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From The Sidelines Podcast @sidelinersport

Question of the week- Who do you think is the fastest sportsman outside the world of athletics?

Callum Burke @realcallumburke

Charlie Adam scores again, dont like stoke but i like charlie.

Matt Mullis @mrfinalkill

Yes Adam, 2-1 and 3 points to help us push for 8th possibly #COYP

Matt Mullis @mrfinalkill

Yes, 1-1 with Diouf being the scorer. When he's played in the main striking role he's a danger. Next season he's going to score a lot more. Let's grab a second to make my prediction true, #COYP

Matt Mullis @mrfinalkill

If we play well I can see us getting a 1-0, 2-1 win against the Saints. Hopefully Arnautovic and Diouf play. #COYP

Matt Mullis @mrfinalkill

RIP the 96 who unfortunately lost their lives at Hillsborough. No football fans should have to suffer what they and their families have, aswell as the community. #JFT96

Sandra Green @y121san

Y Y Y do we leave it til last 10 or 15 mins???

Jason @jsalmo1

Charlie Adams take a bow . That's gonna be a hard record to beat.

Cliff Burke @cliffburkemfc

Nice goal by Adams but since beckham done it all them years ago it just don't have that wow factor anymore. Sorry Charlie good goal wrong era

Daniel Massingham @danmass9

Stoke city have got to be the dirtiest team in the premier league - stoke 22 fouls to chelsea's 5 and stoke 6 yellows to chelsea's 1. #dirtyfuckers .

Paul Clarke @babyblue

Dirty Stoke terrible thugs

Flaxton Boy @flaxtonboy

And mahlon rhymes with hard on

Mahlon Christensen @mahlon32

Begovic rhymes with stupid biatch

Dub Dw @bdwonch

What happen to costa?

Ashley Anten @anten4588

What a finish Charlie Adam

Scott king @scottking24

As a arsenal fan I thought I would never say this words COME ON STOKE

James Thompson @jaytommo7

Charlie adam > Xabi alonso

DJ Perkins @djperkins

Flight path of Charlie Adams' goal

Paul Winch @paulwinch

Anyone got the Charlie adam goal yet

Anees Younis @aneesyounis

That Charlie Adam goal will be talked about for years to come! 1-1 at Stamford Bridge! Simply stunning! Now just need Stoke to get a result here!

Matt Madgooner Broom @mbroom

Get ******* in there!!! What a strike!!!! #CHEvsSTO

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