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Jono Hawes @jonohawes

This game is now looking like which ever team misses the most shots loses.

Phil Ram @rambu

Its Official Fat Micky just said on TS Liver fuckingpool will finish top 4.

Lee @leeanthony8686

What's this about Suarez going to arsenal????

Bullet Witch 6 @bulletwitch

Cold this morning at Concord HQ ,,️who's putting kettle on ? @craigcfc @nushynushy @paulie77 @swampthing , lol looks like it's me then

Leedsleedsleeds @yorkshire31

Lufc 5s martyn redebe sheridan strachen yaboah

James @jamesj

Don't know why people are so against suarez coming to us, him and sanchez? Yes please.

Leedsleedsleeds @yorkshire31

Matt smith scored all 5 goals last night cant believe we let him go

Jonathan Paice @jpaice

Great catch from Bell! Don't want to jinx it but England bowling really well here.

Matt E @fattmatt77

Morning fellow goners, don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers but as far as I'm concerned paulista can take Over from BFG straight away. I know he's some peoples favourite character but he's got no pace, gets pulled out of position and ducks his way out of Ariel challenges and shots.

Yellowman @yellowman

This witch hunt on Costa is ridiculous. All they are talking about for days. If we lose appeal he might be out for longer. As much as I don't think it's right, we should have taken 3 games IMHO

IanB62 @ianbfromkent

Please, no more future stars. Just go out and buy a proven player.

Mark Waterfield @marksamuel87

Does any one really care about Miserable Murray and his snotty Mrs engagement ring ? I for couldn't care less

Gavin @gavincoop

Come on England let's keep this going!

Micky B @pugsly

It's Friday yappers. Roll on 2clock I've got a date with jd n coke

Gavin @gavincoop

Come on England let's keep this going!

GrantyBhoy @grantybhoy

Countdown is oan bhoys

Mayank Dembla @mdembla

In big games mourinho plays fabregas at cam and brings in mikel at cdm but the real question is - Is mikel better than cesc defensively comment below

Bram @bram65

Evidence that Spurs fans are deluded.

Raj Sharma @bombaybadboy

Eddie get the cheque book ready..!!!

Denny Humphries @dhumphries

So now we have some natural born wingers let's hope lambs actually uses em n don't just bench em. Push andi up with Benteke and Baboom.. We might have something :)

Tom Blue @onemanwenttomow

As per usual, Jose is conducting excellent business in the transfer window to strengthen our squad. Salah on loan to Fiorentina to guarantee the Cuadrado transfer and taking in "Mega Bucks" for Schurrle to Wolfsburg. GENIUS! Hopefully he will make a last minute bid for Benteke too! KTBFFH!!

Jonathan Paice @jpaice

Yes wicket! Get in Woakesy. Just need to get Kohli now...

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