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Eddie Penistone @s6blade

Could not get to watch the blades today so I have taken the wife to watch her side Scunthorpe united play Walsall I think they call this hoof ball over here

Eddie Penistone @s6blade

I see there is not many pigs in s6 today

Scott Graves @bluenose85

Liverpool pull out of deal to sign Loic Remy as they discovered he hasn't played for Southampton #liverampton

Terence Reed @terryreed

Messi player of the cup! Really? And the sponsors are..... Adidas. How strange

onepoint21gigawatts @brennanc2

Holy guacamole, think hulk better call in the rest of the avengers

James Pearse @jamesp777

This has been coming since the start of the World Cup. Have that Brazil!

Eddie Greer @eddieg79

Germany 2 win 2.1 muller first goal

Daniel Duthie @doubledee96

Best of luck to Ryan Gauld at Lisbon, big move for a young player but let's see what the future has to bring for him. #prospect . #talent

Jack Wheeler @chelseafan30

Suarez costed Uruguay the World Cup

Kevin @kwoodland69

I think Mr fegouli was with Suarez last night

JessKelly @jscat

This is what should happen to suarez when he comes back to football

Mark Foster @frost

Suarez will apparently go 4 70 million plus alexis sanchez........ if it were me id offer 35mil plus alex song

Nadeem @nad101

If u wanna sort out the England problem, then drop Rooney for good.Every tournament we worry about rooney and where to play him.for god sakes hes soooo over rated!!! Let him go and start fresh with new players...

Jay Dani @jayd

Holland beat Mexico and the Greeks to beat Costa Rica

Jay Dani @jayd

James Rodrigues has a bad season in France his over hyped!!!

Jay Dani @jayd

Bet not many people heard of James Rodriguez and now his the best thing since slice bread!!!

Jay Dani @jayd

James Rodriguez "best Ayer in the world" hahahaha

JessKelly @jscat

Both manchester teams are looking for strikers especially united , i think its possible

JessKelly @jscat

Suarez will go for 50 million i think to one of the manchester teams or abroad

Henry Druce @hdruce

Really grown to hate Uruguay. No appeal whats so ever. Nasty team

Simon J @simjo

Adios Uruguay... Nothing to do with Brazil being the hosts, nothing to do with English press... You just weren't go enough... period! Oh and your ONLY quality player was ineligible to take to the field... More fool him!

Joe Cali @jcali80

Bye bye uraguay! U got what u deserve!

Gerard @gerardgrimes11

Lugano on the bench is booked, he's injured anyway but will miss Uruguay's next match, whenever that is.

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