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Arsenaldan @arsenaldan

What on earth happened there yapper? That should start "I don't know about cheekyboy" - stop messing up my yapps (please)!

Alan @billabog5

Off on a 7 day Pacific cruise shortly so will miss the next 2 games. Expect 2 easy wins & to come back to silly claims Utd aren't out of title race yet & double is on the cards !!

worldcupwilly @worldcupwilly

Name 7 English players that have cost £7 million or more (in one single transfer) to have never represented England at senior level?

John Hayes @hannibal145

No ones mentioned the 2 punches at skretls shins after the ghost penalty shout

Andy Mason @andy85

Bournemouth and watford hasnt got a patch on wolfsberg and bayern, thats wat happens wen you dont have wifi with bt

Bullet Witch 6 @bulletwitch

@craigcfc @mixtupabit @nushynushy @paulie77 @swampthing @alexengland @jaythebookie @gemily83 in my new house in the south ( cor blimey gavner apples n pears etc ) ready to start my new job Monday thank you for yr support n chat n yr hi 5s cos last 3 months have been pretty horrible xx

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

Herrera "Carrick is one of the best players I've ever played with" Herrera been here half a season and already knows how good of a player he is! And some people on here what Carrick gone?

Liverpool Boy @liverpoollad321

We've just bid 4 mi for Ings

Richard Parkes @rparkes0

Season tickets bought today. Got to be two months earlier than normal.

Daftpunk @daftpunk76

Now that was a very enjoyble game of football.

Arsenaldan @arsenaldan

When the Lord was at Arsenal, he had the number 52 shirt, because apparently that was how many thousands of pounds we paid him a week to be totally ineffective. I guess Wolfsburg have followed with that by giving him the number 3 shirt!

James CFC @jmurra1


WC @wufenchufen

Put simply, Jose Mourinho is a **** stain on this earth.

Deadmanshand6120 @blackaces

This team is a trade or 2 from being even better and having a legitimate at the elusive shiny thing.

Dent Ford @dford01

Got to give Watford credit for being a game bunch... A lot of squads would've put their heads down moaning about being hard done by the ref, but they're still in there scrapping

Damien Conway @damien

Got a good feeling about tomorrow, think spurs are there for the taking! Can't wait to get behind the baggies!!!!!

Wheres all our money gone? @oystonout

Fair play to em Bournemouth,hope they go up and make some cash

Alan @billabog5

Does anybody else get notified every time that twonk Collymore checks in ? Who is the slightest bit interested in what that clown has to rave about

GrantyBhoy @grantybhoy

Happy Friday . Who remembers micheal mols wife lolol

Donavan Oliver @donavancfc

I've seen players stomp on players on purpose before and they all look at what they are stomping on. Quit looking at it in slow motion and you will see costa had no idea what was there. First one he is trying to push off to the ball and the second one he was in the air and had to land

️Mat @plumb82

Wow. Wolfsburg have ripped Bayern a new a s s h o l e

Mickey Mouser @shanks

Is it me or does Perez hilton look like Jordan Henderson ?

Damien Conway @damien

Francis, the right back for Bournemouth gets forward more than wisdom, says all we need to know about wisdom really!

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