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Sam Harris @samavfc7

Hi guys, we are set to sign Carles Gil from you lot and I just wondered what are your thoughts on the player? Thanks.

Adam Colton @adamsbapple

Score you shower of bollixes! Need my acca to come in!

Roy Millward @heston15

Well having just seen the incident, that was a penalty at the end of the half!!!

Jordan Ryder @gladvartar95

Well done Valencia! Great win!!!! :D

Anthony Wileman @wilemannnnn94

Alcacer what a player he is and will be :)

F 86 @f86

lovely goal by al cacer

James Roberts @james20

Great ball and a very good finish

Sunraj M @sportsgrinder

This second commentator in the valencia Milan game is so negative and highly over critical

Chris Willcox @bogcleaner

Watering the pitch @OldTrafford! Luckily visited the WC before taking my seat.

MiniMaria @minimaria

@pmorgan01 your team losing at the minute...

john quinn @kerrybi

Place to break pool hearts tonight

Ivan Serrano @serrano92

Valencia were unlucky today! :( #amunt !!

Justin Mortlake @justinmortlake

Can anyone see Barca allowing Real Madrid to win the title by beating Ath Madrid if they cannot win the title themselves? Me neither lol

Justin Mortlake @justinmortlake

Espanyol could do Barca a massive favour away to Real Madrid last game if it goes to the wire.

Davie Orr @davieorr74

tbh still a great result Valencia (y) granted that away kit is proper rank ;)

Davie Orr @davieorr74

granted you boys are winning 2-1 so far....may i just say ur strip is proper rank!!!

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