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Oklahoma St.

Kasey @atexasred

Welp. Stuck with ford

Kasey @atexasred

I wonder what team is going to show up. If it's the team that upset Kansas and Baylor, we have a shot. If it's the team that lost to TCU then we are screwed.

Kasey C @atexasred

Ugh they are all over the place

Rowen Frazer @rowstyles

this is why I love college basketball.

Brian Perkins @brianperkins

I see the orange unis and I immediately think Cuse. Sorry OSU.

Brian Perkins @brianperkins

I never thought I'd say this, but Brent Musberger is a good and, in fact, underrated basketball announcer.

Billy Hodges @twitterbroid24

That PG or whatever he goes ham

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