Raymie Mccarroll @rmccarroll

Bit of perspective , it's one below par result in a sequence of good results. Bit worried about our inability to get behind a deep defence, thought that would be something Falcao would provide. Still we are progressing

Tim Penlington @penners22

Bad result but lets be honest about expectations. Just about rebuilding and getting champs league this season.

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

Good win. Wasn't pretty, but a win!

Abram Duggan @abramduggan

Holy smokes, gotta be the lowest scoring game so far.

Abram Duggan @abramduggan

Nuggs doing it the hard way, again.

Geordie Rover @betrue

American fox newscaster defends the right to offend the North Koreans .. But then says Happy Holidays instead of Happy Christmas .. Despite within the same sentence saying he is a Christian.. Yeah mate the Comedy is so ironc

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

The Manimal is feeding tonight.

Hamza Chowdry @hchowdry

Condemning the man for his OPINION. He said the same thing in 2010 regarding Spain players but Messi "the dictator" and "douchebags" Barca never complained! Hey Ronaldo shouldn't feel too bad he hugged Platini in August after UEFA award and Blatter gave a 2 week extension first time in history 2013.

Hamza Chowdry @hchowdry

Ronaldo snubbing Platini and people making out that it's because he's so against him atm but he wasn't when he was awarded UEFA player of the year in August m. It's blatantly obvious that he's mad that Platini said a German should win the Balon Dor. That classless corrupt club wrote a letter to 1/2

Cdn blues Fan @cdnbluesfan

We need our forth line to punish teams d's to allow our two top lines to flourish

Richard King @seminole1fan

Kaep is like...I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the maaaaan!!! Lol. Let a running qb's what they do

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

Best game Gallo has had all year.

Abram Duggan @abramduggan

Thats what im talking about, nice run. Now keep it up!

Tim Taylor @arsenal1116

Game starts at 10am Central time tomorrow So I'm not going to church

Derrick Brown @mils

Rondo need to start dunking the ball

Ryan Kirby @realtorryank

Just finished watching that was a fun game to watch

Carmine @carm0712

I hope we trade Ryder and not just waive him. PDB new whipping boy is Ryder......

John Wallace @johnwallace

The only time rangers fans talk smack to isles fans iswhen we can find isles fans to talk smack to.

Brandon Robbins @greatfriedrice

Only time rag fans talk **** about isles is when rangers wins game and all of sudden they think they are god of a team, this year I think they are just more worried so they will try to get in our heads, just don't get fooled from them