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Kevin Squires @krsrams

The score is 1 - 0 to the dirty, cheating team

Kavi Vashish @kvashish

It's the immaculate haircut of Pelle which allow him to put such a great header....

Mahamud Gargaar @inagargaar

Italian winger backs are always dangerous... Highly rated darmian

Tony Stratton @tstratton

What has happened to Italia. Painful to watch

Graeme Gilbertson @graeme1970

Forza!, solo non riesco a ottenere abbastanza.

A Sharif @r32sharif

@stancollymore means more for Scottish players who play for their country than the over paid ones that do for England. #Englandvscotland

Ricardo Uomo @italiangooner

Forza Azzurri! Dobbiamo vincere questa sera!

TSB @dcfcdentist

How would have thought slaven bilic was a Thatcherite! On with the game...

Jeff Hutchinson @hutchy74

Jeeze, good game as well and It's been spoiled >:O|

Antonio Carrino @ninocarrino

Arguably one of the worst italian sides I've seen

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Why is Conte substituting players so early in the half? Why didn't he just do it at half time?

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

You know for this first half Buffoon has not been confident. Which is both unusual and concerning

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Amuses me to see Puma on the advertising hoardings. Given that they pay part of Conte's wages

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Italy seem very patient in attack. Perhaps too patient

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Is Pasqual injured? Seems early for a substitution

Tony Martone @tony73

What is it with the back heels

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Buffoon by name. And for once Buffoon by nature

Alex Davis @adavis

Catastophic error by Buffon! but a great start to the game on

Byron Leigh @kamon80

Keeper should have done better

Phil Foster @phil25

Buffon should of saved that.

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