utdboys @utdboys

Citeh fans singing "you should have gone Christmas shopping" to the Palace fans.....The irony of course is that's exactly where their fans have gone

Ranjit Mawee @mawee1978

A palace upset wasn't really on the cards. We now need to get behind our boys and go three clear again on Monday.

Russell Jones @rjones1207

3 points for Xmas please Santa

Smokesignals @smokesignals

********, this is a scandal.

Mike Thompson @rugbyaddict88

Big chance for Falcao here, needs grab it with both hands

OOHHAHHCANTONA @grumpymonkey

All you guys who like a bet can get 5/1 on United, Tottenham and west ham all to win on sky bet

Steve smith @stephensmith388

Somebody yapped on here the other day that there were more manure fans on here than any other, reason is for some reason unless i go into settings and set Oxford every time I yap, manure comes up!! Don't think I'm the only one

Simon Jupe @simonjupe

Once again the officials get it wrong at the emptyhad.

Kevin Squires @krsrams

I don't like Adams never have.

Geordie Rover @betrue

Zaha barely on and already shirking

Taylor Hill @taydivision

Blanco hasn't even made the bench. I wonder what the situation is with him.. Oh well, same XI as last week- which is pleasantly surprising.

Mark Bradbury @braders41

Said last week I was done with Lamella so apart from him happy with that team

☆Markie B☆ @marques211

I'm still hunting a stream for the game!!!

Hollie MUFC @holliemufc

And Adnan is on the bench. Happy days.

Shang @shangdat

Can't help but think have those points away.

Christian Kabeya @cogsleekgooner

Sportsyapper havin a dig at blue mancs lol "where are ya"

Bradley Ash @bradnum4

Anyone know why fellaini us not in the squad? Injury?

Matt Lovegrove @mattylove75

Hope things click today theres been flashes of it good win would be nice

Jake @nobeernogain

In sick of this shady. You need to have 100 yds today.

Graham W @gray123

V quiet in Bell and Hare. Hope we aren't complacent today?

Shannon Griffith @sgriffith

Im not going on actual stats but this 11 must have 20 medels or more between them

Smokesignals @smokesignals

What l'm seeing in the Premier league these days with the favour of the Manchester clubs and Liverpool, and the anti Chelsea. Makes FIFA look like a convent.