Steven Thompson @scania11

Beginning to think we might not be seeing this at the K C stadium next season ! need to start getting some results

James OBrien @jamespobrien

With big Andy Carroll?

James OBrien @jamespobrien

Charlie Austin for England?

Jamie Mcgowan @mcgowan86

Make sterling and lallana strikers problem solved

Tim Lucas @toptownman

Is it me or sepp blatter hiding something ?? Garcia resigns ! This has got to prove he is doing something behind the scenes

Tony Wright @twrigh42

What a brilliant goal !!!

Jamie Mcgowan @mcgowan86

Sell baloteli bring in cavani

Won More Than You @pgriff

Great day today bindippers are sh**

Madithake Mamosadi @mathupana70

Good game Wayne and you show Maturity

Lewis Cawthorne @lcawthorne

Liverpool are a poor poor team

Amaan Hussain @amaanh7864

United are battering Liverpool go to sleep Liverpool ur rubbish

Jarvis Fitzgerald @javviesmalls

I'd Love to see Rooney to play Deep lying midfield for England. He has the passing ability, the legs, aggressive, strong, can shoot from distance... He's 29 now. He can play in that role for another 8 years if he looks after himself.. there is also not much competition for the role in England XI!

Gary Leyland @gazzump

Will torres go back to spain

Gary Leyland @gazzump

What wages will torres command on a free

Mark Bomber Brown Taylor @mtaylor0123456

Do I want my team West Bromwich Albion to lose this weekend if it means Irvine gets the sack? A change in manager is needed otherwise we'll be in trouble. Our football this season is poor. ... players are poor and show little interest.

JM @jmm

Good to win with average performance more to come though

Ben Fryer @benfryer

Mane..... Looks good delivers nothing

Paul Boyle @boylie

OMG I hope todays Chelsea and Arsenal showings are not a sign of the things to come at home to Everton tonight!! Got to beat Everton now

Mike H @mhspurs83

Ali Dia for me a Southampton legend

David Brandon @4kingbel

Alan shearer without a doubt #bestever striker top play in the premiship.

Rodriguez @eltorro19

#bestever Henry.....followed closely by Shearer!

Glenn Bugge @buggey20

Henry for me closely followed by shearer #bestever I'm a Leeds fan 2 players who had great records against us lol

Cammy Heggie @camdav

Should he stay or should he go now... tinyurl.com/nd9gj4z

Sussexexile @scot62

West ham looking all kinds of good!!!good to see keep blowin yer bubbles!!:) upton park back in the day best away venue for me!!

Mark Bomber Brown Taylor @mtaylor0123456

Irvine out.... he's gonna take us down if we don't replace him soon.

Luke Killeen @lkilleensafc1997

LeeAid lets get some singing done, for the real crisis!? Wtf is cattermole not playing for England for!?