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Stuart Salmon @ssalmon

Keep the run going 3pts tonite

Matt Cooney @mattcooney

I heard from numerous people but don't believe it

J M @macca123us

Seen few people saying Villa will survive, just can't see it. They have good striker in Benteke but no one to supply him and I can't see them scoring enough to survive. QPR, Leicester, Burnley and others around them all bang in fair few goals

Jordan Everitt @jeveritt

I'd expect to see the best of a £60m+ player straight away tbh

Badcityboy @badcityboy

On train heading for London com on let's keep it going all the way to the title coyr

Stephen Chadderton @schadderton

The face you pull when you hear Brendan Rogers say Liverpool can challenge for the league title.

Gemma @gemily83

I think we have a winner...

Stuart Cox @scox6938

Smell the vile ********?? That's fear ****** wiv ya nilla!!!

Mo Gunz @mogunz

AND we have to pay $1M of Zids' salary?!?!? God ******* damnit!!!! I hope Zids breaks his leg and has to retire. Congrats *******, you made my **** list

Stephen Chadderton @schadderton

Excuse me i think you've dropped something .

Chelsearob @rob70

By having no game at the weekend, the lads should be well rested and ready for PSG next week

D.L. @ltrainz28

High five if you remember Islander away games on WOR channel 9 n home games on WHT.

Mark Waterfield @marksamuel87

Expect a tight disciplined display tonight .. We aren't desperate for the win, they are catch em on break 1-0/2-0 Albion

Ash Zaman @awash

Come on all you villa fans get tickets and make full house we were all anti lambert he is gone are club needs us full house and 3 points important then cup match today is our final

Rob S @islanderrage33

Ranger fans are such idiots.dobthey realize it's already been 21 years since the Edmonton Rangers won the cup they act like it was last week

Matt Perry @mattwba

The vile are looking scared, come on Baggies!!! They live in the past and always will, pulis will show em!!! ******* COME ON!!!

Bob Paisley's Statue @melvynhunthunt

Carragher and Neville should be worried about there job great analysis youtu.be/q_li1-wVj0w

terry a @telbob

Comon boro ! We can't afford to lose another game ! Tonites gonna b a tough game but also a winnable 1 !! Let's start with our best side and stick with it till the end of the season !!!!

jae @jaeworkman

Let's get these spring training games out the way

Marcin @devil007

Last year after 28 games we were 14 points behind 4 th placed arsenal. Says it all. BELIVE.

charlotte @ladette2lady

folk saying don't introduce video refereeing' afraid it's always been here..it's called te FA

Mark Clench @c13nch1370

Baggies 2-1 tonight KRO SOTV

Carlos @soccersocrates

Anfield legends is my moriaty but I like it

Keith Yates @villa74

Gill has to start tonight our most creative player free role behind benteke no point playing gabby no goal threat doesn't create chances, I hope the players aren't as nervous as I am coyvb

Kerra Daley @kerrad

My car is a 2000 Toyota Corolla that I've had since I was in College! It's actually pretty warm out today it's 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ian @ianlatimer

We are a little bit lucky with chelsea as a lot of there football is played in the centre of the park but if they get they get down the wings like teams have been then we are in shit

Zoidberg @zoidberg

Henry was great, but he did have Dennis, Bobby and Freddie dragging teams about making space for him. I wonder how many Wrighty would have scored in his prime with those players feeding him

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