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Martin 'Mart' Little @mlittle0

Cant help but think if englands manager happened to be foreign he'd be shot at left right and centre from the fans and media. ..? I just feel england could do so much better with someone younger with fresher ideas? Like USA with Klinsman

Ben Pearman @bpearman

Chambo and Barkley please!

Mark Spence @mspence0

Tripped over his own hoofs

Ben Pearman @bpearman

I blame the Italian mafia paying Henderson off

Ben Pearman @bpearman

Now can we play exciting???!!!!

Dan Miller @danna

I'm going to sleep! Peace

Vincent Dempsey @bfg4

R boys will kick your *** tonight

Faith In Poyet @ramsey72

Do you know there's a football match on tonight. Been reading previous yapps on your page or should I say yapp. It's sounds as though your whole country is buzzing for kick off!

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