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Joel @jd1874

3-0 Colombia and this commentator is brilliant

Richard Rincon @richardrincon

Pekerman is a genius get us 2 easy wins before Copa America and build Falcao confidence when he scores 3 goals min

Peter Cheese @peter4cheese

2 goals to james Rodriguez today... brilliant as always.

Joel Collins @itwillcostayou

@andygoldstein05 The referee awards a penalty. If he was to blow the whistle, the penalty is taken and it hits the post and bounces back to the referee who shoots and scores, what would happen? Goal or no goal? Massive fan of the show!

Joel Collins @itwillcostayou

@andygoldstein05 Angel Di Maria's cross for Fellaini's goal was with his right foot!!!

Gary Ken Melendez @gary3001

Who's watching Brazil and Colombia?

Richard Rincon @richardrincon

Falcao back in Colombia jersey next week. Can't wait!!!

Peter Cheese @peter4cheese

Happy colombian indepence day.

Gary Melendez @gmelendez

Germany were deserving winners yesterday.

Kev Crawford @goonershire

Boeteng's a beast. Graaaande parce!

Lyn Davies @lyn

Argentina should have wrapped this game up by now.

Kev Crawford @goonershire

Messi really doesn't track.

Zhack Kluso @jacktf2

Can't wait for James and Falcao to star in Real Madrid! #WelcomeToRealMadrid #WelcomeJames #WelcomeFalcao

Luca Lapolla @lucarsenal8

Colombia would of done so much better then brazil against Germany like wtf !

Jake Potter @jakeypotter

By far the best player of the tournament in my eyes, James Rodriguez

Javier Potes @br00klynnyc

There was no way FIFA was going to allow the referee to steal another game for Brazil. Colombia got robbed.

apperdan @apperdan

One hell of a team talk needed!! Shouldn't be happening in the semi final of a World Cup!

apperdan @apperdan

Game over!!! No more lives!!!

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