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MANISO_¥N₩A LIVERPOOL @manisotorres

wht a catch.......southee n karun combination

Nature Boy @natureboy

Viru looks so stupid when he does cr*p like that...

Jack Scrivens @scrivo1998

Manchester Utd vs Southampton: Fellani was awful he gets a rating of 4,Rooney was crap and gets a rating of 4 ( how on earth is he captain, we should have sold him) defending needs a big improvement and there is no midfield! Falcao,Janazai shaw and Di Maria were missed! We need them back!

Guy Higgins @guyhiggins70

I've got one FREE return train ticket to London including the tube for Chelsea this satday if anyone can use it??? New street to euston plus tube return

Guy Higgins @guyhiggins70

@robtubb17 just heard back off the lad interested in Chelsea & he can't make it so if you're still interested the tickets yours

Paddy B @paddybeghal

Watching the game in a private room #Netherlands hope u smash it!

Rob Erto @roberto1793

Just lost out this year boys #gutted better luck next year

Arjo Singh @cant0na07

Oh well next season maybe

Scott Bingley @bingbong87

Michael Holding would be fuming... Where's the Yorker Mitch? #ipl

craig lewis @craigylou

What a finish in store here

Taranjit S @dcfcdentist

Pandey Pan de! Still very tight

Michael Cloherty @mmcloherty

All falling apart for kings x11

K C @kc

KXIP - what a display!!!

Sunraj M @sportsgrinder

Big day for the kings XI today! Aiming to become champs for the first time

Kam Singh @kammy007

Hopeful for today guys. Let the kings roar today at the gardens..

Arjo Singh @cant0na07

How come in the play offs 1st plays 2nd ??? Kings have lost to KKR twice, looking dodgy

Sunraj M @sportsgrinder

Pietersen done with a beauty of a ball. Left arm spin does it for him again

Amiteshwar Singh @asingh

Can anyone see any other team winning IPL other than KXIP?

Sunraj M @sportsgrinder

Wonder if the sunrisers kit has been inspired by the Perth scorchers from big bash. Need an early break through here. Finch and dhawan are dangerous

Mustafa Saleem @msaleem836

Unlucky kingxipunjab today

Ben Smith @smith1o8

Wicket need c'mon lads

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