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Bayern Munich

Nana @thedman777

The only team who scores more than 4 goals in a game frequently

Mikey Dewar @mdewar0

It's no wonder the football game is ruined Always cheating Real Madrid

Jason Groom @cheekylad

Griezmanns hair!!! nobhead

Jason Groom @cheekylad

Bayern V Barca final.. It's got to be..

P @pauljames

I think the lesson from the Porto tie is that you don't beat Bayern 3-1, it just angers them. Great game of football, now to beat Berlin this weekend and win the league

Alfi Mathew @alfi07

Bayern through to the semis.. 1st leg PORTO 3 BAYERN 1 2nd leg PORTO 1 BAYERN 6 BARCELONA through to the semis.. 1st leg BARCELONA 3 PSG 1 2nd leg BARCELONA 2 PSG 0

matthew jillians @matthew4leona

united are confirmed to have signed courtious

Tarun Satish @tsatish

Holy sh*t what happened here

matthew jillians @matthew4leona

well what a night just got out from pub who needs another game to watch go to the highlights of Bayern porto sure theyll be on youtube

Bob @king69

I love monster munch pickle onion

OOHHAHHCANTONA @grumpymonkey

Bayern vs Barca would make a great final

Kit Tang @k17tng

And that is that! Good night!

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Bayern and Barća both giving their opponents a lesson in football tonight. Both deserve to be in the semi final. Now for Real to get knocked out tomorrow and then I really don't care who wins it. That'd be nice

Marty @mdyso2

Imagine Bayern injury free tonight.... demolition!

Marty @mdyso2

6-1, crazy result! never count Bayern out

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Xabi. Still in my heart

Paul Wright @drpaulw

XAVI ALONSO! World class.

Anees Younis @aneesyounis

What a free-kick from Xabi Alonso! 6-1!

Brian Connolly @brianlfc1

What a ******* goal by xabi alonso

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