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Boise State

Chris Szymański @chrisp17

Will this end up like the last game? Seems like those surprise teams (Ole Miss & Arizona) really have been overrated all year long. I wonder what that means for Miss State?

Gabe Thorne @nachochair37

Huge win against Wyoming!!

Daybrook Red Outlaw @wakefieldneil0

Breaking news: FIFA bring in expert help to solve the Luis Suarez biting crisis......#suarezbites

Sports Squirrel @sportingsquirrel

27m for a player that is a bit older with more games under his belt and perhaps an England regular is ok but 27m for a kid that might just not be able to deal with the hype and ends up pissing it away because other people have decided what he should be achieving. Hmmm?

Sports Squirrel @sportingsquirrel

Shaw is good but 27m do me a favour! Clubs over pricing a potential England player again. Say what u want about the price tag and who chose it but The weight of expectation on a kids shoulders could seriously hamper his development. It's happened before!

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