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PHOENIX @phon3nix99

What kind of yerseys is louisville wearing is tht cashmere

Brian Joyce @southphillyfan

LOVE IT !!!!!!! LOVE IT !!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

Cory Carson @lilcarson007

Let's Go Boyz, Go Cards! Keep your foot on the gas! #CardNation #L1C4 #BeatND

Stephen Dobek @dobek55

Apoligize for missing all games will be back on the 8th to yapp my *** off #Louisville

Mac Grossman @jagator

Jesse Palmer get his jacket cut extra tight? Bout to pop off that button there

Mac Grossman @jagator

Well that was an utter embarrassment

DJ Perkins @djperkins

Coulda/shoulda been caught and would've been the game breaker.

Scott Kaiser @skaiser

Horrible punt. This one is going to overtime at least.

Matthew Jacob @matthewjacob

Please Louisville beat this team

DJ Perkins @djperkins

What is going on here?!?!?

Lucas Byers @lucashby

Hey ESPN announcers, maybe we should not say silly stuff like Louisville defense is good on paper but not tested. It looks to me like FSU hasn't faced this kind of defense yet.

Richard King @seminole1fan

Hope Burgess is ok....good player. Hate to see injuries.

Lucas Byers @lucashby

Michael Dyer is running the ball well through the big holes the O line is providing

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