Michael Conolly @mickeymensa44

Let's hope of a performance like Newcastle and not Stoke today please. And I know it was yesterday but Santi got 2 goals for his birthday let's hope Alexis gets 3 as a belated present.

Michael Thomas @mthomas01

Arsenals injury list is massive!!!

Aaron @aaron85

Sanchez is probably better than every single one of Liverpools attackers combined.... So I think he'll score, and I also think the scoreline will be 2-0 to Arsenal. Giroud (Yes...Giroud) and Sanchez to score.

Dan Matthews @danmatthews

Really pleased with the result yesterday, despite less possession we looked more threatening going forward, and De Gea kept it at 1-0! On to Sunderland!

Radamark Falco @firthy77

Full bottle of scotch consumed last night = certain death at some stage today. Hangover cures quickly required

Mike king @oseedo

Lots of optimism around, let's hope the performance today supports the faith.

Kevin Akpos @kakpobome

It feels good to me knowing we going to get those ******* points from anfield with a proper squad this time round.COYG!!

Eddie Fensome @blueandclaret

Picture this, we win the next 2 games, chavski lose the next 2, does that then make us contenders? Obviously I am talking the pi55 but what if?

OOHHAHHCANTONA @grumpymonkey

Evans United carrer is all but over. New cb will arrive in January I'm sure

daftpunk76 @daftpunk76

We have the team to do damage, its the formation and injuries preventing the selection?

Ben Sherman  @bensherman

Too early for a beer???

Joe Doherty @joe43

Early goal today would be lovely today, Liverpool will come at us straight away, catch em out first attack we do have the pace

J B @jbhammertime

The guy in front of me got some stick ..."he made he mistake of taking his top of to celebrate ...hammers fans noticed and out cammeeeee BIG FAT BIG FAT FRANK BIG FAT FRANKIE Lampard....he didn't take his top of again after that lmao.

OOHHAHHCANTONA @grumpymonkey

I reckon we could be scrapping it out with Arsenal for 3rd and 4th in May anyways, So just kill off the dippers now please. I want them finishing 6th or 7th come the end of the season, and my boot placed firmly into Liverpool's groin ha ha

Gal  @gal

This is a poor division and we're making a right ******* meal of it

Johnny H @jkh1983

Liverpool on today so expect yapper to be full of mancs lmao

steven w @churchill1945

Altidore played well at Syd James last season. Play him alongside fletcher!

Brian Connolly @brianlfc1

Good morning all out to work for a few hours then home to watch the #LFC match is "the plan for today".Have a good one and stay safe #WeGoAgain #COYR

J B @jbhammertime

Just remember we have not had millions chucked at us like Chelsea city united Liverpool spurs over the last few season. Saying that I would like us to have millions chucked at us so I'm not moaning just stating the facts. COYI

Dent Ford @dford01

I take all transfer "reports" with a grain of salt b/c >95% are bulls**t, but could someone explain to me why RM would sell Bale when my understanding was that they sold ADM to make room for him...

steven w @churchill1945

Safc have the 2nd worse goalscoring record in the league and the third worst at conceding.

J B @jbhammertime

If anyone on here thinks west ham fans are getting cocky then yesterday would explain there not .... Most of the stadium sung only 9 points to safety lol and we are staying up..... Were waiting for the bubble to burst but if it burst were still up there and having a go.

Kevin Akpos @kakpobome

Good morning fellow gooners

Carlos @soccersocrates

This feels like a massive game today's not just another 3 pointer ... In keeping with the Sunday theme It feels like salvation if we win and damnation if we lose

Kane Bowden @kane77

Just watched match of the is nice of city fans to dress up as empty seats (loads of them did it). One guy was doing the Poznan on his own cause there was nobody around him or its buy a ticket get and empty seat either side free

J B @jbhammertime

He's one of are own he's one of are ownnnnnnnnnn paul koncheskey he's one of are ownnnnnnn

Fraser Hadlow @fraser8814

We are definitely getting some momentum at the right time. Who fancies us to beat Man U?

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

1st rule of Liverpool FC selection, you can't pick Lucas and Gerrard in the same team, no pace

John Koby3 Cavanagh @rowettsbluearmy

Ronaldo couldn't have hit a free-kick better than that yesterday. The Rowett Revolution continues, this is no longer a honeymoon period, this is Birmingham City, next up is the sheep shaggers boxing day, ******* bring it