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Michael Ynwa @lfcgyp

Oh great Glen Johnson. He'll set the world alight.

Milan Mickey Novakov @mnovakov

We are outnumbered everywhere on the pitch...only solo play can save us now...

Deacon @soceramics

Why is our midfield playing so deep !

Antgeezahgooner @antgeezah68

Keep seeming yids yapping. Totally forgot they were playing. Come on Newcastle. Cam on ye man.

DJ B.P @djbp

Oops I take it back play Paulinho lol

Gemma @gemily83

Yes! Glen Johnson Bingo it is!

ChackieJan @cschow

Villa are sitting back now. We need to get creative.

Vip Patel @vippie

I wonder what's going on in Ibe's head right sitting and knowing he's cup-tied?

Dan Page @dannynev30

When we was invaded by Liverpool fans and one of them kept saying tick tock I still to this day don't get the meaning but think it's only polite I pop over there now and repay them words back

Doug Ford @doug25

Has this performance simply wilted under the weight of Wembley ?

Ross Parker @rossparker84

Do we actually realise that we're playing at Wembley in the semi final f the FA Cup? Performance suggests no

Jamie Rye @jrye

Here's our missing ingredient that'll ensure we get an equaliser. Ladies and gentleman...goal scorer extrodinaire John Glenson!

Stephanie Griffiths @sgriffith1

Grrrrr lost connection for the game

Tino @tinoisreds

Sorry to say that BR got it wrong and seems clueless

Alan G @alanni1

If this isn't Gerrard off, Johnston on and Can into midfield I'll be amazed

Gareth John @garjohn

Haven't heard the pool fans

Ian Dixon @dickod

To be fair Paulinho is playing better today

Mathaeus @mathaeus

Love how aggressive Rosberg is driving today.

Gary Turton @gazza139

I'm afraid this sums up Stevies display today....

Hashim Saeed @hsaeed300

So we're losing and br decides to bring on Johno

Kim Fox @kfox

COME ON LADS WE ARE LIVERPOOL let like Liverpool and let get are ️ to this game. Play like your life's need this win. KEEP THE FAITH IN YOUR ABILITIES TO WIN

Chrysano Jun @chrysanolfc

every single lfc players are simply **** at times like this. wake up reds

Tobi Solola @tobiafc

What the flip was Shay Given doing?

Horace Au @horaceau

Just can't Balotelli stay onside?

Old Skool Fool @thehaminal

Get borini on and let him run his balls off

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