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Bowling Green

Richard King @seminole1fan

Nice win for BGSU tonight...congrats !!!

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

When the cheerleaders are fully clothed bar their faces,you know it's THAT cold

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Bowling Green changes QB. Seems to have worked as they've a touchdown

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

As we enter last quarter looks like Toledo are slowly taking control

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Impressive that both teams are playing in weather I'd rather hibernate in

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

That was a great throw by Knapke. Deserved a touchdown

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Turnover by Bowling Green. Seems lazy by the Toledo QB

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Well it's 3am in the morning and my insomnia has kicked me out of bed again. So watching Bowling Green vs Toledo in weather that would inspire me want to stay at home

Michael Holt @sevenbells

Paint's just about dry now

Steven Ludlow @ludlowsteven

Just watching bowling green in the little ceasars bowl how are you guys this year? #LoveFootball

Todd H @thorsty1


Todd H @thorsty1

Wahoo! Great pick! Let's go BG!

David  @therealdmar

How many more times are the announcers going to say everyone else in the conference wants NIU because if BG wins it'll cost the conference 8 mil. It's getting annoying

Justin W @justinw

Can't afford to come up empty on drives.

Todd H @thorsty1

Great half! Keep on rolling Falcons!

CleGirl17 @clegirl10

Oh yeh! BG is ballin' tonight!!

Todd H @thorsty1

Great pitch and catch

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