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Keith Stewart @wkstewart0615

Congrats to the Thunder. Great season. Big time props to Westbrook & your team. Just too many injuries for you to overcome

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

Westbrook and OKC is playing their ass off, but Anthony Davis is just too much... #8thSeed

Antwane Joseph @ajoseph35

It's too bad okc gonna miss playoffs by one game. Don't look like Spurs are gonna come back against Pelicans.

Keith Stewart @wkstewart0615

Wow, if this was a fight, they'd stop it.

Fola @jimmymaison

Match day! Come on Liverpool

Andrew Courtney @birdman

OKC! We're still in the playoffs, we can do this!

Lorenzo Mesarina @mesarina31

Come onnn thundeer, you can do iit!!!!

Andrew Courtney @birdman

James Harden and Russell Westbrook are unreal!

Ashley Anten @anten4588

Houston Rockets and OKC gonna be a great game who's gonna have the better night Harden or Westbrook??

Ryan Beasant @ryanbeasant99

Do you think Westbrook will win the MVP

DJ Perkins @djperkins

Hoping this is not the end of KD's career as we knew it.

Yousif Mohammed @yousifmohd4

I think Boston Celtics 100-124 Oklahoma City Thunder But Boston are currently second in NBA, I don't want them to win GO OKC!!!

Kasey @atexasred

Could be good, could be bad...

Craig @craigruddy

This guy Westbrook is a true original ... There has never been another player like him.

Fred Valle @fredvalle

Listening to Barkley is so laughable the guy is such an azzzz.

Ashley Anten @anten4588

Just another day at the office for Russell Westbrook

Griffin Rucker @ruckergriffin

Trading for Westbrook was the best fantasy decision I ever made. Carrying OKC right now. #MVP

Ethan Williams @cardsace

High five me if you think Westbrook will win the MVP even if he's hurt

Ashley Anten @anten4588

Russell Westbrook is doing his damnedest to be considered for MVP

Mya Ally White @myaallywhite

Great game okc Mitch was great

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