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Dan Dezdoozi @dezdoozi

Bring on Ghana here we go lol

Joel @jd1874

Far from their best, and in truth South Africa should've won, but Algeria have got it done. Gonna have to improve hugely to live up their expectations though.

Abby Sheikh @abby12345

Algeria should have won the World Cup no joke Germany played ****

Gary Dennington @thedenno

Who's having a punt on the next champs!!!

Judi White @judibot

So you can get in touch with ********* radio from here.

Mehdi Hamai @mehdievil

Algeria played better than brazil against germany haha

Mick Roberts @cmickr

Kroos though. Wow. May be worth a gander at a match fixing probe the Brazilians don't look interested

Richard Phelps @postyman76

Brazil being smashed big time

Richard Hill @rhil1

Its been a long time coming,but well worth the wait.Brazil,home of Football? Bxxxxxxs!

Richard Hill @rhil1

Have Germany cracked the Nut?

Mike Hunt @johno43

Germany are just a machine !

Mike Hunt @johno43

Has a mouth like charlie off the charlie says adverts !!

Mike Hunt @johno43

Shutup grant mitchell

Mike Hunt @johno43

Zidane was better ! What a player

Mike Hunt @johno43

Yeah i reckon brazils run comes to an end here !

Mike Hunt @johno43

Fat ronaldo looks like ha could have been in brookside !!!

Mike Hunt @johno43

Shearer has the personality of a cushion

Mike Hunt @johno43

How tight are rios strides !!!

Richard Phelps @postyman76

Nailed on now for lufc to forget about challenging for prom we now just a team scraping to stay in that league

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