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Michigan St

Gary Shinsky @garyshinsky

Love my Spartans, wis Narduzzi nothing but the best of luck at Pitt.

Gary Shinsky @garyshinsky

What a great hit on the kicker. Surprised he is still alive. Bet his head will be on a swivel next time.

Gary Shinsky @garyshinsky

The most exciting comeback I have ever seen. Spartans are Awesome look out Harbaugh we are coming after you to. Even if your fans say you walk on water.

Gary Shinsky @garyshinsky

Go tide roll the bucknuts.

Keith Stewart @wkstewart0615

Congrats Spartans!!! You did yourself and the Big Ten PROUD!!!

Jamie Herschel @jamieherschel

What a comeback for MSU. Way to go Big10!!

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

This ended up being a great game. Glad I woke up in time!

Chad Kirk @cjkirk

What an end to this game. Wow!

Eric Goldstein @ericgoldstein

Wait, wasn't Baylor up very big just a little while ago. Guess I missed a great comeback.

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

Cook throws some terrible passes but holy wow..when his throw is on, it's on.

Bob_Rec @bobreca

certainly, hung in trhis one

Scott Kaiser @skaiser

Hold on to your seats!!!

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

What! What a game. Michigan has been fighting

Scott Kaiser @skaiser

Not over yet. Baylor's kicker is nothing special.

Sussexexile @scot62

Back in it come on Kansas!!!

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