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Ryan Mitchell @thearsenalfan

Finally internationals are over looking forward to smashing the scouse scum on Saturday then watching another 'big team lose at Burnley on Sunday.

Carlos (MC SHADES ) @soccersocrates

Computer: "Enter new password." Me: "Beef stew" Computer: "Sorry, not stroganoff"

Billy Chapata @iambrillyant

I would be livid if Van Persie came back straight into the team. He needs to earn his spot in the starting 11 like everyone else. I hope Louis does the sensible thing.

J M @macca123us

We beat Holland at 78 World Cup with one of best goals at a World Cup. Holland got to final youtu.be/d1axsnMRbbo

Jack Excell @27

Who's going to finish in the top 4 man united or Liverpool and is it Chelsea's title to lose now

Kevin S. @kstainbrook

I see them going D line, O line with first two picks.

Andy Reynolds @renoldo1

Good question that, what is Scotland's finest moment in football?

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

Steph Curry made the play of the year last night. #RIPCP3

Premika J @premeeks03

When you tell a young player he's amongst the best in Europe, he's going to want to be paid the going rate, naturally.

Andy Barnes @andybarnes767

Why are Liverpool waiting for sterling and his team ..... To sort contract in summer- sell him now with two years on his contract

Brandon @greatfriedrice

Win 3 more games and we clinch, let's just take care of our own business, it would be nice if other teams help us out but all season it's been the same, teams we want to win always loses and vice versa, lets just control our own destiny, no easy game these next 5 but I believe we will clinch soon

5tew @5tew

yeah, get a room you two !!, anyway Sterling is fit for the weekend :-)

Asad @cheekyboy

One year on April Fool's day I got woken up got dressed went to school. Didn't realise it was saturday. 😴

Sy @pangloss

This is getting daft now there's no need to play my dïćks bigger than yours game. The banters dying and it's becoming an argument. We both know our teams have not done great lets just leave it that.

Reevo @jiipjaapstam

The papers crack me up.....apparently Utd gave been dealt a "blow as Mats Hummel's has said he has not promised to join them. If he's not promised anything how is that a "blow to anybody?!?

Robert Merrils @rmerrils

Utd ant got any cb ahah

RedStu @redstu23

Villa have one reconised centre back for United game ha ha ha ha!

J M @macca123us

England could get to a semi final but it depends on draw, they haven't beaten a major country in knock out phase since 66. At the moment Spain, Germany, France( France on paper never know with them lol) possibly Belgium if they get their act together are on different level

Nono More @hhale

Reciever,reciever,qb,edge rusher,ILB,DT all in that order

Paul Gray @psgray100

At this stage I will be happy with a semi at the Euros ... 12 months time may think differently

Andy Reynolds @renoldo1

Try winning some games that might help you move up the rankings

LFC Leg End @gpool80

I was walking down the street when this guy through milk, butter and cheese at me. How dairy

Sy @pangloss

Why are you calling me a bell end. Why resort to that. You get seeding from qualifying games we win most of those but you decide they don't could t now. Why you being so agro

J M @macca123us

The last time England got tougher group was qualifying for 08.....

Sy @pangloss

We are seeded because we win a lot of games that is a fact Paulie whether they are qualifiers is not our fault. We do crap in tournaments but we win most games to get there hence the seed. It's logical is it not

markasquith @markasquith72

Chelmsford , 4.00 , wakea , Bucks only ride of the day 💷💷💷💷🏇🏇🏇🏇 around 11/10

Legacy @nickliuzzi

Love AV , happy he is our coach .

Glenn Carrington @bigbear

It was nice seeing all the spurs players celebrating towsend goal. Coys

Barrie K @barkes84

You hear about that new broom that came out? It's sweeping the nation.

Paul Gray @psgray100

Football is coming home and no have not been smoking or drinking anything

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