What fans are saying...

Sammie V @sam63

Omg. Wow. Com on Let's Go Islanders. Keep shooting

Brian Machado @bmack23

Well, down two nothing and going home!! Gotta take one game at a time!! Stay aggressive and don't give up!! Bleed Green!! Boston Strong!!

Spielz @spielzonwheels

4th line is freaking insane good

w m @wlmrangers

Solid solid outing tonight. If he pans out Miami will kick themselves over this deal

Chester Koffroth @chesterkoffroth

Ours alright guys. Their shooting was off tonight. They can get it going Thursday. This is growing pains like LeBron implied

Steven Geller @darklor01

Will they give him one more inning?

Spielz @spielzonwheels

Excellent forecheck by Kennedy

Seth Parker @sethparker

Pressure down on me pressure down on you,under pressure

Warren Sehter @warrensehter

gotta put peeps in front of holby too many clear looks

Dan S @drock025

Holt by is really keeping them in this game.

Keith Jones @keithjones

I know some Mets fans are like Travis who? Relax!

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