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Chris Szymański @chrisp17

Well, April 21, and the Vikings still have Adrian Peterson on roster. I still can't decide how I feel about this.

zachary taylor @gobosox85

the season begins for Johnny manziel

Kayla Klumb @kaylaklumb

How do you go from being a talented NFL player to life in prison? Insane

Ankit Shah @asha3 look at bull **** "if you can't beat them, ban them"

Bleedin Blue @markwnek

Wonderful to hear that brave Leah Still is in remission.

Carl Daniel @cmoran

NFL season is too short, hurry up back

Ashley Anten @anten4588

Still ages to the new season but all the drama is still here

SilviOMFG @silvinho01

The NFL will be flag football in the future. Head injuries players being aware tackle football days are numbered.

Bleedin Blue @markwnek

There's no fool like an old fool: just as you think that finally after 20 years of rubbish Jerry Jones may have learned something he loses the league's best rusher over peanuts. Hilarious!

Jake @nobeernogain

Chip Kelly is dimbass

Mac Grossman @jagator

Not assuming a damn thing about that Philly QB situation.

Mac Grossman @jagator

Foles to Rams for Bradford and a second round pick.

Ashley Burton @ashleyburton13

Absolutely stunned the saints have let Jimmy Graham go to the Seahawks. Mouth still wild open.

Bailey Tueting @brewpackboy42

Only reason Winston wants to go to Bucs is Cuz he'll live in florida and they got tons of hookers

Bleedin Blue @markwnek

Love the 49ers signing big time Aussie rugby league star Jarryd Hayne as running back! He's a monster!

E @erb7253

Anyone else ready for the NFL to start up again? My cat Cookie is.

Jonathan Paice @jpaice

What exactly do NFL players do in the 10 month long off season? Just repeatedly hit the gym? They must get bored.

Liz Rocca @hawks1988

High five this yapp if you are watching the 2015 NFL combine

Robert @nyrfan_rf Wow. Check it out ladies & gentleman. Oh yeah.

Bleedin Blue @markwnek

My God - can the ESPN people hear themselves criticizing Jameis Winston's weight??! "At least he's lost a lot - he was as much as 254lbs!!" "When was that?" "In the championship game against Auburn." Really? And how did he do in that game??!!!!!!

Jake @nobeernogain

I agree 100% with the call. I do. Matt patrica had 8 guys in the line. He though his tall wideout against a rookie saftey was a good match up. And I agree with the call

Wesley Sawyers @wsawyers

Let's stick it to the toffees this weekend then Martinez can jog on,,,,, YNWA

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