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Jake @nobeernogain

I think the o's get 76 wins

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Buck Showalter has mastered winning the Manager of the Year award every 10 years (1994 2004 2014) congrats tho to him and Orioles fans everywhere for having an amazing season.

Christian Murray @cmurra2

you suck good bye forevery

Jeff Brewster @jbrewster

oh well. we won our division and swept the alds. can't win them all. we get machado and wieters back next year. all we need a good SP and a speedy OF. we will be right back in it next year.

Chris Szymański @chrisp17

At least make this inning entertaining.

Mac Grossman @jagator

Can they pull this out?

Justin Hull @capsos

What an act that was.

Sports Fan @dabears

The fat lady is getting ready to sing. What a let down.

Candy Brewster @candybrewattnet

I can't believe what the hell I'm seeing. Who r u people .

Jon Balok @mookster14

The o's can only hit in their ballpark cuz it's small

Joe Klock @joeglock730

Spring training needs to hurry

Mark Torre @shutur5hole

What do you pay a clown like Dyson who all he does is run the bases maybe 40 times a year and never sees the field

Mark Torre @shutur5hole

If you don't hit the ball you won't win the game come on Os swing the bats with authority

Mark Torre @shutur5hole

Os need to swing the bat KC does and they never strike out they keep swinging and fouling balls off till they hit it

Chris Szymański @chrisp17

Was hoping the O's could have taken more of an advantage that inning. The bottom of their order has really let them down this series

Candy Brewster @candybrewattnet

All right let's get it going TONIGHT, GO O's

Sports Fan @dabears

At least they didn't lose!

Justin Hull @capsos

Rained out. See ya mañana

markwnek @markwnek

As a know-nothing ex-pat Yankee fan cheering this postseason for the superb Os, NOTHING about what just happened makes sense: how can a ragtag band of good players lead a white-hot group of legend-coached, AL East-crushing stars 2-0 at their own field??!

Justin Hull @capsos

Stay positive. Going to KC with a heavy load

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