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Emma Loose @xxdimaria

Wow, u have lot of support there, xxx

Dan Lionpan @jammy

I still believe in this club, no matter what happens to us.

Martyn Clarke @grumpyowd2hat

Listening to Shearer and Ferdinand makes me sick. Too much pressure, try living a normal life you clowns.

Martyn Clarke @grumpyowd2hat

The fight back is on, not. Fair play this is what you get when your top league isn't full of foreign players.

G Coop @coopa

Come on time for plan z

Dan Lionpan @jammy

C'mon lads for tomorrow night!

Joshua Lee @jlee0123

Well batted Scott Styris in the t20 blast!!! #50

Martyn Clarke @grumpyowd2hat

WTF one minute LFC fans bang on that they have a quality squad and the next they are a crock of *****, make your minds up.

rscufc @rscufc

Finally cambridge score. Come on the u's- 5 games we've waited for that goal!

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