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South Africa

Joggie Taute @joggietaute

Bye bye Proteas not be once again, I feel for De Villiers

Gerard @gerardza

Small total or not, runs are on the board & the Proteas need to chase it down and finally get rid of that tag. #CWC15

Jonny Grace @jgrac1

Arsenal vs liverpool fa cup final

Saj Khan @skh786

Unlucky guys but what a cricketer AB DeVIlliers is absolute top top player

Dave Reger @davereger

dont believe SA can`t beat 222

Dave Reger @davereger

20 is a tall order for last man standing...

Dave Reger @davereger

bad wicket to lose that one

Dave Reger @davereger

Gone very Quiet in the Pakistan camp

Dave Reger @davereger

This will be a close finish now

Rav Sunda @ravsta72

What an idiot need to try that shot!!

YNWA-SA @jonoweltman

Am I the only one here?

Jeremy Kroutz @jaytinho

No messing around against Ireland, they did beat the Windies...without a doubt Rossouw should be in the lineup

Craig Jewell @dhfjewell

Abbott just earned himself some World Cup game time!

Joggie Taute @joggietaute

De Villiers just had anal sex with Holder on live television

Mark Prior @mprior

Could we bat any slower.....

Mark Prior @mprior

Eish de Kock... Gotta start making runs

Mark Prior @mprior

Working on the game today, good excuse to watch

Mark Prior @mprior

Waiting for the boys to actually start playing proper cricket

Dee @deevee

Maybe it's better we lose now and get it out of the system

Joggie Taute @joggietaute

Big task for South Africa here, bowlers was disappointing especially Parnell

Lichaba Nthethe @lnthethe

Excellent recovery from the Proteas, now we need bowlers to dominate from ball 1 #ProteasFire

Ewan Harrison @bokharrison

After all the previous disappointing World Cup results, this must surely be the year for the Proteas to lift the World Cup. You fear in the don't, it may never happen!!

Neil Crawford @superhibee

A B De Villiers is the classiest batsmen I have seen since the mighty Viv Richards

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