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Mario Cappetto @mario_appetto1

Okay Patriots fans, I have breaking news about deflate gate. Bill Nye the Science guy said, that Belicheat's explanation about the atmospheric conditions causing the balls to be deflated is a bunch of BS. So I guess the verdict is guilty. It's a shame because Bill is a great coach, so why cheat?

Jon Aldo @avfcjonny

Only wish I'd put more than 50p on it!

Terry Blundell @tblundell

Not gabby does not work hard enough for the team

Remember Our Fallen Heroes @pfahey99

Josie mourinho you might as well do your early handshake now! I'm going for the old London bus curse....you don't lose but then boom you go out of two cups in a week! #p45

Derek @scoularfan

Its at the Wells Fargo Center in amongst the old stage coaches ,next door to a rodeo , wish I was there lol

Warren Palmer @wozap

Harry's already looking for a new career vine.co/v/OjLJMv3gxOr

Chelsea Fan @mariam

Schurlle wants to leave for Wolfsburg

Badger Cooper @badger

Damn it the more I read about Lacazette the more depressed I get as I know he'd be outstanding for us but he'll probably end up at PSG or Real. Just can't see us getting him. I'd be gutted if he ends up at Arsenal, which with probable CL and strong French links isn't out of the question.

Bootle Red @jc23

Charlie been on the Charlie no doubt #talkinpishagain

Wayne Stratton @waynestratt

Neville neville you face is a mess

Remember Our Fallen Heroes @pfahey99

I'm going for the old London bus curse on Chelsea! You don't lose and then boom you go out of two cups in a week!

paul morgan @paulie77

brendan says the door is still open for balotelli...he tried to walk through it but he missed

Paul McIntyre @pmcintyre0

Surely Delph and Sanchez should play in CM the Benteke wienman up front with gil and gabby or bacuna on other wing we have to play to our strengths

DoRon @doherr

Phil Neville was a thug as a player and now he makes thuggish comments as a pundit... BBC have only themselves to blame #disgusting

Mark Jft 96 @jalfie

See chelski fans all ready saying they will thrash us don't they ever learn dear me

Chris Barton @hesbighesred

Floyd not getting much love on here lol and fully deserved I think, his 0 means more to him than his fans do,that's not a legend in my eyes

SalifDiaosFirstTouch @hobsey

I think Charlie Nicholas is struggling to grasp that indefinite means unspecified for Mignolet's dropping, what a plonk.

Gerry smith @gerryasmith

Eh????? Shaun Maloney said he couldn't settle at villa cos he was homesick ... Now he's signed for fkin Chicago!!!.. Must have same atlas as Dave unsworth !!!

Dave Kerindi @daveonsport

Brenda trying to justify Bagotelli's existence at Liverpool is laughable. It's obvious he's not rated coz he don't work hard enough. Brenda doing his 'pc' thing is pathetic!!!

Jake Hamblin @jakehamblin

Honestly think chelsea could rip Liverpool into pieces tomorrow night after what happened on saturday. Jose and the team will be looking to show everyone that was a one off.

Mark Jft 96 @jalfie

Studge went over to the USA to resolve the niggling injury that's why he has Been out for so long chill pepole he will be fine

Danny B @dannyskunk

What that we still not close to signing anyone at all great were gunna do great

The Great Raazul @thegreatraazul

Would just like to thank Bradford & Boro, as a Utd fan this morning could of been unbearable.

Ian Buckingham @ianbuckingham

Our u21s play Leicester at our training ground today KO 12 o clock. Let's see if the kids can show the seniors how to do it !!!!

Jake Hamblin @jakehamblin

I'm really looking forward to seeing the reaction Frank gets when he comes back to the bridge on Saturday...fully expecting everyone to chant his name and show him there is only one club he should love.

Jon Byrne @jonny84b

Phil Neville............

Reece Bull @rjayafc

If I see phil neville walking down the street im guna two foot him...just for being a s@#t pundit...then kick a ball at him and look the other way while im doing it....

Lee Mo @leeverpool

Im curious what if sturidge gets injured on tuesday night???

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