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Ed  @alchemist

Does anyone have a dancing bear?

Ed  @alchemist

Is KGB controlling this page?

Ed  @alchemist

Hello comrades

Mike Piscitelli @mike21rangers

Я не хочу в футбол , я не хочу спешить и футбол , я исполь... More YA ne khochu v futbol , ya ne k...

James Bettinson @welshandproud

3-0 Russia. It came from the spot.

Jordan Merritt @legionofboom

Oh by the way, one of the best OGs I've seen in the Russia Liechtenstein game.

Kyle Rawlins @ramsey16kdr


world cup in this sh.te country in 4 careful how u travel.flyin is a no go unless someone does a job on putin the pri.k

JAIDEN Owen @jaiden123

Do you think Argentina should be 1-0 up?

JAIDEN Owen @jaiden123

No No No No No !!!!!!!!!!

David Jenkins @dj120686

Fat Ronaldo could still do a job

Michael Kennedy @kennedy2184

Borni to Sunderland is it true

lloyd taylor @lloydgtaylor

With the players we already have, where and how is Lallana going to fit into the Liverpool side?

Anthony Stepanik @anthonystepanik

Good Luck Algeria in your World Cup Game against Germany. It will be tough.

Dylan Palmer @dylan1998

Why u no like Russia, maybe you a hater

Dave Furse @davetherave

Russia, #*************************************************************************************************************

Thomas Coughlan @onthecounter

i actually like capello as a manager the English miss understood him and I don`t believe they would of gone out so early under him

Dave Furse @davetherave

I'm game for this game, Algeria and SK best not be drips so we don't get through . we must win and come one Belgium

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