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Billy Halliday @bhalliday

Hope Leicester stay up

Richard Mann @rpmann


Ashleigh Wragg @ash1967

We are certainly looking good for survival ️ not one 4 on the bounce in the top division since 1966 ️ more of the same on Wednesday ️ COYBs

Wayne Sykes @united1973

Hats off to your guys. Great run of form

Ryan Brightmore @rbrightmore

We are staying up believe it foxes fans cos we deserve it #fearless

Matt Darvill @mjdarvill

Well that makes up for Deeney, massive win! Come on city! :)

Ash B @naeem123

We r staying up

Ben Aitkenhead @benaitkenhead

Still scrappy. You can see why both teams are in trouble.

Ben Aitkenhead @benaitkenhead

All to play for. Gonna come down to one moment I think.

Logga @vdublogga

Scrappy so far..

Brian Curran @bcurran

some decent footy by both sides out there today

Brian Curran @bcurran

come on Stoke. just equalized against Sunderland

Brian Curran @bcurran

seems Austin just missed a pen for qpr. good news

Brian Curran @bcurran

want 3 pts today but really like Burnley and their manager too but Foxes get the win is the priority today. would love it if both sides stayed up.

Chris Szymański @chrisp17

Only one way to pick a winner kits. Leicester are far cooler...Go Leicester City

Brian Curran @bcurran

almost kick off time and 3 points will keep the dream alive

Logga @vdublogga

The start of a massive 7 days for #lcfc today... Lets keep the momemtum going boys!!

Kit Tang @k17tng

Blue Army! Come on lads 3pts please!

Stoney @stoneyfox67

Come on let's keep the momentum going, tight game today see us just edging a 3-2 win

Kenny Maxwell @kennymax

I'm a Spurs man ,my best friend is a fox ,really hope you beat burnley

Carl Pantling @joealex1963

Channel 606 if bored Madrid derby.

Carl Pantling @joealex1963

Not awaiting goals as have Monaco.real & reading all draws at 34/1.

Ash Jones @jonesy8

Massive game for us on Saturday! Really hope we beat burnley!

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