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Scousedolly @scousedolly

This is what I want to do if the same crap keeps getting repeated. m.youtube.com/watch?v=kYtGl1dX5qI Happy Friday Kids!

Stan Collymore @stancollymore

England v Lithuania @talkSPORT LIVE from 7pm. Updates and Lightning SportsYapper goals! Come on England!!

Francesca Gotip @francescag

I meant kick their ass by the way! Am with Ukraine in this game

Michael Anthony @lazykyosuke

It's funny how Liverpool keep calling us Shite but have yet to beat us this Season: 3-0, 3-1, 2-1

Yusei @alikeabledouche

I'm worried they'll steal a goal because well...it's England.

Ed C @alchemist

Trippy eighties movies. Anyone remember this? youtu.be/GlXxt-FbTEE

Bootle Red @jc23

I don't need aftershave.... I shall go to the Mersey and stick a drop of the amber nectar behind each ear..... A shîtty stick is then required to fight off the ladies

Saj Khan @skh786

Touched a nerve

Danny B @dannyskunk

Whos excited for tom clevealy to return !!!

Jon Murray @jb90125

My take on CR7 is that l wouldn't have him back. Too much money for a 30yr old. We got 1 good season out of RVP and now he has struggled . IMO. Invest in youth, bring through the youngsters into the squad from the academy. Some real prospects there.Bring in players who will enhance the squad.

RedStu @redstu23

This is my England starting 11. Im going for 3-0 win too!

m c f c p r i d e @mcfcpride

Weekends are simply not the same when City aren't playing

David Ramanaden @davidram1

Kane has had a good season and probably deserves his chance. But he's anonymous in big games. Chelski, arsenal, city, LFC and UTD managed to keep him quiet. Lithuania might be a good team to blood him against, but would Italy be too much??

Fred Valle @fredvalle

Not a long day at the studio today. The question is, do I watch the nyknicks or the Worriers vs Grizzlies.

Danny @dannywhelton

Is Aurelio in the charity match?

Kevin @hagz

Balotelli on carraghers squad...that should be interesting

Yusei @alikeabledouche

Going with England 3 Lithuania 1

Matt Saxon @saxonmatt

After all the banter, sometimes it's worth remembering that their should always be respect

John Henry's Wallet @lfcmoneyman

Todays tune for the Yapheads Warren Zevon ... very cool youtu.be/TOz0tL6FhM0

Robin Hans Willem Dicke @dickerobin

Happy Friday my fellow United ledges, have a great weekend!

Dale Greening @dgreening

How long is Sturridge out for this time??!!

Luke Walford @lwalford

Can't go to Leicester game as going to Grand Nationals, gutted will be so emotional seeing them in that kit!!!

Dale Greening @dgreening

If we don't win by 3 or more were shite!!

Glenn Williams @glennshay71

Right off home to get ready for tonight

ChackieJan @cschow

We were playing well before Studge came back and Toure played great when he filled in for Skrtel after Skrtel's concussion a couple weeks ago. I'm not too worried. We can still do this.

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