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Martin Wood @woodsy101

So rumours of fixing and a red card I did wonder why song did that action. Was he involved? I hope not

Caaoc @caaoc

Good Riddance to a team which will employ every dirty tactics to win a football match

Ben Parrott @benparrott

Let's go out fighting then england

iGlad @iglad

I bet all the Cameroon team luggage goes missing in Brazil......still can't understand the push on Neymar, mind boggling stupid. I'd sack the whole squad and start again. Disgrace

Mark Perry @mperry0

England Italy Japan win treble

Carlos Slim @cslim

Clearly the worst team in the tournament squad needs a total revamp

Denton Golding @denton

Man U please don't waste money on luke Shaw

Phil Hakim @phil

Cameroon are embarrassingly ****

Denton Golding @denton

The award for worst corner kick goes to Rooney

Paul Campbell @paulski1978

Anyone else think that when Hulk stops playing football he'll end up fatter that fat Ronaldo.

Daud Shaw @darkywood

Anyone help me out lol that advert keeps coming on the car advert where the players say get in the first one is kaka the last one is oscar but who's the 2nd one!!!!?

Dean RamseyNembhard @neadj76

As much as I love Brazil- they have benefited from their 12th man on a few occasions in this World Cup- the referee- 3rd goal was off-side

Alex Davis @adavis

Energetic start by Brazil to the half..looks like big Phil had a few things to say..3-1 Brazil

Paul Campbell @paulski1978

Thought Fred was marginally offside there.

Chris Willcox @bogcleaner

Has Fred put this game to bed?

Gullyraw @gullyraw

Right! Said Fred!!!!!

Gullyraw @gullyraw

Brazil answering critiques...

Brian Perkins @brianperkins

From Houston Rockets #2 guard to Cameroon keeper?!

Gullyraw @gullyraw

Hulk saw green :/ Lame inno

Alex Davis @adavis

With a littile more care with their end product the black stars are not completely out of this game..although in the lead Brazil will have to remain extremely cautious about their opponents..

Craig Hawkley @craigah93

Could there be an upset on the cards??

Christian Kabeya @cogsleekgooner

Cameroun act look decent, only if they were playing like this in the previous games. This is what happens when yu get rid of money grabbing ***** like assou ekoto out the team.

Jordan Ryder @gladvartar95

1-1!!!! Come on Cameroon!! I'd so love to see a shock Cameroon win ! ;)

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