Mario Puga @texasgooner

It astonishes me that the BBC, Sky, BT Sport, or ITV did not televise the World War 1 Christmas Truce match. So sad !!!

Les Elliott @julieles1

We still need a quality striker soldado not doing it enough and Kane will need a break at some stage

Buckeye Seamless @buckeyeseamless

Who has a better chance to remain a Brown? J. Sheard, T. Gibson, B. Hoyer,? B. Mingo

Alex Mitros @amitros

Throwing Noah away just like that!!

StuHughes @stuhughes

Charlie Nicholas still thinks he's 21.

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Lacazette scored again, but where did he come from ? Reminded me of a young Owen who's pace got him to the right place

GloryGlory @gloryglory

All I want for Christmas..... Is for Ronnie to come home!

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Ilori is injured again ! Stiff competition to the Man of Glass Studge, the Boy of Balsa Ilori

Philip Thomas @pthomas012

Just back from the kids Xmas show. Brilliant rendition of feed the world. Oh I was so tempted.

Gemma @gemily83

Don't Jinx the transfer thing, you may as well say the 'V' word...Ooops

Les Elliott @julieles1

Spurs have a big squad of playable players meaning they are all able to go in the side.Are they all good enough is down to opinion but you can't keep them all happy as to the fans that's why poch needs to stick to the guys that are doing it for the club rite now but it can't be easy

Rod @vesparod

I'm going to say it and say loud. I LOVE MICHAEL CARRICK.

Marcin @devil007

Louis van Gaal is reportedly readying a £90m offer for Real Madrid star Gareth Bale, according to the Daily Star. Lol being daily star journalist is the best job in the world. Writing down whatever you want and rubbish and get paid for it.

RedStu @redstu23

It's a little quiet on the transfer rumours isn't it? Usually you have news papers full of ******** rumours by now?

Jabz !! @jjabz

Finny @dfinny

I bet Sheffield United couldn't believe their good luck drawing the spuds in the cup, and we thought drawing Monaco was an easy one

J M @macca123us


Ucheguccigoo @ucheguccigoo

If united did a panto of Robin Hood and his merry men , Ando would definitely be friar tuck.

Jabz !! @jjabz

Omg this praising **** keeps on getting worse and worse how is Sanzhez being compared with sterling

Rob S @islanderrage33

Article in newsday today about how jt. Production has fallen off a bit

Dumiso @gbwf

Just watched #BubbaClaus doing his thang, don't know what to think.

Gillian @gillian

Since when has Howard from the *** king Halifax advert played for United?

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

PMSL laughing Bournemouth players wigs falls off in the match

Danny Moya @dannym1979

Beautiful mind of a dutch master!!

Darren @dsmalls

Wonder if the Bournemouth fan who blew the whistle is feeling as bad as our beachball fan!