What fans are saying...

nodonno @ralstonmckoy

Wow... We playing like we want a seat somewhere... But why okay this hard so late... Ugh

Laura Brennan @lbrennan4boys

Who would like to see McDonough look like the captain of this team?

I Bleed Blue @jonathinkish

This is a must win. .. we have to keep our distance from isles and pens

Keith Fruncillo @keithfruncillo

Gotta find a spot to watch at Disney next week, already have 3 rangers shirts to wear out of the 7 days, yup I'm ready

April Besch @aprilbesch

Omg who is Anson Carter to tell Hank how to mind the net?

Brian Machado @bmack23

Loungo got more luck than brains!!!

Brian Machado @bmack23

We gotta for check better!! Be in better position for the puck!! Let's go!!!

Michael Mcdonald @leonagwen

Just need to win this or at least get into overtime.

Deleep  @thesturridgeway

April Fool's gonna be fun

Legacy @nickliuzzi

I've been checking in from time to time , we are making it count , when it doesn't matter

Michael Mcdonald @leonagwen

Detroit is leading Ottawa 1-0 in the second period.

Rob Fata @robfata

Rangers weren't sure if Lundqvist was dry so they hung him out for the period. 17 shots by the Jets

Bill V @billyv

We definitely got better as that period went on. Hank good.

Chris DeLuca @vze3k6qh1

No worries, adjust, have a better 2nd!

Sugar Magnolia @stacyanker

Well, we certainly woke up quite a bit. Now let's keep the momentum going on our side!

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