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Tom Weston @tweston

It's amazing what a good win an amazing goal by Gil on his debut cab do to fans moral ! No winging for a whole weeeeeek plus Sanchez looks like he's out the Villa game.

Stuart Smith @hmandansta

I don't know what Sinclair will be like for us ? But as always I hope he comes in , works hard and takes his chance when it comes along , welcome to the Villa

Keith Watts @kwatts521

Gotta say after the disappointment of tues has now eased! That for me was our best performance of season, bossed a midfield at Stamford bridge for first 45 and only missed out by not taking chances! Not bad for a side with no recognised striker! Until sat that is

Perry Smith @elpel

In it funny been looking at other forums and it's quiet every where as I think it must be the transfer window being s h I t .. The only people having a moan is fans slating Costa coffee and the mancs being told to pay money to see em get beat by Cambridge

Richard Hare @richowl

lol just been sent this....

Dee  @the433formation

@davidbradshaw23 I can't see your yapps & soon as I get a reply from you the notification goes away in less than 4 seconds.

OOHHAHHCANTONA @grumpymonkey

**** me it's cold. Glad I'm not a footballer.....Yeh right

TiFa @tmuche

It is simple as if this man had bought the club we wud have been yapping different stories on here. apparently a Liverpool fan. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,, Google him.

From The Sidelines Podcast @sidelinersport

Today, Guinea and Mali had to 'draw lots' to determine who advanced to the quarter finals of the African Cup of Nations. Controversial scenes; but what do you suggest should have been done instead? Be creative and let us know!

Lewis @poorscouserwaddy

Costa/Skerts is the next Torres/Vidic

Daftpunk @daftpunk76

Hope Jose gets a touchline ban if he dosent do a press conference

️ARSENAL @ab84

What's there to talk about??? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ruck em. Murray had a good win in tennis. Weather been everything today, sun, rain, snow, sleet, hailstone even God was angry with those 2 in final of 🐁. #wengerout

John Sharp @john1996

I'm sorry but mourinhio and Chelsea the piss mourinhio a great manager yeah but off the field he does himself no favours with his everyone out to get me attitude and now this stamp thing it's so clear to see what Costa did and him defending him is well out of order

Stephen Hedgehog @torvue0

This transfer window I would be more than happy if it was just De Gea and Falcao signing .

steven w @churchill1945

Come on Ellis, get that Uruguayan out our club.

Sy @pangloss

Can you imagine if Sturridge comes back and scores and Liverpool win. Yapper will become unbearable. We would of won the league blah blah

Paul Marshall @paul1973

There's no way on gods earth that LVG is gonna watch chelsea n city buy players this month , to stretch further in front of us , and do nothing about it , this space ........watch it !!

️ARSENAL @ab84

I think we have enough strength to beat villa with out Sanchez & give him time off to rest. If fit put him on subs bench. About time Ozil, theo, wellbs (if fit) to come in. #COYG #wengerout

Gunner21 @gunner21

Very quiet in here today..subdued 2????..or is it me????

steven w @churchill1945

Poyet while some not his choice has £54 million worth of players in his squad, yet most blame Short for not investing. It's all about Poyet as a coach, not Short the owner. He can't motivate, is supremely negative and clearly can't get the best out of a huge investment!! Sack him and start afresh.

Dean Bailey @0121dean0121

I hope Sinclair comes in and does us proud and shows the tesco bags what he can do VTID

Geordie Rover @betrue

Typical lazy journalists beating up on Broad. Instead of meditating on the global view of the truth.. They concentrate on the narrow.

Kieran Powell @poult12yid

Bristol City 1-0 up @mrmudgely happy days.

Tom 007 @molyneaux

Man united to win 5-0 on Saturday faclo rvp mata di Maria and Wayne the wounder Ronney!!!

Paul @ringodingo

I would ban the Neanderthal man until the 24th May.

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