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Jon AFC Waghorn @waggy79

Drive time is like a newspaper printing **** to get u to listen desperate tactics , listen to Brazil in the mornings no gimmicks just good entertainment and a well respected bloke aswell

Lee @leeboy2608

Johnson needs to receive the ched evans treatment at least. Sacked and banished and if he is found guilty he should be bummed by bigger boys with razor blades

Marcin @devil007

di Maria wouldn't look good in theirs pink away shirts anyway. Man don't need to be pretty just need to be a man. Btw Modric , pepe, bale are all fooking models. Lol

Deion Watson @blazindei

Garth Snow is putting in the finest of work, I love it

Deion Watson @blazindei

Neuvirth for Ochocinco, thank the LORD!

Bob Paisley's Statue @melvynhunthunt

Ok this high fiving thing is getting lame high five if you agree #highfiversareknobs

Shanksie Boy @scouser

Matt I've done it since Shankly so I'm not changing now

Chris Smart @smartie

Just turned the Telly for pawn stars. Very dissapointed

Graham Price @gp107

I refuse to listen to drive time. Judging by the comments on here he was having a go at arsenal again. Surely the league cup or the brown red card or the Adam Johnson situation or the england cricket fiasco would be more newsworthy than a standard 2:0 win over Everton?

Bobby @steveooo88

Adam Johnson 'you DIRTY BASTERD'

Dez Swain @dezz

Time to bring it on...let's face it ,it can't get much worse

Matt Timms @mattytboiiii

I have a feeling the same people saying Gerrard is over the hill, also said Allen isn't good enough and bringing Ibe back from Derby is a mistake because he'll never play. Let BR pick the team and just concentrate on supporting whatever XI starts!

Gunner21 @gunner21

Just had 2 gunner mates ring me 2 tell me bout that non-entirety..I dismissed it for the foolishness it is...not worth my time..he holds no credibility to me!!!!!!

JOBU ST. LOUIS! @magichat9elixir

Hey the Isles got a backup goalie who hasn't had a good record since the beginning of 2010-2011. Thy are now the cup favorites. Nuevirth form Sabres to back up Halak. Smh. CAM IS STILL BETTER.

Brandon @greatfriedrice

I am surprised about the Johnson for neurvth trade but chad was just not getting it done

Azher Idrees @aza88

Gerard does not have the legs to play in the centre of mid anymore, leaves too many gaps. Only position i can think of is part of the front 3 instead of lallana and then sub him at 60 mins. But realistically everyone is playing well and no one deserves to be dropped

Rob M @treborm44

Adrian Durham is a wind up merchant DONT FALL FOR IT.

Steve @lfcste

Is it just me? But I'm starting to think SIR Stevie G might struggle to get into the team. As he is going at the end of the season would it be right to change the team just to bring him back, or should we carry on with the future of LFC. It's all about the future now. Stevie G all time legend! !!!!

Smiggy @smiggy7

Tbh this wont ruin johnson's career,that got ruined when he joined citeh :)

Brian Pomponio @brianpomponio

Any word on trading the coaching staff? Then I'll get excited :)))

Shanksie Boy @scouser

Tony I Love Stevie G! But the time comes when enough is enough! He will be great for 20 min Cameos but for me I'm afraid that's it!

AdgCFC @adgcfc

Adam johnston u dirty little ******

MartinB @martinb

Durham has just topped his all time record by trying to take a dig at Bergkamp. Talentless waste of radio air time.

Andrew Wells @wellzy95

Any concordians got Xbox live and up for a match on ultimate team later on

Matthew Dyson @mdyson012

Anyone know if Roma vs Juventus is on tv?

Bob Paisley's Statue @melvynhunthunt

I'm newer than terry I deserve the high fives not him

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