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Stephen @snewburn66

Liverpool poor today will struggle next season unless they buy someone to be a leader, missed skirtal and gerard today badley, got to win blackburn Wednesday to keep season alive LNWA!!!!

Stephen @snewburn66

LFC need to put all contract stuff on hold untill the end of the season and concentrate in getting wins. FA cup and CL place to play for, when seasons finished then discuss contracts the next few results may decide who goes and stays #LNWA come on the reds stick together and stay focused.

Aaron @aaronwall86

That's my prediction atleast.....

Ush Y @misspushit

Wales have lost just one of their last eight international matches, winning four and drawing three. Belgium have won nine and lost just one of their last 11 matches in all competitions. BELGIUM ARE WINNING THIS!!

Aaron @aaronwall86

@sportsmadbro @misspushit Good morning you two, I have a level 4 hangover lol no memory of last night....see that we had a conversation...Don't wanna look at it lol

Sports Mad Bro @sportsmadbro

Come on Belgium, let's do this! Let's cream the vanilla ice wannabes! #IceIceBaby

Phillip Sifolongwane @c4long1

Mangala and Kompany ...formidable !

Nick Gatrell @hypericum

@jac13 a very good morning to you how are you

Pam Ryan @liesalot

Look a blog

Andy Savage @mcfcforum0

Some tasty tackles flying in here

Jordan Cleaver @cleaver97

Belgium, Spain and France for a cheeky £22 tonight

John Wilson @johnnycake3431

What's that falling from his BUTT!!!! #pooey

Jay Gord @jgord

Barca have 2 of the world's best 3 players fking hell

Williams Maxwell Michael @wmichael

Can Argentina. Park the bus until. The 90th. Minute?

Pardeep Kalsi @sunnykalsi

Ze Germans will be rubbing their hands in anticipation....

Dean Pardoe @dean12

Ooh dear they still can't score haha

Rainer Van Opstal @rvanopstal

treir first big test, their first decent opponent, and they're 0 - 5 down after 28 minutes...

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