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Rob Roy @redzhead

Rob Green !! What a game changer......

Rob Roy @redzhead

Get inn boys!!!! Do us proud #bermuda wins 3-0

oliwooders @woodersafc

Lol we all escaped to Bermuda

Gal  @gal

Chilling on my yacht

Gal  @gal

Nearly got ko'd by a falling coconut... Bermuda has big coconut issues

Gal  @gal

Help I'm lost in a giant triangle!!!!!!!

Gal  @gal

Foooook me nearly got knocked out by a falling coconut! Damn Bermuda

Gal  @gal

Had a bad night in Bermuda last night. Way too many mojitos and piña coladas... Chilling in me hammock with my ray bans on today.

Ron @originalronaldo

It's even quieter in Barbados

Chelsea Fan @mariam

Oi ben and Craig what you doing on here?!

Ben Smith @nushynushy

Cmon i got my bermuda shorts. Craigs bday tomorrow

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