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Real Madrid

Kevin Stewart @redsoxbrit

Loving how the mancs are getting first dibs on all these players

Stevie Spurs @steviespurs

So who would real fans like to play in the next round?? I would presume juve but

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Real deserved to go out in the last 16 when they lost at home to Schalke. That was one of the most deserving performances in the Champions League and they got nothing from it. Football is a cruel, cruel game

Дејан Марковић @1111dejan

Little bit statistic: Real Madrid 1-0 Atletico FT: Shots: 23-6 Possession: 59%-41% Chances created: 17-2 Pass acc.: 90%-71% Fouls: 15-12

Chris Dickson @chrisdickson22

Something really needs to be done about playacting and over exaggerating fouls. It's getting embarrassing. #Pepe #Ramos

Jim Seery @theseer

Congrats Real Madrid another proper football team in the semis - not those cheating,posturing copies of the worst of Argentine football personified by their slimy scumbag manager Simeone -everything that's bad about football in one team

Terry Blundell @tblundell

Hate that wanker disgrace to football do not want him in the Premier league so **** off

Chawat @cachaito

Ronaldo should learn how to celebrate with his teammates! Juventus, Bayern or old pistolero foe for the semis?

Terry Blundell @tblundell

Simeone disgrace to football his team don't to play to win

Ndlovu Vusi @vusi

Finally a win over Athletics

Nicole Maurello @nmaurello

I was way too nervous to come here, now I'm too excited to stay

Terry Blundell @tblundell

How do they get away with touching the referee all the game and Simeone a dozen not shake hands with anybody disrespect Argentinian cheating wanker a win for football tonight

Jason Groom @cheekylad

Why does Ancelotti always look like he's got a fish hook in his eyebrow???

Éliane Abi-Sleiman @abisleiman

Real Madrid through the Semi finals >>>

Simon Fowler @sfowle2

Spanish Football is embarrassing, great skill levels but just ridiculous. Players throwing themselves over at the slightest thing like they've shot.

Saurabh Keni @saulfckeni

This referee is being too busy

Jason Groom @cheekylad

Go on head butt! Why not?!

Bleedin Blue @markwnek

Superb by Ronaldo - knew it wasn't his night and teed it up for Chicharito

Marty @mdyso2

I legit thought Ronaldo scored....whoops!

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Piss off Real. You're an awful, awful, example of a football club

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