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Gerry smith @gerryasmith

Jimmy graham is an unbelievable signing!!... 3 superbowls on the spin I'm thinking

Cory @cory

Bournemouth did me out of a lot of money!!

From The Sidelines Podcast @sidelinersport

This week; we give a view from across the pond on Super Bowl XLIX, the Patriots and the Seahawks. And why the hell was that ball thrown?! Plus more sporting discussions! (apologies for any sound quality problems around the NFL section)

Chris O'Mahony @chrissyo

So Redknapp resigns after no signings on #deadlineday mardy arse lol

Jimmy Monahan @jimmymonahan

Good season to the Seahawks fan but rember it's pat nation who is top dog and tell sherman to do more playing and less **** talking

palacepaul @palacepaul

Door can slam shut I'm watching the netball :-)

Ryan Robertson @robertsonryan

Way to go out with class Seattle...

Graham Corless @grahamcorless

Garrett Miller is a big fat turd

Kieran Powell @poult12yid

After this mornings game #superbowl - i still dont understand the logic of throwing from 3 yards instead of giving it to Marshawn Lynch.... #mindboggles

Gary @gary

I win or lose with lynch

Luke Skinner @wbaluke

Shame the game ended how it did but just wanted to say I had fun yapping with you Seahawks and last night . Good luck for next season

Packers! Should be In The SB @joshthepitbull

Funny thing is that some of the guys on Seattle said the same thing lol

Stephen Howell @stephenphowell

So Captain America won the Super Bowl challenge congrats

Russ Mairs @reahd1

Well we're all undefeated now

Mario Cappetto @mario_appetto1

That Seattle loss will just be known as "The Call".

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