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Nic Goodwin @nicgoodwin

Check out our preview and prediction for today's Champion's League match between BARCELONA & PSG

Nic Goodwin @nicgoodwin

Check out our preview of today's huge match. CHEAPTALK Sports: Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid:

Nic Goodwin @nicgoodwin

Game day! Excited to see Real back in action against Atletico

Ravneet Kaur @ravneetkaur

****! Netherland 2 - 0Spain

MiniMaria @minimaria

Iniesta comes on with a hostile reception from the home side, that wonder goal never to be forgotten ;)

MiniMaria @minimaria

Losing but good time to mix it up with experience and youngsters from the u21's

Nicole Maurello @nmaurello

Beautiful save from Iker...he's been great.

Marc Mwamba @mmwamba

Jetez un coup d'œil au Tweet de @JustFutball :

MUFC4LF @reddevilforever

And the CASHICO is on!!! Haha

Nicole Maurello @nmaurello

Second goal!! Sergio..I'm loosing it lol

MiniMaria @minimaria

Finally Costa gets his goal !!!

Joel @jd1874

Good to see Paco getting another goal

Janak @realmadrid1988

Is it me or is the number 9 shirt cursed

Eugenio Frias @efrias21

Vamos Diego!! Marca ya!!!!!

Craig @bhoyliam

IMO Spain still the best they just need new manager to play the right team.

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