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dean 180 harvey @deanharvey2

Come on malta last 15 minutes hold on

Alan Macaloney @alan214chelseafc

I'm from Scotland and I'm going to Malta for my holiday and I'm supporting MALTA come on Malta vs italy come on Malta

Iain Mckay @icebhoy

Congratulations to Valletta FC on retaining the Euro cup friendly tournament here's to another successful season #lilywhites

Simon @simonranger

The free kick was too close to goal.

Simon @simonranger

It's a time out without stopping the clock lol

Simon @simonranger

banging start...Ronaldo hypnosis.

Simon @simonranger

Is this hansen 's last tournament?

Iain Mckay @icebhoy

Congratulations to Valletta on their win tonight

Iain Mckay @imckay0

Congratulations to Valletta I'm from Scotland and support Celtic & Valletta got over to watch them earlier in the season hoping to get back next season and there is the chance both could meet in the CL qualifiers

Stewart Jones @skippo10

I was wrong congratulations to Valletta!!

Stewart Jones @skippo10

It has been an interesting season, I think Birkirkara have got the title again this year, Valletta can't be happy with all the money they spend and looking like no title in two seasons.

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