Clare Ray @cray

Merry chelsea Christmas

VanGaalacticos @vangaalacticos

The amount of empty seats is actually a joke! Sh*t club sh*t fans

Steve B @leedsfansteve

I don't like to say this but the way Norwich are playing by pressing and pressing is what we need to do away from home. Become hard to play against. MOT

Robinson @robbyboy

Could be a good time to play Quins as their not having the best of seasons, Come On FALCON'S

Micky @mburns87

I cant believe how much better our team is on paper than the unwashed. My only concern is Derby Day experience. They seem to rock up and love it. We have quiverred and cowerd the past few. At least no HBA, Debuchy, Santon and co to spit their dummys out. A lot more men in our side now

Brian Curran @bcurran

great stream for the game spoiled only by the remarks of Owen.

Matt Ollerton @mollerton0

Anybody know the starting line up yet

Brian Curran @bcurran

would have thought that City would fill the stadium for any game just like Utd do but then when i thought about it i realized that a lot of people at Utd games are not from Utd. maybe if City keep on winning things that will come for them too. good to watch anyway.

Baz C @bazza1000

Palace fans singing is there a fire drill pmsl

Mohamed Hassabo @hassabo

Hoping City drop points today so we can start closing the gap

Carlos @soccersocrates

Martin skertl has pledged that he would like to stay at Anfield for the rest of his career .. That's great .. And we should pledge to teach him him one of the most fundamental aspects of the human condition .. You don't always get what you want

Brian Perkins @brianperkins

Such a big opportunity for CP today!

Andrew Cooke @acooke

How many times ur going to fling ya arms around n act mardy Martin...... Ya need to start working harder.... No movement

Jacquie La Touche @jac13

How sweet will it be if we are up 4-0 by half time tomorrow revenge will be soooooo sweetwished we was playing today....hate playing on Sundays! Coyg

Micky @mburns87

City fans dressing as plastic seats today... i hate when clubs have loads of empty seats. Toon, chelsea and few others always have big crowds

Marcin @devil007

Fans dressed as blue seats AGAIN. EMPTYHAD. LOL

Deano A @dmindurow3

I hate this fool just as much as that other div Quinn the scouse

Emma Gilgallon @egil89

Come on saints need all 3 points today.

Mathaeus @mathaeus

Apparently Milner started his career as a ST, so he probably has more experience than Nasri or Silva at playing upfront tbf.

paul1999 @getthebeerin

Looks like there has been a bomb scare at the shitiahad again **** fans UTID

Geordie Rover @betrue

Milner playing a false 9 role up front ..will be interesting .. He is certainly versatile

Billy Chapata @iambrillyant

I would be the happiest man in the world if Palace got a draw at the Etihad.

Nick G @nickgooner

I'm seriously never drinking again....and my mortgage broker shouldn't either he said and I quote "Fazio is better than Koscielny"😐😐

Brian Curran @bcurran

found a great stream for Palace v City. if anyone is interested.

Samuel Peter @speter

Zabaleta is in trouble today

GrantyBhoy @grantybhoy

Good to see a lot of the scottish lads playing in the Derby v Norwich game . Wish celtic went out and bought russell when we had the chance .

Al @treble9onine

With City's lack of strikers, I think we will be second by mid January! If we can get hold of a solid CB in January we will make a realistic title challenge this season!

andrew reynolds @supernovapoop

Do you think we could get vergini to pop a few in his own net?