What a nob in that long coat. Maybe that ducking german is holding Wanger.... ******* pathetic. #WENGEROUT #WENGEROUT

Sean Minall @minall88

Man u to spend 80 million in Jan Kevin strongman wud b a great signing

Locky1935 @locky1935

The blue moon has eclipsed the red sun in Manchester !!!! It's a fact and the dark side don't like it one bit !!!! #itsabouttime

Scott Jones @scottie2hottie

Roy Hodgson says 2014 has been mixed for England....I'll sum that up for you Roy, it's been ****...not mixed, ****! We didn't make it out the groups at the WC!!!

Merry Liverpool Fc @paulthy

I'm not liking this new set up on yapper, u just get used to it and it changes again

David Jones @mansell

Grrr...another new format by yapper..was still trying to get use to the old one!!!

Lee Seel @seellee

How well have Brighton defended this season? ..........

Manchester United @mufc20times

Come on stokies hammer the rent boys tonight!

Steven Faulds @henrik7larsson

Rangers buzz words "transparency" and "clarity" been hearing it all day on sky sports and for the last 3 year

Luke Beckinsale @lbeckinsale

On this stupid update how do you see the upcoming games can't find them

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

Fabulous news

Richard Murphy @papasmurf1601

Fabulous news

Sunfreeze @iezerioha

Don't know what to make of this app update?

Mark Farrell @hammermark

Fatalities in that accident already.does not sound good at all.hopefully no more.

Matt Lomax @mattlomax27

Sami Hyypia offers resignation at Brighton... possible defensive coach option?

Richard Gunn @gunnerhalle79

Daily Mail reporting Sam i Hypia has quit breaking News ....

OOHHAHHCANTONA @grumpymonkey

Makes me laugh how city and Liverpool fans blob together to try to make a little army of fans, to put up some kind of opposition against the biggest club in the land.Ha ha ha your stuck up each other's @rses

Roddy_Rola_Cola @roddy

A yapper just asked whats the best team in Europe right now? Clearly, it's QPR

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

Sucks to hear about Gallo. Was looking more and more like himself.

paul morgan @paulie77

2 people died already in that crash ffs but lets make jokes cos they are scottish ... thats ******* poor

Colin Britt @cbritt18

Good morning pens nation let's pull out a win today and tomorrow. That's good gift for Christmas

Andrew Moronkeji @andylittle

C'mmon gooners, please see picture of Metersaker in today's metro. For somebody paid so much to defend his team (last man ) and defended like that was a shame. If I'm Wenger, I will not play him @ least in next 2 games.

J B @jbhammertime

Is it worth the hammers loaning Borini in jan to cover for Sakho why he's away. He's peed of there and downing and carroll were the same there. Sam out his arm around him and loan him. Vaz and cole are out of contract in the summer so maybe a deal then have Borini Enner Sakho carroll

Mac Big @masterplasternan

Update stuffed my phone had to set up again

Enaj Rednaxela @jinty

Prem clubs are so greedy they would arrange mini tour somewhere abroad during winter break and then FA would cry their eyes out when players were tired and wonder why we don't win Euro or World Cup!!

J B @jbhammertime

Scotland got to be a drink driver lol

Jay Head @jester

Three fighters I am looking forward to watching in 2015. GGG. I really hope he gets the fights he deserves. Murray is a good start. Terence Crawford. What a talent. Nicolas Walters. Very exciting puncher.