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Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

Come on Kansas!! Really need you to win this one.

Danimal @danb6237

What a comeback and win!

Brian Anthony Marazzi @briananthonymarazzi

Absolutely awful performance today. Wiggins KU career ending as he completely doesn't come to play today

Brian Anthony Marazzi @briananthonymarazzi

KU just didn't show up today, no other way to put it

Bryan Dean @bbdean78

Wiggins and Embid combined for 30 pts in the first half. Wow! Keep it up KU!

David Hoese @hoesed

Way too close where was Wiggins?

Jashaun Joyner @jay10

He needs to be given the green light to be more assertive. I don't think self lets him takeover.

Jashaun Joyner @jay10

Wiggins isn't in the right offense at all

John Lavelle @johnlavelle

Whos ready for.wiggins I know I am 2014 champs

Thomas Dempsey @thomasdempsey

Owned em the whole game and blew it. Front end of a 1-1 was the dagger

Brendan Gombar @brendangombar

Kansas will blow this game open in the 2nd half Michigan isn't good enough

Brendan Gombar @brendangombar

I freakin hate Michigan I'm a bucks fan go Kansas

Michael Schneider @michaelschneider

KU sending unc packing. Here we come sweet sixteen

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