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Billy Chapata @iambrillyant

We just need 8 more points to secure Champions League qualification. Pretty confident we'll do it.

Simondo @simple07

We're all disappointed guys but, reality check here... Last year we had 2 quality strikers on fire playing all season long. we haven't had that this year. No one to score the goals that breeds confidence and results. All those calling for BR head are off the mark. Judge him when we have strikers

Adam S @adams07

Crazy stoppage time in the championship ... Boro down again and Norwich equalises !!!!

Richard Dear @speedyuk

Is pardew trying to get Newcastle relegated?

Vip Patel @vippie

The fudge is going on with Newcastle?!?

Muhammad Vito @vitorendragraha0

Enough! The board of directors need to do something to fix the problems in this club. I love this club but after this match I'm extremely disappointed.

Younglooks @younglooks

It's just like the start of the season, without sturridge, we dont have a good striker

Damian Lyon @dlyon

Come on villa..... proud to be a villan.... win loose or draw....

Fight For My Life To Be Here! @defiantlfc4ever

You won't see my logic but I now hope we finish 7th!

Roy Townsend @rtownsend

Sorry are Watford good enough? They've lost 11 times this season 88points from 45 games isn't a great return!!! Less than 2 points a game...Straight down I reckon

Josh Taylor @jltayles

Tranmere out of the football league for the first time in nearly 100 years

Patrick Richardson @paddypower19

Fair play to boro, good sports and very strong team! All the best for the future

Chris Roberts @tod21

Tranmere non league ... Sad day

Nico Ripoll @nripoll

Good thig Lallana's return to the pitch despite the result. Keep on working lads we should improve this all together #YNWA

Ashna Jhooreea @ashnalfc

Frustrating evening really. We still dont knw how to counter teams who park the bus:/ lovren has been good today. Shame he couldnt score at the end:/ unlucky Ibe too :/

Karl 'Fandango' Young @kyoun1

We play West Bromwich of the park for 90 minutes, who parked the bus at home.. and fans moan about not winning.... muppets Muppets Muppets. ...

Diego Trejo @diegotdlt

So far from champions league...

Tony Hill @thil1

I've already got this result as a loss so anything else is a bonus

lovemesexy lovemesexy @lovemesexy

Rodgers is a joke and he's turned us into the punchline

Gullyraw @gullyraw

Had we of qualified we would have had to invest a further 150m minimum to even spare embarrassment! Trust me! The Lord, small mercies and thank you!

Taylor Green @taylorjaygreen

And a draw well done best man for the job and well done to the players for playing as **** as you can! We are Liverpool tralalalalala

Ed  @alchemist

Come on Roy. Tell us again about what you'll be telling your grand kids

Charlie Parsons @parsons8

Tony Pulis doesn't know how to play against us, because he doesn't play. Imagine having paid to watch that shite. Heart goes out to those who did.

Lee Read @leeread2

Let's all post. Getting sacked in the morning on the liverpool page

OR22 @or22

We knew W.Brom would be tough to break down. We needed to win this game and it's a shame we lacked that creative spark. Onto the next game

Ricardo Ferreira @74luso

Well done Leicester, when the going gets though, the though get goin'

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