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Javier Herrera @thesilentj

Mexico is playing tomorrow hope Mexico will win #NoEraPenal #MexicoWillWin

Javier Herrera @thesilentj

Mexico and Netherlands are playing again hope Mexico wins #NoEraPenal

Mufc Fan @oisin1610

First yapp In ages on this page

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

No Ochoa in the Golden Glove nominees. Harsh as I though he's been terrific. Shame Mexico went out the way they did, one more round and Ochoa would definitely be amongst the nominees

Ethan Gerrard @ehg4

Whitch holiday destination place would you go in the world cup I would go to Mexico

Ariana Tapia @atapia11

I can't believe they're not playing in the World Cup!!

Heath Christian Beaumont @hbeaumont

Robben the robber and then decide to say sorry for diving oh yea rub it in robben so sorry for diving but still in semi's lol *****

Christopher Foulsham @cfoulsham

@talksport Germany not the same without hummels

Jay Cee @musclejay

Robben did what any soccer player at any level would do if they had a chance to put thier team up. Any mexican player would do the same thing

Jay Cee @musclejay

Why is everyone saying mexico was robbed? The ref didnt give NED two goals, Mexico was weak in the secomd half. They barely had control of the ball and could not contain robben at all.

Carlos Henri Aviles @carloshenriaviles

Chicharrito would have done the same thing.

Dan Dezdoozi @dezdoozi

Ian Robin must be punished if FIFA is A So Called Fair Play Adjudicator

Alex Hammond @supersaint98

@td667 yeah i don't know y everyone says we r going down. If we sign the players I think we will sign (Ings, Pelle, Witsel and Marshall) we will stand a good chance of finishing top 10 again

Alex Hammond @supersaint98

I don't care what anyone say but #mexico deserved to win

Lazaro Venegas @frostythesnowman

Funny how people say Marquez "fouled" Robben. Robben said Marquez never touched him. So I wanna see if Mexico gets the rematch

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