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Stephen Hamilton @shamilton0

Lee Probert was a disgrace all game yesterday sitting at the game watching this idiot ref play made me wonder how the hell does he manage in the Premier League and he was the ref in the FA Cup final last year not good

Geoff Price @gprice012

Question when and who and why and outcome , the last player to be fast tracked to an hearing for punishment before a big game , if it exists and who called for this and why it's all a bit flakey and flimsy if you ask me , it's not even a fair hearing you can't attend

Pancho 1999 @pancho


Raymie Mccarroll @rmccarroll

Di Maria back on the left, give him a bit of license to cut inside but more importantly want to see some improvement in our crossing. Been disappointing since young got injured

Robin Hollis @robin

this is the real SAS bring it on 3pm can't come quick enough believe let the games begin

Redditch spurs @redditchspurs

I live about 20 minutes from WBA ground we've had about 1 inch of snow up here so be careful traveling up here fellow Spurs fan. 2-1 win to Spurs Harry Kane first goal see you there COYS

Robin Hollis @robin

it all about him and the 12 man will be right behind him all the way I think he could be better than Bans

Ike Duke @arsenalfanatic

Proper football is bck. Thought Saturday will never come. I know we play on Sunday, but damn, am elated to watch games. Go gooners!!!!

Red-4-Life @cantona321

I just want to see some lovely football and a thumping win Herrera n Falcao to play well Di Maria to buzz around back 4 to be solid Blind to protect and Rooney to be up front and David De Gea to sign a new contract and maybe sign a CB Paul Merson to be given the boot liverfool to lose and that's it

Geoff Price @gprice012

The way I see it with Lampard is simples he has the right to play for who ever he wants where ever he wants ,we should all have no probs with that fine , but when he starts lying and being dishonest that tells me he has no respect for us what so ever

Simon Harris @coysharris

Hope I've not jinxed us!!

Simon Harris @coysharris

According to reports we av a fully fit squad again today this must be the best season for minimal injury list in years, either something has changed, or are the players better looked after?

Anne Nffc Marks @amarks

Heres hoping the CG get right behind the team today. Can make such a difference .

Daftpunk @daftpunk76

Just sending a Driveby Good Morning, bloody body clock. Zzzzz

Matthew @mstafford

It's game day...and time to pay Leicester back for a certain result earlier in the season WE ARE UNITED!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Hedgehog @torvue0

BREAKING NEWS: But when it comes to picking your favourite biscuit it seems you, the people of Britain, are clear. It's the chocolate hobnob - beating the lesser-favoured chocolate digestive by a landslide.

VincentKdB @vincentkdb

No matter how much he does for City, I will never forget any moment he had with Chelsea- especially this one. For my whole childhood this man brought a smile to my face. Just because it's over doesn't mean we forget. #superfrankielampard

jae @jaeworkman

Live by the 3 die by the 3 (goldenstate)

Chris Baker @baker20

This team needs to find themselves real quick there's no urgency or passion in this team right now, and there's such horrible ball movement they don't pass to find the open look it's shot after shot being contested

Geordie Rover @betrue

Australia at 1. 50@ to lift the Asian Cup is a good ploy . Geordie is very confident and has $180.. AUD on Australia to win.. Only Robbie Kruze to be an any time goal scorer .. Along with Cahill... Money pouring in . Correct score bet? Australia 3 v South Korea 1

Mark Rose @rosie

Lampard was a ledge at Chelsea But if he scored later would u cheer him or jeer him? With all this love for him I wonder. .....

Cdn blues Fan @cdnbluesfan

Sorry Gang was at work till 11 how did the guys play?

Geordie Rover @betrue

The hosts of our Worlds festival of Football..in 2022 , by questionable means buys a significant stake in our only remaining British Airline.. According to English media. Is this really news?? Between the UAE and them ..surely they already own half of English assets??? Go them

Red Devil @ajinkya


Syed S LFC @lfc786engfan

We should swap Boroni for Bojan asap yes I know Bojan had a serious injury , so giving a fit player 4 a injured one etc should be attractive for Stoke shall I do that rubbish iAN AYRE'S job 4 him , Bcoz he is rubbish at it .!!! FSG-Hmm.!!???

Geordie Rover @betrue

The Man .. Light a Candle tonight all who know.. How he fought .. Against the likes who sell us out now

Sussexexile @scot62

De Bruyne - Chelsea ???? You'll regret that!

Mike Nissan @mnissan22

And that's how you cook a duck

Juan @juan

Great win for our boys ! It was fun see you all tomorrow!

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