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NC State

Richard King @seminole1fan

Nobody cares if this game even goes to overtime...we're only watching cuz it's football.

Richard King @seminole1fan

If NCST would play every game like it was playing against FSU they would only lose 1 game per season!!! Get up for every game wolfpack!!!!

Richard King @seminole1fan

Helluva game by the Wolfpack. Yall deserve to be ranked.

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

I can't help but dislike Winston. Good player or not, he's a moron.

Kaveh Nowroozi @kavehnowroozi

Come On DEFENSE! Get another turnover

Scott Kaiser @skaiser

Hope this momentum keeps up!

Bob_Rec @bobreca

Nice, beat the criminals !

Scott Kaiser @skaiser

Nice run Brisset! Making it happen.

Scott Kaiser @skaiser

Wow I never expected FSU to be behind by this much. Go NC State!

Andy Bunting @andybunting

Wow that play from Brissett there #NCState

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