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#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Giancarlo Stanton hits another bomb!!! 🏽

Stephen Dobek @dobek55

Giancarlo please hit a homer

Ashley Anten @anten4588

Marlins are looking good in spring training excited for the season

Stephen Dobek @dobek55

Cmon bruh 325$ mil still cant get over that

Barry Baker @barrybaker8664

GAME ON!!! Spring training is here

Robert Dobek @metshater4life

The Marlins are stupid they are wasting a lot of money. Nobody is worth $325M

Tim Taylor @arsenal1116

Have fun paying 20 dollars for a beer lol

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

The Marlins really gave Giancarlo Stanton a $325 contract. That's insane now talk about being overpaid. Talk about doing the got 'em lol

Brian Joyce @southphillyfan

TOTAL INSANITY!!!! 13 years, $325 million dollars for a guy is recovering from basically a crack skull is TOTAL INSANITY!!!

David Sweet @davidsweet6

The national league East is without doubt the weakest in the league with 4 teams posting losing records Washington can't lose


Can't believe that they didn't have a brawl! The next pitch was up and in and hit the batter!!! I would have broken that guys arm !!! Wtf that whole thing was ****** up! !! The Brewers are a POS! HOPE there plane crashes!

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Seeing Giancarlo Stanton get hit by that pitch in the face, then seeing the blood leaking from his face and then seeing him getting taken off the field in a stretcher was one of the scariest moments I've ever seen in sports. I hope that he really is okay and that he gets well soon.

#CoryBKnows @corybknows

Wow I just saw how Giancarlo Stanton left on a stretcher in todays game. I hope the young man gets well soon.

Antonio Kaplan @kantonio1550

The marlins will make the wild card

Ken Cohen @kconnect

The Mets will find a way to lose this one

New York Mets @nymets

Giancarlo Stanton is on the way to being NL MVP.

Stephen Dobek @stevedobek

Tho just in: Giancarlo is a beast!

Stephen Dobek @stevedobek

Giancarlo major league leader in HR!

SAGZ! @eddiesalgado

Stanton is having a great season so far!

Jacob Pitcher @justin23

Come on I'm you bigust fan yahyah

Stephen Dobek @stevedobek

At the all star break, the Marlins land in 4th place. Started off hot, then cooled off a bit.

IGotz TheDangles @danglers

I can't wait to see Stanton in the HR Detby

Stephen Dobek @stevedobek

This kid Henderson Alvarez is looking really good. I bet that everyone here didn't know that he has 3 complete game shutouts this year.

Stephen Dobek @stevedobek

I need Giancarlo to reach 60+ RBI's before the end of june

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