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TiFa @tmuche

How was Costa supposed to get a pen when he shud have been sent off earlier.

Chelsearob @rob70

I've watched the Costa incidents again and neither of them are intended stamps, true Costa stood on both players but look where he is looking and it's not at the player so therefore no intent. He was trying to win the ball back. Yellow card at best but typically the fa will jump on the bandwagon

Tim Taylor @arsenal1116

All Arteta is good for is salon quality hair.

YNWA @leapowlo73

I don't reckon we will be making any purchases in the transfer window. BR has been told the money is not there and to make do with the current squad. BR has belief in his new signings he just needs to build confidence and get studge back to get the goals!

J @jliverpool

@gary49 I do see what your thinking but I honestly don't believe it will work out. But I hope I'm wrong. I think Balo could have been a great player but have lost a lot of belief in that now

Tim Taylor @arsenal1116

Arteta just signed a one year deal smh

James Gadd @lvgsbarmyarmy


John Neville @jjnavfc

Need help from hammers fans. Looking to put either jenkinson or cresswell in my dream team but not sure who'll get me the most points. Appreciate any help. Best of luck for the rest of the season

Adam @arsenalrule

What is Paulista situation.Why are Arsenal taking so long to get paperwork sorted. Why do we have to go to France to sort it out.

Andy Reynolds @renoldo1

The elephant man needs to be banned! Just so I don't have to look at him for a bit

Chris Smart @smartie

If costa gets banned for his stamping exploits it shouldn't be for just league games it should be for the capital one cup final after all that's where he commited the offences in the semi final

AdgCFC @adgcfc

******* hell there's about 6 different stories on Costa since last night!!! Never known so much publicity from a stamp is he the first player to do it or something???

Anfield Legends @spiritoshankly

Hendo is a 7/10 player if we're honest ! Would he get in the top teams ? I don't think so ! He cost us 20m 4yrs ago and in today's money that's well over 30m ! is that reflected in his performances? Not for me and I don't buy this SG thing either as when SG doesn't play he is still average

Henry Reading @sparky1119

I get the rest of the afternoon off school because of heavy snow good job to I forgot my maths and science homework

Stuart Wing @stuartwing

Huge big up has to go to the fans in the stadium. Was great to hear Quinn saying how great and loud they were. Just need that all the time

TiFa @tmuche

If sahko is out,Lovren needs to step up in a system/formation that has been beneficial to a number of our players.

Sion Llewellyn @sllewelly1

Watching that game last nite and all liverpool fans bleating on that Costa should b banned well what if he played for them and dn the same they would say it's part of a physical game double standards me thinks,also Henderson and skertl were lucky to stay on The pitch get over the loss

Neil Faber @parklaneyid

Some of you on here condone costas behaviour last night, I've heard to all now,

Jamie Callaghan @jamiecalla20

Back in the day when gabby scored the winner against Arsenal, the strike force of Carew, young and gabby were relentless! Even our kits back then were spot on

Chris Smart @smartie

To fine mourinho 25 grand for the referees campaign against Chelsea is like giving me a fine of a penny for calling him a stupid tw at

Gurdev Bhogal @gurdevlfc

Personally I think Hendo will step up a couple of notches when SG leaves. SG is one of a kind but I'm seeing some good leadership qualities in Hendo recently. Doesnt shirk a tackle, can tackle, great engine so no problem box-box, able to pick a pass and is vocal. Happy to have him as cpt

Auris #20 @aurisltu

Costa looking so happy after the win

Neil Faber @parklaneyid

Ade to psg yes please take him today is beginning to get interesting, may mean we can bring in a forward

Stan Collymore @stancollymore

My Celtic and Rangers thing... Read: t.co/CnhRWMgcmP

TiFa @tmuche

If Coutinho didn't become a football player I think he would have been a magician. They just couldn't deal with him

Jack Excell @27

Massive game on Friday if we win it will put pressure on the chasing pack the championship title race is really hotting up can't afford any slip ups now if we want automatic promotion

Duane Holness @gunnern9

Chinese white to me as well

Stuart Reid @cantona

The Abu Dhabi Bernabeu. Pmsl, they will do anything to keep up with United ending power.

Steven Adrian Stewart @sas91

Only Burnley have played more long balls than us. What a philosophy

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