Andy Kynoch @kingbusy

Just got in from the game today and have dedicated it to my premature granddaughter who passed away after 6 days . We're season ticket holders and my son Will was too upset to attend today . Millie Kynoch was born at 25 weeks and fought for 6 days and always had a WHU teddy bear in her.

Dougie Burton @redfang

By todays officials reckoning we would have had to score 6 goals to get a 2-1 win! Im keeping the faith coz I think we are a whisker away from things just clicking in to place!.......YOU REDS!

arakO @arakodot

Small lineup no shooters or finishers=disappointment

Justin Skowronski @justinskowronski

Least they gave it a good effort second half

Warren Wba Fc @wozzlaaaaaaaa

Were on sky sports match choice errrr nah your ok I've already watched the embarrassment once today!

Stuart Samuels @stuspur67

Steve do everyone a favour... Quit

Marcin @devil007

One more thing we have to move carrick into midfield.

Brendan Carney @brendancarney

Lol yapper told me the Knicks were winning in the 4th...I come here...and they're losing again...not surprised lol

David Tilbury @dobster42

Nice to see the super saints end the bad run with a great win today, good side are Everton

Ben Aitkenhead @benaitkenhead

Madrid cannot play on counter today. San Lorenzo disrupting the pretty boys so far. Who wants it more? #bbceurofooty

J M @macca123us

Lol anyone who thinks Spanish football is all warm and sunshine needs to watch Eiber v Valencia. It's pishing it down lol

Stuart Samuels @stuspur67

Poor Steve Beaton, needs to get another living. # hopeless and gutless

Drederick Tatum @oystonout

Saturday December 20th 2014.The day the club took its final breath.We thank you Mr Oyston. RIP Blackpool FC 1887-2014 Oyston Out.

Tracy Corbin @blinkyblonk182

Got a feeling liv will come out blazing tomorrow, will be confident after there win in the week, I'm a bit worried, my boys keep saying 5 1 mum, god surely not

ReDeYe1973 @redeye1973

This is a public safety announcement this is an important thing to learn CPR can save people's life

Kenrick Purcell @blackfunk4u

Not pleased with how we're Playin at all.....Marcelo touches need to improve.....calm down guys, don't play into their hands.....Come On !!!!

Chris K @chrisk24

Was it a red it's looked like a strong challenge but nothing crazy?

Chris K @chrisk24

1-1 was fair. Villa did well in midfield in harrying United a lot and forcing them out wide. Benteke goal was real quality. Great to see Falcao score

Dougie Burton @redfang

Well my take on todays game is as follows. Leeds were poor, Forest were marginally better. We were robbed of 2 goals by 2 wrong calls by a crap lino. Didn't get a good enough view on the penalty decision to comment. Our fans were subdued Leeds fans were a credit to their club! Great away support!

Tim Taylor @arsenal1116

What's everybody getting or want for Christmas? I want the Blackbird SK5

Fred Valle @fredvalle

Love to watch Cole Toothless play.

arakO @arakodot

Who are these people on the court?? I mean who exactly did the Knicks recruit?? I'm lost.....

Swampthing @swampthing

Poor colback ,50,000 people are going to be watching his every move ,just hope it doesn't screw up his game he's been outstanding so far,a couple of goals wouldn't go a miss jack!!!!!

Marvin Brooks @brooksie08

I have a strong feeling Raheem will be the difference tomo!!! Come on men!

Richard Exley @roadcone

The bronzed Adonis looks like he wants to retire

Richard McQuade @thermcq1986

Anderson gets his revenge on Beaton by winning 3-0.

Tom @tommo891

I've noticed some F*rest fans have recently been slating our attendance and support etc as they do. To those people I say, our attendance today for a match at home on Sky, 27, 974. Forest's attendance today for a home match also on Sky, 22,664. Need I say more.