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Noirh20 @noirh20

Time to scrap the six nations. Too predictable and very very boring.

Stuart Mistry @sportsstu12

That's better with a try.. Come on Glos..

Simon Rushby @rushers72

Big performance today Glaws got to beat Bath after last year

Stuart Mistry @sportsstu12

Come on Glos... Need a good start to the second half.

Dean Vaughan @f8402664

What a second half performance, well done boys, need to start like that and will be un beatable

Dean Vaughan @f8402664

Let's hope there is a massive improvement today, last week was not good, I see quins got hammered last night it must be the Friday night air! Come on lads (Gloster)

Andy Harbottle @aharbottle

Oh dear not quite what we were hoping for first game of season, can only get better!

Dean Vaughan @f8402664

R we there seems to me we r getting hammered

Dean Vaughan @f8402664

Good game to KO season with could put down a real marker tonight with a win. Come the cherries & whites

Courtney @courtney

The scrum is looking alot better this season

Agger @agger

Glawster! Come on you guys lets start with a win. ;-)

Simon Rushby @rushers72

Looking forward to seeing Richard Hibbard in the Cherry & White today

Peter Stoddart @pstoddart

Good game yesterday for gloucester

Andy Harbottle @aharbottle

Sounds like could be a good crowd for the sevens let's see what the new gloss can do....

Adam Perrins @aperrins

I see Tinds has retired today ! He can't get his nose straightened now for Princess Ann

Simon Rushby @rushers72

Can't wait for start of seasons, feeling good already top 4

Ross Barnett @barnotelli

Treat Humphreys with respect. You've a gem of a man there and he has worked wonders over here at Ravenhill. Will be following Gloucester closely now, good luck!

Simon Rushby @rushers72

Top news on James Hook, now just need DOR?

Jack O'Neill @thejackoneill

Big Jim has signed for Saracens

Steve Mccallum @stevemcca

Any news on the new manager ?

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