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Ed  @alchemist

If only Michael Knighton had been successful. Remember this ? If you actually listen the clip it's quite incredible. youtu.be/jlcbk40ml1A

Kevin Hammond @drogba11

Chelsea coming to my adopted town this summer Charlotte NC. Playing PSG July 25th at Bank of America Stadium. Pumped up. Then off to DC for Chelsea v Barca what a summer!!!!

Ross Barnett @barnotelli

The Most Wanted Man in Europe viewfromtheflanks.blogspot.com/2015/04/t...urope.html

Ash @alikeabledouche

No French. One of my signings cost £12m. Charnley negotiated the contracts and another was 1.1m lol

Anfield Legends IIP  @spiritoshankly

The English fanni is better than the German Kuntz

Gary Shinsky @garyshinsky

Kromwall better not be suspended.

Neil B @dotdot

The Argentinian Assmann....

Faheem Khan @faheem

The Italian Goal Machines Balo & Borini !!

Neil B @dotdot

Come on, what's that German chap called......

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

German Kuntz. There I said it.

🏾 Jamaican Scouser 🏾 @duddus00

Work finished play time for me now 🏽🏽

Neil B @dotdot

The French Fanni....

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