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Mumbai Indians

Michele Blakemore-Powner @mbp

Paul Downton no longer MD at England Cricket

Nature Boy @natureboy

The Mumbai Indians are the Dallas Cowboys of IPL... (a good thing)

Michele Blakemore-Powner @mbp

Tendulkar looks a bit Elvis today

Abby Sheikh @abby12345

What a nithey for Spain

Rav Sunda @ravsta72

Wow....just awsome Mumbai Indians...

Hemant Khatana @hemant1980

Ok how fixed is that game in the IPL?

sam budgett @budge10

What a match between Mumbai and Kolkata, it's going the whole way

Hoops @leehooper3

Can anyone tell me how Mumbai Indians got on yesterday in their #IPL match??!!

Savi Maan @cricket12

Who won the match between mi an cdk

Ronak Joshi @roninja74

Hopeless Indian umpiring

Turk SYS @allstarturk

Who's going to win.. ??? Gayle to score big ??!!!!!!

re @reinsk

Come on Liverpool!

Charlie @leesonc

Looking forward to the new IPL season! #mipaltan

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