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Schalke 04

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Although there being just one goal (So far), this has been another really entertaining game of football. Glad I switched over from the West Ham v Sunderland match. What's the latest in that anyone?

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Big game for Schalke and Leverkusen in the race for the top four spot. Would prefer Schalke to get it as they would pose a bigger threat in Europe next season. Very promising young squad that hopefully only can get better

Matthew Woods @tigerwoods10

Thanks Schalke for embarrassing Real Madrid Means a lot

SkillzPayBills @dieks

Madrid Deserved it BOOOO SHALKE

Iniesta 8 @mliazid

Both went for the ball was not red at all

Yusei @alikeabledouche

Hope Schalke can use this to push on under RDM!

Cian Allen @cianallen8

Schalke unlucky to be leaving the Champions League tonight out played the holders in their garden deserved the 4-3 win but unlucky to be out, fair play

Kevin Zavala @kzavala

******* beautiful football from Schalke! You guys are a fantastic club to follow

Aron Otterström @otterztrom

All my respect to Schalke for pulling of an amazing win against real, shame they didnt get one more to win the leg but true passion from all of their players. Great match!

Will Ball @willfc

You Schalke fans should be so proud of your team today, well done but unlucky!

Will Hawley-Evans @willhawleyevans

What a brilliant game of football!! Some fantastic goals from both sides huntelaar was class i thought, schalke will be a major team in europe if they continue to play like that still a very young team with lots if promise!

Trevor Smyth @trevorsmyth

YNWA in German ...du wirst nie alleine laufen

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

At the end of that game, Schalke had six players under the age of 23 out on the pitch. The production of youth at that club is unreal! Forgetting to mention Felix Platte, Kaan Ayhan, Sobotkka and Donis Advidaj as well!

Charlie Wills @charliewills25

Fantastic night of football. Schalke no doubt deserve to be in the next round but they lost it in the first round. All credit to Schalke for that performance. Who'd of thought Schalke would come to the Bernabéu and win 4-3. Schalke are a model football club and proved it tonight! Well done lads!

Leon Marsh @lmarshy

Great effort Schalke!!!

Sandra Green @y121san

Well played Schalke. Well fought.

Anees Younis @aneesyounis

Howedes with a great chance for a dramatic injury time winner! Well saved Casillas!

Sam Lock @sloc1

Schalke are on this!

Perice Houle @phoule

Card Pepe for simulation

Adam G. @adro34

Come on Schalke! You have some quality players

Perice Houle @phoule

At least 4 minutes extra time

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