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Tony Diulus @diulus1

Come on cutch do something . How about a little hit here . Come on now

Lloyd @lwright

The last time I saw chelsea really play well was against swansea I think in January. Since then I haven't been impressed at all from a footballing PoV but I do think it's fair to say they've been the best team by a mile so they deserve the title. It also shows how poor the rest of us have been btw.

nicola lewis @nichlewis

massive congrats danny willett! 3rd in the matchplay is a great result. so pleased :D

The Don @dontheflash

good lad Danny well played

Ed  @alchemist

BOOM Gurdev on the money as ever

Callum @callum23

Hazards not better than Sanchez

ChrisLiv09 @chris09

I have not watched any MOTD this weekend #So different, I sat bring bk Moyes

Andy Jones @ajlfc

I saw someone earlier on about their wedding video. Got me all nostalgic so decided to watch mine, thought I'd watch it backwards though so at least there was a happy ******* ending

GurdevLFC  @gurdevlfc

Love him or Hate him - he wins titles and trophies wherever he goes #Jose

There will always be bitter fans :) @alexengland

Ironic how the bitter fools on here are negative yet there so called legends praise us loool!! keep hating fools!!!

Marty Russell @martyrussell

Let's make that hurt boys stick the dagger in

Nono More @hhale

I watched this whole game Clippers carried the ball 10 times and no calls

Matt Perry @mattwba

Newcastle fans, dummett might be out as well for Saturday

Brian Connolly @brianlfc1

From what I have read and/or heard today glad I didn't bother watching that fight sounds like it was absolute crap?!

Colin Duncan @gmmf1704

What was the Pac thinking saying he thought he'd won the fight?? Sorry but mayweather tactically won. Although the fight wasn't great he won tactically.. Ali in the rumble in the jungle was the same but Ali knocked foreman out

Matt Perry @mattwba

Paul dummett might be out with an hamstring problem on Saturday! Potentially now 3 defenders out for Newcastle!

oliwooders @woodersafc

I been talking to him. Im convinced. I hope it is anyway

Benjamin Guy @bguy

As much as it pains me to say the rent boys deserve to have won the title they have been the best team this season by far their record and points doesn't lie. They have played some boring stuff but they got the results in the end. I hope the title race is much more interesting next season though!

Gary Spence @gspence

Motd first team he mentions Liverpool he wishes Cheslski were us

Michael Prosky @prosky

Unfortunately we're still odds on to go down!

Marty Russell @martyrussell

These are the kind of guys the kill you

Macca @maccaobrien

Great victory by the West Indies terrific disciplined batting.. Bravo Holder

Vinny Stanzione @vinnystanzione

So glad I didn't waste my day watching this pissed poor team.

Ben @benf

I can't stand that Butt Head Man United manager LVG, Jose will drive him to an institution.

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