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John The Scon @johnny1shoe74

We need more girl physio's lol

Matt E @fattmatt77

Could you let that Chelsea female physio know that my groin needs attention

David Sidney @dogfood666

Not a Chelsea or City fan but well done Chelsea fans applauding lampard ,it showed a bit of class

Henry Reading @sparky1119

There she is Chelsea players must love getting injured got an ******** all ready LOL

Mark Brown @markbrown

C'mon DROGBA,show em how it's done!

Tapp3rs1988 @tapp3rs1988

I agree .. considering you left Chelsea to play in America

Ian Barton @citylad62

Do you think lampard will give100% .?

Sports Squirrel @sportingsquirrel

I wanted chelsea to win but having just seen that picture below I ******* hope lampard gets the winner. ******* miserable set of twvts!!!!!!!!!!

Steve @smudgermcfc

Do u think the Chelsea players fake injury just to get her to come on lol

Demir Dalkilic @ddalkilic

Willian injured 😦 injury list is racking up, with the window open still we can act..

Cesc Addict @cesceducation

Oh Eva.. i pulled my knee at work come look it over

Stuart Wing @stuartwing

That's not good Willian going off. He's such a player for us right now

SP @p17dge

Hope Lynda's team gets a result tomorrow !!!!

J M @macca123us

Ah the Chelsea Physio

James 'Crizzle' Cross @jcros3

No Willian has been our best player dammit

Paul Marwood @psm737

Got to put a striker on and go for it

Dr Dutch @jmorrison

Bring on baker and drogs

Justin Moreton @juzzerman

Well that Super Sunday aint too Super is it?

Bootle Red @jc23

Come super Manc Lampard grab the winner lad

Scott Jones @scottie2hottie

The real disgrace is Oscar wearing his shirt, not worthy and it should have been retired!

Alan Swann @biga

Matic appears to have hurt his girlfriend

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