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Ahad Ali @aali0

Delphies statement was fantastic!

Fraser @bobidazzler

Just had the nicest cream crackers going. Anyone wants to know where I get them from just give us a shout.

Tyrone.mitchell @longgunn

Phil Neville: "Rosicky with his silky skills and no-look passes, can't have that, I'd love to two-foot him."

Grant Lambo @arikidds

Barry fry , on talk sport great interview by Danny Kelly

AnnMarie Hofsteadter @ahofsteadter

Someone tell Corey he's actually working right now and to watch his step. Hahahahaha

Craig Ratcliffe @sydneyfc

Is it just me or does it look like the player don't really care? Not like when it use to be world V North America...

Grant Lambo @arikidds

Barry you should be a sir , the things you done for football #peterboughdirectoroffootball

Stephen Quantock @stiggers

Right I'm outta here catch my yapper bro's 2mora night night

️Jamaican Scouser @duddus00

Sometimes I forget this is a sports site sorry people COUDNT resist vine.co/v/OTBMtOYvAXl

Jamal Sharr @jamal1

Watching Sweeney, Ray Winston fantastic

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

Poor Halak going to be bombarded this period

Fred Galang @nomadcreatives

Lucky for them that Jennings is out.

Juan @juan

Wow look the boys looking out for Crow!

Stephen Quantock @stiggers

Blatter out absolute tool go skiing ffs sake greedy *******.

Brian Graczyk @briangraczyk


Jason Chives @aldoraine77

We not going to win fa . And finish 5 6 7

Sugar Magnolia @stacyanker

Oh boy, enter the trolls. I'd better watch what I say, the morons are here that think because their team is in first place in the first HALF of the season, the Cup is theirs. Go back to your mothers' basements and your sad delusions of grandeur while the smart people talk.

Buckeye Seamless @buckeyeseamless

Don't sign Hoyer! He wants a guarantee he will start, that's not how a leader acts and surely not a guarantee any competitive organization would agree to! Especially one that is going to tank for Cardale Jones, right Jimmy, wink wink!

Swampthing @swampthing

Neeeeet lads and lasses ,remember if it runs you can chase it ,if it bleeds you can kill it and if it runs while bleeding you've got time for a pint!!!!!

Buckeye Seamless @buckeyeseamless

Farmer passes on White at 12, I will be on the "he must absolutely go train" I'm all about the build the run game but unless we have a down field threat you can forget about a running game or any kind of success at QB!

Kevin Akpos @kakpobome

Night my fellow gooners n really please the lads made us proud n the boss getting a defender in. Upwards n upwards now.COYG!!!

Jason Peter @jasonpeter

Zzzz-zzzzzz all star game. Cant wait to get back to some meaningful hockey.

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