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Sugar Magnolia @stacyanker

Damn, Tampa really brought it to the Red Wings tonight. Guess we'll have to see what happens there.

Zach Berman @thezbberman

Islanders looking like the Devils right now. Badly outshot

Sammie V @sam63

Game 7 just do not keep passing until you give it away you shoot the puck.

Jeff Frenger @jeffreycfrenger

Honestly are you all happy with the performance tonight?

Mike @dutchyusa65

I guess KO eyes are still not good

Joe Morris @nyyankeesfan28

Time for Miller to shut it down!

Steven Geller @darklor01

Let's finish this one off 1,2,3

ISLESDIEHARD! @danielkremen

We will win in tegulation I've said it once I'll say it again the Capitals are chokers when it comes to the playoffs

Red-4-Life @cantona321

KO wouldn't get into anyone else's first line playoff teams I mean

Matthew Jacob @matthewjacob

I want to see battle of NY.. Come on ISLANDERS

Brian Graczyk @briangraczyk

Lgi lgi lgi!!!! Please dnt let this end!!

Ingrid Krumholz Dodd @ingridkrumholzdodd

I swear if they loose im@going to loot cvs

Jack McGok @jackmcgok

Plenty of time left.... Isles will have to want this

Dave Dewenter @dcdewey

Need one more...maybe by Ov or Backy

Mike @dutchyusa65

We can do it when we have one of those moments when we have a pulse... Wake up isles from coma

Chris Antonini @chrisantonini

Even on non game days you guys are active here. Awesome!!!!

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