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JOBU ST. LOUIS! @magichat9elixir

Shoot shoot shoot. Only pass if needed

Deadmanshand6120 @blackaces

Let's go boys. Score. Tie this up!!!

John @tonsoftoots

Never thought I would say this but can we get car bomb back at least he scores

Les Loveridge @lesterlove16

Wow!! Can't believe how all the plastics come out after one lose

Trisha Escaravage @canopal

Not complaining about the score. Sometimes, it's best to stay mum. #Canucks

Kerra Daley @kerrad

Well that's Slightly reassuring news..

Brad Gibbs @bgibbs1987

It wouldn't surprise me if next season, FIFA reduce the quota of English teams in Europe, and then it's a down hill spiral look what happened when they done it to Seria A. The f.a will only have them selves to blame they need to start helping the English clubs!

John @jthomas0

Smith held the islanders scoreless for almost 2 periods and they ended up putting 6 by him anyway.

PJ @salfordreds

You see the difference in the before and after pics.........i know what your all thinking but im just wondering where has his lipstick gone!!!!

Mr. D @jeffdillon

Wow, he's made a few great saves

Dave Grossman @davegrossman

Smith is standing on his head. Unbelievable.

John @tonsoftoots

Smith is on fire tonight

Jill Solomon @jillinnj

wow, its bound to go in sooner or later

Craig Palmer @cpalmer12

Omg put the puck in the ******* net

Jeff Nickels @jnickels

Hmm, not much chatter going on in here!

Chris DeLuca @vze3k6qh1

JT can't finish his tea lately.

Craig Palmer @cpalmer12

I think we can shut the game off they will b shut out

SilviOMFG @silvinho01

Only advantage I see is our bench vs theres. But then again we have the best bench in basketball. #makeItRain

Karen Bughman Grunhard @kgrunhard

. Hi Hawks fans my pick to click is any blackhawk that neuters a panther

Sugar Magnolia @stacyanker

Holy ****...Tanner Glass is making moves. Hell's just frozen over.

Dave Grossman @davegrossman

Left the room for a second and they scored. Man that's happened to me way too much this season.

Mr. D @jeffdillon

Can we trade Glass and a bucket of cash for Vermette and get him a jersey during intermission?

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