What fans are saying...

K.C. Gentz @kcgentz222

Typical NHL network. Weeks says if it's isles pens in 1st round isles win. As they show 7 goals in a row from Pitt against us. Lmao.

Chris Meersman @hawks88

PK have to kill here. Don't let them get the momentum

Juan @juan

Officials can't hardly keep up

Daa_Hawks @hawksfan101

Anyone win Blackhawks lottery

Mark Harris @markharris

Hs d to listen to Edmonton radio gag me with a spoon. Headed to the housr

Matthew Jacob @matthewjacob

TT had so much time.. Kid is going to be a stud

Keanu Gonzaga @protector30

Marcus Smart.......this dude can really play...... Defense and offense!!!!!!!! Keep it up young man!!!!

Steven . @stevenk177

They were just playing it's hammer time

Matthew Jacob @matthewjacob

That is our defenseman starting to finally produce

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