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Will Hawley-Evans @willhawleyevans

Verratti was the only psg player that seemed up for that game he worked for the full 90 mins and showed why he has got the reputation he has

Neb Vxr @nebgooner7

Duno how blanc plays ibra n cavani together . Ibra don't pass to him even wen his in better position . I've rated ibra but u got a play cavani ahead of him better pace and work rate

Alex Bower @asbower23

Is Ibra still suspended?

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

Needed to put that one in.

Heerinder Ajimal @sykocrawler

There really is no one here, think all PSG fans have buried their heads in the sand.

Alex Harper @alexharper

Personally I think Veratti is class, would love to see him in an Arsenal shirt, kind if reminds me of Coquelin the way he plays...

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Is Luiz the worst centre half of all time?

Steve HCAFC @scs1965

Same old predictable cheating Spanish twats

Justin Mortlake @justinmortlake

Lovely finish semi final here we come

Alan Insomniac Ford @aford0

Can't see psg scoring at least 4 to win

Matt Watkins @mattwatkinsm3

Tough road ahead of em today.

Alex @alexengland

On his way to Barcelona :)

Dougie Burton @redfang


Villa Casual @teessidevilla

Was hoping you would win,but with injuries and suspensions was a lot to ask.

Olivier Moothoosamy @olivierdm

Epic fail of the stadium announcer

Tyrone.mitchell @longgunn

Horror show defending

Royal Blue @munich2012

nothing more than what you lot deserve!!!

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

PSG has a little life again.

dean pablo @deanpablo0

I really want PSG to win but Neymar....the guys just pure silk on the pitch.

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

You're okay, keep it moving.

Victor Britto @vbritto

Here for the footie not talk about your sister m8.

Victor Britto @vbritto

Pmsl....... PSG playing like Girls..!!

Anees Younis @aneesyounis

PSG's Thiago Silva being replaced by David Luiz! Think this could benefit Barca!

Joel Hawkins @jhawkin1

Should be on terrestial tv.

Habib Hussain @mhabibrh

Score prediction: psg 1 - 2 Barcelona

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