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Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Micah Richards, the only Englishman left in Europe

Austin @redausti57

Nice win yesterday fio ynwa

Austin @redausti57

Im foĺlowing fiore for europa lge i hope they win.ynwa

Austin @redausti57

Fiore show evrton how to beat keiv ok ynwa

Austin @redausti57

I have fio 16/1 for euro lge go man go

Chris Peters @chrisbti

Nice fiorentina, need to kick lumps out of the yid *******!!!!

Lewis Hughes @hammers123


Chris Peters @chrisbti

Come on fiorentina, smash the scum yids!!

David Wilson @dwilson012

Nice strike, take a bow son, take a bow :)

tony Gibson @tonydragonman65

It's the cam newton show for Carolina today, amazing

Jon Bill @jbill

Super Fiorentina excellent win !!!

David Wilson @dwilson012

Whit a strike...........AGAIN :)

Danny @giggs7

Caudrado when are you coming to United have you packed because we are waiting !!

Hamza Khan @liverpool1234

Should fiorentina be my favourite Serie a side I'm not sure

Craig Ratcliffe @afcb9

What does everyone think of the new signing Josh Brillante??

Greg Harris @llcoolmeredith

Mussolini ref, supports Germany lol

Greg Harris @llcoolmeredith

People writing off Messi like he nothing

Philip Brady @brady1

Batti batti batti battigol battigoallll

Turk SYS @allstarturk

Fiorentina 3-4 , with 10 mins to go .. What a treat of a game

Woog @sneale

How bad are fiorentina tonight

Eric Goldstein @ericgoldstein

Hmm, certainly true for some. Hopefully not for many/most.

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