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Gangsta 786 @delboy786

Morning from.gansgta to all my fellow lfc fans lets have a great weekend starting from now

Domo S @idomo1

Van dickery! Cheer up!

KJay @kjaysmith

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer dies terrible accident. As he was flying over Barcelona, the reindeer was hit by a flock of seagulls and a 747. Eye witnesses report that "The reindeer in Spain was hit mainly by the Plane!" In other news, LVG has publicly stated that him and Giggs don't get on! #Jokes

Stephen Chadderton @schadderton

Anyhow im off to do that thing that dippers fear the most, work

Raj Sharma @bombaybadboy

I've told you lot before be careful where you stand..!!!

Stefan Hatton @stefanwba

Bbc Sport page suggests the tv coverage tommorow will be just as biased as BT Shite was the other night. So glad I'm going to this game. Anyone watching it on the box, tune in at 5:30 and avoid the unnecessary bias. Although Sherwood cam will probably be implemented again. ****** joke. Impartiality?

Dan Vickery @djvix

2 reasons to beat the bin dippers on Sunday...firstly to bag another Prem scalp and get us to Wembley, and second to put a stop to that shite hashtag #GetGerrardToWembley

Gordon Porter @gordonporter7

Wheres DDGs new contract..cmonnn!

Anfield1 @cainsdust

Alan brazils voice is so fecking annoying I thick he trys double hard to sound extra Scottish

Brother V @sonofav

Id rather have a "lazy pkayer any day if the week than a selfish personal glory hunter.

D.Miller @coold

Everyone talking about left footed on the right wing/ right footed on the left wing thats rubbish … when has young EVER played for us on the right? Wing is the wing Di Maria just lacking confidence and he's not going at his man

Brian Connolly @brianlfc1

Morning all back to work today and back to reality for yours truly.Have a great weekend folks and stay safe.#WeGoAgain #YNWA #JFT96

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

GM of Iranian Club Esteghlal Seems to Hit Reporter in the Balls During Interview | Bleacher Report (via ble.ac/teamstream-) teamstre.am/1Mawa0W

Badabing @villades

Merse has us to win tomorrow

#ShedEnd @cfc1958

On the spitting issue do players need to spit whilst on the pitch whilst playing , it looks pretty gross when you see it , imagine if we all spat walking down the street , I have seen incidents of people spitting on the pavement and it's disgusting so why is it acceptable on a football pitch ?

Nigel Gaston @nige

Loathe myself for agreeing with Alan Brazil, as disgusting as spitting at an opponent is, the 7 game ban for Cisse is way over the top!

Micky Hall @molly8888

Morning sweet yappers.....four days off ....heaven ....fa qf weekend.....you know what that means .....a win and

Gerry smith @gerryasmith

Love the Alan Brazil show but that Alan answers section is bloody pointless and dull .. Get rid please

David Walters @dwalters93

Mesut Ozil since returning from Injury........... 3 goals, 5 assists Feb- Player of the Month Covered the most distance than any other Arsenal player............. What a lazy flop #fuckinghaters

Nick G @nickgooner

Gabriel out for a month

David Ramanaden @davidram1

AB you're wrong on spitting. Hepatitis B and HIV can be transmitted in saliva. So it is a vile, potential life altering thing to do. Why do you think bleeding players have to leave the pitch and change shirt etc? Also biting is not career ending yet you agreed with the ban there.

Roberto Bia***** @RJB33

Question: What's the difference between the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers? .........Answer: The last Red Wings Stanley Cup team picture isn't in black and white.

Maniax @maniax

May not not reach 50 overs

Jon Murray @jb90125

Again we have a situation on here when everyone becomes jailer, judge and executioner. Everyone pours out their heart on how spitting effects them. How dirty it is etc blah blah, Stuff like this happens it shouldn't but it does. If the FA make an example of him then it's his own fault. IMO

Vanleech Baptiste @vanleech1949

We have become a one man team. If Gayle has a poor game, West Indies fold. Seems as if they only interested in T20.

David Steele @taffytoon

That's cisse's season over 7 match ban no way he'll be match fit in time for the remaining three games! What a tool!

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

liverpool scouting Braga's Danilo again tonight

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