Steady RedArmy @steadygortonreds

I asked my wife, "What's your opinion on the state of English football?" "Its sh*te"she replied, "absolute crap." "More than likely," I said, "but let's hear it anyway."

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the World Darts Championship

Richard McQuade @thermcq1986

Darts on TV = My festive period sorted

M A @lfckop

Plus they have to justify why they get paid so much money too!

Hugh Adams @shug

This is good game to start with ,but I fancy part

Craig Dickens @craigcfc

Serie A update : Cagliari 1 - 3 Juventus

M A @lfckop

Because FA have sweet FA to do with their time!

craig lewis @craigylou

James wade for me to win the worlds

Who Are Ya @dario

Balo is a **** full stop.

Gary @gazcop

He said that Poch would walk if Ade was still a Spurs player on 1st February. Apparently this was something said to him by someone high up in the club.

Anthony Taylor @abtaylor

Balotelli not playing on Sunday.

Asad @cheekyboy

Bad news... My brother is joining Sports Yapper... Hes the joker of the family !!!

M A @lfckop

Considering he's not playing right now any way.

Farah @faiynwa

1 game ban for Ballo

Andrea B @archie351

Get the mince pies out the darts is on

Israel L Parper @iparper

Wait....... are the dippers actually gloating about 52 passes before scoring against Bournemouth's RESERVE TEAM last night?!?!?

Gary @gazcop

Anybody else hear what Alan Brazil said about Poch this morning on talksport.

Stevie Wonder @shan78

A sad needs a bottle of this

Mark @mupstone

Can't get my head round why white hart lane have one of the quietest fans in the premier league. What's going on??

Liam Alva Caygill @thealfielad1090

Weird seeing the world's with a blue backdrop. See how my luck is. Treble on over 6.5 7.5 7.5 180s on kb vs jp jk vs ck and MVG v jc

John Jeffers @isles91

Don't pay any attention to the rag shirts ,, bottom line take the last 42 years since the isles came into the league and match it up with the same 42 rag seasons.. Which would you sign up for ? So let them hang on that second fiddle crap we all now it's fueled by jealousy. Little brother wins again

Danny Tortorella @dannytortorella

Nice and physical like he should and has great positioning and first pass out of the D zone

Warren Wba Fc @wozzlaaaaaaaa


Chris Hayes @chrissyhayes

Keegan brown should win this one

Kris Mcknight @krismcknight

I'm sorry but I do count their old European cups coz if u don't we have to forget 10 championships and that glorious nite at anfield in 89

Micky @mburns87

MVG for the big win. Or Gary Gary Gary Gary ANDERSON! OHHHHHH GARY!