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GloryGlory @gloryglory

Good luck to Murray. But the old firm can get stuffed

S.M. @sm313140

Important run coming up... Need tom win them all

GloryGlory @gloryglory

Murray to win in straight sets

Steve @smartblue07

Andrew Castle talking about smelling the carpet and walls as you walked down the corridor to the Rod Laver arena, the only thing he smelt was the exit signs

Steven Faulds @henrik7larsson

Missed a few words out there kennyn

Dave1980 @coshy1

My house is split I'm a die hard celtic fan and my wife is a Rangers fan . But me and the bhoy will be in green and white today .

paul morgan @paulie77

20 years ago chelsea city had 15'000 ... 20 years ago celtic rangers had 61'000 .. you will always be small teams with money and fake plastic fans

Dean Gipson @deano8787

What we reckon for the spuds next weekend ?

Martin Scull @carradonna

Jose at the club where he is "loved"

Mickey Burke @burky67

Right...let's do this.....Good Luck today Bhoys...COYBIG

Kenny @kblack001

Though the straits be broad or narrow, follow we will, Follow we will, follow we will, If the straits be broad or narrow, follow we will, We will follow in the footsteps of our team. [God bless them] Follow follow, we will follow Rangers, Everywhere anywhere, We will follow on,

David Jenks @dsj1

Good luck to Celtic today.I'm sure you'll batter Rangers.Walk on....

Steven Faulds @henrik7larsson

Not got a sectarian bone in me one of the main reasons I hate the Huns is they are sectarian

Gal  @gal

Despite the fact they had the same players, badge, and stadium? Ok pal

Anthony Taylor @abtaylor

Hope paulista has a run out. He if he's worth the money.

Sammie V @sam63

Didn't Eli kick ur ass.... Wilson young coming. Up. Nd Brady. So over rated. Hahaha. R u mad bro????

Michael Hellyer @hellyer7

Got a feeling we will make a surprise deadline day signing

Steven Faulds @henrik7larsson

They gave us Johnstone Tully Murdoch auld and hay

A P @audiovandal

Makes me wonder when will the likes of chelsea, madrid and psg etc come in with massive bids for couthino. I have a feeling this summer it will start. Just hope we keep him. Would be a huge loss.

Dave1980 @coshy1

It's not a auld firm game anyway . First time celtic have played Rangers International FC 2012. Rangers fans can kid them selfs all they want they follow a tribute act

Vic Taylor @alresford1

Any news on any new signings?

Stuart Smith @hmandansta

I'm feeling optimistic , if we can not concede any soft goals , I don't see why we cant get something , obviously will be a stern test as arsenal will keep playing no matter what , but if we can take our chances and we will get some , then could work out well for us #UTV

DRED66 @ddunning

Schoolboy defending - time the coaches took some grief what do Bond Jordon and Hoddle do? How can teams in the top division continue to employ defenders who are so bad at their job

Ben Smith @nushynushy

Morning yappers. Big day for jocks today. Good luck andy murray. And the old firm returns

Kenny @kblack001

At least we have songs and sing you muppet

Sammie V @sam63

Goodnight all nd good morning across pond. Have a good day. Nd I will dream good 😴😴😴😴😴

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