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Korea Republic

Elliott Martin @elliottmsport

*HUGE Premier League title clash klaxon* + Australia crowned champions of Asia + Bayern dismantled!

Abigail Rachel @abigailmod

Congratulations to captain Ki & South Korea on reaching the final of the Asian Cup, first time since 1988, with a 2-0 win over Iraq.

Nathan Evans @nleepic11

When they threw sweets at the national team in their homecoming...

Alex Byram @al123

Holland gonna have to attack time to crack open a new can and get comfy

Paul Munson @gtfcfan9

Larkana gd signing hope Suarez stays and gets help I hope Loren Cessna and Moreno that Spain left back then defence sorted

Danny Webb @dannywebb96

Cannot understand why Park Chu Young didn't come on tonight, needed some goals and they bring on Ji...

Philip Newsome @tingleyphil

Koreans look so lightweight..

Dan Miller @danna

Hi five those two gorgeous Brazilian women

Dan Miller @danna

Ki is such a good player love how he plays

Matt Gregory @mgregory01

12 goals yesterday. Just 5 today. Score more goals!

Jasper @jasperkr

Such good defending from Korea!

Justin @whitfieldinho

@itvfootball the keeper almost cleared the penalty area!

Jib Jabz @jjabz

No park ju young ??

Jack Gibbons @jackgibbons

Portugal should go through.they have just been unlucky

Paul Campbell @paulski1978

Fancy Portugal in this game just because they have to win. Ronaldo hatrick 3-2 Portugal.

John Lee @jlee012345

We need a completely fresh look at the way England play had enough of ******* loosing

John Lee @jlee012345

Culture is culture resting is resting football is football

John Lee @jlee012345

Bs football is football we should learn from others and take the best ways and make them our way

☃ Sleazy @cocotranscripts

Y'all laughed at me when I said this would be an interesting game.

Frank Lee @tmo

Should have given that

George Rogers @georgesr14

Why is this commentator encouraging time wasting!? Everything like that: diving, play acting, time wasting. It all should be illegal!

Frank Lee @tmo

Top right hand corner

Dan Miller @danna

They should let them receive treatment and let play go on like rugby

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