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Alex Davis @adavis

Not sure about Poyet taking on Bruce..he's a big boy Gus lol.

Tomhat @tomhat86lufc

Bit of an over reaction from Pantillimon there, it was straight at him.

Dan Pearce @dpearce1

Villa looked good last night in the first half. I hope they stay up, I just can't see past Leicester, Burnley and either QPR or Sunderland for the drop. Would be hilarious if the toffees dropped out. I think it would ruin them though financially

Jerome @jerome

And thats why rodwells playing for sunderland and not city #facts !!

Sammie V @sam63

PEYTON is coming back. Omg. Yesssssss

F3ddY MP @lfcinsanity

Oh dear, I watched only the last 4 minutes of the game coz the tv showed Chelsea's

Dent Ford @dford01

Look at Brucie's face Gus... You really want to f**k with a guy that big that looks like that...

Matt @mattsmithcfc

We know now united are the bridesmaid and not the bride in Manchester the only funny thing is Ryan giggs isn't the one that's ****** it! :-D

Nathan Strong @strongy2710

Think he said something about Johnson? haha

Liam J @lijohnso

Puyett is such a T I T

Jabir Masüm @masum

**** United sorry guys I hate this team

Dave Hall @avfcdave87

Bruce woulda fcuked Poyet up

Dave Hall @avfcdave87

That's how to defend Sunderland, NOT!!!!

Dan Pearce @dpearce1

I would never disrespect Stevie G either but his time is over with us. Hendo becomes withdrawn when he is in the side. He needs to be out of the team to allow Hendo, Can, Allen to all continue to grow. I love Gerrard but it is time to move forwards and I truly believe this is right for us

Nick @yapperphilly

I'm going on record as saying I'm not sure whether chip will be great or a failure, but what I do know is that if you invest this much money and power into a head coach, you have to let him get his guys.If not it's not a true chip product. He's been given a green light, just watch what happens tues

Duane Holness @gunnern9

When sherwood was talking he was breathing like he was scared

Karl Carribine @asriel1985

A goal and an assist for Henderson he's really stepping up in gerrards absence

Kerra Daley @kerrad

I'll check them out later.. Peace out Concord!

Mark Needham @needs2507

Just got back from the lane... Good performance tonight and a much needed win. As usual some poor defending but 3 points in the bag! #COYS

Alex Davis @adavis

Tony Pulis is seething lol.

Rahman YNWA @abdulhr2176

Great Great Great Games continuosly with winning KEEP IT UP REDS til end of the Seasons!,very good finishing by Hendo and Sutrridge!YNWA!YES YES YES!

Dan Pearce @dpearce1

I'm so excited about our midfield and defence after the start of the season we had. Lovren is quietly going about his business now, Skrtel is solid, can is incredible, Allen has done himself proud, Lallana looking good, Coutinho is a magician and raheem, Markovic, Ibe, lucas all add so much to us

Chris Hancock @chancock0

Look at the state at Everton,moyes goes,a young up and coming manager in,they look worst than ever. It's only 7/9 weeks ago and carrigar was on saying Rodgers could be forced out. If we are looking for a manager that seems to do a good job with what he's got, look at : TP, BIG SAM , PARDEW,

Alex Davis @adavis

Ben Foster has a real mare..blimey!

Bram @bram65

How does Hutton make a living as a professional footballer?

Callum Hunter @huntermufc

Makes today even better knowing that my mates are Newcastle supporters!

Dent Ford @dford01

Think I'd be a bit miffed too if a guy stuck his studs in my groin like that... That's pretty much worth getting a red to retaliate...

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