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Jake @nobeernogain

Like I said. Jimmie and jeff already moved up. They don't belong down there

Pravardhan Gowda @prvrdhn9lfc

Should be careful against manure.... Them good at diving......

VanDarYapp @donchichi001

The amount of rolling around on the floor and feigning injury that goes on in la liga is frankly ridiculous. I'm put right off watching that league.

Kerra Daley @kerrad

Meanwhile in America everyone is talking about NASCAR! I with a bunch people who are trying to convert me and I am just like can I rewatch the LFC game?

Mike Evans @mikeevans1984

Its gonna be hard for Lovren to adhere himself to the Liverpool fans i think after a bad start to his anfield career

Danny Hill @dhil1

Love watching 2 attack minded teams play, its how the game should be played.

RHotspurs @rhotspur921

They have brightened up their whole page and yapps with us

5tew @5tew

Why are Gooners ignorant to the fact they are mediocre?

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

More good news Lucas back in light training www.sambafoot.com/en/news/6...rpool.html?

Jamie Herschel @jamieherschel

Cheerleaders? Seriously??

Len B @55blue

Great performance great defending Super Blues

Dave Munt @munty80

Lol these Spurs fans crack me up ... Clutching at straws .. When will they face it ... They're at ****** small club

Jamie Herschel @jamieherschel

Green flag. Let's go fog racing in Atlanta boys!

Peter A @pcpxa

It's like saying at least 2nd is 1st looser.....

Paul @ringodingo

West ham ? Even the kit is ****...

John @kopcat

Ive had to deal with a 6 '5 drunk battle hardened scots guard dude today dont worry manu are nowt lol

Scott Marlatt @scottmarlatt

They may start it but I don't think they will finish it

ooh-to-be @gedders

Wednesday night seems a long time ago now doesn't it!

Woodiethfc @woodiethfc

Still a little de - flated ..but Young promising team and manager ..New stadium and some decent buys in the summer.its not all bad coys

andrew reynolds @supernovapoop

Guess you could say we did chelsea a favour knocking Man City out

Cdn blues Fan @cdnbluesfan

Issues and all players locked in with russian ruble contracts

Mat Gorman @mattie73

Stan telling the gooners like it is "you can't be compared as a European club to the likes of Liverpool why would any of the big European managers want to come and manage you"!!!? Hahaha

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