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Brother V @sonofav

 I refused to believe my road worker father was stealing from his job, but when I got home, all the signs were there.

DEANO @geordieboys1

Josie, is like I kid in a huff, haha fair play to him he paid for it.

Tara Barrick @munroney

Who doesn't love a MOTD montage?!

Robert Gates @mrrobertgates

My XI, if everyone is fit for the rest of the season would be: Adrian; Jenkinson, Collins, Tomkins, Cresswell; Song, Noble(C), Kouyate, Downing, Valencia, Sakho. Subs: Jaaskalainen, Demel, Reid, Nolan, Amalfitano, Jarvis, Carrol.

Sophie Lord @sophiel26

I am human and I need to be loved...didn't see that coming #motd Nicely done!

Israel L Parper @iparper

You know what. It doesn't matter how many times I've see them, I LOVE a Rocky training montage!

Perry Smith @elpel

How can this shower off shi t be on first ffs

Robert Deary @robdea15

Tough fight for Mitchell. I think Estrada might edge it. Depends on which Mitchell turns up

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

"Best game of the season" was pretty **** mind

Luke Skinner @wbaluke

Main event time , come on kev !

Paul Stableford @stabester

I'm here to chew gum and kick ass.....and I'm all outta bubblegum

John Williams @jonnywill

Forest. F*****g joke club. The gift that keeps on giving!!!!

Dom Carroll @dcarroll

Win tomorrow, 3 points behind Man City, only 8 points behind Chelsea :) 2 points ahead of United :D

Matthew Dyson @mdyson012

Match of the day time...night fellow reds :)

Dan Page @dannynev30

I'm not putting up anymore that's your lot

Daniel Wilcox @wilcox1985

Great fight that ryder rubbish mind

Marvin Brooks @brooksie08

I just called (tweeted) to say I love you. I just called (tweeted) to say how much I care. mamadou Sakho 😛

Carlos @soccersocrates

I've just arrived at the Eco dome .. So time to get into my sleep cubicle .. See you back in 2015 .. Goodnight or as they say here Nanu Nanu

Craig CFC Since 1991 @craigcfc


Robert Gates @mrrobertgates

Noble needs to be given the captaincy & Nolan used from the bench in tight games where a goal in the last 20 minutes will either earn a point or all 3. Since his return & to a lesser degree Carroll's too we have not played the same stylish football that gained us point & plaudits.

Murph1971 @mick1971

Liverpool are magic. We're the greatest football team the world has ever seen

Dan Page @dannynev30

I was in a restaurant with my date last night when I leaned across the table and balanced a piece of steak on her head. "What the hell are you doing?" she asked. "I prefer my girls with a bit of meat on them." I replied.

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