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Mark Waldman @markjw12

When are the powers that be going stop putting so much pressure on kids to play rugby??' I coach an under 15 team & we have an Ospreys cup semi final on Sunday but no props due to over playing!! The school made them play twice this week plus the district had a game!! Get a grip!!!

Marston @marston

Sliced that arm off with the quickness

Cheryl Cook @misscmc

C'mon the O's. Let's do the double over them

Michaela Renkes @renkesm

The ref is so bad no wonder people don't hope to watch the rugby any more. The TMO is also crap

Michaela Renkes @renkesm

Dreadful ref he hasn't made a decision yet. It's spoiling the game

Nick Chard @chard420dci

Ospreys what are you doing?? Sort it out ffs

Chris Willcox @bogcleaner

Italians going to be struggling in this competition obviously!

Ryan Peter Lewis @ryanneath

Sam Davies future wales ten cracking boot on the lad fair play take a bow mate

Alan Gitsham @gittolive

V tight game could go either way!

James Bettinson @welshandproud

Top of the league, I like it...

Dai Thomas @dthomas01

I understand in previous 10 visits to Newport, we've won only 2. Tough one tonight, but let's make it 3 in 11 eh? Gooooo Ospreys!

James Bettinson @welshandproud

It's gonna be a tasty game tonight. Love a welsh derby.

Dai Thomas @dthomas01

First game of the season. Woohoo!

Dai Thomas @dthomas01

Well our loss is certainly Blues gain.

Rob Quinn @robbieq

We need to sort this mess out or it's down the pan!

Mark Waldman @markjw12

Wtf is going on?!!! Adam Jones has no region to play for!!! Sort it out now!!!

Will Sterio @willsterio

Hook and charteris to ospreys? Definately go to make up for losing evans and rj in the pack. Good to get hook back for experience and bit of magic

Craig Ralph @ralpha

The regions sign a deal to potentially save Welsh rugby, but sky sports are too busy bumming Johnny Wilkinson to cover the story

Lee Phillips @butches1

Any1 think Henson be on field against South Africa this summer after being named in probables team?

Nick Chard @chard420dci

I'm checked in too a game! It's finished now can anybody tell me how to check out?

Aled Richards @aledr86

Great win for the Ospreys tonight... A lot of work to do if we are going to compete consistently on a weekly basis next season though!

Dai Thomas @dthomas01

Ospreys winning some relatively "easy" turn over ball. Hence the score line really

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