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Sri Lanka

Billy Bob @reluctantref

So my dad is from sri lanka but we live in USA now i kinda understand cricket but can anyone tell me how SL are doing good bad okish?

Saj Khan @skh786

Rubbish throwing this away

Andrew Smith @smudger190

MVG the crown is slipping

Samir Feroz @sferoz

Terry coutts if u support England don't chat in this group

Rushiestash @jackbower

Acca to win 2.5g Do I cash in or not. 500 now or 2500 if Germany win?

Footy Score @footyscore80

Wickets,wickets,wickets need it fast......

McCalvin11s @mhlaba11s

England bottom of the group. .did anyone foresee that happening?

McCalvin11s @mhlaba11s

Ain't we all happy that England are finally going back home?

mycoolmiles @ethnicarmy

Why have itv got a pundit on the show who speaks such poor English ? What's the point ? He's unable to say anything informative or interesting.

J Oe @bwfcjoe

What a nightmare! First time we've lost a home series to sri Lanka!

Mizpah Obeng @pintsforengland

Portugal got to win this. This victory is for u Pepe. And another f u to muller

Pj Walton @rugbymadlad8

I agree @harrys10 and how's life people watching wwe

Aaron Platt @platty83

Think there's some cheeky bets going on somewhere with these no balls being bowled......4 in one over

Will Smith @mrwillsmith

Joe haart dandruff I would rather have dandruff with a bald head than him in for England

Will Smith @mrwillsmith

This is unnerving I only got 6 high 5s I need 1 more to ave another beer

Khalid Khan @khal1977

England did very well today to restrict Sri Lanka .. excellent performances by plunkett and broad .... This is our test to lose now

oli hiskett @olihiskettt

@bubba1173 your captain cost us the world cup mug

Milton Reid LFC @bubba1173

Wonder if Cook will be more adventurous and listen to Warne

Nathan Beardmore @nbeardmore

Come on England let's show the football team how to win a match

J Oe @bwfcjoe

Too defensive field to Matthews. Sri Lanka got 30 more than they should've done.

RBaccino78 @baccino78

Happy that sterling is playing. That boy will go far.

Craig Payne @paynie1104

Come on Sanga get a century

Pj Darcy @pjdarcy

@redeye1973 it's funny Anderson wanted more minutes played 2 games for Fiorentina.

Joe Merriman @joemerriman5

Holding talking about not delivery stride. ******** too. No more steps before delivering that ball.

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