What fans are saying...

Cdn blues Fan @cdnbluesfan

JT is sooo frustrated he needs KO to free up some ice and let him set up or have better quality shots

Brandon @greatfriedrice

I don't understand how the closer ref did not see the trip lol

Michael J. Zaun @mj_zman

OK, PP, let's make em pay! Let's Go Islanders!!

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

How does ref in the zone miss that ?????

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

Joffrey will get his first start tonight! But damn will it be painful to watch JJ start...

Matthew Jacob @matthewjacob

Sharp or smith will click!! They are so over due!! Have to go hard to the net and get traffic infront... Bishop can beat you himself if he sees everything!

Mark @mupstone

George Graham wins trophy in first season, Juande Ramos wins trophy in first season. Pochettino ??

Sue Hansen @oldstyle

Let's go Hawks..My PTC is Saad!!

Seth Parker @sethparker

We want playoffs! We want playoffs! Let's go Islanders!

SezBruce @sezsahara

Note to self, don't watch Brenda in HD, what's the craic with his skin and lips?

AdgCFC @adgcfc

Do not **** with Putin mudafcuker

Bob Cali @bobcinnyc

We need to get our players back: KO, Casey, Grabo

Steve Perroncino @steveperroncino

Jt should have 2 points already but lee n déhaan missed

Scott Marlatt @scottmarlatt

Jones starting over Shump. ???? Ok

K.C. Gentz @kcgentz222

We won't miss the playoffs. I just want yo finish 4 th so we get one home series at least

Matthew Jacob @matthewjacob

If the Hawks play like they did last night they def should come out with a win

Dana Fiske-Goldstein @danafiskegoldstein

I think they look good, but one of these need to go in the net!!!

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