Lee Seel @seellee

People still harping on about the defence. Boring!

Giles Leeks ♛ @gilesleeks1

I wonder how us arsenal fans would of reacted if we'd been shown this picture 2-3 years ago

Metalhead @soulfly

So win and people say its only Bournemouth..... Loose and get f***** slated #f **koff

Murph1971 @mick1971

Time for our revenge on the chavs. They go on about the ghost goal well what about andy Carrolls goal that was over the line in the cup final!

Ben Williams @benwilliams05

Good win last nite, attacking threat seems to be coming back, but defensive frailties still lingering around. Sunday is a must win!! Could do with another 4 goals in 20 mins!!

The Great Raazul @thegreatraazul

In a world of pain this morning, got into double figures for pints last night, no recollection of getting home and doing the school run in 1/2hr!!!

WeAllLoveLeeds @weallloveleeds

Finally Redders gets his assistant. Steve Thompson due to sign up this morning at TA

Manchester United @mufc20times

Don't get me wrong keane was and always will be a legend at united for what he did on the pitch but i think latley he's lost the plot a bit

Candace Casenave @candacecasenave

Since Van Gundy left the Knicks in 2001, we've had the worst winning percentage along with the Hornets and Timberwolves. Ugh!

Gemma @gemily83

Yeah...i wouldn't open the door either

Andy Gill @analsythat81

This formation looks fruitful from a creative point of view, the last two games have been a refreshing change in terms of chances created. Skrtle and toure are far to clumsy though. I'd play lovren in the middle so he is not exposed as easy, sakho on the left and look to get llori back in jan

Carlos @soccersocrates

We all know that the squad is horribly unbalanced but Brendan is doing what any decent manager would do in this situation .. Pick your most talented players and squeeze them into an eleven even if that means picking 8 midfielders

Lynda Unfortunately Trafford @lynne57

Emile Heskey on Talk Sport what a true gentleman

Carlos @soccersocrates

I think we are just starting to see the green shoots of recovery .. People will say it was only Bournemouth but a win is a win ..we all know the players who should stay and we all know the players who should go but even if we continue to improve without January funds it's going to be tough

MAtthewcraig Jones @mcj90

I gave my answers to some questions on darts name generator my nickname is spanky

Manchester United @mufc20times

**** me anyone would think dippers beat real madrid, they beat bournemouth b team, get over it dippers, your still ****

Remember Our Fallen Heroes @pfahey99

It wasn't necessarily a season changer last night as we should have won. However we played well regardless. That should give confidence as to who can play with who. But we need a striker who turns defenders! He sells Carroll but buys lambert and ballo who hold it up, don't get it

Tony Mfc @lad

Crolla was becoming a really good fighter and for it to be ruined by a scumbag is a proper shame, hope he is ok to fight again

lovemesexy lovemesexy @lovemesexy

Sakho and can to start against arsenal but I won't be surprised if they don't

David Evans @djevans

Morning 😴😴😴 anyone else seen the chat's in the arsenal YouTube page? Pretty funny stuff, I'm writing this in maccies where I'm currently asleep..

Saj Khan @skh786

I don't think di Maria will start against villa think he will come off the bench

lovemesexy lovemesexy @lovemesexy

I'm not getting excited about last night as they made 6 changes and it's Bournemouth

lovemesexy lovemesexy @lovemesexy

I've always said 2 right footed centre backs never work

Geoff Price @gprice012

Non footy warning I got stopped a finned 50 pound yesterday on the way to work when I left home it was very misty and I put my fog lights on forgot to turn them off when I got to town offence code 527 misuse of fog lights ,TRAFFIC COPS ARE SUCH NICE GUYS

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Time to get Peter Brukner back to the medicine dept

Stuart Wing @stuartwing

What a dream come true. Being able to beat Liverpool in the semi's then Sheffield Utd in the final, happy days