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Côte d'Ivoire

Ricardo Ferreira @74luso

What a win, boring tournament though. Yaya back to restore some hope to the citizens.

Yusei @alikeabledouche

What is this goalie playing at lol

Daz Mc @darrenmcecram

Penos written all over this game

Ross G @lfc100

come on ivory coast

Abigail Rachel @abigailmod


Joel @jd1874

Ivory Coast doing what Ivory Coast do. Failing despite being favourites again.

Abigail Rachel @abigailmod

So come on Wilfried Bony, score some goals for Côte d'Ivoire...

Andy Lanceley @aileeds

Hoping you start win a win today! Last team on my bet :)

Justin Taylor @jt4football

If your like me and you don't have a World Cup wall chart you may want to read this.

John Murray @jm87299

All the talk about playing the youngsters. If your good enough no matter what age you should start. Building for this and building for that, what a load of nonsense, play for the moment

pk @toofdrpk

The penalty was too harsh. However, Greece was the better side and Ivory Coast not good today.

iGlad @iglad

If Greece win the World Cup I'd pmsl if they did.

King Jacob @blackmaniac1

Big egos playin with nufin to lose they are over paid individual showin no patriotism. Shame CD.

iGlad @iglad

Costa Rica play Greece in the final 16. I am hoping CR win but l think the Greeks could go to far they have the luck.

Blend3799 @blend3799

Greece deserved the win... IC good individual players but naive as a team. Opaaaa!!!!

Ricardo Silva @ricnvsilva

Terry and Cahill partnership is what we needed. Two defenders that know how each other work. We needed two strikers upfront for Gerrard to supply some long balls too. We didn't have that second forward.

iGlad @iglad

Possibility of no African teams in the next round.

iGlad @iglad

It was defenders which have cost CD the game.

iGlad @iglad

I wouldn't like to be in the dressing room with Drogba

Ricardo Silva @ricnvsilva

Watch out Suarez is about. How long should the ban be this time Yappers?? @stancollymore @talksport

Mattock @mattock

How can anyone thing that wasn't a pen??

Disco Dave @bobbybakala

Wouldn't have bet on Samaras scoring a crucial pen, missed a few for Celtic!

iGlad @iglad

**** defending by CD never a penalty.

RobMeisterLFC @robmeisterlfc

Thats what happens when u dont start Bony, blame the manager..........

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