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TiFa @tmuche

Now Raheem is splitting from his agent. Maybe for the best. www.express.co.uk/sport/foo...nsfer-news

Tom Hurst @tom777

In this transfer window , man c are strengthening , Chelsea are strengthening , arsenal are strengthening , manure are strengthening .....why the fu*k are we coming out saying we won't be strengthening this window we will fall further behind

Chelsea Fan @mariam

Willians work rate is ridiculous I mean the guy was non stop for 120 minutes last night!

Ian Buckingham @ianbuckingham

U18s West Brom v Spurs ko 12

lovemesexy lovemesexy @lovemesexy

Costa should have got sent off instantly for that stamp but seeing costa play remind me of suarez, always getting in faces , never stops and ready to fight for the team no matter what

The One @iamone1

Sterling is a decent player but is not a striker -to be honest Michael Owen was a better player than Sterling at his age. Yeah I know they're different type of player, but in terms of potential Owen was better in ability and finishing.

Stuart Wing @stuartwing

Had to mute a few so called fans on here last night. Willian was getting some really unfair stick. He works so hard it's untrue and probably covers more yards than anyone. Ok so his play going forward may not always be perfect but I love his never give up attitude from the 1st minute till the end

YNWA LFC @garymorgan

Same old story somebody's got a take the blame for not signing a quality striker to replace Suarez

Cavvy @rowettsbluearmy

Can't believe they have banned fans from the SSN Deadline Day. It's the only reason I watch it! No more Dildos being waved again this time then and no more Birmingham supporters taking the Mick outside the Villa

Paul Gray @psgray100

Hoping Ivory Coast go out tonight I want to see two full strength teams go hammer n tongs

Richard Bartlet @chrannsop

Yeh good point - Wheres John (Sue)? Still changing broadband over ? - Miss the Yapps -

James CFC @jmurra1

Its a blizzard outside!!!

SD @popdee

Wouldn't if be great to win the game easily. We're always kept on the edge of our seats until the final whistle. Please, please let's have a great win we can relax and enjoy COYS COYS COYS

Matt Walton @mwalton1

It's my day off I'm going to have a rocky day

Gate13 @stamfordlion1

Bin dippers going on about Costa. Trying not to talk about the main story from last night. YOU GOT KNOCKED THE **** OUT!

Cesc Addict @cesceducation

Diego it seems you have emerged as a bit of a villain to rival clubs.. Do you have any response to Redknapp and the dippers this morning?

Cavvy @rowettsbluearmy

Oh my God! Bale is an Arsenal supporter! First Kane and now Bale, Lennon and Townsend too if I understand, wounded lol

Jacquie La Touche @jac13

Omg does that mean Thierry Henry will be in the studio again tonight on ss1? I'll definitely be watching plus I think it'll be hilarious to hear what he's got to say about spurs

Tracy Corbin @blinkyblonk182

If it ends up a spud v scum final, I will probably not watch it no way I could support either if them two teams.

Paul Gray @psgray100

Cameroon v Ivory Coast later if the latter loose then Yaya and Bonny will be back for the showdown at the bridge ... private jet on standby lol!

Yusei @alikeabledouche

Hearing Jose got a £25000 fine. What is the point of compulsory post match interviews(you're punished if you don't do them) if the person being interviewed cannot say what they want to say without fear of action being taken against them.

charlotte @ladette2lady

i'd be a trillionaire if i knew things were gonna happen #dearyme

james gabriele @jamesgabriele14

Talking about footballer setting examples to young kids.. My kids certainly don't look up to them as an example. Parents set examples.

Cesc Addict @cesceducation

3 match ban? Zero fxcks given!

lovemesexy lovemesexy @lovemesexy

My neighbour is a palace fan and he said he rather play us than bolton in the next round cos he knows palace will win.

Paul @addy76

Costa stamp...Sky Sports understands Oliver will be asked by the Football Association on Wednesday whether he or any of his colleagues saw the incident: if the answer is 'no' that will open up the possibility of retrospective punishment...If he did see it he should be sacked..

Kristo Omos @komos

Surely something is fishing on the spurs page, no mention of us gonners over at their page which is so quiet today

Martin 'Mart' Little @mlittle0

Diego Costa is a poor mans Luis Suarez... Mourinho and his colleagues are a disgrace. The way they behave on the touchline is appalling. .. maybe it echos the class and personal quality of their fans... I hope he wins nothing this season

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