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Mario Cappetto @mario_appetto1

It seems like nobody likes either Seattle or New England!

Keith Stewart @wkstewart0615

Alright yall, game faces on. Let's do this!

Gemma @gemily83

@gazza606 you gotta put that video up for @holliemufc

Stan Collymore @stancollymore

Stan Collymore On Diego Costa's Behaviour - Stamps, Ban & Gary Neville Spat On Twitter t.co/GumB8sPRyc

Brian Wiliams @knowledge845

The hawks are playing really good 17 game winning streak wow

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

That's my word ESPN is the worst for fantasy sports, they always get everything wrong

Michelle S @blondiemrss

So often we get called a small, plastic, classless club. Whatever. I'd rather be a small, plastic club that wins big trophies most seasons than a big club with rich history yet winning **** all season after season. #justsaying #bittercoswearebetter

Patricia pelletier @diamondstar62

Let me re-yapp that mess I tried to yapp should have said dammit he missed

Robin Hans Willem Dicke @dickerobin

Got to admire Eddie Howe... Done a fantastic job at Bournemouth... Deserve to be in the Premiership... That's one heck of a managerial story... Wow!!

Michael Anthony @lazykyosuke

I was just about to say Zid doesn't make as many mistakes since PDB being fired.

jae @jaeworkman

Who's next to have a big one

Nono More @hhale

Ok from w what I've read Josh was to have no alcohol during his season the word is his. His season ended was going on vacation does this league have a nut for this guy and the Browns kick Goddell out he's destroyed the game i love

Brian Wiliams @knowledge845

Somebody is going to go off tonight watch lol

Hollie MUFC @holliemufc

What's all this about a video I've missed?

Keith Stewart @wkstewart0615

I wonder if 55 points aided in Lebron's healing process

Ryan Wong @fudog96

Deron Williams is out for tonight.

Liz Rocca @hawks1988

When is Williams vs Sharapova on?

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