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Gemma @gemily83

Let's just see what Saturday brings to tell if LVG has taken stock of the situation and has attempted to resolve the creativity issue by changing tactics

Mack Dundee @mackdundee

Chelski fans go on like they are some big club won a few cups over the years only 4 league titles don't think that makes you a big club

Tom Mitchell @tmitchell

Liverpool may be happy with the ban. But its not going to change their season is it??? They're out of the coc and they aren't exactly chasing the prem anytime soon. So basically any comment from a dipper fan is irrelevant.

Jimmy 2 Much @jmanganda

Let me guess!", Smackhead Merson predicts a draw for United! What a tw4t! If he fell down a lift shaft, I wouldn't be heart broken.. #justsayin

Steady RedArmy @steadygortonreds

Herrera's got to start tomorrow or I'm gonna kick LVG in is Bollocks

Harvey Singh @kingsingh01

No good to us he banned now he never should have been on the pitch we would have beat them rent boys REPLAY

Tom Ward @tommwardd

Absolute bull ****. That Costa is banned wasn't intentional you can not proved it. He was looking the other way. Gary Lineker and Thierry Henry have all said on Twitter shouldn't be banned. Can't prove he meant it!! #Conspiracy #Iluminati

Paul Hubble @phubble

Costa's effectively been given a retrospective red card which means that Chelsea played with an unfair advantage on Tuesday. With that in mind I feel the outcome of the tie should also be reviewed. I know this won't happen but the FA should think about this going forward.

Leon @leon78

Getting bored of LVG now the football we play is miles away from what we used to play! We're slow in attack the defence looks short in confidence, playing players out of position ie rooney mid di maria up top and we play way to many long balls! Oh and shaw is a shadow of himself last season....

Alex Davis @adavis

With the news of Michael Carrick being out for 4 weeks,i do hope that this will signal,more playing time for Anders Herrerra.His tenacity & creativety has been sorely missed!

Mr.Charlie @ranger11

bluelinestation.com/2015/01/30 I hate to say it but he may be right. We may need to make a move or 2 to strengthen this team n as much as we all like Zucc he's not doing much. He really only had a half of a good season in a way. Still think Hags is valuable enough to keep

Steven Adrian Stewart @sas91

Can you imagine how miffed herrera will be if/when he doesn't get game time even when we have sold fletcher, Carrick out injured.

RedStu @redstu23

Ok my ideal 11 for tomorrow would be DE GEA SHAW ROJO SMALLING RAFAEL BLIND HERRERA DI MARIA MATTA ROONEY FALCAO. in a 4-4-2 diamond.

Matt @fourfourtwo

Chav fans must cringe at James deluded comments

Tom Mitchell @tmitchell

Yes Costa is banned. Get over it.... Stop debating a lost cause. Let the imbeciles have their laugh. But the main thing is. We are looking down on them. So we aren't worried.

Nick Vann @vann1987

Linked with Benzema & Laveizzi but are in the hunt for Danny Ings, they look through Harrods window whilst shopping at Asda. Ladies & gentlemen I give you Liverpool!!!!

Gate13 @stamfordlion1

The Liverpool Myth by Chelsea Chat’s ‘Blue Barney’ good read. An old article on the Chelsea supporters club site

Terry Knowles @toongr8s

Newcastle 5 a side team Given,Woodgate,Gazza,Beardsley,Shearer

ChapLFC @adchap

Chelsea fans moaning about costas ban.. End of the day they had a touch he should have been off they would be out the cup and still have a 3 match ban

Craig CFC Since 1991 @craigcfc

If the Costa ban doesn't cost Chelsea the title, nothing will?

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

Stick Blind in even Herrera in Carrick's role! Herrera needs more game time.

Craig CFC Since 1991 @craigcfc

If the Costa ban doesn't cost Chelsea the title, nothing will?

Paul @ringodingo

I'll think we'll see Halleys comet before that stadium gets built.

James Smith @jayweb1

Robinson, woodgate, batty, kewell, viduka

Daftpunk @daftpunk76

I dunno what LVG is smoking but it must be better than his last batch, because he is getting his senses back by the sounds of your yapps.

Ali Muss @ali666

Well let's just move on we will beat Man ****** without Costa anyway Chelsea Chelsea

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