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Alan Thomson @ajthomson25

England 3-0 get your money on

John Elder @johnnyelder88

Friendly or not, you play to win regardless

John Elder @johnnyelder88

Rooney has done absolutely nothing 1st half

John Elder @johnnyelder88

COME ON NORWAY. 2-1 will do nicely

James Hollis @czechouthollis

Hello fans of Norway ! How confident are you all tonight ? Come On England!

Mark McConnell @mclarky

@shellevision england & norway to get a draw tonight

Luke Salmon @lukersalmon

Any one know if Odegaard is playing tonight? #talent .

Cyril Gaynor @gate13

Come on Norway beat that pile of **** england

Karl Phillips @tornadokp

Thought i'd have a little look to see how the Norwegian contingent was getting on... Turns out i'm not great at reading Norwegian.... Any good luck tonight & hoping for a decent game

Blinky MUFC @bigste

Where is my best friend Lester????

Aman Ahmed @aman7777

Vi må klare å komme til EM

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