Ethan Marks @westham10

Don get why so many players can't beat the first man at a corner

markwnek @markwnek

Hate being at the mercy of a fluke

Jamie Urch @gnevisjesus

Who's gunna take a gamble on Bojan? He's got Spurs written all over him. Buy him for 16-18mill. Drain him of any talent or confidence he has and sell him on for 3 million. Textbook yids

Max T @maxtobin11

January is the time we sign a world class striker, Poch knows what he's doing, it's just Levy who can't make the right choices. We've been waiting 2 years now.

Chelsearob @rob70

Looks like we're encouraging Stoke to come at us and try n counter, dangerous

Joel Messenger @jmessenger5

Not that I don't like mikel but January he needs replacing...

Goon er @daherd

I shouldnt laugh at what he says but i cant help brutal n sharp.just cut that chelsea fan to pieces

Ali Muss @ali666

Will never get Mikel

James CFC @jmurra1

How we arnt further ahead in this game Il never know

Will Griffiths @wgriffiths

Good second half loving costa

Eric Goldstein @ericgoldstein

Feel a goal from Stoke coming soon.

FrancoZola @oneliononmyshirt

Mikel having yet another shocker. Either he has some photos of Jose in a safe somewhere or he is a bloody slow developer.

Bob King 68 @shoesmith1

Milner we should of got

markwnek @markwnek

Diego's feet just magic

Dave Feathers @bastiondave

Walters is an overweight pub player-he still ran rings round Arsenal's defence the other week. What does that say about our defence?

Stephen Hedgehog @torvue0

stoke a bit better this half

James Bettinson @welshandproud

Roma are lining up a fresh move for Tottenham defender Vlad Chiriches. The Romanian defender, who arrived at White Hart Lane last summer, is out of favour at the north London club and has made just five Premier League appearances so far this term. (Source Talksport) @rowettsbluearmy

Clartboy @clartboy

Somebody needs to give Costa a fookin slap. He's a first class end of the bell.

Mat Thomas @plumb82

Costa's showing a lot more discipline than I thought he would since moving to the BPL

Max T @maxtobin11

Yedlin has great potential. Hopefully a young Gareth Bale.

Colin @colondiver

We have gone down to stokes level of play. We need to get back to the in control team we really are! !!!