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Roy Byrne @royboy1

Awsome to have Barry in your camp . Makes u ten feet tall

Micky Hall @molly8888

Jamie and mat...same club for me...cant stop tho .... Shitfaced

Harry Ballz @blamejack

I want to drink gluten free beer with Shannon.

Smoggy A,J @gamingonps4

A 50/50 Fight and a 12th round KO would be great.

Pash @maniax

Fury on the mic lol

Kevin Slade @liverpoolkev

I was ringside at Loftus Road for the McGuigan/ Pedroza fight, 30 years ago! Great night then and tonight I'm watching Carl on the TV, go on my son, show us what you can do for boxing, your fans and Ireland!!!! YNWA

Paul Sparrow @spazref

That just proves he's not worth having in the side! Ballance out Hales in!

Matt Brookes @mbrookes

Balance out, Hales in and push Bell to 3 for Christ sake

David Bradshaw @kingericoffrance

Gary ballance shouldn't be in the one day team, drop him and bring alex hales, or bring in bopara and push Taylor up to third and have Ravi at 6, actually I'll let the traitor Eoin Morgan ruining for himself ireland are still better off without him if he wants to try come back crying

J M @macca123us

Lol what happened in cricket, 10 minutes ago they were cruising

Brandon @greatfriedrice

I just don't understand how that was a goal yet last year when the puck hit vaneks skate that was a kick motion and no goal this league sucks

Brian Graczyk @briangraczyk

Shannon said she wants to rock the barn!!!

Brian Pomponio @brianpomponio

So...I only have one jersey and its signed by the team from the early 00's. I want a JT jersey. Should I get the "away" blue ( because it will always be that way to me) or the stadium jersey? Didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me.

Stuart Clark @sclar3

Don't let Ross find out lads, you'll be dropped

Graham @predator123

Can see a collapse happening, same old story, run rate drops, wickets falling....

Paul W @paul1w

Can't see Falcao staying and there's a doubt over a new deal for Van Persie, be very interesting to see who are 4 strikers are next season !

Andy Reynolds @renoldo1

Hahaha that pre match cake obvs taken its toll on big fat Phil dowd

Carlos @soccersocrates

Damn !! My bus driver was driving so fast he actually took a pit stop so he could change tyres

Adam G. @adro34

Great craic here in Northern Ireland

Jamie Leggate @jamie374

Wonder if he knows the score tomorrow lol

Scott Stone @sgchild

Oh no shut up singing tyson!!!!

BRUiNSWiLL @josephgazzana

We've been smarter creating triangles but I want to see more traffic in front

Steve Judd @cookeandosgood

right joe. time to save us.

J M @macca123us

Lol need to get fitter refs, European ones put chubby's to shame

Sunraj M @sportsgrinderav

Peter moores and morgan need to wake and smell the coffee and drop ballance for the next odi....bopara at 6...move taylor to 3 is the wise thing to do.

Mike K Kwabs @kwabs

Phil dowds weight causing problems

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