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Wales Rugby

From The Sidelines Podcast @sidelinersport

Question of the week- Who do you think is the fastest sportsman outside the world of athletics?

Martyn Taff Siviter @mtaffsiviter

Time to put in a performance, Joe Allen not for me,should never av bought I'm,need an early goal to relax & dictate play,come on the red men

craig lewis @craigylou

Anyone else think Wales would have won the championship if all games started at the same time

Nick @nickwrc

Incredibly unlucky in the end. Just a same about the first match. The last 4 games have shown what a great side we have and today they did what was aske of them and more

The Best George @georgewasthebest

Having watched the three games today and being totally honest ......overall in the six nations Ireland deserved it and England and Wales are there or there for the rest well ......It's World Cup year and really I cannot see anyone in this Hemisphere winning it......

Toby Langrill @tobylangrill86

Wales unlucky not to take the #6nations title with that win! Fair play Ireland and England, though. France didn't disgrace themselves, Scotland and Italy however, did!

Chris Smart @smartie

I'm going to stop yapping in the 2nd half coz I'm missing the best bits. But Nigel Owens gives me the chance to see it again. Marvelous

Chris Smart @smartie

Nigel Owens for man of the match

Chris Smart @smartie

It's a pity footballers don't have the same respect as rugby players do for the referee

Chris Smart @smartie

Don't feck with Nigel Owens or he'l send you in the bin

Chris Smart @smartie

I said before it started I fancied France to win this

Chris Smart @smartie

Ireland have just won the 6 nations wales 2nd England 3rd. France 4th Italy 5th. And the sorry Scottish last

Scott Charlton @sportslad

There is no sound in rugby that sounds as bad as swing low at twickenham

Karl @boxer24

Scotland are as bad as italy lol

Mark Waldman @markjw12

Fair play Scotland are shocking!

Jason Havlin @jasonhavlin123

Watford really deserve to be in the prem after what happened against crystal palace

James Thomas @jthomas0

If it's not Wales, then let it be Ireland

Simon Hill @shill6574

Offer something Scotland ffs

Gazza Gaskell @mgaskell

Can only see Ireland going on and scoring enough to win the championship.... But really hope I'm wrong.

Scott Charlton @sportslad

Outstanding lads f**king outstanding... Really hope that try hasn't cost us though. C'MON the Scots and French

Daniel Wilcox @wilcox1985

I think that makes us champions

Marc Smyth @marc

That makes things more interesting! Tbf Wales has been class second half!

Lloyd @lwright

In my unbiased view () his foot was a mile outside.

Sean Leathem @shango30

At least with the Welsh scores it will make the Irish and English teams having to score tries.....

Damien Murtagh @lfcfan102

The only consolation I would take from an Irish loss today would be an Italian wooden spoon. Pathetic in the end

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