevB @gurdevlfc

Anyone going to the Blackburn game..?

Anfield Legends @spiritoshankly

Poor stats tbf JWH team was poor and no consistency early season and pre Xmas when SG played a lot

Baz @bazza1000

It's unlike the press to dig up something after another great victory #haters

ROD MUNCH @lsarpong

That was seat of the pants radio jesus surely that wasnt real

Ste.W64 @villian64

Tims realised he can't do this on his own and as brought good Villa men in to help we are all in it together onwards and upwards

Nick G @nickgooner

I just hope Arteta doesn't walk back into the team and Wenger benches Coquelin, he may not be a house hold name like Busquets, Matic or Pogba but he gets the job done. Nobody in the team was willing to do the dirty work and sit in front of the defence but Coq does and I rate him for it. respect!

Gangsta 786 @delboy786

My.weekend bet Bradford 2-3..reading Scum 1-2..aresnal Lfc....4---0...blackburn rovers Villa....2-1..w.b.a

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

Everywhere you go always take De Gea with you

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Stat of the Day: Liverpool have taken 2.8 points per PL game when Steven Gerrard has not started this season, compared to 1.4 when he has. Evolution.

GurdevB @gurdevlfc

Gerrards on toast Mark

Andy Symeou @enfieldvilla

Players will look up to Stan. So happy with this

ROD MUNCH @lsarpong

Oh my day classic terry.s dad is superb on talksport this is genius

Jamie Wright @wrighty18

We need a forward coach i keep saying it dean saunders. Welcome Home stan petrov

Mitch 001a @mitch001a

Arsenal v Liverpool 2009 at Anfield on SS1 at 4.15 today, lot of goals to get through in a 15 minute programme. AA23's greatest day in an Arsenal shirt!?

Ste.W64 @villian64

I hope Stans in the Dug Out

Paul Davies @clickster

Bless Terry's dad. Classic radio.

GurdevB @gurdevlfc

Anyway me and the Seel-meister are buddys. Where the feck is hd these days?

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