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Andy Montgomery @amonty70

If I had a ten ton bus I would run over the so called sports yappers, going on about music( Bits nicked from the Smiths)

Robin Hans Willem Dicke @dickerobin

The world doesn't just revolve around football... Great to see fellow United fans post what's important to them other than football on here... Best page on Yapper because we're United in it together!

Maniax @maniax

Days in prem long gone

Lee Stopforth @mrstopforth

We need some of this next Sunday.....it's been too long since we've enjoyed Goodison!! #EVERTON

Mitch 001a @mitch001a

**** me Bournemouth are good.

Phil Ossify @jd88ish

Does anyone actually understand these yapps from Bank builder?

Gary Elvidge @gazza71

Really winds me up how Alan Brazil always goes on about all the freebies he gets "going for a lunch or got an invite to some function or other"

QUARRY MAN @nutnut

The Beloved - The Sun Is Rising (Original): youtu.be/PMGzY6usdpQ AND THEN WHEN THE PILLS HAD WORN OFF.ITS THE COME DOWN.

Malcolm Thorne @malcster

Have I just woke up from a dream, had the funniest one heard Barcelona wanted Henderson funny as ****

Bob Paisley's Statue @melvynhunthunt

One tune to get off your **** to her voice took me soaring youtu.be/kEvE_04x-xI

John Bonare @johnbonare

How Claude picks his shootout lineup

Taxiboy72 @kburton0

I remember this pile of shite being played in Ibiza. Ha ha youtu.be/y6oXW_YiV6g

David Legard @dlegard

Mccormack could've gone to play in the premiership, .leeds made£12,000,000 .good sale for us . bad move for Mccormack. to Fulham

Ando @yapper23

Problem with jazza is he doesn't hold the power he's a good boxer but for me will struggle to hold off the top level fighters without that power.

Johnny Cavet @jcavet

Preds announcers are awful and plain

QUARRY MAN @nutnut

me brain thinks i can still do the shuffle.me bodys tellin it dif

Eb J Mamz @ejmamz

You understood the message I sent thats the most important thing

Gary Turton @gazza139

This tune got me into house music...saw it performed on the C4 show "the tube" youtu.be/Lr-OgG1A74c

DrummoLFC @drummo777lfc

I didn't even last 10 Feckin minutes away... Deffo off for now

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