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Norm32 @norm32

Brendan McCullum signs for Warwickshire inT20 Blast. Due to debut at OT. Buy your tickets now folks!

Nick James Last @chocca88

As per usual ref descions costing games

From The Sidelines Podcast @sidelinersport

PODCAST - The lads discuss the T20 blast final - and marvel at the cricket legend that is Freddie Flintoff! All neatly nestled in a gift-wrapped parcel of sport: enjoy!

Max Rowe @mrow1

@gridings wonder what they will get hope it's not cheap rubbish

Tom Potts @pottstn90

Second time Lancashire have lost a T20 final really deserved it after there performance this year. Played some fantastic cricket.

Noel Baxter @blueman2

Blew it. Freddie shouldve been in after 4 down . Was shouting at T.V to get him in

Max Rowe @mrow1

Should of won **** of a umpire Birmingham clearly ran over time before the 19th over so an extra 6 runs means we would of won by 2 wickets really pissed off now

craig lewis @craigylou

Come on Andrew Freddie flintoff

James Thornton @jthornton

If Freddie comes in next the crowd will go wild.......

James Thornton @jthornton

Now, do I want the Brummies to win because if I don't the missus will be unhappy(blooming Brummy lass) or do I want Freddie to do the job........ C'MON FREDDIE!!!

chris holt @holtc2

Get in Freddie Flintoff first ball wicket #T20Final

James Dunn @jimmymcfc

Bloody hell Lancs, just held out for the win

Rob Erto @roberto1793

What a team.. Surely favourites for finals day

Richie Norman @rnorman00

Going T20 blast finals day so excited

James Dunn @jimmymcfc

Wow that was tight Lancs, Finals day, well done

Callum Garlick @oldhamlad

Can't wait till Friday, who else is going?

Calum Ashworth @calmufc5

Yorkshire ******** :( still gutted about losing to them but who's still in T20 blast??? Let's win it Lancy!

Tommy Gorman @tjagorman10

Come on Lancs beat the Yorkshire scum!

Chris Ball @cjball5782

Bring on the sanctity of T20!

Chris Ball @cjball5782

Need to steady the ship today!

Jacob Graham @jacobg606

Going well in T20 but back down to reality in County Championship. Another terrible day.

Lord Of Lancashire @platts06

Another poor batting display in the championship.

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