Darryl Bride @dbride

Seems the new system is starting to work for us. Now id like to see henderson/can in place of lucas. Markovic on the right an moreno on the left.

Neil Murphy @murphthered

Arsenal and Liverpool two very poor teams Southampton deserve to take fourth spot or u two shower of **** e

Asad @cheekyboy

Chaps what's your email addy. @nickgooner no@krismcknight or@daherd d. Or ask me for mine...might leave but just asking mates their details n keep in touch...

Martin H @harrop76

Dont see anyone on the lfc page moaning when we win? Other fans may come on here and say it was only Bournemouth etc.

James Bettinson @welshandproud

Huge good luck to Jonas Gutierrez who today is making his playing return with Newcastle u21s. He!/ an inspiration to this world and I hope it all goes well for him.

Kev @kpg24uk

are you Barca in disquise????....long time since i watched a team passed to death like Blackpool. congrats on a superb performance.

Asad @cheekyboy

Luke what's your email addy. @gunner21

LFC Jay @lfcfaithful

For the record I've never wanted a LFC team to lose regardless of the manager any fan that does is wrong

Kev @kpg24uk

good game on Sat, you guys are a proper club, good to watch and will stay up there. We have hopefully had our bad patch so we are now in chase mode (i hope!!). good luck for season anyways.

Neil Murphy @murphthered

Please don't let that Herrera news be true

J B @jbhammertime

I see a burglar has been tasered robbing someone's house ...... And died oh well lesson there don't rob peoples houses. Merry Xmas

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Everyone wants a new GK at LFC, the problem is he must be a great shot stopper, great at dominating the area, a sweeper keeper so we can hold a high line, great with his feet. Thats Neuer ! Cech would be good, Begovic is just a better version of Migs, don't know if there is an answer

Sickburp @sickburp

I see the festive cheer is with everyone today. :-|

Carl David Gunn @aussiegooner

I wish we didn't have buckets of injuries like Chelsea etc and played nearly full strength week in week out. I don't know ins and outs of the game like some of you but I know enough to realise if this were the case we would be top 3,EASY. So at the moment it's only a game

Georgie Boy @georgieboy65

If you fancy a good laugh this morning, get yourself over on the scum page, they are having a melt down

Ryan Murray @murraymint

There should be a premier league Xmas game of World Cup doubles. But not pretending to be countries of course.

Asad @cheekyboy

Jesus how windy is it... Typical Essex boy I watched this last night and now expecting a typhoon and scared to go out.

Pat Johnson @pjohnson

Morning Gooner Family!

Kev @kpg24uk

<< wonders what Steve Bould is doing in training with Arsenals defence!

Adam Ralph @addman7

Nice mental strength your installing in the players you insane garlic munching ****! Oh no a football is coming straight at us!

Carl David Gunn @aussiegooner

G'day GoonerGang from Oz. Missed Arsenal game only saw highlights. Can someone tell me if a draw was fair and how we played overall. Obviously disappointed knowing we have more talent than Liverpool.

Tim Taylor @arsenal1116

Not going to let Arsenal ruin my holiday spirit.

Daniel Wilcox @wilcox1985

Oh why oh why can't we ******* defend

Nick Vann @vann1987

Any fellow gooners concerned he might be burnt out!