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Mathew Bailey @baileybpfc

Hearing that Citeh weren't great tonight again!

Andy Montgomery @amonty70

Cundy take you're Chelsea glasses off

Da Wilbz @wilbz

Im sick of ******* Scousers on every ******* sport channel, piss off back to that hole we all call Merseyside........

Petered66 @creswickpeter

How many of us have different opinions of a game, We won and played pretty well, some say it wasn't pretty but at the end of the day a wins a win and keeping up at the top end. We just got to keep going and I believe we can get top 4.

Natalie Mills @natalielfc

Commenting because you don't like a player is different but abuse and sexually comments towards their children is taking things a bit far. Scumbags utter lowlifes

m c f c p r i d e @mcfcpride

Bony might not have scored yet but he wins every single header in our box defending corners, that's something Dzeko never does.

Captain Fantastic8 @nattyroons

Liverpool are unbeaten in 12 PL matches (home and away), since losing 3-0 at Old Trafford on 14 December; they managed a 16-match unbeaten run between January and April last term.

Captain Fantastic8 @nattyroons

Liverpool remain the only unbeaten team in the Premier League in 2015: they have won 20 points from a possible 24 since January 1, the most in the division.

Blasky @mblaskovics

All I will say is we have to beat those bin dipping *****! That is all!

Captain Fantastic8 @nattyroons

Daniel Sturridge scores for only the second time in six matches since his return from injury in the PL. All of his three PL goals this season have come at Anfield (W2).

oliwooders @woodersafc

Right on the next Terry Tibbs show, we all bomb the TalkSport page with messages of support for Terry!

Eren Fahri @erenticon

We lost Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra and Giggs to name a few, had 50 plus injuries and all our new signings needing to bed in, yet Owen thinks we should have been challenging for the league. Is he on crack?!

Bob @king69

I'm off with les move over SWEETY

️Red Army @maestro

Owen he played for us, but he still a scouser

Lloyd @lwright

I cannot believe I'm saying this. But the ******* Scouse **** McManawhatever is right. Carver Stop blaming the ref blame your defenders for being shite and your strikers for missing chances.

Dan Lauszkin @danlauszkin

LVG On Falcao not coming on tonight. "I played one striker and was very happy with Wayne Rooney tonight. He played well. Falcao understands and is ok."

Captain Fantastic8 @nattyroons

Jordan Henderson scores in successive PL matches for only the second time in his career, after Jan 2013.

Andrew Mahon @andrewrfcmahon

Hahahaha so St Johnston stuff celtic ..... made my night so much better.

Billy Chapata @iambrillyant

Arsenal on top at Old Trafford? No chance.

YNWA @leapowlo73

Burnley showing the prem their no fools they giving it a good go here

Bob @king69


michael parry @mparry79

Did you see we have had five shots on target in the last five games. Need some leadship and clear out summer comes. We need at least 7 points

Ando @yapper23

Back from the game was a good professional performance an job done. Allen proving once again he's worthy of his starting place. Technically underated. Bad news was learning the mancs got the late goal gutted!

Adam Walker @wacka85

I see the blue half is on the slide still

Steven Howell @howler39

Got a horrible feeling arsenal may finally come out on top on monday. I know we won tonight but we really are an average team at the moment. Hurry up pep !!!!!

Daniel Wilkes @severance

Could not agree more with Georgie Bingham West Ham were Fabulous

Boisi-71 Thomas @merfyn5

The red machine keeps rolling on .

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