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Karthik Shimanthoor @kshimanthoor

Awesome win keep it going Royals

Jenny Garlick @jgarlick

Great win yesterday do you think we gonna win the IPL this year?

Jenny Garlick @jgarlick

Is the ROYALS going to win the IPL if so why?

Dave Hall @avfcdave87

Rajasthan looking very strong after the opening few matches.. Just seems as if Steve Smith is Crickets "Superman right now and with him in top form you have to fancy RR to remain strong throughout.. I'd still rather see RCB win the IPL though, cracking cricket so far this season from all the sides!

AshleyLBooker @ashleybooker

What another great game and what a finish. Loving the IPL. Didn't see that happening.

David Haughton @dailys28

Why don't they ask English people if we want Scotland?

David Haughton @dailys28

It's going to be hard to get into top 3 maybe 4th

David Haughton @dailys28

@gingergenius thanks maybe we can chat about your team soon

Abby Sheikh @abby12345

Arsenal going to win the premland inshallah and chaplande fa cup Capetley one cup inshallah and the manger for the year inshallah

Shaun Gill @shaun1979

Shockingly bad keeping...Jesus H

Shaun Gill @shaun1979

What the hell has Dani Alves done to his hair,it looks like a bloody cobweb on his head?!

Shaun Gill @shaun1979

Costa must be a bloody lunatic!

Shaun Gill @shaun1979

Why take off podolski????!!!!

Stephen Bury @fazbury

Unlucky for Sherwood another English manager bites the dust

Turk SYS @allstarturk

Good start for the Royals. Foundations being laid for the good win ahead

Rohit Shukla @rshukla

Rajasthan Royals falling like a drunken ****** on cocain

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