Timothy Cameron @tc96

We missed fellaini today. He probably would have been marking benteke at set pieces

Jill Solomon @jillinnj

we seem to be having trouble in our own end

Stephen Evans @igglesfan13

I've seen crazier senerios play out. We are done if the Cowgirls win tomorrow.

Dan Jacob @djacob

Mcdonagh looks hurt to me

Tracy Allen @tracyallen

The Washington ****** Redskins??? REALLY????

North Philly @birdgang

Don't put in foles next week we are done play him 1 game next yr

Gian Andrea Accola @g_re4l

Gonna be the most penalised game this year. Geez

Marty Russell @martyrussell

I wish Sill was healthy, I'm sure he'd take 5 of these ******* at once, bunch of pansies

Steve Zollo @stevezollo

The other coach used to clear his throat. This guy scratches the back of his neck.

Tom Potts @pottstn90

Gutted after seeing that result going off form we should have dominated that game.

Marty Russell @martyrussell

Looks like the new ***** for the Panthers little Ekblad ******** is the one it's getting protected in this ******* game little ******* **** sucker

Gian Andrea Accola @g_re4l

**** you unfair ************* **** team of untalented idiots outta florida!!! Motherfuckersssss

Keith Pudliner @keithpudliner

You ROTTEN BUMS! You overpaid WEANIES!!!

Ken Rosenthal @_kentherose

Cowboys losing 2 straight. Mark my word

Gazza  @gazza606

Bale's coming home. Get over it !!!