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AS Roma

Joel @jd1874

Good finish, keeper might've been able to do better though...

Will Hawley-Evans @willhawleyevans

Story of roma's season only coming away with one point when they have taken the lead its happened far to often this season

Omar Moallim @omarmolim

Hhhhhhhhh what's happened the money?

Will Hawley-Evans @willhawleyevans

The story of roma's season drawing in games that they have taken the lead in and today its proven costly with bitter rivals lazio overtaking them in 2nd place

Danny Armstrong @dannyarmstrong88

Unacceptable again. The players rightly accepted some of the blame. But the manager needs to be moved in before a disaster happens and we drop to third or even fourth!

Danny Armstrong @dannyarmstrong88

Another disappointing performance again. Sort it out rudi !

Danny Armstrong @dannyarmstrong88

3 points for the roma tonight !

Dean B @deanbain1

Who's playing the better?

Stanley Lucas @xploder7000

5 yaps in a day! New record!!!!

Joel @jd1874

Took De Rossi 20 seconds for the first foul...

Jack Wood @jackwillwood

Think this is going to be a great game can't wait

Dani Draghici @danidraghici

Forza ROMA! We will win today for sure!

Will Hawley-Evans @willhawleyevans

Roma really need a win if they are to put any pressure on juve at the top of the table

Aiden Branik @aidenbranik

No one talks on my teams..

Swedish Culé @jackweelchair

Aparently Strootman might be out forever.. Such a shame

Chrysano Jun @chrysanolfc

whats with that special edition jersey they are using?

Jack Donnelly @jackynwa2000

is it a front 3 or doumbia-ibarbo-gervinho?

RedStu @redstu23

Froza Roma! Let's have them now!

J B @jbhammertime

West ham fan sending good luck smash the spoilt mancs up

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

When your opponent scores a goal with the last kick of the game. With a cross everyone apparently wants to get to but misses and then goes to the back of the net. Then you know the footballing gods are mocking you

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Happy Roma are in the lead. But CSKA have been playing well and both of them seem better than Man City in the Champions League so far

Vincent Spinochia @eastenderoutwest

Totti scores! Roma have the lead! You can never begrudge any player who has devoted himself to one club any degree of success

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