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England Cricket

Paul Munson @gtfcfan9

Well done England top performance to take 20 wickets on that wicket I know Australia be a lot different but keep our players in great Nick give Aussies some thing to think about

Red-4-Life @cantona321

Well done captain cook that should keep the vultures away for a bit

Imabeliever @gooner1963

Cook will be second in the all time scorers behind sachin. So we should glory in that not criticise him

Imabeliever @gooner1963

Pleased with the result but the windies are a shadow of the side that mauled us in the 70s and 80s. Haynes greenidge Richards Richardson Lloyd King Murray Marshall Roberts Holding Garner. What a side plus Lara Walsh Ambrose the next generation. Sad to see their continued demise

Gary Vaughan @vono

Captain Cook delivers a winning recipe in the West Indies, what a master chef! Hope all the Cook doubters eat a little humble pie !

Simon Drake @sdrake

I know trott got 50 but think the 3rd test would be ideal to give Lyth a go? Maybe rashid and wood aswell?

Anfield Legends IIP  @spiritoshankly

These are just confidence boosters ,the real test begins back home with the Aussies

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

9 wicket win for England! Love that! Fantastic bowling earlier, Anderson MOTM 🏼🏼🏼

Perry Hall @perrybarr11

Perfect day, Watford up and an England win!

Neil Peter Smith @nps75

GET IN/JOB DONE A test win away at last. Plus (almost) the perfect day out there 1-0 up 1 to play ETWD

chris holt @holtc2

Well done England. Let's push on from this result

Anfield Legends IIP  @spiritoshankly

Decent performance this ,runs knocked off in pretty good time for a test match aswell

Andy Helliwell @andykopite66

Come on England. Let's finish it off

Jason Scopes @utterjas

When is the next test

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

50's for Ballance and Cook 🏼

Anfield Legends IIP  @spiritoshankly

Be nice not too lose anymore wickets and to get this win at last

Noel Baxter @blueman2

Australia would have this game over by now n back in dressing room downing a few tinnies.

John Watt @jwatt

Trott should be 4/5 bats man

Chris Smith @strawbz11

Does anyone out there feel that sides should only get one review? That way they would cherish it and only use it when there has been an absolute howler.

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

Trott is a good player but he's proved he's not an opener. Lyth in please.

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

West Indies all out for 307, fantastic bowling from Anderson and finished off by Ali, 143 to win! #Easy

Neil Peter Smith @nps75

GET IN LADS great day (so far) now let's finish the job and knock these 143 off

Brian Savory @sav

Something needs to be done about reviewing for reviewing's sake. A batsman should justify why he disagreed with the umpire and held the game up if it's felt a review was frivolous as that one clearly was!

Gunner21 @gunner21

Eng have got to win from here..but it's down 2 W.I poor batting discipline not Great bowling or Captaincy!!!

James Prange @jprange98

Limit their lead to under 150 and we have a real chance.

Arsenal Harry @afcharry34

Anderson more than makes up for running himself out yesterday by making a run-out! He's doing it all today

Gibbo @champoking

Go on Jimmy jack of all trades

James Prange @jprange98

Oh Jimmy Jimmy! Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Anderson!!!

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