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Lewis . @lewielfc123

Decent spec. Shame about the result they deserved it though fair play

J @jliverpool

Could it be that on our winning run we peaked to soon and just run out of puff for those big games recently? We're clearly in a slump atm and have no goal threat. If we were down the bottom they'd say we're in trouble as we've not got a natural goal scorer

Bullet Witch @bulletwitch7

Yer I'm going soon too I'm v tired

robert wetherall @duracell79

same old done deal rumours, depay done according to dutch paper. i'll just wait til its in an english paper with van gaal holding the one half of a united shirt with depay holding the other.

Alan Petford @almk77

Quick, quick. Put a picture up or beg les to come back ( which of course he will as he lives 24/7 on here)

Andy O'neill @andyo115

Paul u r the Spurs version of Wenger & it looks like it's a Paul out week . Then it will b in. U can guess the rest #paulokeycokey

Ian Kendall @f35kendo

The cesspool soap opera is still on, on red yappa. Been a fantastic feature length episode tonight. When will it dawn on them, they're 'has been's

Ian Hedger @ihedger

So please can someone tell me how Sam is doing a good job??????

Nick Hill @nhill

Can you help guys which pundit named aguero man of the match on sky today

jae @jaeworkman

I missed this for 4 years

Brian Machado @bmack23

Well, not the result we wanted!! We gotta rebound tomorrow!! Split the series!! Hopefully Miley does well!! Go Sox!!

Pat Meehan @patmeehan321

Jones looks good. Great add to this team, especially for the playoffs.

Derrick Brown @mils

I would so love an upset man..send all these bandwagon veteran players home thirsty to play with Lebron

TYS @tys

Night to the true reds gutted with today! As for the fickle **** off

Nono More @hhale

They know it's the playoffs

Portadownfc1924 @sleepywhispers

There's still a final to look forward to for me, let's get behind the mighty ports in the irish cup final #liverpoolports

Mike Nissan @mnissan22

There is no doubt we will be going back to Chicago,TN with a 3-1 games lead

T Best @tomski

F this I'm goin to the Pub (page)

Tahir Nawaz @t786

BR only played SG because he wasn't going to play him in the final, if they had made it

Ryan Wong @fudog96

Mets call up P Hansel Robles.

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