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David Jones @mansell

still here Les.. hang on your every word..

The One @iamone1

Always a shame when I see empty seats in the stadium. There were two empty seats in my row yesterday and three spare in the row behind...A lot of season ticket holders sell their seats to agents and touts. Surely the club knows this!

Adam Bruce @brucey97

Sterling is replaceable we have origi don't forget

Les Elliott @julieles1

99 red balloons sterling in the summer sky

Gareth Roche @gazlfc

Coutinho is the only irreplaceable player we have.

Premika J @premeeks03

Something from the man himself

Marc Smyth @marc

Colin Murry talking sense about Sterling on talkshite!!

Graham W @gray123

From Twitter This'll cheer u all up @@thfcnostalgia: 5 years ago Danny Rose scores this wonder goal on his full EPL debut against Arsenal in the EPL #THFC #WonderStrike

Michael M @mixtupabit

Sterling must have been on something last night with those sitters he missed..

Carlos Kickaball @soccersocrates

Nobody wants Raheem to go but I just can't accept that he is irreplaceable ..not at this stage ...But is there anyone who doesn't want balotelli to go .. Struggling to think of anyone who does less for the clubs he plays for

JC Είμαι ο βασιλιάς @royalblues

Zak Dingle says that Manchester United will win the Premier League next season.

Deano @cfcdeano

Arsenal need a lot more then Stirling gk defence and a goal scoring St

JC Είμαι ο βασιλιάς @royalblues

I wonder how long it'll take Old Harry Redknapp to try and take credit if Bournemouth manage to get promoted from the Championship to the Premier League

Paul Gray @psgray100

Gooners will win the prem if they get Sterling regardless who the others buy!

Ravinder Kibbe @ravikibbe

Can someone tell my why Dion Dublin is on Homes Under the Hammer!?

Dutch Holland @dutch1980

We need a captain, lloris is off so who should we sign as the one main experienced player to lead us who should that be?

Carlos Kickaball @soccersocrates

Airports remind me of the adult version of a school playground .. Or maybe a prison yard ..

Steve @fifaarecorrupt

Utd to get 35m hummels this summer.our back four didnt cost that.who's the RENT BOYS now?.

JC Είμαι ο βασιλιάς @royalblues

First I thought Sterling was just a young lad with bad advisors. But he's looking more like the sort of kid who gives football a bad name.

Paul Gray @psgray100

If Sterling does leave Liverpool would love to see him at the Gooners (mooted by a very respected journalist that Wenger is open to the idea with Theo going the other way plus £££) next season and then watch all the haters drivel as he inspires the gooners to win he prem in style!

Bryn Downing @naansolo

Well that's Mario for you. Shame as he had a great chance here to turn things around. If the attitude is right things can and will improve but if it's wrong the people trying to help you cant really.

Villamatt39 @villamatt39

Charles NZogbia looking different

Gary Spires @gspires

Great debate about Sterling on Talk Sport, Colin Murray giving a sensible view on it

Shoppy 23 @shoppy23

Dunno what i missed.. But heres my twins taken a couple years ago.. In their whellchairs.. Oh & i own my own business & my wife is a fully qualified fine dinning chef.. #JustSaying

Sy  @pangloss

Agree with Paul apart from the very last bit. Very much up for debate but the rest he can do what he wants if it legal then it's not news

David Jones @mansell

Les will fill us in I'm sure

David Jones @mansell

all the Philosophy was in plan A what ever that is

Paul Gray @psgray100

Sterling: lay off the kid. If there is a better English player age 20 please name him. So what if he does a few things that his mum may not be proud of let alone Liverpool he hasn't killed anyone he has puffed some gas big deal. Does he remain England's brightest hope ... not even up for debate!

jason @hazardtime

come on people give sterling a break he's 20 for **** sake. yes he's a footballer and should be a "role model" but seriously society aint any better when theres 12 year old kids smoking and parents not giving a ****. stop using footballers as scapegoats as its parents who teach right and wrong.

Ieuan Jeffreys @ieuan14

Balotelli ruling himself out of games with illness...wish I had a job where I could do that! Lazy bastard! #Somuchtalentsolittleeffort

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